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Feature: Lombardi’s Destiny – The History of the Green Bay Packers – Part One

No other team in the National Football League can claim a more rich and storied history than that of the Green Bay Packers. Author Larry Names has endeavored to bring this history together in his recent book, The History of the Green Bay Packers – Lombardi’s Destiny — Part One. This particular edition covers the early Vince Lombardi era from him taking the helm as head coach until the 1962 NFL Championship Game against the Giants.

The author is quick to note that his book on Lombardi is just another in a massive pile of other books. However, he hopes to draw from the better ones available [such as VINCE – A Personal Biography of Vince Lombardi by Michael O’Brien] while also including his own unique perspective on the era. His intention is not to just add to the list of books on Lombardi, but to create something unique that will place the reader in that time and era as if they had experienced it themselves.

The book conveniently features an index to help the reader easily find a specific topic they are looking for. That alone makes it worth it to have just as a quick reference guide for the early years of the Packers under Vince Lombardi. From the then Green Bay Packers President’s(Dominic Okejniczak) search for, as the author puts it, a “King Arthur to lead their football knights, to the David vs. Goliath game that was the 1962 NFL Championship, it is all covered in this edition.


Lombardi's Destiny - Part One - The History of the Green Bay Packers

Copyright Larry Names – Cover photo copyright Associated Press

Table of Contents to give you an idea of what is covered in part one:

1 A New Era Begins
2 The Hunt For A “Boss”
3 Lombardi: Bp (Before The Packers)
4 The Packers Get Their Man
5 Lombardi Takes The Helm
6 New Coach, New Attitude
7 Now The Real Challenge
8 Here We Go Again?
9 Coach Of The Year! Now What?
10 The Skirmishing Intensifies
11 Play Ball!
12 The “Cinderella Bowl”
Photo Section
13 The “Cold War” Resumes
14 “Staying In Green Bay”
15 Time To Get Down And Dirty
16 The NFL Championship Game: New York At Green Bay
17 The Off-Season War Resumes
18 Integrating Pro Football
19 To Repeat Or Not To Repeat
20 Title Game 1962

This book is the 5th in a series by the author titled The History of the Green Bay Packers. You can view all his works, including 3 parts on the Curly Lambeau years, on Larry Names’ author page on Amazon. Any of these books would make a great Christmas present for a hardcore Packer fan that must know how it all went down.

Available Now on Amazon in Print:

Lombardi’s Destiny – Part One – The History of the Green Bay Packers is copyrighted by Larry Names with all rights reserved. He is not affiliated with Total Packers — this book is featured for informational purposes. You can visit the author at www.larrynames.com

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