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Vikings Continue Tradition of Losing in the Playoffs

While some Packer fans may have hoped that a Vikings victory over the 49ers yesterday would have made the rest of the playoffs much easier on Green Bay, here in reality, some things are so certain you can set a clock to them. One of those things is the Minnesota Vikings losing in the playoffs.

Like the Lambeau Leap for the Packers, going down in the playoffs is deeply entrenched in Vikings’ tradition. Even if they somehow manage to get into the playoffs, the waves of disappointed goons — in purple jerseys they bought the week before — are sure to follow the inevitable loss that lays before them.

Vikings QB Kirk Cousins sacked by San Francisco

Jan 11, 2020; Santa Clara, California, USA; San Francisco 49ers defensive end Kentavius Street (95) and San Francisco 49ers defensive end Dee Ford (55) sack Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins (8) during the fourth quarter in a NFC Divisional Round playoff football game at Levi’s Stadium. Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, the San Francisco 49ers had their way with the Vikings in front of their home crowd in California. The stark contrast between each team’s initial drives really set the pace for the rest of the game. If you blinked during the Vikings’ first possession, you would have missed one of the fastest 3 and outs of all time. San Francisco then took possession and showed how to march up a field with ease — despite the Vikings having a #5 ranked defense in the NFL in points allowed this season.

While the Titans delivered an upset over the Ravens as a #6 seed, Minnesota did what Minnesota does and was the predictable loser like a #6 seed should.

Congratulations to the Vikings for cementing their place in NFL history as the franchise with the most playoff losses. They now sit at 30 losses in the playoffs.


Vikings vs 49ers

Jan 11, 2020; Santa Clara, California, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs (14) is unable to catch a pass between San Francisco 49ers free safety Jimmie Ward (20) and defensive back Emmanuel Moseley (41) in the fourth quarter in a NFC Divisional Round playoff football game at Levi’s Stadium. Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Parker

I'm Just Here So I Won't Get Fined



  1. SCPKRFAN January 12, 2020

    Wonder if “Killer” will grace us with 18 paragraphs of stats, and how great Kissin Cousins is at QB. Even should the Pack lose out, I can revel in the off-season that the Vikings are not in the SB. I expect a heck of a game today, Go Pack Go!!

    1. PF4L January 12, 2020

      I would imagine that the Lonely Boy will wait until after the Packer game to make his appearance if….the Packers lose. If the Packers win, we may never see him again. Although his demise would be nice to know so we can honor him with a proper burial. The same way viking fans should bury any hope of winning in the NFL. I mean….when your team has lost for more than 5 decades………

      1. Kato January 12, 2020

        I wonder how many gallons of spit came out of his mouth over the course of his career?

        1. Kato January 12, 2020

          Sorry PF4L, meant to do this reply to your Cowher comment

        2. Howard January 12, 2020

          One of the funnier NFL plays ever included Cowher. Even Cowher had to laugh after he initially had his jaw stuck out and was arguing with a ref.
          The Panthers mascot, Sir Purr, dressed in a Santa suit jumped on a live punt in the end zone against the Steelers. Cowher was complaining to the ref on the sideline that it should have been a penalty on Carolina. Then Cowher started laughing.
          Probably just a legend but some have said the ref told Cowher “ Bill, I’m not going to throw a flag on some stupid fucker in a cat suit”.
          ESPN on their highlights that night showed the stats for the game and listed “Sir Purr” with one punt return for 0 yards.

  2. PF4L January 12, 2020

    In more important news: Although i’m not a Steelers fan, i am an NFL fan. Congratulations to Bill Cowher on his well deserved induction into the HOF.

    1. KzooPackFan January 12, 2020

      I always like Cowher and yes, congrats to him, but I really don’t see him as HOF worthy…

      1. PF4L January 12, 2020

        He coached the same team for 15 years straight, as head coach he was 149-90-1 for a .623 winning percentage during that time. Also had a winning playoff record with 1 Super Bowl win. I think he got in on his own merit. He wasn’t the greatest coach in NFL history, but he was better than most.
        This guy eats, breathes and sleeps NFL football. The H. O. F. is a better place with him in it.

        1. KzooPackFan January 12, 2020

          Sounds pretty similar to M McCarthy….

          1. PF4L January 12, 2020

            Wow….i think you owe Cowher an apology. That was a low blow.

          2. KzooPackFan January 12, 2020

            I literally LOL’ed at that comment. Hope we win the 4th qtr.

  3. Skinny January 12, 2020

    Three and counting of the Super Bowl favorites to the media are now out, lol. Collingsworth gushing about Baltimore on the Niner/Vikings game multiple times yesterday then they go out and get their asses kicked and quit on top of it, ha. What a joke. Has Ross Tucker said anything since he was on every radio show last week saying the Vikings are going to the Super Bowl. Who the fuck are these guys and how are they paid to talk about football.

    1. SCPKRFAN January 12, 2020

      Well, that is just it, as a previous poster noted “they have 8 channels to fill.” So they rode their chosen horse to the very end where it died on the first turn. I remember in 2010 the Falcons were going to win it all in the NFC, and it would be the Steelers winning the SB. I will take one game at a time, we can win albeit ugly. Hats off to the Titans…

  4. Deepsky January 12, 2020

    Gotta check YouTube for any drunken, bitter Viking fan rants or emotional outbursts.

    1. Kato January 12, 2020

      Post them here if you find them

  5. Kato January 12, 2020

    Quit picking on the queens. Kurt Cousins won his first playoff game, so that is progress!! Also, on the bright side, they have another banner they can hang, and they can put an NFC quarterfinalist trophy in that display case. Good excuse to bust out that duster. Also, Stefon Diggs caught two balls so he won’t go into the off-season melting down like he did on the sidelines against the saints.

  6. Kato January 12, 2020

    After much going back and forth this week, I think the Packers win 24-17. I am more concerned about the defense containing Russell Wilson when they do pressure him, which they will all day. I think he will burn them a couple times, but not enough to win the game for them. The offense will sputter at times per usual, but the Seahawks defense is simply mediocre to at times just bad this year, a far cry from 3-7 years ago. I think Bulaga and Bahktiari can mostly neutralize Clowney.

    1. KzooPackFan January 12, 2020

      This sounds about right. As imperfect as the Pack is, they are a better team than Seattle across the board. Wilson is really the only X factor, but I don’t think he will be enough, and I really have a feeling our defense, led by the Smith’s, wants to prove something.

      1. KzooPackFan January 12, 2020

        And while Rodgers has had his challenges this year, you know goddam well he also wants to prove something in these playoffs

  7. Empacador January 12, 2020

    Not sure where you got 49 losses Jason. The Vikings have the most postseason games lost @ 30. Also the most postseason road losses @ 19. The Packers meanwhile have won the most road playoff games @ 11. And the most consecutive home games @ 13.

    1. Jason Parker January 12, 2020

      Fixed – thank you

  8. Stiggy January 12, 2020

    My God the niners are dominant. The Vikings looked just as awful against the niners are the packers did.

    1. Skinny January 12, 2020

      Niners dominated the worst OL in football. I aint crowning them for that.

      1. PF4L January 12, 2020

        Good defenses sometimes dominant, it’s what they do.. The 49ers dominated the Packers O-line, and some people here claim the Packers O line is top 10 in the league.
        Call it crowning them, or just showing respect, Stigg didn’t say anything that wasn’t true.

        1. PF4L January 12, 2020


    2. Mitch Anthony January 12, 2020

      Yeah, against a bunch of teams that defensive front looks like a force of nature. When looking at game stats Jimmy Garopollo didn’t have a real great day as a quarterback against Minnesota. The 49ers defense won this game handily for them.

      Now, should the Packers get by Seattle, which they can and should, they have already experienced the 49ers. They should be prepared from that and more importantly, be motivated to not get embarrassed and humiliated like the last time. It’s the NFL, anything can happen. Just ask the Ravens.