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Packers RB Aaron Jones Announced He is Expecting First Child

Aaron Jones recently shared a surprise with his Instagram followers:

He made the announcement with his girlfriend, Crystal Molina.

Words can’t Describe how excited I am to become a father. To have a little mini me running around. Thank you Crystal for all your sacrifices. I know it’s not easy with me not always being available right now but just know I am grateful for you.


A fifth round pick of the 2017 NFL Draft, Jones is having a hell of season under the leadership of Matt LaFluer who has shown more of a willingness to utilize Jones properly than his predecesor, Mike McCarthy.

Jones has expressed before that he realizes he has been overlooked in the past, but has made a lot of progress this season silencing the nonbelievers. He almost certainly feels a lot of pressure to perform well in the playoffs now that the Packers will not be sitting this one out.

At 5’9.5″ and 208lbs, Jones is often in the shadows of much taller figures on the field. However, he has the proven speed and reliability to upset defenses. He has been a frequent passing target for QB Aaron Rodgers this season and has been useful for creating mismatches with defense. Statistically, he has been having a breakout year with 16 rushing TDs and 3 reception TDs. He has also managed to start a career high 16 games this season.

We also mentioned recently that Davante Adams also became a father a few months ago and we expect this trend to continue with the youthfulness of the current roster.

Aaron Jones Lambeau Leap

Sep 15, 2019; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones (33) celebrates after scoring a touchdown during the second quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

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  1. Andy Peth January 7, 2020

    Congrats, Aaron!

  2. pattongb January 7, 2020

    Gee way to go. Im sure she will stick around for the next big contract, after that your ass is nothing but a money bank to her. Hope having a “little mini me” running around is worth it…..

    1. PF4L January 8, 2020

      Whoaaa….someone got burnt ^

      1. Dick Biggles January 8, 2020

        Hmm, I can kind of understand. No one warns you that sex after children can dwindle to nothing (at least for me). Also, many men fulfill even more responsibilities than their forefathers, but are seemingly not appreciated. Women don’t need to count on men for anything, I have the feeling.

  3. Mitch Anthony January 7, 2020

    Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Jones!

  4. SCPKRFAN January 8, 2020

    I like A Jones, and seriously see him as a proud Papa. I think he is a lot like D Driver, and has his head screwed on straight.

    1. PF4L January 8, 2020

      yea…seems like a good dude