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5 Tips to Get A Football Scholarship

Getting an athletic scholarship is a dream for many students. Not only does it mean not having to pay for your tuition, but it can also lead to sporting excellence and being contracted to a state or national team.
Competition for sports scholarships is high, and it can be difficult to catch the attention of selectors. If you are hoping to get a football scholarship in America and dream to be the NFL’s best, here are five tips on how to make it come true.

Don’t delay

By the time you reach high school, you should be more aware of which sport you want to specialize in. High school is when you should start focusing on excellence in one particular sport. In this case, you should begin to focus on football. Waiting until the middle or end of high school means that you miss out on too many years of specialist training.

By focusing on your football from the start of your high school career, you are able to join your school team and local clubs. By joining these teams, you are exposed to a variety of playing styles and you are better able to adapt over time.

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Contact coaches

When you realize you are becoming a high-school football champion, you need to start contacting coaches. Making contact with the coaches at local and national colleges means that you are on their radar. Start hunting down their email addresses or phone numbers and send them a message once in a while.

If you aim to be on a coach’s radar, you need to send them your statistics and evidence of your achievements. Linking them to your school’s website where your achievements are listed, or to a personal website showcasing your games is important to gain their favor and exposure.

Meet requirements

There are specific organizations tasked with handing out scholarships in America. Each organization has its own list of requirements, and these requirements are strictly adhered to. While you can approach the university directly, it is important to research the requirements for any scholarship you aim to be awarded.

Once you know what the requirements are for each scholarship, make sure you meet them. While some requirements vary because of technical reasons, you need to make sure you achieve the necessary requirements better than others. 
So, if a scholarship has an academic requirement, make sure you are above that requirement.

List your schools

When you aim to get a scholarship, you also need to be aware of which schools would suit you. Research the schools and list them in order of preference. When a scout comes to your games, you will be made aware of it in some way. When you know how important that scout is to your list of preferred schools, you can perform accordingly.

Besides, the hierarchy ranking of your selected schools can make it easier to decide when the time arrives. If you do well and many schools offer you a scholarship, you will have an easier time choosing a school when you know which one you’d prefer the most.

Maintain academics

While you may be looking for a sports scholarship, it is important you don’t neglect your academics. Some scholarships have an academic requirement, meaning that even if you are the best football player on the team if your academics are suffering, you will not qualify. 

If you happen to find a scholarship without an academic requirement, you need to pay attention to post-award requirements.

Some scholarships have an academic requirement to maintain them. If your academics are suffering in high school, you will struggle to maintain them in college and may lose your scholarship for not meeting the academic requirements.


Getting a scholarship will put you in competition with your classmates and teammates. To improve your chances of success, you should start specialized training and academic support early on. Also, you should consider the requirements and work to not only meet them, but exceed them. 

Finally, once you are awarded your football scholarship, make sure you work hard on your football as well as your academics to ensure you maintain your scholarship. Your scholarship will open many opportunities, so make sure you are ready for them.

Joshua Robinson

Joshua Robinson is an online tutor who prepares students for competitive exams to help them get admissions in best colleges across the globe. He also works as a freelance thesis and dissertation writer for an online writing service as he has great writing and researching skills. In his free time, he works on his sports blog, attends language classes and watches movies.