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With Giants Defeat, Aaron Rodgers Outdoes His Game Against the Raiders

A late season win, in the snow and the cold, over a 2-9 non-division rival led by an error-prone rookie quarterback will not be remembered as a classic game. But for my money Aaron Rodgers had an even better technical performance on Sunday than he did in the “perfect” passer rating game against Oakland in Week 7.

Let’s get the bad out of the way. Of Aaron’s 12 incompletions, at least four must have been on those easy, but rushed, short passes to the right or left flat. Aaron simply needs to apply more concentration to these throws, and maybe get his feet set properly – he’s displayed this failing for going on two years now – it’s high time to get it fixed.

Aaron Rodgers rushes against Giants in Week 13

Dec 1, 2019; East Rutherford, NJ, USA;
New York Giants linebacker Lorenzo Carter (59) takes down Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) in the 1st half at MetLife Stadium. Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

As for the 21 completions, which netted him a typical 63.6 completion percentage, most of these were hard-earned, and many of them, which resulted in a fine 125.4 passer rating, were sublime.

Starting with the three deep throws to Lazard, the first one, a 37–yard TD pass to a wide-open receiver, was easy enough, but the other two were spectacular laser throws in tight coverage and with collapsing pockets.

Next there were the two throws to the almost-forgotten Geronimo Allison. As usual, the G-man’s separation could only be measured in inches, but both times Rodgers put it right in his receiver’s hands – resulting in two critical first downs. Rodgers’ first down throw to Geronimo – on a fourth and ten no less! – as the QB was being dragged to the ground might have been his single best effort of the year.

His touchdown throw to tight end Marcedes Lewis was yet another case of a perfect throw to a well-covered target as Aaron was warding off a tackler.

Finally, there were the six completions, out of 10 tries, to Davante Adams. Adams has been mercilessly double-and triple-teamed since his return from injury against the Chargers – and the duress has gotten into his head more than a little. On Sunday, he gave it his all, and Aaron time after time threaded throws through the smallest of windows.

The standout pass to Adams took place after the Pack had gone from first and goal at the one to a third and 17. It was vintage Rodgers, as he caught New York with too many men on the field, which allowed him to try to fit a pass into a space he otherwise would not have attempted. Davante, with two TDs on the day, is back to where he was before the turf toe injury.

The Pack’s third- and fourth-down conversion rate, eight of 14, exemplifies how on his game was Aaron at critical moments.

Most of us took notice when Aaron during the week spoke to the press of his need to “get hot,” as it signified he was assuming personal responsibility for the team returning to its winning ways. Aaron took on the burden, and he delivered.

On a day when the run game was stifled, Coach LaFleur praised the defense for creating three turnovers, punter J. K Scott and the special teams for their excellent play, Lazard for his breakout show, and for the offense “doing what we needed to do.” Well said.

Aaron’s four touchdown throws put him at 22 TDs and only two interceptions on the year. This performance compares favorably to: the wonder year of 2011, when he went 45 and 6; to 2016, when he went 40 and 7, and to last season when he finished 25 and 2.

A-Rod is rounding into form. It couldn’t come at a better time.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. PF4L December 2, 2019

    New York Giants…Just what the Doctor ordered.

  2. rebelgb December 2, 2019

    This article is laughable. Did you see the game last week? Rodgers is coming into form because he had a statistically good game against one of the bottom pass defenses in the league? Are you kidding me? Did you watch the game I have to ask? I honestly didnt think Rodgers even played that well. He missed some wide open receivers down field when he had plenty of time to find them, and he again played mostly off his back foot and refused to step into his passes. As usual he held onto the ball WAYYY too long on many plays. Had that been Minnesota or San Frans offensive line he would have been sacked 8 times again.

    Aaron looked much better earlier in the season when it appeared he might actually turn into a system QB, which is after all why they brought in Lafluer. Alas it only took about 6 games for Rodgers to turn back into his gunslinger, off the back foot, improvise even when its not needed ways. He refused to step up in the pocket, drive the ball and take whats given to him. God forbid you have to throw to a guy who isnt wide open!! Wouldnt want to ruin your pretty td/int record.

    He better start reverting back to a QB that plays within the scheme or you can forget any chances in the Playoffs. Frankly you can forget about this team going anywhere period until he is gone. He doesnt have the skill anymore to be a slinging, improvising, back yard football QB. He needs to do his role within the confines of the offence and be a team player.

    I wont hold my breath.

    1. rebelgb December 2, 2019

      Sorry that should read “or San Frans DEFENSIVE line..”

    2. PF4L December 2, 2019

      LeFleur should take Rodgers out back of the Hutson Center and kick his ass.

    3. Robster December 2, 2019

      I can only try to rate Rodgers’ game on Sunday based on how he did against the Giants – whether he would have been sacked 8 times by some other team is complete speculation. I try to use statistics, without letting them use me. The statistics, and the 125.4 rating (do you value that measuring stick at all?) support my case, but I’m primarily basing it on what I saw with my eyes. Aaron was in a tight pocket all night, but never once took a loss due to a sack – that happens about once a year – see my upcoming post. 8 of 14 on third or fourth down shows great CLUTCH performance. I acknowledged that he still needs to work on not throwing those little dump-offs into the ground. As I’ve argued for three years, the Pack has failed to upgrade his receivers – but that’s who he had to throw to on Sunday – I have no doubt his stats would have been better still if he had more than one receiver who consistently creates desirable separation. Given what he had to work with, and without any credible ground attack, and given the weather, I rate it as a strong performance athletically, and even a better one when it came to doing what was needed to nail down the W.

      1. PF4L December 2, 2019

        That doesn’t change my mind. If Rodgers can’t get a 158.3 passer rating every game, he needs a good ass kicking.

      2. rebelgb December 2, 2019

        Fine he statistically had a great game against a horrible team in weather that favors the offense.

        How does that lead to you writing “A-Rod is rounding into form. It couldn’t come at a better time.”?

        He’s rounding into form just in time after beating a horrible team in favorable conditions one week after posting his worst game of his career on national tv against an actually good football team after having 2 weeks to prepare?

        Yeah ok.

        You should went with the following heading: “Aaron has a statistically significant night, even if it was against sub par talent.”

        Then left out trying to convince those of us who arent sniffing Aarons jock strap (PF3L) that Arodge is somehow “rounding into form.”

        1. PF4L December 2, 2019

          Rob…please let Rebel proofread future article’s before you post them.
          Thank you for understanding.

          1. rebelgb December 3, 2019

            LOL please :)

    4. Deepsky December 3, 2019

      I think the novelty of LaFleur’s offense pretty much is over and teams know mostly what he’s going to call, especially his run tendencies where over and over there’s 8 guys in the box when the Packer run. LaFleur in no way is an offensive genius. Coaches on the 49ers who were familiar with him schooled him. I feel like he’s trying different things, probably with consultation with Rodgers, seeing if it works, and when it doesn’t, he has no plan B. He’s like a kid playing Madden. McCarthy schemed against opponents better, although eventually after a few years, the league knew his tendencies also. Why did the “Big Dog” play to Lewis work? Teams had no idea what that play was.

      As Ryan Wood said the other day in an interview, what is the identity of this offense? There is none.

      Rodgers realizes defenses have quickly caught up and no longer trusts the play call and is quickly bailing on them even if guys ARE open. He’s not throwing anything any more in the middle ranges. However, with 9 wins he knows he’s going to the playoffs, so he’s still trying to make plays, unlike McCarthy’s last year.

  3. Henkster December 2, 2019

    AR is over rated and like the gentleman stated, he misses a lot of open receivers wanting the deeper throw. Wish he was more of a system QB and go for the quick slants/outs but still makes some great throws. Problem is when he misses on longer throws we end up with way to many 3rd and longs. We won’t be able to compete with the better defenses with the way he plays.

  4. Kato December 2, 2019

    It is obvious Rodgers has declined some. But he is still capable of winning ballgames. That being said, I would like to see some playcalling that would help him (and the recievers out.

    1. Kato December 2, 2019

      In games against great defensive lines/pass rushers it would be nice to see a gameplan that emphasizes getting the ball out quick. I don’t want to see Rodgers holding onto the ball for 4+ seconds

    2. Kato December 2, 2019

      Of course, I would put any Rodgers/offense issues behind the defense on the pecking order. Then special teams. I don’t buy the Packers defense being able to win them a playoff game unless there is a great turnaround.
      I still can’t stop thinking about the likely failure of the draft pick of Rashan Gary. A good pick there for a pass rusher is possibly the difference between this defense being very middle of the road or worse, and being a borderline top 10 pick. I disagree about the need for a “starter” here. Making an impact on games on a fairly consistent basis is more important. If he was a rotational guy providing pass rush and being solid against the run, it would be ok with him playing 40% of the snaps or so from the DE/OLB spot. 6-7 sacks and a handful of additional pressures would be a good contribution

      1. PF4L December 2, 2019

        That pick was better utilized on a receiver, trading up, down, staying,free agency, outright trade, i don’t care. But the sin is, after devoting so many resources into the defense, Gute neglected the biggest need on offense, another 1 or 2 receiver. That should have been priority, period. Wait…i forgot, he got Jimmy G (who can also line up at wide out……right?
        That’s great that Gute found some success finally with the Smith brothers, but man, some of this other stuff is ugly as F.

        1. PF4L December 2, 2019

          In hindsight….2 or 3 years ago Rob was pretty adamant on drafting a receiver high. There were plenty of other area’s of need at that time. But, with what they did with Jordy, and these 3 draft picks being absentee. I won’t say Rob was right at the time, but in hindsight, it would have been a smart move.

    3. rebelgb December 3, 2019

      Exactly my point Kato. Rodgers still has tons of arm talent and the experience of a veteran. If he would just buy into the system and manage football games, takes some risks throwing to receivers who arent blatantly wide open, and stop having happy feet, he still can win any game any week.

      Look its not Rodgers fault TT and Mccarthy wasted his best years. But lets be realistic about where hes at. Also I think his ego is just to big now. I dont see him changing. I thought he might be the first 4 games of the season, but now its apparent hes gonna play Aaron football, scheme be damned.

      1. PF4L December 3, 2019

  5. Howard December 2, 2019

    The TD throw to Lewis I believe was a called run. Rodgers changed the play at the line. You could hear Rodgers call out Big Dog, Big Dog, Big Dog just before the snap. Bulaga and some of the receivers looked back at Rodgers like what the F is that call. It also looked like several of the Packers were run blocking and Jones looked like he expected to get the hand off.
    Most of you know Lewis’s AKA is Big Dog. The pass to Lewis was improvised at the line by Rodgers and Lewis.

  6. PF4L December 2, 2019

    PF4L December 1, 2019
    Tomorrow night it’s the Seahawks vs the queens in Seattle. This loss by the queens will widen the Packers lead in the North, while giving the Packers the edge in Conf. record. Not that they need it being 3-0 in the Division.
    What does this all mean? All indications are the vikings will be celebrating their 43rd anniversary since the last time they made it to a Super Bowl (and lost, of course).
    What say you Lonely Boy…you ready to party?

  7. PF4L December 2, 2019

    The Kurt Cousins curse….lol
    Actually, it’s really the queens curse. But Kurt Cousins curse rolls off the tongue nicely.
    Give credit where it’s due though. The refs tried keeping the queens in this one. But it never got close enough where the refs could decide the game like last week against Denver. We all remember, last play of the game, Jayron Kearse grabbing a fistful of jersey and “shockingly” no penalty..

    1. Ferris December 3, 2019

      When will they sign him to an extention? It’s a contract year right?

      1. Kato December 3, 2019

        Nope, next year is the last year of Cousins deal.

        1. PF4L December 3, 2019

          Kurt Cousins…otherwise known as …”Prime Time” to queen fans, or “Doufus” to everyone else.

        2. Ferris December 3, 2019

          Always keeping the knowledge straight. So only $56M down the drain so far.

  8. PF4L December 3, 2019

    PF4L November 29, 2019
    Has it been confirmed Tremon Smith is a bona fide kick and punt returner? Just asking. There may be a reason that the Chiefs never had Smith return a punt.

  9. Howard December 3, 2019

    Howard September 19, 2019
    Punt returner is harder and has much less room for error than returning kickoffs. I think if Smith was a punt returner he would have already returned punts. Smith may be a gunner on punt coverage teams taking Davis’s place.

    1. PF4L December 3, 2019


  10. KILLER December 3, 2019

    Aaron Rodgers is the 9th best QB in the NFL. Simple fact. Hell, even that is padded with all those unnecessary 1 and 2 yard TD throws or hand-off hand-forward ergo gimme a TD pass like last week. Take TDs out of the equation — which they should be — and Aaron would be, what, 17th best? 19th?

    I am quite happy to have the 2nd best QB in the NFL. (not counting punters and others who have thrown fewer than 100 passes)

    1. PF4L December 3, 2019

      The queens have a knock out, drag down, prime time game against the 9-2 Seahawks, and what does The Lonely Boy talk about?
      Aaron fucking Rodgers, that’s who.

  11. PF4L December 3, 2019

    PF4L December 1, 2019
    Tomorrow night it’s the Seahawks vs the queens in Seattle. This loss by the queens will widen the Packers lead in the North, while giving the Packers the edge in Conf. record. Not that they need it being 3-0 in the Division.
    What does this all mean? All indications are the vikings will be celebrating their 43rd anniversary since the last time they made it to a Super Bowl (and lost, of course).
    What say you Lonely Boy…you ready to party?

    1. KILLER December 3, 2019

      Aw, c’mon, Piffle, you know what it’s like when your team goes to the West Coast, battles hard, shows a lot of heart, and takes the game down to the final seconds in a tough slugfest of championship caliber teams….


      That’s right! I remember now! You DON’T know what that’s like when your team goes West and battles hard and shows a lot of heart in adverse circumstances with the deck stacked against them! You have no frame of reference at all! You have no idea what that is like….

      Just think… Seahawks are better than the 49ers and we battled them close even missing our RB1, our WR1, our LT. Meanwhile the Packers faced the inferior to Seahawks 49ers team, fully staffed, and were humiliated and utterly demolished….

      Puts things in perspective.

      1. PF4L December 3, 2019

        Aw, c’mon, Lonely Boy, you know what it’s like when your team goes to Super Bowls don’t you? Battles hard, show’s a lot of heart, takes the games down to the final seconds against Championship caliber teams, and wins multiple Super Bowls. You know that feeling right? OOPS
        Puts things in perspective.
        Keep trying Lonely Boy…keep trying.

  12. KILLER December 4, 2019

    For the not-so-ignorant on this site (you four, over there!). So Piffle need not read it.


    Instead of repeatedly criticizing the 2nd ranked QB in the NFL maybe you guy’s time would be better spent trying to help improve your #9 QB. It looked like last week Aaron got with the program after Lafleur took him aside and had a little father-son talk with him and aaron is going to do it Lafleur’s way instead of his own. You could see that led to an improved product on the field. Aaron did flare up and got catty with MVS but I think Lafleur will get Aaron under his control more firmly and we’ll see a meeker more obedient and thus more successful QB. Who knows, Aaron could rise all the way up to #6 this year if he stays focused on doing as told to do.

    Redskins are easy so I fully expect Aaron to stick with the program and throw 4 TDs but with at least two of them only being for 1-3 yards which would have been run in by any other team. Aaron Rodgers: stat padder. Always has been and now on the brink of being a has been.

    By the way, have you guys ever noticed how every time, I mean EVERY time, that Aaron scrambles and runs for even a few yards he is grinning and laughing like he heard the funniest thing ever? (Except when he is bitching about a “late hit” or “too hard” hit that was neither too late nor too hard.) It is just totally artificial. No way are the defenders telling him the best joke he heard that day on every single scramble. I’m not sure if he would genuinely laugh if he DID hear the best joke he’s heard in a month or year. It is pure acting combined with poor sportsmanship.

    1. PF4L December 4, 2019

      More Aaron Rodgers……
      Aaron, Aaron,Aaron…..
      Lonely Boy…Can i buy you some tissues? Maybe take you out for ice cream…would you like that?
      Maybe buy you an etch a sketch or some new lincoln logs to get your brain to stop thinking about Rodgers all the time? How about a new shiny red wagon?

      1. PF4L December 4, 2019

        “Instead of repeatedly criticizing the 2nd ranked QB in the NFL maybe you guy’s time would be better…..” – The Lonely Boy
        Stay in school kids