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Game Day: Washington Redskins vs. Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field – Week 14

The Packers finally return to Lambeau Field today for the visiting Washington Redskins — a team that is perhaps only slightly more talented than that last week opponent, New York Giants. Nothing is a given in this sport, but barring an act of God, we will hopefully see another win before the final three games of the season in which the Packers will face each member of their NFC North division.

Once again this season, the Packers are going into a game reasonably healthy with minimal injuries. Also once again, let’s all hope it stays that way after the game before the more important divisional games — especially the one on the road against the Minnesota Vikings.

A Few Things You Should Know:

This most certainly is not a must-win game for the Packers, but with the team’s pride still hurting from the loss to the 49ers, do not expect them to hold back until they have a comfortable lead.

The Packers have won four in a row against the Washington Redskins – the total scores for those match-ups is 122-43

The all-time record for the Packers against Redskins at Lambeau is 7-2-1

According to Sportsline, Green Bay is favored by 12.5-points with an over-under at 42.

Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur was a quarterbacks coach for the Washington Redskins from 2010 to 2013

Packers President/CEO also played with the Redskins from 1977 to 1984

Packers LB Preston Smith was drafted by Washington and spent four season there

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers dominates the NFL in the winter. His Dec/Jan career passer rating is #1 of all-time at 111.2

While currently tied with Mike Holmgren and Mike Sherman for total wins in the first season as a head coach, Matt LaFleur will top that list by winning today because that’s how numbers work.

CB Tony Brown, CD Kevin King, and T Billy Turner all listed as questionable. Turner is not likely to play due to an illness, but the former two were participants in Friday’s practice session.

Injuries for the Redskins: WR Paul Richardson, Jr., WR Trey Quinn, and S Deshazor Everett.

Packers Week 14 injuries

Lambeau Field weather

Stats: Packers vs Redskins

Pro Tip: Don’t drink Miller Lite

Shout out to Facebook page The 1265 Report for these helpful graphics above.

Game Information:

When: December 8th — 12:00 Central
Where: Lambeau Field – Green Bay, Wisconsin
Television: NFL on Fox – Kenny Albert/Ronde Barber
Radio: WTMJ – Live Stream

Packers game on televsion


Click Here to Read the Full Packers vs Redskins Dope Sheet – PDF

Za'Darius Smith

Oct 6, 2019; Arlington, TX, USA; Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Za’Darius Smith (55) and defensive tackle Montravius Adams (90) and middle linebacker B.J. Goodson (93) react to a missed field goal in the second quarter by the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. :Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Parker

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  1. PF4L December 8, 2019

    Redskins…Just what the Doctor ordered.
    A.J has a very good game.

    1. PF4L December 8, 2019

      It should be noted that the Skins offense is last in the league in passing offense at 163 YPG, meaning the Packer defense should have a stellar day. But given that, will still give up more than 163 yards in the air.
      Look for the defense to feast on a Skins offense scoring a league low of 14.4 PPG. But can they keep them under 15 points?…we’ll see.
      Also expect the Skins to run more than pass, as they’ve done since naming Dwayne Haskins the starter in his NFL initiation (which isn’t going well…..at all.)
      A P is in da house ya’ll!!
      Just what the Doctor ordered.

      1. PF4L December 8, 2019

        lol..then after i post this i look up at the article, and J P has those stats listed. I don’t need advice to stay in school, but i should start reading the articles :)

  2. Jason Parker December 8, 2019

    Anybody wondering what the deal is with Ryan Grant?

    1. PF4L December 8, 2019

      I’m not really wondering, but to answer your question, he’s listed on the IR as having an illness. So he is inactive today according to Ryan Wood..
      Then again, looking further, i don’t see him being active much at all this season, But then again, i can’t find a game day active roster to save my life. If anyone has a link for that it’s appreciated.
      My question for anyone watching the game. Adams caught a pass and ran out of bounds with 2:07 left before halftime. The clock seemed to stop, then started counting down and they announce the two minute warning. Why? Shouldn’t they have been able to keep playing with the clock stopped at 2:07? I’m lost on this one if anyone has some thought on this.

      1. Jason Parker December 8, 2019

        The wondering part is rhetorical.

        Anyways, he was active in practice this week I believe

        1. PF4L December 8, 2019

          yea…without looking it up again i think he was FP in Fri. practice. All i know is he’s just another roster player not helping this team.

  3. Jason Parker December 8, 2019

    A boring game zzzzzzzz

    1. PF4L December 8, 2019

      Why is it…in the first quarter, the offense is crisp, passes are on target, receivers are open. Then after, they look like they don’t have a fucking clue?

  4. PF4L December 8, 2019

    9:28 left in the 4th, ball snapped to Rodgers, Ioannidis says “hi how you guys doin?” to Bulaga and Turner, as they let him go straight up to sack Rodgers. Then, a gust of wind blows, hurling Billy T to the ground (watch it). And i laugh, and laugh, and….not a funny kind of laugh. More of a, what did i just see happen laugh.

  5. Kato December 8, 2019

    This offense is going nowhere. I can’t figure out what the deal is. Part of it is Aaron Rodgers is playing like this is an explosive offense when it is not. This is a team that is going to score on longer sustained drives, and not quick strikes which had been their MO for nearly his entire career. This team is finding itself in third and long far too often, far too many stupid presnap penalties on early downs. I truly don’t believe the Packers receivers are THIS awful.
    This saints niners game is nuts. Brees has been getting rid of the ball quick and and not allowing the 49ers defensive line to take over the game.

    1. PF4L December 8, 2019

      If you listen to LeFleur, he doesn’t like long drives in the aspect of, in the absence of big plays, there are more chances of screwing up, turnovers, penalties, etc. So he isn’t the only one who wants big plays, and so do i, because that’s what Aaron does usually when he has the horses.
      You are right, that’s the only way to beat the 9ers with the points they score. and even then, it’s easier said than done.
      Especially when your going against Kittle and Marcus Williams decides a face mask is the best go to strategy. I mean…he looked like he had his face mask for 4 seconds. I’d sit him out next game just on principle. You can’t fix stupid.
      Jimmy Garoppolo’s stock just when up big time with this one game. Both him and Bree’s played a hell of a game.
      Added note: John Lynch has done one hell of a job in 2 years with the 9ers. As always….Winning starts at the top.
      That was the best game, i didn’t watch. (except for the last few minutes)

      1. Kato December 8, 2019

        I wish I would have watched that game instead of the Packers game. It was a snoozefest. We learned nothing new about this team, although at this stage of the season you really know what you are for the most part. On the bright side, they now have 20x the amount of punt return yards than they did for the whole season going into the game.

      2. Kato December 8, 2019

        You do bring up a good point about longer drives and there being being more chances for negative plays. At some point, they need to be displined, and I think it is fair to say the early down playcalls have been suspect at times. Also the fact that they have been pretty bad on third down (which is tied to negative plays early in the down) doesn’t help the fact the offensive isnt very explosive

  6. Kato December 8, 2019

    Watching Chiefs Pats, KC’s offensive line is getting absolutely prison raped. Mahomes will be leaving in a full body cast if they don’t tighten up protection

    1. PF4L December 8, 2019

      Luckily for the Patriots, their defense usually keeps them in games. On the offensive side, they look spookingly similar to another team in the NFL.

  7. PF4L December 8, 2019

    I’m watching the KC, NE game, and it came to me that this years playoff game may be epic.

    1. PF4L December 8, 2019


    2. Kato December 8, 2019

      Unfortunately I don’t believe the Packers will be on the positive side of an epic game

      1. PF4L December 8, 2019

        That’s fair and probably accurate Kato….but here’s the thing. I didn’t hear of one person who thought this team would get to 10 wins plus before the season. I heard 8-8, and 9-7 when the discussion was about what would be a good improvement from the previous season. Personally, with so many changes with the coach and implementing an offense, i was of the 8-8 variety. I didn’t expect them to get in the playoffs. Somewhere, in here, i probably said so. More than once :)
        Right now and until the end of the playoffs Kato, it’s all house money. Take it for what it is, and what the realistic expectations were. I know it hasn’t been pretty, but if the Packers ended up at 12-4 or 11-5. I’m impressed. But don’t get me wrong, this team needs a lot of work still.

  8. Kato December 8, 2019

    Also of note to me, it is amazing how much a change in scenery can help a player. Ryan Tannehill went from a fairly miserable franchise with the Dolphins to another fairly mediocre team in the Titans, then start for a team that was sucking with Mariotta at QB. Suddenly, the Titans are one of the top offenses in the league with Tannehill at the helm, and they are vying for a playoff spot. I watch that offense, and don’t understand how they are better than the Packers even though it doesn’t appear the receiving talent is really all that much better than the Packers

    1. PF4L December 8, 2019

      He’s having a decent 8 games, with a very high completion %. But everything surrounding a QB on each team isn’t equal. I say good for him, he’s having a flash season, or so far, half a season. Lets wait until he maybe wins something, maybe raises his career rating up to 90, before we start judging Aaron Rodgers, using Ryan Tannehill as the standard. I know you didn’t mention Rodgers, but i also know your slant.

  9. PF4L December 8, 2019

    I know Russell Wilson helps out in his community, visit children’s hospitals, and buys things for the kids. it’s very commendable. But why does it always have to video taped to be played in the media? Can’t he just do it, to do it?