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We did it, boys. It’s a Festivus miracle(up yours, PF4L): as the projected underdogs, the Green Bay Packers went to Minneapolis and defeated the over-hyped Minnesota Vikings in front of a crowd of Vikings fans that read at a 2nd grade level. Coach Matt LaFleur’s historic freshman run continues with the Packers winning the NFC North and adding his name to another list in the history books. Once again: with this win, and a win against the Detroit Lions next week, and a Seahawks win over the 49ers, the Packers, by some miracle, will be the #1 seed in the NFC going into the playoffs that includes a bye and home field advantage.

Instead of a strong first quarter and a decline the rest of the game, the Packers seemed to do the opposite with a continuously building momentum throughout the game. The Vikings’ man-to-man coverage seemed unyielding at first, but the Packers offense dominated the time of possession and quickly wore the Vikings defense down.

Packers RB Aaron Jones touchdown against Vikings

Dec 23, 2019; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones (33) rushes for a touchdown in the fourth quarter against Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium. Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, the key to winning was RB Aaron Jones being the reliable workhorse that he is with a respectable 154-yards rushing and two touchdowns. He continues to prove that he is one of the most underappreciated backs in the league when LaFleur is willing to utilize him. Following last night’s game, Jones now leads the NFL this season in rushing TDs with sixteen. His 19 total TDS also leads the league.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers got the job done, but we did see some of the same mistakes from recently: tunnel vision in the pocket and a pissy attitude when things didn’t go his way. He managed his third pick of the season by predictably targeting WR Davante Adams yet again. As someone mentioned in the comments: any half-ass defense is going to know how to take advantage of this tendency of his. It was a decent throw, but S Anthony Harris fooled Rodgers on the coverage and undercut the route and was there in front of Adams to make the pick. Rodgers targeted Adams with 42% of his passes thrown. The fact remains that, even when Rodgers is misfiring in a couple cylinders, he is still a damn fine QB.

WR Allen Lazard continued his rise while Marquez Valdes-Scantling failed to impress(although he was only targeted once). But if you read this site regularly, you already expected that because we told you that would happen. Any idiot can offer criticism after the fact, but recognizing patterns and relaying them to you is just one of the services we offer.

Lazard made some mistakes, including a 19-yarder that was brought back because he failed to secure it, but with his level of experience, you can not expect any more than he is giving. His routes have noticeably improved since early in the season and he continues to be a solid WR2 with both screen passes and the occasional deep threat. WR Geronimo Allison was mostly quiet (although he did recover a TE Jimmy Graham fumble and helped with a 2-point conversion catch), but WR Jake Kumerow, while not claiming any receptions, did manage a nice block to open a lane for RB Aaron Jones. Whatever it takes, man.

The Packers dominated the Vikings in time of possession (32:32 vs 22:28), 1st downs (22 vs 7), and total yards (383 vs 139). The Vikings offense is just plain bad without RB Dalvin Cook to lean on. I mentioned earlier in the season that burning his candle on both ends would bite them in the ass once this Packers/Vikings matchup came and that’s exactly what happened.

Packers CB Kevin King returns interception against Vikings

Dec 23, 2019; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Green Bay Packers cornerback Kevin King (20) returns an interception during the third quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium. Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Packers’ defense showed up big time, especially in the second half. They managed 5 sacks against QB Kirk Cousins for a total loss of 40-yards. 3.5 of those sacks were by OLB Za’Darius Smith. While only forcing a single turnover, they brought relentless pressure to the overpaid quarterback who did not have his RB1 or RB2 to rely upon. The momentum of the game changed greatly with a pick by CB Kevin King in the third quarter in which he played the role more so of a safety that play. The Vikings offense just could not make it happen after that.

Packers LB Za'Darius Smith celebrates a sack against Vikings QB Kirk Cousins

Dec 23, 2019; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Green Bay Packers linebacker Za’Darius Smith (55) celebrates his sack in the second quarter against Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium. Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

One Final Note

Shout out to Packers K Mason Crosby for being the reliable player that he is. Some nay-sayers predicted him being replaced during the previous offseason, but Crosby continues to prove them wrong.

Jason Parker

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  1. Dubbless December 24, 2019

    Shout out to Mason for a missed PAT? Will let that one slide as it’s his first miss of the whole season and tonight’s FGs were clutch. Maybe he was pissed for being benched in favor of the 2pts.

    1. Jason Parker December 24, 2019

      The game was pretty much already won and he was perfect until now. He makes the kicks that matter.

    2. Kato December 24, 2019

      Dude, even with the missed PAT, Crosby has been incredibly solid this year. You kind of fans take him for granted

  2. SCPKRFAN December 24, 2019

    Where is Killer? I would like to hear about how great his QB is playing from the Hormel Chili Dome turf. He almost had as many yards loss from being lead footed in the pocket as he did passing. This victory out of the whole season is the most satisfying.

  3. Zwoeger December 24, 2019

    A very merrry christmas? I think so:). ST still okay.Now tackling seems improved too. I even saw Peewee, I mean Teewee, making a nice tackle.
    Another thing besides being healthy this year, no hammies. What has changed there?
    Okay AR had some of his old habbits showing again but did I see a change? Like releasing the ball quicker sometimes?
    Maybe even thrusting the play calling ?
    Am I drunk? A tiny bit.
    Happy holidays to you all.

    1. KzooPackFan December 24, 2019

      I thought Rodgers made several throws into tight windows, and not all of them to Adams. Would love to see that continue.

  4. KILLER December 24, 2019

    I told you!

    We’ll get ya next time.

    1. KzooPackFan December 24, 2019

      Smell ya in 2020!

      1. PF4L December 24, 2019

        “It wasn’t…….the vikings …turn” – killer
        139 total yards…Bwhahahahaha

  5. Stickman December 24, 2019

    Just a shout out for the defense, Wow they looked nice.First time this year they played some smash mouth all together kick ass D. D-line really starting to come together, #94 has had a couple nice games the last 2 weeks. #55 is a beast.

    1. Stickman December 24, 2019

      This team is starting to peak at the right time. And healthy to go with it.

  6. Skinny December 24, 2019

    I can now confirm I will be in Miami for the Super Bowl and the Packers impending win in that game. Miami beach, Latin women, cocaine and the Packers. Its going to be a great Super Bowl week!

    1. KILLER December 24, 2019

      Skinny, you made me double-laugh. One, the idea of the Packers in the Super Bowl. That was more of a mental laugh. Then the Latin woman and cocaine. That was a true laugh. I’m still grinning.

  7. Stiggy December 24, 2019

    How about burning that timeout to prevent a delay of game and proceeding with a a terrible throw the next play. 12 had a good drive up to that point but the running down the playclock/burning timeouts to prevent delay of game was big10 tier football not 40 mill a year QB play

    Reminded me of mcgravy packers.

    1. PF4L December 24, 2019

      After over a decade of doing things one way, every single detail will not all change in 1 (off) season. It’s a process of the progression starting over.
      I don’t know if i’ve ever seen a 12-3 team bitched about as much as this team.
      Your right Stig….That’s not the play of a 40 mill/year QB. When he, or anyone else makes 40 mill/year, how about we discuss it then.

    2. KILLER December 24, 2019

      Stiggy makes a good observation. Shockingly, so does Piffle. (This one time) A whole lot of bitching. Very true. What Piffle fails to take into account is that this is the worst 12-3 team in history so it is only logical for it to have the highest amount of bitching. Plus, Packers fans, naturally bitchy, multiply that by five.

      1. Kato December 24, 2019

        And they beat the queens, so does that mean the queens are the worst 10-5 team ever?

        1. PF4L December 25, 2019

          Lonely Boy, Kato asked you a question, don’t be rude.

  8. Kato December 24, 2019

    Go home killer. I don’t recall any calls going the Packers way, if anything they kept the flags in their pockets and let the teams play

    1. KILLER December 24, 2019

      They “missed” the PI against Diggs on the deep interception that Cousins threw. Would have been a long bomb completion if not for that. They also missed another Packer defender’s interference on another play and about a dozen holding calls on the Packers offensive line. A few were really obvious with Vikings players jerseys stretched behind them. The call on Riley Reiff on Cousins’ deep ball TD to O. Johnson that was called back was actually a good and true penalty. It’s just that Packers linemen did the same or worse repeatedly without consequence.

      Just to recap, I did not say (as Piffle claims) before the game that I thought the refs for sure would steal this game for the Packers. The M.O. is for them to do that during Packer home games, especially with division opponents. The Eagles proved a team can still win despite ref help to the Packers but obviously it is a steeper hill to climb.

      The phrase “they kept the flags in their pockets and let the teams play” by the way actually means “let the teams cheat”. However, I saw no cheats by the Vikings or any fouls not called. So, in this case, it means they let the Packers cheat as I illuminated above. You made that statement like it is a positive or proof of no wrong and it isn’t either one.

      1. Bruce Kennett December 24, 2019

        What was the name of the guy from the Eagles who put Williams out of the game?… I guess the refs were for Philly for one play that night??… laffable…

      2. Kato December 24, 2019

        Again, serious question, are you retarded?

        1. PF4L December 25, 2019

          “Just to recap, I did not say (as Piffle claims) before the game that I thought the refs for sure would steal this game for the Packers. It’s just something i’m constantly bringing up”. – Lonely Boy

  9. Kato December 24, 2019

    “How do you like that?” – Kirk Cousins (probably)

  10. Jason Parker December 24, 2019

    Just re-watched and realized MVS got a nice block on Xavier Rhodes that opened up that long TD run for Jones. Our WRs did some fine blocking last night. I can’t believe I just typed that.

    1. PF4L December 24, 2019

      Look….i don’t want to cause any problems here J P. But i wake up on Xmas Eve morning find my good name used in a hateful tone.
      That was very hurtful. Granted i get too emotional sometimes, but you may have just ruined my whole Xmas.
      This is the time of year to show love and compassion to your fellow man.
      Thanks a lot f’kr.

      1. Jason Parker December 24, 2019

        I can never tell when you’re serious 🤣

        1. PF4L December 24, 2019

          Figure, if i’m not talking football, i’m NON serious 90% of the time. If i’m talking football, it’s usually 60/40. 60% serious/40% sarcastic.
          I failed with you, because i attempted to infuse some humor in the last two lines, to indicate i’m just playing.

      2. Ted Hawthorne December 24, 2019


        1. PF4L December 24, 2019

          Your turn Ted.

  11. Deepsky December 24, 2019

    All pre-game and during the game, ESPN was all about the Vikings. Super-player this guy, world-beater that guy. For the Packers it was, weakness here, mistake there.

    I loved shutting up those idiots.

    1. SCPKRFAN December 24, 2019

      Thank god Steve Young picked the Pack

    2. Bruce Kennett December 24, 2019

      Deepsky… I was thinking the same thing!…

  12. Deepsky December 24, 2019

    Interesting too that when Davante Adams went down, the Packers offense actually got better. When the Vikings best player is out, they look like the worst team in the league.

    1. Bruce Kennett December 24, 2019

      thumbs up!

  13. PF4L December 24, 2019

    WOW…..Game ball to everyone on defense, 5 of them to Z. Smith. I liked that Booger gave a shout out to Pettine, it was well deserved. Even T Willy had a pretty good game, hustling, playing tight coverage. King…nice pick.
    That performance went opposite of what i thought would happen. Green Bay dominated at the line of scrimmage, especially on D. One hell of a performance i didn’t see coming. It kind of reminded me of the first 3 weeks of the season.
    I don’t know why people don’t bring this up, but Rodgers needs to wake up and start playing ball. Stop f’king throwing behind your receiver…just stop it. Throw it on the numbers, throw it where they don’t have to break stride. It’s pissing me the f off. I might be forced to go up and hunt him down, i’ll look for him, wherever. I don’t care if i find him with Danica out at a fancy restaurant like Red Lobster, i’ll go get in his face people.
    Jimmy Graham….eat a dick. Is this game new to you son? If your near the sideline or someone’s coming at you, protect the football. Put the rock in your left hand (away from the defender), you had all the time in the world, but no….leave it in the right and have it punched out for a fumble. You play like you don’t G A F.
    I hope your new helicopter that you bought with your 5 million dollar bonus goes down. Too harsh? (i’m a bad man people)
    I thought Martelus Bennett was the most useless. Jimmy Graham made it a two way tie.

    1. Kato December 24, 2019

      I seriously don’t understand the point of Jimmy Graham being on the field

    2. Bruce Kennett December 24, 2019

      … stop throwing behind the receiver… my thoughts exactly!… a +30 million QB should never do this!…

  14. Doctor Tickle Fingers December 24, 2019


  15. MJ December 24, 2019

    Kumerow actually had a pretty nice reception, where he pushed defenders back for more YAC.

  16. Kato December 24, 2019

    Also, based on what I saw in the locker room celebration, with Rodgers picking LaFleur up, I think it is safe to say the Rodgers/LaFleur relationship was the biggest non story of the off-season

    1. PF4L December 24, 2019

      If you remembered, that non story BS bothered me to no end. you might recall when i said everyone saying that shit never met them, and don’t know either of them, and are not there with them.
      Gary Ellerson…everyday saying that shit on The Fan…seriously, every fucking day. Now all you hear from him is crikets.
      Can’t stand that dude. I barely ever listen to their show anymore.

  17. Skinny December 24, 2019

    Rob Parker was going off on the Dan Patrick Show this morning talking about how good the Packers are. He was at point shouting about it, ha. Nice to finally hear some national media guys actually say it.

    1. Stiggy December 24, 2019

      Rob parker is always going for the pack. Love rob but hes basically a cooler skip bayless.