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Vikings Coach Mike Zimmer Snubbed Packers Coach Matt LaFleur After Embarrassing Loss at Home

We all pretty much knew that Mike Zimmer is a bit of a dick, but it’s always nice to have video proof of these sort of things:

I’m not saying LaFleur is the next Lombardi, but he has already solidified himself within Packers history, and even NFL history for the matter. His historic freshman season as head coach will be talked about for a long time, and now Zimmer’s snub will be a part of that history.

Zimmer was quoted last week by NFL.com about jokingly implying he wished QB Aaron Rodgers would retire:

Either me or him have to get out of this division at some point. It’s too hard to go against him. He’s too damn good. You guys should try to talk him into retiring.

While being recorded and closely observed, this made him seem like a good sport and maybe even a decent guy. But after LaFleur and Green Bay put him and the Vikings over their knee in front of their home crowd, the real Mike Zimmer came out in full display.

This isn’t the first time his asshatery has been on display. Not to mention the time he defended Anthony Barr’s hit on Rodgers that led to the league having to create a new rule.

What a perfect coach for such a vapid fan base. They deserve each other.

Packers Coach Matt LaFleur

Dec 23, 2019; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur during the fourth quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium. Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Parker

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  1. Howard December 25, 2019

    LaFleur was the better coach and man. I don’t think LaFleur cares one way or the other what Zimmer did. The next time LaFleur meets Zimmer in the middle of the field, LaFleur, will again stick his hand out firmly toward Zimmer, and without hesitation look Zimmer straight in the eye as LaFleur acknowledges the vanquished.
    I’m not sure why Zimmer can’t at least look LaFleur in the eye when giving LaFleur a half assed hand shake? There is something wrong with a man who extends his hand to you, but can’t look you in the eye.
    Zimmer did almost the same to LaFleur after the Vikings week two defeat. For those who would say this is the way Zimmer always reacts to the opposing coaches after a loss, that is not accurate. There is game film that shows otherwise.
    Zimmer has now lost four times in two games to the better man and coach, LaFleur.

    1. PF4L December 25, 2019

      I believe it’s called the sore loser syndrome. Otherwise known as the Cam Newton and Jim Harbaugh disease.

    2. Zwoeger December 25, 2019

      I checked that. The difference then was Zimmer looked LaFleur straight in the eyes for 3 frames which is about 125 milliseconds .

    3. KILLER December 26, 2019

      Howard! Dude, usually you are steady, on an even keel, and the voice of reason. What happened?

      Zimmer shook his hand. The rules says to do so and he did it. That’s it. Over. He obviously made no unsporting comment.

      You said Zimmer does not always react this way to opposing coaches after a loss and that is not true. He does that same quick perfunctory get it out of the way handshake after every loss and every WIN as well. Exactly the same except if he personally knows the coaches. I’ve actually noted how he knows to shake as quick as possible and not say anything to losing coaches and to just get out of their way as they are in no mood for a chitchat.

      Why does it not surprise me that no other teams and no other fan base complains and, when Zimmer treats them the exact same way — legal, appropriate, and correct — then the Packer fans scream and whine and gnash teeth and rend their clothes?

      This is SOOOOOOOOOO Packer fan!

      Thanks for about an hour of laughter. My wife also thinks this is the funniest non-issue she’s ever heard of by the way. So, thanks from both of us.

      But… Howard… I expected better of you, man…. Get it together.

      1. Paul Nelson December 26, 2019

        Zimmer can’t look him in the eye because he’s taken one too many money shots to his eyes. Say hi to your wife for me, what’s his name again?

        1. PF4L December 27, 2019


  2. PF4L December 25, 2019

    I was going to bring this up.
    Happy holidays Howard and JP. Be well, be safe.

    1. Howard December 25, 2019

      Thank you PF4L. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

      1. PF4L December 27, 2019

        Thank you good Sir

  3. Deepsky December 25, 2019

    If it weren’t for the turnovers caused by punching at the ball every play, the Vikings may not have scored a point. It’s makes sense though that the only way these scumbags know how to play is when it involves punching and not much other football talent.

    1. Kato December 25, 2019

      To be totally fair, that’s what coaches should be teaching. Always go for the ball as long as you are in a good position to bring down the ballcarrier as well. It isn’t cheating in anyway. There are lots of reasons to hate the Queens, but punching at the ball isn’t one of them

    2. Neil December 25, 2019

      Really???? You worry about players punching the ball out? Totally legal and practiced by ALL teams. Better to worry about your players not securing the ball.

    3. KILLER December 26, 2019

      Oops, don’t look now, your ignorance is showing again, Creepshy. You need to get a zipper for that thing….

  4. Eric the Viking December 25, 2019

    Crockadile tears! What would you expect Zimmer to do. Kiss his Packer ass? Congrats to the Pack for the win. They won the North fair and square. Now to the Playoffs and hopefully a re-match.

    1. PF4L December 26, 2019

      Gee, idk Eric…..Maybe….Zimmer could be a stand up guy and show a sliver of respect?

  5. Aaron Rodgers December 25, 2019

    When your loved packers lose and miss yet another SB with the greatest QB to ever grace us with his presence than your coach can show the world a proper handshake.

    1. PF4L December 26, 2019

      The same handshake we’ll show the vikings…..if they shock the world and get to a Super Bowl. I know, i know…1976

  6. Deepsky December 26, 2019

    I get a kick how Vikings fans point to 1970 as the one Vikings “NFL Championship” whenever the Packers fans talk about their 13 NFL championships. Of course, it really wasn’t a true NFL Championship where they ended up being the best team in all of pro football. No, it was basically what is known today as the the NFC championship before they changed the name of the NFL to the NFC. The Vikings would then go on to get clobbered in Super Bowl IV by the Chiefs, the only true NFL championship since the merger, and lose in historic fashion by three scores after being installed as 13 point favorites.

    1. PF4L December 26, 2019

      I don’t think queens fans really believe winning the Super Bowl is realistic, They know God doesn’t like them.
      Matter of fact i have it at from a trusted source that Zygi Wilf asked the NFL for their release from the league. A couple of years ago Wilf petitioned the CFL to join the league, The CFL gave approval on the condition the NFL releases them and they build a new stadium.
      The NFL wanted the vikings to show good reason why they should be released. Word has it it was a short discussion as Wilf presented the vikings Super Bowl record and the fact they haven’t sniffed a Super Bowl appearance in over 4 decades. The NFL fired back that they are still useful to the NFL as they need losing “filler” teams to play a role in the standings. Some teams need to lose and the NFL counts on the vikings for just that reason.
      The NFL’s final decision is coming sometime in 2020, or very early 2021.
      Don’t kill the messenger.

  7. KILLER December 26, 2019

    As per rules and expectations Zimmer came out and shook his hand. There was some looking away by LaFleur but nothing to get your undies in a bunch that LaFleur is a bad sport.

    These handshakes are quick and obligatory. This is how Zimmer does it. Like a Marshawn Lynch press conference. The times it is different is with coaches he knows personally.

    This is a pure non-issue, a fiction. This is again Packers trying to create a false narrative in the hope of obtaining some moral high ground. However, that won’t be possible as long as you have the biggest jerk, poor spot, arrogant fellow in the NFL as your QB.

    On the issue of sportsmanship I did want to pay respect to those who deserve it. The Packer team actually. After they scored a TD they formed a group in the end zone and pretended to be Vikings paddling a boat. All to honor their opponent the Vikings. That was classy. Hopefully that rubs off on aaron Rodgers. aaron by the way, being the class act that he is, claimed he was extra motivated to actually do well to get revenge on Vikings fans so, as a result, he went out and performed that 65 QB rating and then claimed he had obtained the revenge. Very funny stuff.
    For some reason he wasn’t trying to get revenge last year when he lost 17-24.

    Before the Monday night game Cousins was #4 in QB rating and aaron was #9 in QB rating. After the game? Cousins is #4 in QB rating and aaron is #12….

    Also, I need to commend Za’Darius Smith on his humility and sportsmanship. He has such great respect for Danielle Hunter that he performed Hunter’s trademark sack celebration. That’s respect! He lacks the creativity to come up with his original one but at least he has all that sporting humility. Amazing humility. It must have been hard to do what with Hunter being more than two years younger than him and having more than 22 more sacks than him in his career. Usually guys look up to people older than them but there Smith was idolizing a youngster. Understandable maybe as Hunter made the pro bowl even without all the extra Packer fan base votes and Smith did not make it….

    1. Deepsky December 26, 2019

      The Packers “Love Boated” them!!! LOL. Or should I say SKOLOL? Man I missed that, thanks for pointing it out I’m going to look for that when I rewatch this.

      By the way, here’s one of my YouTube videos:

      1. Deepsky December 26, 2019

        I mean…one of my favorite YouTube videos. I wasn’t brilliant enough to do didn’t do this.

        1. KILLER December 26, 2019

          “…do didn’t do…”? “…wasn’t brilliant…”? Well, clearly you got the “wasn’t brilliant” part right.

          Creepshy, you need to be more “shy” and less “creep”.

          I find it bizarre this focus on an incident that occurred 14 years ago and involved no one currently on the Vikings playing or coaching. And, what was it? Players… having sex… with prostitutes…! Well, oh my God, is the world still even rotating? Does the Sun still work?

          The fact you and, I guess according to you, the Packer players, are still obsessed with it after all this time is telling. Repressed. Are you still a virgin? You are, aren’t you!!! But, even virgins don’t act that obsessed. I bet you’re a Wisconsin native.

          Now we understand better the reason for Wisconsin history.



          Sexual repression, associating sex with wrongdoing, obsessing over it, and being so jealous of others seems to be why over 25% of all serial killers are from Wisconsin or once live in Wisconsin.

          Steer away from your creep side Creepshy! Come towards the light!

          1. Jason Parker December 27, 2019

            Let’s keep it on the topic of football

          2. PF4L December 27, 2019

            After the game? Cousins is #4 in QB rating and Aaron is #12…- Lonely Boy…would you like a cookie?
            After the game? Cousins still hasn’t won a damn thing. Rodgers still is a SB MVP, 2 time league MVP, highest rated passer in history. winner of many, many awards.
            After the game and they turn out the lights….the queens are just as big of losers as they have been for over 5 decades.

          3. Deepsky December 27, 2019

            OK, I’m out of date with the Love Boat reference. Let’s update this.

            Vikings: Most players arrested since 2000! Congratulations Vikings on finally leading the NFL in a category, Champions one might say. Of being arrested.


    2. Kato December 27, 2019

      You need a hooker. A hobby. Something.

  8. KILLER December 26, 2019

    Jason Parker! I’m calling you out!

    Usually you are not pure illogical green Kool-Aid. Or green slime or a pound of moldy cheese. Usually. I have noticed some of your customers having an effect on you though to your educational detriment. More and more you write like a man who hunts deer all alone ten months out of the year and even when it isn’t hunting season. The other two months? Medical treatments for venereal disease. Turns out female deer carry quite a selection of them.

    You wrote:
    This isn’t the first time his asshatery has been on display. Not to mention the time he defended Anthony Barr’s hit on Rodgers that led to the league having to create a new rule.
    This linked to two articles. One was a Mordecai article for God’s Sake! That is the equivalent of saying proof something is true is that Donald Trump says it is. In actual fact, if Trump/Mordecai says it is true then the true fact is that it is much more likely to not be true. Except for the rare times when Putin wants him to tell the truth.

    As far as Zimmer defending the hit that Barr put on Rodgers, you do have a point. How dare Zimmer defend a great player and great person who, in the heat of the moment, in a split second decision, made an entirely perfect and legal and textbook hit on aaron. How dare!

  9. KILLER December 26, 2019

    I just came back to this article to make a quick added point. Watch the video. That meeting was not at midfield as prescribed by the NFL. It was near the Packers sideline. I’m not sure and I’m not saying that LaFleur was rudely tardy getting his ass to midfield. Maybe, maybe not. But, demonstrably and provably, Zimmer met him far more than halfway. Zimmer came to him. Zimmer sought him out. Zimmer also leaned forward to deliver the handshake while LaFleur looked distractedly away from him. LaFleur clearly did not want to chit chat and Zimmer politely gave LaFleur what he wanted.

    So, it is funny, what you are seeing it over-politeness by Zimmer and possible rudeness by LaFleur and you guys, reality be damned like usual, just go ahead and characterize it as Zimmer being a bad guy.

  10. Howard December 26, 2019

    You are so wrong again. The handshake was approximately 6 to 9 feet across the hash marks closest to the Vikings sideline. In other words LaFleur went way past mid field across the hash marks closest to the Vikings sideline and almost made it to the halfway point between the Vikings hash marks and the Vikings numbers.
    All you have to do is look at the broadcast film and see such. Why would you obviously lie about such a thing, or do you need unfiltered glasses? Rodgers also went across the Viking sideline hashmarks to shake Cousins hand. LaFleur went a little further than Rodgers.
    I guess if you can clearly misstate something so obvious, it is easier to understand why you do not understand that you look a man in the eye when you extend your hand to them.

    1. Howard December 26, 2019

      The above is meant for you Killer

      1. KILLER December 26, 2019

        Well, you actually make a fair point as it turns out. I saw the game board to the right with the camera looking from left to right and thought that was the big endzone replay board and thus middle of the field off above one end zone. Ergo, if it was, then the handshake took place on the Packers side of the field.

        However, looking again I can see the Vikings side line. I’m not sure why the replay board is not centered on the field. It looks like it is to the right of the goal posts, perhaps to not interfere with FG kickers. I was taking the replay board as a mid-point to the end zone. That certainly through me off. My bad. It looks like the handshake took place a little closer to the Vikings sideline than the Packers sideline but still between the numbers.

        That said, or corrected, the fact remains Zimmer came and sought him out, leaned forward towards him, and shook his hand. LaFleur was wondering around and it looked like Zimmer actively went and found him in order to make the handshake happen. I’ve watched Zimmer’s quick cursory handshakes for years and they are always like that, win or loss, with a few exceptions with coaches he knows well. That’s him, that’s how he shakes after games. He just follows all the rules and gets it out of the way for both parties.

        Zimmer reaches out further and they both let go of the handshake simultaneously. From the unchanging unbothered look on LaFleur’s face he obviously found nothing wrong with it at the time. Still doesn’t as far as I know. If he isn’t offended, why are you?

        LaFleur and Packer fans should not expect special exceptional treatment from Zimmer. That handshake was entirely legal, polite, fine, typical. There was nothing wrong with it and it was the same he does everywhere after games win or lose. LaFleur and the Packers will not get special treatment. They are not special snowflakes. Accept it. Move on.

        I know you guys get special treatment from certain ref crews (especially assigned for home division games) and from the schedule makers but, I remind you, Zimmer is not a referee and is also not an NFL schedule maker.

        This “event” is a total non-story. No credible news site is covering it. That’s why it is on this site.

        1. Zwoeger December 26, 2019

          This is the first comment from you or responses to them I read in two years or so . I had a short sleep this night and nothing else to do. Must be Howard is involved .
          And here is a picture of the 125 milliseconds looking in the eyes of LaFleur probably thinking I get you at home mate.: http://www.zigzap.nl/images/ZimatP.jpg

          1. Zwoeger December 26, 2019

            For those who don’t thrust http : https://zigzap.nl/images/ZimatP.jpg

          2. KILLER December 27, 2019

            Wait a minute! Now Zimmer is a bad guy BECAUSE HE LOOKED AT LAFLEUR? Really?

            You are too much, Zwoeger! Funny stuff. Good one. I wonder if any of these Packer fans bought into that. Brilliant! Hey, even I almost thought you were serious. You had me there just for a second.

          3. PF4L December 27, 2019

            Except for being the first one to bring this up, i’ve been quiet about. But after reading the Lonely Boy’s post, it’s all cleared up now.
            What L B is trying to convey is….unless Zimmer knows the other coach, and actually likes that person, He therefore is justified to act like a total dick.
            The more i read….the more i learn.

          4. PF4L December 27, 2019

            Good job Howard exposing the wart…oops, my bad… Lonely Boy

  11. Kato December 27, 2019

    I am thinking Killer has Packer Derangement syndrome. Very similar to Trump Derangement syndrome.

    1. PF4L December 27, 2019

      Lets try to keep this about football Kato. I’ll trust i won’t have to come in here and discuss this any further with you. Nobody wants me to call security.

  12. PF4L December 27, 2019

    KILLER December 26, 2019
    Jason Parker! I’m calling you out!
    See….Now we have a ball game…lmao

    1. PF4L December 27, 2019

      JP….give him an ice cream cone, tell him to go sit in the corner and stfu :)

  13. PF4L December 27, 2019

    “That handshake was entirely legal,…” – Lonely Boy
    Versus an illegal handshake? lmao
    L B…can you please tell us what a illegal handshake is…educate us please :)

  14. Kato December 27, 2019

    The Minneapolis Star Tribune was listing the top Minnesota sports moments of the decade, and had a picture of Rodgers on the ground after he broke his collarbone. Keep it classy, queens

    1. Kato December 27, 2019

      Keepin it classy, well done. A top photo from Minneapolis sports in the decade was breaking Rodgers collarbone


      1. KILLER December 28, 2019

        Play-Do, Play-Do, Play-Doh!

        First, here is the actual title: “Minnesota sports in the 2010s: Let’s start at the beginning”
        As you can see, the title is not (and never was) as you claimed a listing of “the top Minnesota spots moments of the decade”. It was not the “top” as in best moments at all. It was the “Minnesota sports in the 2010s”.

        The article went on to say: “The 2010s were defined by three major things: incredible highs, devastating lows and new facilities”. The article at no time referenced aaron Rodgers or the Barr hit in him. At no time did the article claim either that the hit was a high or a low. So, your posts are deceptive and misleading in nature.

        You also claimed the article “had a picture of Rodgers on the ground after he broke his collarbone”. Are any of us surprised that this was not actually the case?

        In a collage of photos at the top there is an image of Barr impacting Rodgers with both of them standing upright. Keep in mind the hit was classic, perfect, appropriate, and legal. Rodgers did not break his collarbone from the hit but from himself incorrectly putting his throwing arm out to then land on it. Rodgers caused his own injury by failure to take coaching on what to do in such a situation. Either that or the Packers coaches failed him (all of them + college + HS) by not instructing him how to take a hit.

        Clearly, also, no one instructed aaron how to take a hit like a man and not whine about it and make false accusations over it.

        That correct hit and the following stink caused by aaron yelling profanity in front of children and then whining and making false accusations about Barr in media events such as talk shows is, like it or not, one of the highs and lows of Minnesota sports in 2010, just as the article indicated. Sadly, many people nationally think of how aaron whined and whined about a legal hit instead of about the Vikings in general.

        It is ironic — for aaron — that Barr will always be remembered for that hit. Playing the game the way it should be played, hitting hard like a linebacker should. Barr has made the pro bowl four times and it is due to excellent play and not bad sportsmanship. Players and fans vote on it (2/3rd of votes).

        It is also more than hilarious that the NFL scrambled to install the “aaron rule”, which the Vikings then obeyed, and the Packers thought would not be enforced against them. But it was and the Packer fans, to this day, still whine about it. Hilarious.

        It is also hilarious that you post that the Vikings need to keep it classy. Well, it was one writer and, actually, he was totally classy. What isn’t classy? Making stuff up. That means you, Play-Doh.*

        *Yes, I am making up that your name is “Play-Doh” but it is an attempt at humor and not an attempt to frame you as being Play-doh or to deceive which is what you did. Please do appreciate the difference there.

        1. Kato December 28, 2019

          Are you hammered? Again, nowhere did I say the hit was dirty lonely boy. Using a photo out of thousands they could have used for a play where an opponent broke his collarbone is a classless thing to do. They show the video of the play in highlights at the stadium. This shit isn’t by accident. They relished the fact they hurt Aaron Rodgers, which again, tells me all I need to know about queens fans.

          1. KILLER December 28, 2019

            Here you extrapolate outward from one to many and deceive yet again. You obfuscate denying one thing you did not say while failing to admit the things you did say in your post and that they were false. You create a straw man argument: “I did not say the hit was dirty”. Yeah, well, I did not say that you did say it! However, many Packer fans and aaron have taken that false narrative that it was a dirty hit.

            I think showing a hard hit is fine. That is football at its best. Remember, that injury was aaron’s fault. That’s on him. Showing aaron on the ground writhing in agony or surrounded by training staff would be in poor taste. Whining that showing a picture — a picture — of a legal classic hard hit was wrong is in poor taste.

            Showing aaron cursing profusely or sitting in the talk show chairs while uttering falsehoods about Barr actually would have been pretty funny.

            You’re so worried about what is “classless” you perhaps should address your own team doing some mock Viking boat (or love boat) routine in the end zone, a celebration clearly planned and choreographed all week before the game and thus premeditated. Or you could address Z. Smith imitating Danielle Hunter’s sack celebration. Maybe help him come up with his own instead of being obsessed with what a player more than two years younger than him and with more than 20 more sacks (and more sacks this year, and more tackles this year, and more forced fumbles this year, and more fumble recoveries this year….) than him does when he gets a sack. Or maybe you could address LaFleur’s lack of leadership and control over his team to allow such things repeatedly. Or you could address Aaron’s poor sportsmanship after the game when he said the game was him taking revenge on Vikings fans for two years prior — never mind his QB rating was a whopping 68.3 and never mind the loss in MN last year. If this is his revenge I sure hope he does the same revenge every game.

            On the “classless” front on the Vikings side you have one or two people who are not Vikings whose action — showing a photo of a legal hit — is only arguably wrong at worst. On the Packers side there are several clear-cut “classless” actions, actors, events.

            So, give it a rest. Get over it. Or, better yet, go fix it with your Packers at fault. If you can. But surely aaron is too arrogant to listen to your feedback.

          2. Kato December 28, 2019

            Lol. I am not even bothering reading your novel. It isn’t Rodgers “fault” he got hurt. It isn’t anyone’s. It is football, shit happens. You are pulling a strawman argument by trying place blame on him and deflecting from a classless move by a Minnesota sports columnist that has a history of having Rodgers.