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The Workout Routine of a Winner

Patrick Mahomes II is a pedigree. His father is a former pitcher and his exploits in college football and college baseball are all well too illustrated. A young player with such a stellar record obviously puts everything in his training regimen and that is the reason why such a retinue is worth looking at. It is the kind of routine that football-betting.pro and such other sites have a field day drawing odds out of.
Here is a keen look at the regimen.

Mahomes did about 60 successful workouts with Bobby Stroupe, his longtime personal trainer who also founded the Center for Athlete Performance Enhancement (APEC). The goal of the said workout regimen is to perfect the athlete to become more robust, absorb more contacts and still remain greater mobility.

Mahomes’ workout concentrated on three major areas; perfecting movement skills, emphasizing on flexibility and stability, and improving strength and conditioning.

The focus on movement skills looks more at improving an athlete’s speed, reaction time and agility. Improving stability, mobility, and flexibility tends to concentrate more on helping an athlete secure more passes while protecting his shoulder girdle. Since the intention is to ensure that an athlete avoids injury, this part of the regimen also increases the flexibility of the hip.

Mahomes’ training on conditioning and strength involves both rapid fire as well as plyometric drills. The combination of these two involves granny tossing objects that weigh between 10 and 20 pounds.

Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes celebrates Super Bowl win

Feb 2, 2020; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) celebrates after defeating the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV at Hard Rock Stadium. Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Results

This training schedule highlighted above has seen Mahomes better his performance. Among the visible results, according to the athlete and his coach have included better alignment with great organization. Mahomes adds that his partnership with other players both on and off the pitch has also improved.

Mahomes’ power is at its peak. As a result of the regimen, the Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback can now do deadlifts with weights that are more than 500 pounds. Considering that this weight is twice his body mass, it is safe to assume that the training retinue has brought out the best in him.

The results have not only made Mahomes a more fit athlete but have also increased his prospects in the league. The 24-year-old athlete is now the hot topic in the NFL. He has surpassed the 50-touchdown milestone this past season with 5,100 yards passing record.

He is well into the third season of a four-year deal that is worth some $16.4 million. And, with the stats he is raking in, most pundits now predict that he will easily be the league’s highest paid players. These predictions put the price of his future deal to be worth $40 million.

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  1. PF4L March 25, 2020

    Andrew Rockman…i don’t know who you are, or what you do, but you are an excellent football writer. You could easily write for a living…if you aren’t already. Much respect.
    As impressive as his physical skills are, this guy has the poise and football mind of someone never seen two years into the NFL, Rodgers included. This guy reminds me of Rodgers, but probably better.
    I’ve always said years ago, Rodgers didn’t have a weak area in his game. You can say the same about Mahomes. Watching this guy compete and leading his team at such a young age boggles my mind.
    Barring injury…i could see this guy being in the conversation of the best ever. Not even just being in the conversation, but just clearly….the best ever.