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Seahawks Fall Victim to a Vintage Aaron Rodgers Performance

Hoo-boy! Any win against Russell Wilson is a tremendous achievement – he’s unique. Any win against a Pete-Carroll-coached team is tremendous – he’s a hell of a competitor. Congratulations, Packers!

For those unfamiliar with the Seahawks’ insane penchant for fourth-quarter comebacks, games against them are usually all but meaningless until around the ten-minute mark of the fourth quarter. If Russell Wilson would look to run throughout the game, and not until his team has fallen ten to twenty points behind, I’m not sure they’d ever lose – it must be an injury thing.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers scrambles

Jan 12, 2020; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) is pressured by Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle Poona Ford (97) in the first quarter of a NFC Divisional Round playoff football game at Lambeau Field. Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Horseshoe

Even to my untrained eye, Mike Pettine’s plan was obvious: keep Russell Wilson from escaping the pocket. Play after play, we saw four pairs of Seahawk blockers and Packer pass rushers embracing in mirror-like symmetry. The rushers were simply trying to maintain, and slowly compress, the pocket, without opening up running lanes for Wilson. And for half of the game it worked.

Seattle adjusted in the second half. Though the horseshoe didn’t break down, instead of passing after three to four luxurious seconds, Wilson began slipping out of the back of the horseshoe, and heading usually to the right flat – where the 5’11” wonder now had unobstructed vision, open running lanes, and another two to four seconds to spot a free-ranging receiver.

The Seahawks used high-percentage passes and Wilson’s run-and-slides to move downfield quickly and at will. I can only once recall a Packers’ defense being in such a helpless predicament: in the Super Bowl following the 1996 season, the Packers could find no way to stop Hall of Famer (and SB MVP) Terrell Davis from gobbling up yardage.

Against Wilson, it became painfully obvious that either the Packers had to score more than 28 points or the Packers D had to somehow stop a Seahawks drive.

The Stop

Here’s how they did it. With 4:54 remaining and the score 28 to 23, the Hawks offense took over, after a lousy 25-yard punt, on their own 23-yard line. After a 14-yard completion to Lockett, the Pack gets the break they need. With the Packers defenders playing soft and apparently terrified of a big play, receiver Malik Turner drops a perfect pass from Wilson – it should have been at least another 14-yard completion.

Second and ten, 4:08 left. With the coverage finally tightening, Wilson dumps it off to tight end Jacob Hollister, but a sure tackle by Kevin King limits him to a 5-yard gain.

Third and five, 3:22 left. Wilson, from the shotgun, fails to spot Preston Smith, who, despite playing on an injured ankle, gets around Hollister and makes a beeline toward Wilson. The result is a sack, a 6-yard loss, and a fourth down with 11 yards to go.

I expected Carroll to go for it, but he instead elected to punt. His decision was almost borne out to be a smart move.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers celebrates win over Seahawks at Lambeau

Jan 12, 2020; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) waves as he walks off the field after defeating the Seattle Seahawks in a NFC Divisional Round playoff football game at Lambeau Field. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Third-down Completions

For the final 2:32, it was vintage Aaron Rodgers: a third-and-eight feather-light pinpoint pass to Adams for 32 yards, and then, right at the 2-minute mark, a third-and-nine throw, under a heavy blitz, to Jimmy Graham, who reaches low for the catch and stumbles forward to the invisible first-down marker.

For the game, Rodgers recorded a passer rating of 113.7, slightly surpassing Wilson and his 106.5 tally.

You might recall that after the play was upheld, the main ref went back and looked at “additional footage that came in” and announced for a second time that the play was upheld. The furious antics of Pete Carroll apparently convinced the officials to take such unprecedented action. Carroll will undoubtedly be complaining about that spot for the next five years.

Postgame, the sports broadcasters on the Seattle TV stations in fact issued a whole list of faults they found with the officiating – it’s become part of the Seahawks’ culture to resort to excuse-making.

The players of each team, however, showed nothing but class as they hugged their opponents as much as they celebrated the outcome with their teammates – a fine show of respect after such hard-fought combat.

The first thing I did after the game was to check to see if the Seahawks – and Wilson – play the Packers in the 2020 regular season. Thank God, they do not – but it’s a good bet they’ll renew the rivalry in that postseason.

Heading West

It’s on to the stadium named after blue jeans, Levi’s in Santa Clara, for a rematch with the 49ers. Matt LaFleur gets a chance for redemption, as he was thoroughly out-coached by close friend Kyle Shanahan in Week 12. In an upcoming post I’ll present some reasons to believe things will be much more competitive the second time around.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy a team that continues in the first year of the Matt LaFleur era to outperform all expectations.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. Deepsky January 14, 2020

    I thought during that last Seahawks possession, why in the world is Wilson NOT running? The Packers were only rushing 4, the Seahawks had 6 in protection, which was the same protection that Wilson used earlier to get huge chunks of yardage running. It was like the Seahawks gave up.

    As for Graham, there are many images on Twitter and online showing that the yellow line drawn by Fox was about half a yard too far downfield, so any shots of Graham and the yellow line are inaccurate. Graham had the first down. Watching Carroll throw a tantrum was priceless.

  2. PF4L January 14, 2020

    I’m gonna lay off Rodgers for at least a week because he played ok i guess. But i promise you this…..if he and Adams and their top of the league O line can’t beat the 49ers ….all hell will break loose.

  3. Kato January 14, 2020

    There have been 24 playoff rematches of two teams that faced each other in the regular season and a team won by 28 points or more. The team that won by 28 or more points is 14-9 in those games. I think there is a shot they can pull it off. Not a very good one, but there is the chance. It starts with great QB play. If Rodgers is able to play like he did last week, that puts them in good position as long as the defense does their part as well as special teams.

    1. PF4L January 14, 2020

      so……your sayin there’s a chance……….

      1. Kato January 14, 2020

        God damnit I wish this site had the ability to post GIFs. I would totally post Lloyd Christmas one.

  4. DrKnow January 14, 2020

    Yea you have to be careful criticizing Arod , cause the abilty and know how is still there…..But if he’s still hanging on to the ball to long and throwing off his back foot, its going to be a long day for Packer Nation….For some reason though I think were gonna beat the 9ers this week ! Maybe somehow ive r-e-l-a-x-e-d ?!? LoL

    1. Dubbless January 14, 2020

      Perhaps we have decided that our expectations for this season have been exceeded already. It seems Rodgers is fully aware of just how rare this opportunity is for a super bowl berth so I think he will do everything he can to capitalize. I expect him to have a great game. I think Tae’s unsportsmanlike penalty he earned after a gentle shoulder nudge took the wind out of our sails last time we went to Frisco. I like our chances, can’t wait for the game!!!

      1. Kato January 14, 2020

        That, or turning the ball over inside the ten yard line. I think that penalty was pretty ridiculous, but hopefully Davante, or any other Packer for that matter doesn’t even toe the line there. I think the Packers offensive line plays better in this one. As long as they stay committed to the run, and Rodgers and the offense concentrates on getting the ball out quick, they will be in the game. On a related note, Rodgers time to throw has literally ranked among the slowest in the league, no matter who his receivers are throughout his career. That has to change in this game.

  5. Dubbless January 14, 2020

    First half was amazing! Would love to see us bring that type of performance to San Fran for a complete game. I’m hoping Jimmy G blows it – he has potential to grant my wish! Thanks for pointing out the professionalism of the players after the game, even Lynch went into the Packer locker room post game to congratulate ARodge and find where the vending machines are with the skittles. Wilson was great, I have new respect for him carrying his team the way he did all season. It looked like both QBs kept their emotions in check. kudos to Rodgers for simply celebrating the first down after being clotheslined on the packers’ sideline!

  6. NobodysBurfect January 14, 2020

    I think it was 2015/2016 when we played the Cardinals in the playoffs – when Janis had that huge game. Earlier that year, the Cardinals absolutely stomped us, pretty sure to the tune of about 38-7. We lost that playoff game to the Cardinals, but they sure as hell were more competitive the second time around.

    I have a feeling it’ll be similar this year. Obviously I want them to walk away with the win, but at the very least I doubt they’ll be embarrassed again.

  7. PF4L January 14, 2020

    Here….i think that’s enough Rodgers “praise” for now. Lets not over do it and start slobbering on ourselves. He hasn’t won anything yet.
    I’m waiting for the article asking how realistic it is it for the Packers to win against the 9ers and advance to the SB. And if it’s deemed to be realistic….what will they need to do to win it (and is that realistic). Or……do you think the game most likely can’t be won and what do you base that on.
    I think it’s time to get our hands dirty and discuss this in truth based on facts.
    Don’t be afraid. Enjoying the ride has been great and it’s been interesting and fun. But now this shit is getting serious and this is for the NFC Championship. Are we the vikings visiting the Eagles? Or is this Packers team ready to punch their ticket to get to the big show?

    1. Kato January 14, 2020

      Of course there is a chance. It’s the NFL, any given Sunday. As I have said, the problem with this is it just raises the expectations all that much more next year. The bears and Browns crumbled this year. How will they handle their unexpected success?

      1. PF4L January 14, 2020

        For the next 5 days i give no shit about next season.
        Lets get our hands dirty and share our views and realistic outlook about this game.
        Don’t be afraid.

    2. KzooPackFan January 14, 2020

      I think the line on this game is about right, 7 or 8 points. I expect a much more competitive game than earlier in the year – GB is playing much better in all phases compared to then, but SF is an outstanding team.

      I think we can hang with them, and again, all phases will need to play very well, maybe win the turnover battle (like DBs not dropping INTs that are thrown right to them) and not having any taken away by incompetent officiating, and GB could well win this game.

      I really don’t expect Garoppolo to do anything impressive, but we will have to contain their running game and George Frickin Kittle (who the fuck names their kid George anymore??). I do expect GB to play well. Too early in the week for final score predictions though!

      1. Kato January 15, 2020

        DBs are receivers that can’t catch the ball. Change my mind

        1. KzooPackFan January 15, 2020

          That’s for damn sure.

  8. Skinny January 14, 2020

    This one reminds me of January 96 for the Division game when Green Bay went out to San Francisco and was suppose to lose big but they punched San Fran in the mouth early and ended up laying a total beat down on them.

    1. PF4L January 14, 2020

      Now…does the Packers current roster remind you of the 96 roster?

      1. Skinny January 14, 2020

        It kind of does. The difference is Favre was just entering his prime years and Rodgers is in his veteran years. But ZaDarious is like Reggie White. Preston is the Sean Jones. Amos is Butler. Crosby is Chris Jackie. Pettine is like the old D-coordinator Fritz Shurmur. This is the 95-96 Packers 25 years later! Gutekunst following the old blue prints to a T.

        1. Deepsky January 14, 2020

          Favre was better in 1995, his first MVP year, than Rodgers is today. Four time Pro Bowler Butler was better than Amos. I think the Packer linebackers were better too then, though the defensive lines were about the same. The Packer corners might be better now. Adams is better than Robert Brooks, after that both Favre had Rodgers had average receivers. The big difference is that Favre had both Mark Chmura and Keith Jackson.

          Also the 1995 Packers had Johnny Holland as a coach…..he’s a coach for the 49ers now.

          1. PF4L January 14, 2020

            Antonio Freeman was average? (in what world do you live?). Do you remember seeing a guy who wore the number 84 in that Super Bowl….i heard he did pretty good. I forget his name, something about a bad moon.
            Was Don Beebe average with a 17.9 average per catch? Can i assume you were even born back then?
            Yes…Favre had two legit tight ends, You could say Rodgers has one….but it’s a reach.

          2. Deepsky January 15, 2020

            Freeman,as a rookie, didn’t do anything in 1995, had only 100 yards receiving. Brooks was injured in the 7th game of 1996, leaving Favre with Don Beebe, Terry Mickens, Derrick Mayes and second year Freeman. Rison came in late in the season, had little impact, never having more than 50 yards in a game. The Super Bowl was his biggest game with the Packers. For most of 1996, Favre’s receivers were in the MVS/Allison/Lazard category, never having any receiver like Davante Adams after Brooks went down, although by 1997 Freeman would get to that level.

          3. PF4L January 15, 2020

            Freeman was the #1 receiver in 1996 with 933 yards and 9 TD’s, am i wrong? Do some research!! Know what you are talking about before hitting “send”.
            You keep referring to 1995…. I asked about the 96 roster…didn’t i?
            Then this nugget from you…..”For most of 1996, Favre’s receivers were in the MVS/Allison/Lazard category”
            Brooks and Don Beebe have NEVER been in the MVS,Allison,Lazard Category and that’s an insult to say that.
            Does Rodgers have two legit tight ends?
            Stop wasting my time. JC!!

        2. francesco January 14, 2020

          zadarius is like reggie??????????? ahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahhaahhaahah
          come on…try with curling.

          1. PF4L January 14, 2020

            Amos is like Butler(seriously?)….Do you mean Leroy Butler?
            Is Geronimo Allison like Robert Brooks?
            Is MVS like Don Beebe?
            Is Jimmy Graham like Mark Chumura, or Keith Jackson?
            Is Darnell Savage like Eugene Robinson?
            Is Tyler Earvin like Desmond Howard(SB MVP)
            Three defensive backs had 5 or more interceptions (each) and 9 1/2 sacks back in 96
            PSA…Nobody suggest comparing the 2010 roster with today’s roster please…it doesn’t get any better. I’d like to think everyone here was born, or old enough to know what they were watching back in 96
            I have to go now, my Gilbert burger is here

          2. PF4L January 14, 2020

            Fuck it…i’ll do it, i can’t help myself.
            2010 receivers…..
            1) Greg Jennings
            2) Donald Driver
            2) Jordy Nelson
            2) James Jones
            2019 receivers…
            1) Davante Adams
            4) MVS
            4) Geronimo Allison
            4) Allen Lazard
            If your wondering who the #2 receiver was in 2010…take your pick
            If your wondering who the #2 receiver is in 2019…..so am i.

          3. Cheese January 14, 2020

            Lol. That’s great, and right on the money. 2010 had a #1 and several #2’s. 2019 has a #1 and several #4’s.

          4. PF4L January 15, 2020

            Damn good to see you make an appearance Cheese. Happy New Year.
            Here’s a fun fact….all the #2 receivers listed in 2010, have been #1 receivers in their careers.

          5. Cheese January 15, 2020

            Happy New Year PF4L! I started to draft a comment after the Lions game but never finished or posted it. I tried to jam way too much into one post, took a break from writing, forgot about it, and eventually said screw it.
            Right now I’m out of town and only have my phone, which I hate typing anything extensive on. Plus, the internet here is super sketchy. Until otherwise, Go Pack Go!

          6. KzooPackFan January 14, 2020

            Gilbert burger….I see what you did there.

          7. Ferris January 15, 2020

            Don’t forget Craig Hentrich. That 95-96 team was so stacked they even had the best punter.

          8. Deepsky January 15, 2020

            I would agree, the return teams don’t compare at all today vs 1996. Desmond Howard set a bunch of records in 1996 which still stand today. Even in the Super Bowl, Favre struggled in the second half against the Patriots defense which was an average defense that year. Were it not for Desmond Howard, the Patriots may have won that game. I think if Favre HAD to win that game, he would have thrown a pick at the end like he always did in the playoffs.

          9. PF4L January 15, 2020

            I think…….you shouldn’t try to think, because it clearly isn’t working out for you.

          10. Skinny January 14, 2020

            Im saying the the way the roster is put together. Yes its very much similar. What, you don’t think Zadarious is making an impact like Reggie? Lol that’s just stupidity. Z should have been all pro this year for what he did. Reggie only had 8.5 sacks in 96 the year they won the SB by the way.

          11. PF4L January 14, 2020

            Whom are you speaking to?

          12. PF4L January 14, 2020

            First of all, i didn’t mention Z man or Reggie…at all.
            I think rosters are put together the same way today as they were back in 1996 aren’t they?
            The draft, free agents, UDFA’s, waiver wire,trades, etc.
            I’m sorry, i have to go, i’m losing brain cells.

          13. KzooPackFan January 14, 2020

            This roster doesn’t compare to 1996 or 2010, but does have more talent than I thought at the beginning of the year. Having all three key defensive free agents perform up to their deals has been fantastic. I’m sure that is an atypical success rate in the league. I think this team is in much better shape than we had a right to expect with all of the changes.

          14. PF4L January 14, 2020

            Kzoo…i gotta ask. I don’t remember your username, but you post like you’ve been here for years. Any chance you could tell us your old username?

          15. KzooPackFan January 14, 2020

            Been following this site maybe 3 or 4 years. Same username entire time. Commenting more this season. Reminding you of another commenter?

          16. PF4L January 15, 2020

            Not at all…just curious as it seems to happen somewhat frequently. Thanks for commenting more, the more we comment, the better this site is.

          17. Deepsky January 15, 2020

            The way Z Smith played this year was similar, if not better, to Reggie White in 1996. White only had 8.5 sacks in 1996. He was in major decline already in the mid 90s from the late 80s when he got 15-20 sacks a year.

      2. Kato January 15, 2020

        I think it is foolish to compare this team to the 95 Packers. That team was an offensive powerhouse. Amos is solid and reliable, but he is no HOF caliber player like Butler was. (Speaking of, congrats to Bobby Dillon) Let’s just stop with comparisons. If I am willing to even compare them to any team at all, it would be the Giants of 2011. Kind of similar, both teams weren’t looked at as a viable playoff team going into the year, both have QBs and pass rushes coming alive at the right time. Other than that, that is where the similarities really kind of stop.

        1. PF4L January 15, 2020

          1995? Don’t you guys pay attention?

  9. Kato January 14, 2020

    Another couple notes from watching the national championship game, not necessarily Packers related. Isaiah Simmons was possibly the most impressive player to me in that game, definitely most impressive defender. Always around the ball, versatile, great athlete. Pressures the QB into incompletions, good tackler, very good in coverage. I would love for that guy to be on my team. Also love the Joe Burrow quote during the telecast. “If the defensive back isn’t looking, they (the receiver) are open. Reminds me of some throws that Rodgers has made in the past where he wizzed the ball right by DBs heads and arms to his receivers. I wasn’t sold on Burrow for the longest time, but I think I am a believer now, think the kid can be a legit elite NFL QB if the Bengals manage to not fuck him up

    1. Skinny January 14, 2020

      Yeah. He reminds me more of prime years Rodgers then Brady. The ball placement is unreal. Even just throwing it up there he still knows enough to put it where only the receiver has the best shot at bringing it down. I don’t think there has a been a college qb ever that looks more ready for the NFL then this kid.

      1. Kato January 15, 2020

        I think Manning, Peyton and Luck, Andrew would like a word with you

  10. francesco January 14, 2020

    why vintage???? rodgers is having a great season. brett favre at 36 went 4-12, 20 TD and 29 interceptions with a passer rating of 70.
    that is shameful you call rodgers game vintage.
    he had his best passer rating game this season.
    he led a new packers offense with e rookie coach to 14-3.
    he led a group of low talent wr, basically rookies, undrafted.
    that means rodgers had a great season like no qb in the league.
    he is taking green bay to the chmpionship for the 4th time out of 10 full seasons.
    favre led the packers to championship 4 time out of 16!!!! seasons. and he had reggie white.
    only tom brady has done better.
    and you say vintage???????
    in which world are you living?????

    1. PF4L January 14, 2020

      I remember it like yesterday. Back in those days, when Favre had a bad game, he wasn’t shy about sneaking out and not talking to the media after the game. I’ve never seen Rodgers duck the media after a bad game. But i suppose you need character….to face the music.

      1. Deepsky January 15, 2020

        If you look at Favre’s career, after the mid 90s, nearly every playoff round ended with him turning the ball over on the last or second to last drive of the game. Even in 1995 in the NFC Champship game, the Packers were in the game against the Cowboys until Favre threw an interception in the 4th quarter. And we Packer fans would say “Well that’s him just trying to win the game”. Rodgers history has been to score in the 4th quarter at the end, but his defense would let him down.

    2. Kato January 15, 2020

      It is difficult to compare QBs seasons from pre rules changes that made passing easier. If Aaron Rodgers played in the 90s, early 2000s, he would not be throwing single digits interceptions. Look at average passer ratings. A 95-98 passer rating would lead the league in the 90s most of the time, and a good season would be throwing less than 16 picks. Now, a 95-98 passer rating is closer to middle of the pack, and 16 picks ranks at the bottom. Derek Carr’s passer rating would have ranked third in 2005 ahead of Tom fucking Brady. Carr also threw 8 picks this year which would have ranked him among the best in the league in 2005. Brady threw 14 picks in 2005. Comon now. GTFO with this crap of comparing statistics from 2019 to 2005.

  11. KzooPackFan January 14, 2020

    That was a horseshit punt before Seattle’s last possession. His other three were pretty good as I recall. After a really good start Scott has shown a tendency to hit some stinkers the last half of the season.

    1. PF4L January 14, 2020

      Yea i noticed that also. I wondered if it had to do with the weather getting colder.

  12. Stiggy January 15, 2020

    Dont really like our prospects this week due to inconsistency and the niners having more talent across the board. On the other hand inconsistency could be the packers greatest ally If they can resemble the oakland game pack or the end of the year viking pack. The 2nd half Seahawks pack will get slaughtered by 40 points. You really don’t know which team will show up on a quarter to quarter basis let alone a game to game basis.

    Ps: could you imagine the packers run d against the titans?

    1. KzooPackFan January 15, 2020

      That running offense is only good with a lead or a close game. Get them down 14 and they are toast. Game script favored them greatly in their first two games. I don’t think their luck is going to hold in KC

  13. NobodysBurfect January 15, 2020

    So who is going to cover Kittle? He’s what makes their offense multidimensional, what would you do? Take Amos out of run support and let him shadow the guy? Try and jam him at the line every play with a LB?

    Honest question, what would you do? Because if he goes off for 150 yards again it’s going to be a hell of a long day.

    1. PF4L January 15, 2020

      3rd round pick, 6′ 3″ Oren Burks….problem solved.

      1. PF4L January 15, 2020

        —Has experience as an inside and outside linebacker, as well as in a 3-4 and 4-3 defense.
        —Quick feet allow him to excel in coverage and get to the football quickly.
        —Matches up well against athletic running backs and tight ends in man coverage.

        1. PF4L January 15, 2020

          “Brian Gutekunst and the Green Bay Packers are getting the athletic inside linebacker that Ted Thompson always struggled to find.” – Z. Krause
          “Don’t be surprised if Burks becomes the next Deion Jones or Kwon Alexander for the Packers.” – Z. Krause
          This is why……you wait for your draft class to actually play in the NFL…before crowning them after the draft.

      2. Kato January 15, 2020

        Hahahaha. In all seriousness, I see that responsibility going to Adrian Amos. We will see if he is going to earn that payday. Could also see Raven Greene/Tramon Williams earning drawing those matchups depending on formations, ect

        1. Howard January 15, 2020

          Raven Greene is still not activated. The Packers matched Sully on Kittle a few plays in the last 49er game and Sully did well. The problem is you have to change things up and when the Packers went zone in the last 49er game I think Savage made some errors in coverage assignments allowing the big play(s) to Kittle.
          You need to bump Kittle at the line when possible. Put someone over the top of him and at least jam him to try and disrupt timing. That is until they flex Kittle out. At that point I would put Sully over Kittle. If Sully is on the field? No matter what, if Kittle is on the line or flexed out you need to disrupt Kittle’s route at the beginning of the snap. If you disrupt the route and have some pressure, Jimmy will go to his next read.

          1. Kato January 15, 2020

            I didn’t realize they still didn’t activate him. What the hell are they waiting for, training camp? This is the playoffs. All hands on deck

          2. PF4L January 15, 2020

            Good call Howard, i was thinking that yesterday…not only will he go to his next read, he’ll be flustered, possibly into making mistakes because he’s Garopollos crutch right now, (like Favre with Sharpe). Plus it gives the Smith’s that much more time to get to him.

          3. Howard January 15, 2020

            I thought that was why the Packers only had 52 on the roster last week, so they could activate Greene on Saturday.
            Maybe Greene had the flu last week? The Packers don’t have to list Greene on the injury reports.

          4. Howard January 15, 2020

            For Kato ^^^^

    2. KzooPackFan January 15, 2020

      Kittle is definitely their X factor in this game. Packers need a plan for him, and covering the TE has been a weakness for GB for a while. They need to try something new. What has worked for other teams?

      I scrolled through Kittle’s game by game stats on the year and the only times he has been slowed down were at Washington in a torrential rain storm, and @ Baltimore in similar or worse conditions. Is Mother Nature the only thing that can slow down George Kittle???

      Oh yeah, his stats last week against the Vikings weren’t good, but SF didn’t have to throw a pass in the 2nd half as they were dominating the game and running at will. Don’t think that is the scenario we are after.

      1. Kato January 15, 2020

        Let’s be honest, the only way they slow down Kittle is if the pass rush dominates and forces Jimmy into bad decisions. That has to happen here.

      2. Howard January 15, 2020

        Kzoo, one thing the vikings did do is put there ends over Kittle and at least gave Kittle a bump off the line. I agree you can not take the overall games stats for Kittle as a sign the Vikings did something great, but in the first half the 49ers were in passing mode and the Vikings did jam Kittle off the line, of course it helps following up the jam with Harrison Smith or Kendricks in coverage.
        One thing about the 49er/ Vikings game. After the Jimmy G. QB sneak I thought The ball was coming off JG’s hand wobbling badly. JG also came out of that pile appearing to be in discomfort in his lower mid section. Wasn’t the next pass a short wobbly interception? Most of the rest of his passes after the sneak looked off/fluttering. There may have been more to Shanahan running the ball a lot after the sneak and half time than just draining the clock and not trusting JG.

        1. KzooPackFan January 15, 2020

          I agree they’ve got to disrupt the beginning of the route and the timing, and then hope the pass rush makes JG go to another read or make a bad pass. And you are also right about Harrison Smith & Kendricks, we don’t have that type of LB to throw at him.I do like the prospect of plan A tho, with the way the D line has been performing.

      3. NobodysBurfect January 15, 2020

        -Hey Jason (and all) – honest feedback about how we can make this site better. Around playoff time, when you’ve got lots of surly uneducated loudmouths like me who want to talk sports with random internet folk. Can you find a way to make the “reply” system more obvious? Maybe it’s just the android version of chrome I use, but if you can organize the comments better that’d be awesome. It’s kind of hard to tell who’s replying to who on here sometimes. Also, comment folk – tag/@ people!

        -Any (former) deadspin fans here? I’m all in favor of making totalpackers deadspin2.0. @PF4L, you said it earlier – let’s keep the comments alive! That’s what makes this fun (and distinguishes it from the syncophant writers you read elsewhere).

        -Y’all we’re back in the f****** nfc championship. I love our surly ass, arrogant young defense. I watch these games and see a team that wants to build chemistry, have fun, and win. Feels like a team again – when was the last time you felt that? 2014 NFC championship?…first three quarters at least? Wild f****** ride.

        1. KzooPackFan January 16, 2020

          NB – interesting observation on the replies. I don’t usually view the site on my phone, but rather on laptop via Chrome, and don’t have that issue. Good suggestion on the referencing the author of prior comment.

    3. Ferris January 15, 2020

      Sack Jimmy 10 times. Put T-Willy on Kittle.

      1. Kato January 15, 2020

        Hopefully T Willy can stop Kittle from catching the ball, otherwise the T Willy school of tackling will rear its ugly head. I still have Kittle breaking tackles and dragging Saints down the field from their game earlier this season. That could be real ugly.

        1. PF4L January 15, 2020

          lol….yea, i could see T Willy trying to take down Kittle…..with his diving right shoulder…maybe bump him out of bounds..because that’s about it.

  14. Kato January 15, 2020

    On an unrelated note, has anyone done a wellness check on lonely boy? Haven’t heard boo from him. I suppose now that the queens season is over he is quite busy with “grading” NFL propects, shopping for flights to pro days and the scouting combine. The whatnot of our resident pro prospect genius.

    1. PF4L January 15, 2020

      Maybe i guessed right Kato.
      PF4L January 12, 2020
      I would imagine that the Lonely Boy will wait until after the Packer game to make his appearance if….the Packers lose. If the Packers win, we may never see him again. Although his demise would be nice to know so we can honor him with a proper burial. The same way viking fans should bury any hope of winning in the NFL. I mean….when your team has lost for more than 5 decades………
      With that said, if the Lonely Boy could let us know that he’s done here, i think we should all spend some time to say something nice about him. You know…lie…like at a good eulogy.

      1. Kato January 15, 2020

        Looks like you are right. Hopefully he didn’t Epstein himself. Errrrrr……, Wrong verb.

      2. SCPKRFAN January 16, 2020

        He probably, out of disgust threw his 1999 Qualcomm into a vat of chili. One could only hope…