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Very Cold Weather at Lambeau Tomorrow for Packers vs Seahawks But Snow Still Uncertain

Finally, another playoff game at home in Green Bay — which is the most exciting time to be a Packer fan. The weather in Green Bay in January can push even the most organized teams to their limits. While cold and win is expected, the chance of snow has recently dipped a bit in forecasts.

I believe the more reliable sources are calling from 0″ to 2″ of snow on Sunday in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Here is the coverage from the National Weather Service:

Lambeau Field Green Bay Weather

Might just be enough snowfall for the impressive Lambeau Field social media photos, but it’s doubtful at this point that precipitation will play a strong role in the outcome of the game.

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll recently downplayed the possibility of weather being a detrimental factor to their success in this quote by USA Today:

It looks like it’s going to be about 10 degrees colder than it was the other night, so, big deal. That’s nothing. It was comfortable the other night. That was fine. It didn’t have any factor at all. If it’s in the twenties or whatever, 29 or 28, where it’s supposed to be, that’s no big deal. But, I’m not going to overlook the factor that the fellas might be thinking. We’ve already started to deal with that. You have to be very disciplined about that as well.

The recent Packers/Seahawks matchups have resulted in the home team claiming victory. Meanwhile, Lambeau Field in January is the very definition of home field advantage in the National Football League. While QB Aaron Rodgers performs well in this environment, and I’m not the first to say this, but the larger factor tomorrow is going to be RB Aaron Jones and how effectively he can penetrate the Seahawks defense.

Preston Smith celebrates sack against Panthers

Nov 10, 2019; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers linebacker Preston Smith (91) celebrates following the final play of the game against the Carolina Panthers at Lambeau Field. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Parker

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  1. PF4L January 11, 2020

    We’ll get some snow later today and tonight, but this storm was way over-hyped.

  2. Howard January 11, 2020

    Packer Playoffs and cold weather, add in some snow, and for some reason I start hearing the voice of John Facenda with some Sam Spence background music. :-)

  3. Deepsky January 11, 2020

    Even if Seattle has no running game, they’ll score 25-30 easily. They’ve played tough passing defenses and been able to score on them and now Metcalf is showing skills. But the biggest problem for the Packers is that most of them are sick. Remember prior to the Atlanta playoff game the Packers were also sick and were down 31-0 in the third quarter.

    1. MMSUCKS January 11, 2020

      Sadly enough, if the team has collectively caught the (flu?) bug you are correct. They will get their asses handed to them. As I asked in an earlier post, has anyone played a sport at a high level immediately after being sick? If they have, they KNOW that they have lost a step, some coordination, and a clear mindset for at least a few days. I would venture to say that the game is more than likely done already if more than half of the starters have been sick. Fucking shame . . .

  4. Skinny January 11, 2020

    Lol, Vikings my ass! Who is the national media gonna crown this week? NO last week. Vikings this week.

  5. PF4L January 11, 2020

    Anyone see Michelle Tofoya interview George Kittle post game? She asked him about facing Seattle, then mentioned Green Bay…anyone notice his facial expression when she mentioned Green Bay?
    In other developments, come on in Lonely Boy, (you would if the queens had won). ….. We’ll be kind

    1. Skinny January 11, 2020

      Im guessing its zero respect. But you know how this shit goes. In the regular season a team gets blown out and looks terrible then they go back for the playoff game and look like world beaters. No one thought the Packers were going into Atlanta in 2010 and kicking their ass in that Division game after getting their ass handed to them down there in the regular season, but ill be damned if it didn’t happen.

      1. PF4L January 11, 2020

        I’m with you there, but even though this season our defensive scoring improved big time, it’s not the 2010 defense…not by a long shot………Offensive comparison to the 2010 offense, well,lol…… house money i guess :)

    2. Big B January 11, 2020

      The Vikings extend their record of NFL leading post-season/playoff losses for a franchise…..like Dimaggio’s hitting streak, it may never be broken. Well done SKOL-holes.
      Not much chortling though, 49-ers look just as intimidating as when they whacked the Pack in late November.

      1. PF4L January 11, 2020

        …and here we all thought Curt Cousins was the answer to playoff success…..go figure.

  6. Zwoeger January 11, 2020

    I hope the Titans are not going to do a Packers 2010

    1. Skinny January 12, 2020

      Titans have the look. That’s the team I don’t wanna play. Stopping the run is just as much having the attitude to do it as it is In having the right players.