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Za’Darius Smith Caught Speeding and Cited for Devil’s Lettuce

According to the Journal Sentinel, Za’Darius Smith was pulled over in September for speeding and was also cited for marijuana possession . Also in the vehicle with him were DE Kingsley Keke and LB Rashan Gary — although they were not cited.

The citations — which are not criminal charges — stem from a Sept. 29 traffic stop while Smith, 27, and teammates Rashan Gary and Kingsley Keke were returning to Green Bay from a trip to Chicago that landed them all briefly in handcuffs.

“The Packers are aware of the matter involving Za’Darius Smith,” a team spokesperson said Friday. “We will refrain from making any further comment as it is a legal matter.”

Smith’s agent did not return a text message.

According to reports from the Racine County Sheriff’s Office, Smith was driving a gray 2019 GMC Yukon northbound on Interstate 94 about 5:30 p.m. when deputies clocked him going 81 mph in a 60 mph construction zone.

A deputy activated his lights and pulled Smith over on the ramp to county Highway 20. Because a deputy smelled the odor of marijuana, all three players were asked to step out and were handcuffed and questioned separately.

Smith told a deputy he had smoked some marijuana earlier before the group left an apartment in Chicago to return to Green Bay. Deputies’ reports indicated that none of the men smelled of marijuana once they were separated from the Yukon.

No drugs were found on any of the players, but three blunts — hollowed-out cigars filled with marijuana — and a vaping cartridge were found inside a duffel bag in the rear of the SUV. The blunts were in a package of Backwoods cigars.

According to the reports, when asked about them again by a second deputy, after he read Smith his Miranda rights, Smith said, “What weed?” before saying “I’ll put it on me,” when asked if the blunts and the vaping cartridge were his.

As we all know, jazz cigarettes lead to psychosis and the raping of white women. This documentary clearly explains it:

Seriously though, as far as I can tell, Smith should be fine as far as the NFL goes since this is his first marijuana infraction. Smith is responsible for 8 of the 20 total sacks by the Packers defense so far this season. Needless to say, this likely will not have much impact on his role with the team. Hopefully, Wisconsin will join the 21st century and legalize recreational use of marijuana.

Za'Darius Smith

Oct 6, 2019; Arlington, TX, USA; Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Za’Darius Smith (55) and defensive tackle Montravius Adams (90) and middle linebacker B.J. Goodson (93) react to a missed field goal in the second quarter by the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. :Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Parker

I'm Just Here So I Won't Get Fined



  1. Ferris November 1, 2019

    Correction…it was not 5:30 pm it was 4:20.

  2. PF4L November 2, 2019

    One of those other two bench riders couldn’t have stepped up and took one for the team?

  3. Deepsky November 2, 2019

    Ugh. Maybe he heals up with the four game suspension? Gonna see more Rashan Gary.

    1. Howard November 2, 2019

      Deepsky, I don’t think Z. Smith would receive a 4 game suspension, unless he is in step 2 of the NFL “program”, and has had at least two other failed tests in step 2.

      Unlike Aaron Jones it appears Z. Smith was not driving under the influence. I think driving under the influence is why Jones received a two game suspension. I do think Smith could receive a one game suspension for conduct detrimental to the shield. If Z. Smith is in the NFL program for substances of abuse then a higher suspension time is possible depending on the stage and how many tests have been failed, if any?

  4. Mitch Anthony November 2, 2019

    Seriously, on day one of orientation to the Green Bay Packers there should be a break-out session on driving in Wisconsin. Listen up guys, the sound barrier in Wisconsin is right around 80 MPH. You tickle the sound barrier and you’re going to draw attention to yourself and likely get stopped. Then the expert nose comes to the window, charming conversation ensues, and if you were stupid enough to pass a bowl around the ride, or still smell like weed, or if a K9 happens to be around for a sniff, well good luck then. You’re a bonehead.

    81 in a 60, and a construction zone which happens to be one of the more dangerous construction zones in the state equals a bit of dumbassery. Orange signs and orange barrels means you pay close attention to what the hell you are doing behind the wheel, especially if you have something to hide. C’mon you college educated professionals.

    *Hopefully, Wisconsin will join the 21st century and legalize recreational use of marijuana.* Jason, I don’t get that. How will that change the relationship between employer and employee? I’m not making value judgement about a habit, I’m making a point many fail to consider. Laws change everyday and law enforcement adapts to those changes – no big deal – but testing in the workplace continues. Z Smith got a couple tickets. The big bad state is done with him. The major potential consequences of this come from his team and league, his employer. Now maybe if this same scenario played out in Colorado it would probably only be a speeding ticket but you can bet if he was a Denver Bronco and pisses hot in Colorado he’d still face consequences from his team and the league. Just like any pilot, railroad engineer, truck driver, heavy equipment operator, police officer, fireman, or pretty much anyone with a really good job in any state, regardless of whether that state is pro-weed or not. Like the many thousands of fans who come to an NFL stadium and dig into their hard earned money to pay to watch these guys. Money they earned in a job they get to keep, as long as they pass a drug test.

    1. PF4L November 2, 2019

      It’s always refreshing to read intelligence and voice of reason.
      Mitch nails it again.
      That southern section of interstate has been the location of some very horrific accidents. When it comes to traveling safely on certain stretches of this highway, there is very little room for error. Because of that it is highly patrolled. If you are going to do 21 over in this area, you night as well have a lighted LED sign on top of your vehicle that reads :PULL ME OVER:
      Mitch also has it correct regarding State law vs. Employment law. With that being said regarding this issue. In light of so many States legalizing recreational usage, i have read that in the next CBA contract talks, that the NFLPA will push for A) eliminating marijuana (THC) testing and/or B) eliminating penalties for “possession” under a certain quantity.
      At the end of the day, as long as there are no further infractions, this should have very little, if any, impact on this season besides, some bad press.

  5. Bill Gaydon November 2, 2019

    Z must have high to go to Chi-town unarmed

  6. Andrew Lloyd Peth November 2, 2019

    Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!

    I don’t care about weed. Legalization is fine with me. But I do care about a team leader BREAKING THE LAW with 2 impressionable rookies.

    People will want to make light of this because they want weed legal and like Smith’s play. That’s garbage. All this millionaire has to do is avoid smoking a banned plant, or AT LEAST avoid it before speeding…or AT THE VERY LEAST avoid doing all this with rookies along for the ride.

    I’m a Z fan, but I don’t make excuses just because I like someone. Z is a first class idiot, and NO ONE SHOULD EVER LOOK UP TO SOMEONE THIS STUPID.

    1. PF4L November 2, 2019

      He is stupid, but not because he smoked weed. I give a rip if he smokes 10 hours a day. The stupid thing was going 21 over, in essence, asking to be pulled over.
      As far as the rookies, there is a good chance they learned something from this. If they did, that’s a positive.
      As far as losing your shit over this, it’s minor. It’s not like he beat his g/f or had sex with a minor. In the grand scheme of things, it’s almost nothing more than a couple traffic tickets. This thing isn’t any bigger than it is, and it isn’t very big.

      1. Kato November 2, 2019

        ^voice of reason.

  7. Andrew Lloyd Peth November 3, 2019

    I agree it’s not nearly as bad as those things, but just because you don’t care about weed (nor do I) doesn’t make it any less breaking the current law. And doing it with a couple rookies? No, that’s stupid.

    Why must we ask so little of these millionaires? Is it so hard to have some faint level of personal restraint? Seriously, take a step back here and look at the situation. Whether or not you and I care about weed, it’s currently illegal. And all that’s being asked of these guys is this: WE PAY YOU MILLIONS. JUST DON’T SMOKE A CERTAIN PLANT.

    That’s it. That’s all that was asked of this “team leader.” Just because you may love weed–I don’t know or care–that doesn’t mean we can’t expect someone to show the faintest modicum of restraint for their millions.

    My gosh, is this generation that lacking in personal restraint? Well, they might as well be, with fans like you lining up to excuse them.