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Mike McCarthy is Reportedly Hired to Coach Dallas Cowboys as Jason Garrett Replacement

There was a lot of uncertainty lately about what would happen to former Cowboys head coach, Jason Garrett. After two decades of being involved with the team as a player, an assistant coach, and head coach, there was a lot of doubt that his current contract — that ends on January 14th — would not be renewed. Eventually, the news broke that Garrett was officially out as Cowboys’ head coach.

I mentioned in jest about a month ago that “Hiring McCarthy is exactly the type of bullheaded thing Jerry Jones would do” and sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Originally reported by Fox Sports, sources say McCarthy is going to take the head coaching job with the Dallas Cowboys.

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Marvin Lewis was the only other person to be interviewed before McCarthy. ESPN reports that “Moore, offensive line coach Marc Colombo, quarterbacks coach Jon Kitna and receivers coach Sanjay Lal are under contract. Most of the defensive staff, including coordinator Rod Marinelli and passing game coordinator Kris Richard, have expiring contracts.”

The obvious question is: how will these two personalities coexist — Jerry Jones and Mike McCarthy? Together in harmony? One thing is certain, their affinity for being stuck in the past will surely serve as a foundation for a bond between them.

We’ve mentioned it before lately, but it bears repeating, McCarthy has had a very respectable career[125-77-2]. While his tenure at Green Bay ended poorly and with a stench of mediocrity, it was just time for something new and McCarthy’s time was up. Between outdated play calling, questionable personnel decisions by McCarthy and higher ups, and of course, the clashing of personalities such as Aaron Rodgers and McCarthy himself.

It has been 25 years since the Cowboys have visited the Super Bowl. Perhaps McCarthy is the one the make it happen again? Jones obviously saw something special in him to snatch him up so quickly — perhaps fighting off interest from the Cleveland Browns and the New York Giants.

Mike McCarthy argues with NFL referee

Dec 3, 2015; Detroit, MI, USA; Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy talks to a referee and points during the fourth quarter against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Packers win 27-23. Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Parker

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  1. Walt Dyer January 6, 2020

    Does not change my total disdain for the stinking cowboys. I have hated them with a passion since the firing of Tom Landry. I pull for two teams every weekend my Packers and whoever is playing the cowboys. I claim the idea and beginning of the ABC club = Anybody But Cowboys 👊😛 ‼️

  2. Yawa January 6, 2020

    Looks good on them lol

  3. Stiggy January 6, 2020

    Looking forward to Danny parkins discussing this.

    Mccarthy is a fucking fraud…and only has a ring because Rodgers and Charles woodson were talented enough to overcome his buffoonery.

    Gravy head is a perfect name for this redneck done good who will now be coaching his second prestigious dream job nfl franchise.

    The Seattle game said everything about the quality of coach McCarthy is. He should never have coached another game for green bay after that and he should have been laughed out of the nfl.

    1. Ferris January 6, 2020

      Yup…should have been fired on the sidelines immediately after the game.

      1. PF4L January 6, 2020


    2. Zwoeger January 6, 2020

      Totally agree.LaFleur wouldn’t be the next HC though…then.

  4. Ferris January 6, 2020

    I am so happy they hired him, helps the Cowboys remain just another team. All the other NFC teams were thrilled when he kept coaching the Packers when Rodgers was winning MVPs. Because of him other teams have a better chance to win. He is less competent that Jason Garrett and that is saying a lot. See how the QB whisperer fares with a mediocre talent who wants to be paid top dollar.

    1. Cheesemaker January 6, 2020

      Combining your comment and Stiggy’s above, 100% agreement. I thought MM was a low IQ mediocrity who won in spite of himself. Was hoping he’d get another job so we could see how he fared w/o a HOF QB. If he proves me wrong, I’ll be back to admit it, but I felt the same way about Bielema, so my track record is intact…

  5. Kato January 6, 2020

    This is a pretty decent situation for McCarthy. Inherits a pretty talented offense that just struggled scoring points at times. I just wonder, given his reluctance to run the ball at times and one of the top five backs in the league

  6. NobodysBurfect January 6, 2020

    I could see things working out ok between Dak and McCarthy. Jerry Jones and McCarthy is going to be an absolute shit show, and folks, I’m just gonna laugh when it happens.

    1. PF4L January 6, 2020

      Yea…i see that going the other way, i think he will have a good relationship with Jones. But that’s just a guess based on, i think that Jones felt for McCarthy and McCarthy coming from a winning team and a SB winner, put that marriage together pretty quickly.

      1. PF4L January 6, 2020

        Remember that….McCarthy no longer has to answer to the media on Teds behalf because Ted hid in his office all the time. All Fat Mike has to do is coach and answer questions about the game. Even i thought that was bullshit, that wasn’t McCarthys job to be the voice of the GM, that was pure 100% bullshit on Ted’s part. That was one small element of the dysfunction that went on. Fuck….as a fan it was painful to watch the Packers regress into a joke, i still get pissed off when i think about it. Stephen A Smith had a video touching on this a bit. Maybe i’ll find it.

  7. PF4L January 6, 2020

    Mike McCarthy plans to install a 14-person football technology department with an 8-person analytics team.
    Beeeeutiful……..that should help him make “on demand” game time decisions as the game conditions merit. Or…….they can help him determine win percentage probability’s based on a “pregame” set number of run plays.
    Actually…i have no hate towards Fat Mike. Two things about the big man…1) He didn’t do near enough that he could have with the power given to him. 2) Having Big Ted as your player acquisition Guru didn’t do him any favors the last 6,7 years.
    Bottom line…..Because i think he’s dealing with serious family issues, (When you break down and cry like that, some real shit is goin down) i wish him the best on that end.
    With Dallas he’s probably in the best spot he could be as far as coaching, they have a good core team, they really just need to learn how to win together. But like the Packers, they are soon to be salary cap strapped. Spending all that money on those free agents, isn’t free.
    Watch him maybe dump about 70lbs now. He’s getting out of Green Bay and going to a better atmosphere for him. Sometimes that increase self esteem and motivates.
    BTW…i give no F he’s with the Cowboys, i could careless. Just like i said back with Favre, everyone has a right to work where they want. I know everyone got bent when Favre went to the vikings, i didn’t care, and i actually….enjoyed it :)
    I remember Favre had his best season with the vikings in 09. Funny thing, if Rodgers has that kind of season, he’s a piece of shit….lol. Whatever way the wind blow’s i guess.

    1. Deepsky January 7, 2020

      McCarthy has taken on a lot of family, which is why I cut him some slack. He raised a daughter from his first marriage, his first wife is no where to be found, he basically raises his new wife’s kids as his own (sons from William Kress, a Packer board member and extremely wealthy and powerful individual), and then has his own kids with his this new wife. The difficulty for McCarthy may be that if he takes a job in Texas, the kids have to stay in Wisconsin per the divorce agreement, which would separate his family.

  8. TyKo Steamboat January 6, 2020

    Fat Mike is back & he is back with a vengeance!
    He already has solid connections to all of the Papa Johns in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area & now Dak Prescott is all set to throw the football 45 times a game

    Consider me a Cowboys fan now, fam

    Americas’s Team 🇺🇸💙!!!


  9. NobodysBurfect January 7, 2020

    @PF4L – I agree, but man McCarthy’s fucking ego, and then mix that with Jerry Jones being the God King of the Cowboys…

    I don’t know, time will tell. I actually think it’s going to work out well for a while, but how well they work together over time will be interesting.

    1. PF4L January 7, 2020

      Yea….i thought about the clashing ego’s, and more importantly, fat Mike’s arrogant demeanor. But then again, based on that sad interview, it certainly looks like he’s hit rock bottom to some degree. I think we might see a more meek and humble Mike McCarthy. But like you said, maybe only for awhile.
      What i wonder, is he going to change his coaching ways, will he be more flexible and innovative? Or will he stay in his rigid ways? I think it will be interesting to see if he wants to be the off. coordinator and call plays, or if he wants to be a Head Coach.

  10. SCPKRFAN January 7, 2020

    At least he can fix the pad level for the Cowboys….

    1. rebelgb January 7, 2020

      Bwahahahahaha!! You win the internet today sir! Epic!

  11. PF4L January 7, 2020

    It should be noted, that Jones brought in proven winner Marvin Lewis in for a chat about the coaching job. My first reaction was….are you f’ng kidding me, why? At first, i figured Jerry went off the deep end, but then i realized…isn’t there some type of league rule having to do with some kind of privilege.

  12. Skinny January 7, 2020

    Mcflurry is a analytics expert now apparently. My ass! I think he can and should be coaching but this whole story on how hes evolved offensively with the use of analytics this past year is the biggest crock of shit story ive heard in a long time, lol. No way in hell Mcnugget is gonna refer to the analytics in big moments of games, no way, lol.

  13. Deepsky January 7, 2020

    I honestly would not be surprised it McCarthy does well with the Cowboys, as much as I hate the Cowboys. His offense seems to be more effective in dome type environments.

    His success will determine if it was Rodgers or McCarthy who was the real issue the last couple years in Green Bay.

  14. NobodysBurfect January 7, 2020

    Remember the 5 wide receiver sets we used to see in 2010, 2011? They were incredible, and borderline unstoppable. I don’t remember the last time I saw the Pack run them, and it says a lot about the story of the team for the past few years (IMO).

    – We had a GM who drafted poorly for a long time, and was so utterly inactive in free agency that we didn’t have the personnel to run them.

    – We had a coach who became more conservative because of the lack of personnel, and tried to force groupings without substitutions. Keeping the same group on the field so you can play no huddle is be great, but only if the play calling was creative enough to diversify the skill sets of the people on the field. *Record Scratch* “It wasn’t.”

    Aaron talks about trust all the time, and you can’t really blame him. I feel like the unsupportive cast he’s had around him for years is what’s made his play so much more conservative.

    And Mark Murphy let it all happen, because he’s not interested in football.

    But it’s a different time, and if these changes work out as well for McCarthy as they have for us then everybody wins.

    1. PF4L January 8, 2020

      We had good receivers up until Gute became GM. Only then did a talent problem develop. I have to hand it to Rob though, he called it by proclaiming that the Packers should draft a receiver high to prepare us for Jordy’s departure (which came premature) or at least free agency. When you draft 3 receivers in the 4th,5th,6th rounds in the same draft, you’re hoping to hit big on one….we’re waiting.
      It was almost like Rob knew what was coming….the old man nailed it on that one.

  15. Mitch Anthony January 7, 2020

    Actually the more I thought about it, this is one lucky guy. After a hell of a long run in Green Bay he lands with an owner that also seems to have some long term loyalty toward people he likes. Jones will back his people to the bitter end and Garrett wasn’t the only example of that.

    He takes his “successful” record to an organization that will spend capital on player acquisition. The Cowboys front office does make some decent draft decisions as opposed to how a Green Bay assisted living facility did it for him. Jerry’s world is built and there are no plans for a sledding hill, they want to win at football.

    When McCarthy came to the Packers in 2006 he had a pretty decent roster to get started with (Favre, A Green, Driver, Jennings (r), Franks, Clifton, Tauscher, Wells, Hawk (r), Barnett, Collins, KGB (insane), Kampman, Jenkins, Pickett, Harris, Woodson, and Rodgers (on IR) to just name a few). McCarthy the Cowboy will also have a very good bunch of players to start with in Dallas so it shouldn’t be too hard to win in the first season, especially in that division.

    Congrats Coach McCarthy, if you are that new analytical coach of 2020 you should have this job for a while.

    1. PF4L January 8, 2020

      LMFAO!!!!……….” Green Bay assisted living facility”

  16. Mike Ditka's Dog January 9, 2020

    Can’t wait for MM and Cowboys to knock the Packers out and everyone on Total TMZ Packers to start screaming for the gap-toothed ginger to fire LaFleur and hire MM back.

    It will happen. I guarantee it. LOL.