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Packers News Roundup: Graham Finds a New Home, Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila Has Rough Day in Court, Bulaga Goes to the Chargers (+ More)

Our Wonder Boy, WR Allen Lazard, is gonna return — along with TE Robert Tonyan, WR Jake Kumerow, CB Chandon Sullivan and NT Tyler Lancaster. As Silverstein says below, this puts the Packers’ cap space just shy of $15 million with plenty of holes left in the roster so we’ll see how this goes.

As we reported before, ILB Christian Kirksey and OT Rick Wagner signed with the team earlier this week:


Here is a cheat sheet of remaining free agents put together by Mike Clay of ESPN(click for full size):

NFL free agents


OT Bryan Bulaga is headed to the Los Angeles Chargers, per Adam Schefter:

Smart move by the Chargers, obviously. At 30, Bulaga still has a bit more to offer, despite some injury history. His deal with the Chargers is a 3-year contract worth around $30 million.

Jimmy Graham - November 2018

Jimmy Graham (80) is defended by New England Patriots free safety Devin McCourty (32) during the second quarter at Gillette Stadium. Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

TE Jimmy Graham will take his mediocrity elsewhere in the NFC — with the Chicago Bears:

Oh boy. Good luck with that one. He fetched a lot more money than I was expecting. No word yet on who the QB will be this season with the Chicago Bears.

Blake Martinez Signs with the Giants:

This season, the New York Giants are scheduled to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who just signed cheater QB Tom Brady.

Former Packer LB Kyler Fackrell will also join the Giants:

Former Packers DE Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila was tasered and arrested in Brown County Court, Wisconsin:

Per the Green Bay Press Gazette, Gbaja-Biamila was attending his divorce proceeding and refused to sign a document that he had previously agreed to sign. Ultimately, the judge sentenced him to 6 months for contempt of court, but that was dropped after he returned and signed the document. However, he will still have pending charges of resisting arrest and was taken into custody.

Jason Parker

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  1. Kato March 18, 2020

    What’s up guys? Long time no talk. Hope all is going well, and everyone is staying safe.
    LOL bears. Chicago sports radio is melting down. And now they have supposed interest in Cam Newton.
    I hate the Kirksey signing. So risky for someone that seems like the second coming of Kevin King in the middle of the defense

    1. PF4L March 18, 2020

      Hey Kato..all is as well as can be expected as the Country begins it’s shutdown.
      Yea the bears are a hot mess. Haven’t tuned into the score lately, maybe tomorrow if i remember for a laugh or two.
      I think Kirksey is a good player, if he can stay healthy. so your right when you say…risky. I’ll be looking forward to see what Wagner can do if we have an NFL season.
      Good catch on the KGB thing JP. Entertaining.

  2. Mitch Anthony March 18, 2020

    KGB is a certified nutcase. But he could get to a QB.

    1. PF4L March 18, 2020

      Lol…yea….He’s representing himself. He has a fool for a client. He’s claiming sovereign citizenship :). The Gazette has a full article and it’s pretty damn funny. Here’s a snippet of KGB telling the Judge how he should do his job…lmao
      He lectured Zuidmulder on the judge’s responsibilities for upholding the U.S. and state constitutions while the judge listened, chin resting in one hand.
      “I have my own laws which are superior,” Gbaja-Biamila said.

      1. Mitch Anthony March 19, 2020

        I think it was Mark Daniels one time who was talking about KGB playing for the Packers back in the day. He was saying how KGB was always telling his teammates how they were all going to end up in hell for their behaviors. Now there’s a locker room presence for ya. How would like to have been one of those guys to the right or left, always in ear shot, always getting preached at?