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Six Creative Ways to Spend Free Time When Packers Aren’t Playing

How do you spend your weekends when the Packers aren’t playing? If you breather and live football, the offseason can feel overwhelming. But guess what? There’s always something exciting to do as a sports fan.

Of course, casual fans already have plans for what to do. But if you are an avid Green Bay fan, this guide is for you. So, stick around as we explore the best things you can fill up your time in the weekends as the football season winds up.

Get Autographs

Most people say autographs only hold meaning when you are a kid. It’s true to some extent. But when you are a person who watches each game every year, any piece of football memorabilia will always feel special.

Against that backdrop, spend the offseason getting autographs from your favorite soccer, basketball, or hockey players. Obviously, you want to start with autographs from your preferred Packers’ players. But don’t limit yourself to football.

Truth be told, you might get bored by some of the items over the years. But that’s what eBay and Craigslist made for. Alternatively, you can always give out your autographed fan memorabilia to a friend’s kids or your grandchildren years to come.

Watch Sports All Day

You’ll probably agree. Spending a week or a month without watching the Packers’ play feels like there’s something incomplete in your life. If you watch multiple sports, though, you can cruise past the offseason without constant football blues.

But for someone who’s only favorite team is the Packers, it’s time you added watching multiple sports to your schedule. Both ESPN and Fox Sports have a variety of entertaining sports programs to keep you busy.

The NBA, MLB, NHL seasons will be around long after the Super Bowl. So, you have plenty of options before you run out of live-football events to watch. Of course, some leagues will run through September, meaning you can’t truly run out of sports items to view.

Attempt Casino Games

The important thing here is to ‘attempt’ and not necessarily drain your wallet. Playing slots or blackjack is an exciting and potentially profitable way to spend your free time. But due to its very nature, it is best done with caution.

That means it’s essential to keep your bankroll to a minimum at all times. You can do that by using bonuses, particularly no deposit offers. Check out Zamsino.com for a list of the best online casinos with rewards for new players.

Another way to reduce your real-money expenses is to choose the best games. Whether you want to try slots or blackjack, choose games that payout frequently. Gambla has a guide for online casinos with some of the best games online. They also give out enormous rewards, usually $100 to $1000.

Watch a Live Game with your Family

Every true sports fan should do this. Sure, it is expensive at times. But now that you won’t be attending football games after the Super Bowl spend some of your money with your family. If you are kids play in the little leagues, watch them play.

It doesn’t matter how talented or untalented or your kids are. Show them support with your significant other. Of course, don’t argue with other parents when their kids ruin an attack in a soccer game. In fact, focus your attention on your kids.

Seeing your child do something they love brings out a special kind of joy. It can also invoke nostalgia if you also loved sports as a child.

If you don’t have kids, you can tag along as your best friend goes to support their kid. Just make sure you ask ahead of time. Some parents prefer to help their kids alone. But if they are truly your friends, they will allow you to attend some of their kids’ games.

Play a Sport

No one expects a regular fan to dunk after jumping from close to the free-throw line. You probably can’t play golf like Tiger Woods or play hockey like a Pro. Yet, these are sports you can play in your free time without spending money.

All you need is a couple of friends to play with or cheer you on as you attempt some crazy dunks. Of course, you might need to lower the rim to dunk like Zion Williamson. You may have to play golf closer to the hole to put after a dozen attempts.

But who cares? The objective is to have fun playing sports as you reflect on the beautiful season the Packers had. Whether you can play football or hockey should be the least of your concerns when you settle to play a sport to pass the time.

After all, playing sports helps pump your blood. And isn’t that what doctors are always advising? You might not burn every shred of fat in your body. But a couple of hours playing football or hockey with your friends can go a long way in keeping you fit.

Get involved with eSports

Esports, the competitive world of gaming, is a growing sport throughout the country. A few of the most successful video games have leagues that run months on end. These leagues have organized teams and players who make millions by winning tournaments.

There are multiple ways to get involved with eSports. The simplest is to play Madden football or watch professionals compete at the game. If you also play CS: GO, Fortnite, FIFA, and other video games, you’ll easily fit into eSports.

You might ask, what’s in for you? Esports is one of the coolest sports these days. So, if you live and breathe sports, it’s worth giving it your attention. Again, it’s something you can play or cheer as a fan without leaving your house.

Who knows, you could also become a professional or a streamer, showing football fans’ your favorite skills on YouTube or Twitch. The most famous streamers take home at least a million bucks each year. So, it’s a sport you could also turn into a career.