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Aaron Rodgers Remains Healthy Thanks to Rookie Elgton Jenkins

Aaron Rodgers is Ranked #3 in the NFL for Pressure Evaded Percentage

No matter how anyone may feel about Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, one thing is an objective fact: if he gets time in the pocket, he is very likely to make a play. Another thing about Rodgers is that, and I say this as a fan of football and not just the Packers, he is a very intelligent guy and a quick thinker under pressure.

Things have gone very well for Rodgers so far this season when it comes to his health and keeping himself clean by the end of the game.

In 2018, the Green Bay Packers averaged 3.3 sacks allowed per game — tied with Jacksonville Jaguars as the worst in the league. In 2017, they finished the season with an average of 3.2 sacks allowed(Rodgers missed much of the season with a collarbone injury). Including up until week 10 of the 2019 season, they are now averaging 2.2 per game. If you only consider home games, this average is a mere 1.2 sacks allowed per game which ties them with the Minnesota Vikings and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Credit Where it is Due

While admiration of Rodgers’ skills in the pocket is well-deserved, there are several other factors to consider — most importantly, the work of the offensive line this season. Green Bay’s o-line is ranked 8th in the NFL for number of sacks allowed at 17. They are also ranked 8th for adjusted sack rate at 5.9%. Their stuffed ranking is currently 10th in the league.

Elgton Jenkins

Nov 3, 2019; Carson, CA, USA; Green Bay Packers offensive guard Elgton Jenkins (74) warms up before the game against the Los Angeles Chargers at Dignity Health Sports Park. Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Elgton Jenkins

Rookie LG Elgton Jenkins, who played with Mississippi State, was drafted in the 2019 NFL Draft in the 2nd round. As you may be aware, he is not your typical rookie; he has already earned the adulation of offensive line coach Adam Stenavich early in the season:

The moment’s not too big for him. As soon as you throw him in there, you know he’s going to be reliable, he’s going to do the right thing. That’s the most important thing with a rookie is making sure he’s not going to (freak) out or do anything crazy. Elgton’s on it. I think he’s earned the respect of the guys in the room just because of how he handles himself.

More recently, Stenavich also praised Elgton’s ability to learn:

He’s a really intelligent guy, very football smart. He’s confident because he can go out there and he knows what to do, and he knows who to block so he can play fast. That’s the biggest thing for rookies is figuring out what to do, so when they do it they can do at a high level. He’s been able to do that almost from Day 1.

While the spot at left guard was initially occupied by veteran Lane Taylor at the start of the season, that spot went to Jenkins as of week 3 when Lane Taylor was placed on injured reserve for a biceps injury. Since then Jenkins has lined up for 100% of snaps at LG providing Rodgers with surprisingly effective protection for a rookie.

As a right-handed thrower, Rodgers relies heavily on his left guard to protect his blindside so he can assess pressure and keep an eye downfield. The best part about Elgton Jenkins is that, in theory, he is only going to get better. At this point in Rodgers’ career, having someone like Jenkins to trust and rely on can effectively help him squeeze another season or two out of his body; this is important because the Packers’ QB2 situation right now is a bit grim.

Rodgers is the kind of quarterback that, if allowed time to think and analyze, he almost never disappoints and Elgton Jenkins is a thinking quarterback’s guard.

Jason Parker

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  1. KILLER November 17, 2019

    The Packers have the 8th best offensive line, have a running game, often need to pass due to a poor defense… and yet Aaron Rodgers, allegedly CURRENTLY the best QB in the league according to many Packers fans… somehow ranks as the 8th best QB (only counting at least 100 passing attempts and none of those successful punter 4th down pass conversions)….

    What gives? Is Rodgers not a Top 7 QB? Sure looks like he isn’t. Because, you know, facts….

    1. PF4L November 17, 2019

      Your like a left wing lunatic that still hasn’t emotionally let go of the election Trump won, and cries and cries and cries and will continue to cry until he’s gone. You act the same way with your pathetic obsession over Rodgers.
      It’s an ugly look Lonely Boy. What gives?

      1. KILLER November 17, 2019

        Poor Piffle, so bitter when confronted with the truth. All he can do it try to distract from the truth via rude behavior. It may work on some of your ruder co-Packer fans. They are distracted by almost anything. Shiny objects. Not shiny objects. Dull objects. Dirt. Just anything.

        Quick correction: After today’s games Aaron Rodgers is now the #11 QB in the NFL via agreed upon QB rating system (I personally think TD throws should be thrown out but it is what we currently have). Kirk Cousins, after facing the #4 pass D in the NFL is now 2nd in the NFL in passer rating at 114.8, just .1 behind 1st place.

        My purpose is not to brag about Kirk but rather to defend the inaccurate portrayals of him by many including many on this site. Also, to burst that bubble of inappropriate Aaron Rodgers worship.

        Not sure many are persuadable on this site but I do have a lot of fun pointing out the truth to those who do not want to see it. It is an interesting experiment. Can truth and hard facts and accurate statistics adjust hardcore Packer fans views of the world? If not, I do not lose, you do.

        1. PF4L November 17, 2019

          Because…..you’re a winner…. :)
          Because you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like you!

    2. Kato November 17, 2019

      You need help. Your obsession with Packers sites/Rodgers isn’t healthy. Did you not get the life sized photo of Kirk Cousins in a jock strap?

      1. Kato November 17, 2019

        Speaking of Kirk Cousins and the queens, down 17-0 to the lowly Broncos. Tsk tsk. I thought Kirk Cousins was the best QB ever lonely boy?

        1. KILLER November 17, 2019

          Kato, you jumped the gun. What else do you do in a premature fashion? One wonders.

          I’ve never stated Kirk Cousins is the best QB ever. That is what the worst dregs of you Packer fans do. You just lie, you’re happy to lie, you’re quite comfortable lying because you do it so often. What I’ve said is that Cousins is a very good QB, far better than many people give him credit for and certainly, obviously, playing at a higher level than Aaron Rodgers.

          We had a bizarre 1st half in which Cousins only threw one incompletion. However, we kept turning the ball over in weird ways and allowing long completions despite great coverage. It was just a weird game with all the bounces going badly. The Broncos were 3-2 in their last 5 games before this one, really a much different team than what the Packers faced. They had the #4 defense and #4 pass D in football coming in. Kirk played lights out. No picks, 3 TDs, 319 yards. He completed 82.9% of his passes averaging 9.1 yards per pass. Absolutely lights out. Without Adam Thielen, without our best OG, under constant pressure (5 sacks). Lights out!

          In last 5 years teams trailing by 20 or more points at the half are 0-99. Were 0-99. Now? 1-99. Why? Kirk Cousins!

          Respect the Kirk!

          + he’s a super nice guy and great teammate and not a whiner unlike you know darn well who…..

          1. PF4L November 17, 2019

            Translation: We barely beat a 3-6 at home. Thank God the refs granted us a win on the last play of the game.

          2. Ferris November 18, 2019

            I’m not sure of the numbers exactly and I’m not doing the research. But I think Cousins career record against teams with a winning record is like 7-29. Maybe someone with a lot of time and a pathetic life can research that and report back.

          3. KILLER November 19, 2019

            This one for Ferris: Keep in mind that Cousins’ record includes playing for the Redskins. How often do you think the Redskins are going to beat winning teams? Last year with Vikings we had no offensive line coach and other issues not on Kirk. Fact is, there was research done (not by me) that shows Kirk Cousins actually has a higher passer rating and so plays at a higher level vs. winning teams. The problem is that on average his defense vs. those same teams has given up 31 points.

            An example would be last year. In a short week he flew out to LA to take on the Rams on Thursday night. Away game on a Thursday, national audience. Vikings lost. Wow, gee, Kirk is such a loser. Except. Except he threw for 422 yards, 3 TDs, no INTs. He led the team to 31 points and a 117+ QB rating. With no pass protection! However, the defense gave up 38 points. So, there you go, Kirk is terrible. (stated sarcastically)

            Now, to put it in perspective, , a QB trying to succeed when the D gives up 31 points per game: Aaron Rodgers, this year, vs. all teams not just winning teams, had his defense allowed 31 points per game would be 2-7-1.

            Another good stat: They compared Kirk Cousins vs. winning teams to Aaron Rodgers vs. winning and .500 teams and it turns out Kirk Cousins has a higher percentage of wins! Even though he played for the Redskins and more or less with no offensive line last year!

            So, there you go, yet another way in which Kirk Cousins is better than Aaron Rodgers. You’ve convinced me, Ferris!

            (Please note that I am consciously still using your chosen moniker as I vowed I would do.)

          4. Ferris November 20, 2019

            I called your name and you answered. Someone with a lot of time and a pathetic life. I didn’t read your reply but thanks for playing.

          5. KILLER November 19, 2019

            Eh, what? Refs did not effect the game other than when they called the Vikings for lining up over the center on a FG try when there was, literally, no Viking liked up over their center. Not sure where you get this refs thing. Is it that psychological condition where you put on others what applies to yourself? You recalling those three games the refs attempted to give to the Packers this year alone and succeeded in doing so two of those three?

          6. PF4L November 17, 2019

            Lonely Boy…Why do thoughts of Kato ejaculating prematurely run through your mind?. I can’t even begin to guess why, because i’m not a therapist. But…one wonders

          7. PF4L November 18, 2019

            Ferris…that’s why i asked the Lonely boy what Cousins has actually won…multiple times. To no ones surprise he never responded. Except uttering something about Cousins was once player of the week on his high school footballl team once.

          8. KILLER November 19, 2019

            Piffle, what the heck are you talking about? Premature… ejaculation? Where do you get that from?

            Ooooh. Oooooooh, man! That’s why you’d think that! That whole personal frame of reference thing. Transference of what is going down in your life and transposing it onto others! Dude! I feel so bad for you!

            Hey, good luck with it. Seek help. There are all sorts of advances happening all the time in medical science. Check into it.

          9. PF4L November 20, 2019

            Stay in school kids.

  2. PF4L November 17, 2019

    I’m not going to say that Jenkins hasn’t been at least partially responsible for any sacks. But i will say that in his body of work, Jenkins has exceeded anyone’s expectations. I love watching runs go to the left side and who do i see down the field busting up the 2nd level? Elgton Jenkins. The fact the Packers put Taylor on the shelf in IR speaks volumes to me what they think of this young mans talent. So far, they are clearly justified. Kudos to Jenkins and his high level of play, keep it up.
    If we’re going to talk about this groups rankings as a unit. Maybe we should also take a look at the other individuals involved. I mean, maybe it’s time to take a good honest look at their performance as well. I think a few fans in here could use a good look outside the fog at the rest of this crew and their performance with some clarity.

  3. Kato November 18, 2019

    Oh my. The Vikings pulled a win out of their ass against a bad team at home. I give them credit for winning an ugly game against a backup quarterback and without Bradley Chubb. Sorry, I don’t normally use injuries as an excuse, but Killer routinely does, so here we are. Lol. I love his self declared screen name, tells me all I need to know there……
    Saw a funny tweet this morning, a play in which Marshall Newhouse got schooled and the caption “this is what Brady has to deal with.” I smiled to myself, because I remember when he was Rodgers left tackle and he won an MVP

    1. MJ November 18, 2019

      I was surprised to see Marshall Newhouse of all people protecting Brady’s blind side.

      1. Kato November 18, 2019

        Injuries happen, they are also on their third kicker. They just keep trucking on and making things work. 19th consecutive winning season. I hate that franchise, but I still respect their body of work and their ability to year in year out adapt and constantly change the team. Whether it is having expensive one year rentals like Darrell Revis, or letting productive veterans walk, starting a different running back each game, or taking chances on talented players with checkered pasts (Randy Moss). Now, they may have broken a few rules along the way but that alone doesn’t make them a winning team 19 seasons in a row

        1. Kato November 18, 2019

          Let’s put it this way, they don’t use injuries as an excuse unlike a certain lonely boy that frequents this website, or a couple of Packers fans as well.

          1. KILLER November 19, 2019

            Kato, you hypocrite! You literally used the Bradley Chubb injury just a little above in your comment as an excuse for why the Vikings won! Have some self-awareness!

            So I can counter your proffered injury excuse with this — Vikings were missing their top OG and their #1 WR and their top DT and a starting safety playing at a pro bowl level (Josh Kline, Adam Thielen, Linval Joseph, Anthony Harris).

            We had a lot of bad breaks and bad bounces and showed a lot of character storming back against the #4 defense in football. In 100 games in the last 5 years in which a team was behind by 20 or more points only 1 team won. The Vikings. Against the #4 defense!

            I bet you wish the Packers would have shown that kind of heart — or any heart at all — vs. the Chargers…..

          2. Kato November 20, 2019

            “Oh my. The Vikings pulled a win out of their ass against a bad team at home. I give them credit for winning an ugly game against a backup quarterback and without Bradley Chubb. Sorry, I don’t normally use injuries as an excuse, but Killer routinely does, so here we are.” My quote
            Get a hobby dude. I was mocking you you troglodyte

          3. KILLER November 20, 2019

            Posting truth on Total Packers is one of my 17 hobbies. It is also tax deductible as a charity effort.

          4. Kato November 20, 2019

            You honestly sound like one of those liberals that bark at the sky every time something doesn’t go your way because you view your team as perfect, and only extraneous factors like injuries or refs can take you down. According to what you say, if injuries didn’t exist and penalties were called perfect every game, the Vikings would be 16-0 year in and year out. Have some introspection, and realize that your team, like every other has flaws and that you are playing other teams with highly paid players whose job is beat you. There are bound to be letdowns, no matter how good your team is, and no team has gone the entire season undefeated since 1972, and no team likely will ever again. I suspect if the 1972 dolphins played in 19 games instead of the 16 or 17 they did that year, they may very well have lost.

          5. KILLER November 20, 2019

            This is what I’m talking about with you. Lies and more lies. You just swim in them. You breath in that lie water like a little lying minnow. I’ve never said the Vikings would be 16-0 if not for injuries or refs. I have pointed out how much the NFL schedulers have assisted the Packers and how much the refs have as well. Like anyone, including yourself, I do take into account injuries and the effect they have on games. At no time have I said anything like only the Vikings get injuries or whatever. I’ve also never claimed the Vikings have no flaws. This is what you’ve been doing, making up fictional storylines and then reacting to these self-imposed lies as if they are coming from me. They are coming from your own lying head, dude!

            Speaking of liberals, how about how Sondland has outed the truth about Trump? It won’t persuade the Republicans to impeach him — literally nothing will, not even murder likely. But it shows again what kind of lying cheating substandard human Trump is. It’s funny, his supporters don’t mind him lying to them over and over again. They just lick it up as they are told to do.

          6. Kato November 20, 2019

            You imply that bad calls never go in the Vikings favor and and blame injuries in Vikings losses. Shut the fuck up dude. There is always an excuse with you. You literally act like injuries aren’t a part of life of teams trying to piece together gameday rosters except for the Vikings. Again, you sound like a liberal screaming at the sky. Like, maybe the reason the Democrats lost the 2016 election is Hillary ran a piss poor campaign and she was a terrible candidate. Likewise, maybe you overrate the Vikings at times. Actually, all the time?

          7. KILLER November 22, 2019

            So here you go yet again just making stuff up, just lying. Your go to move. That I act like injuries aren’t a part of life? Totally false.

            Then, your move on politics is very telling. When you cannot defend Trump, what is your go to move? As anyone can see from your post it is to go on the attack, in this case bring up 2016 and a candidate I did not even support. Why? I guess to try to distract from the truth of Trump or because the truth about Trump hurt you so you want to strike back in some ineffectual manner.

          8. Kato November 23, 2019

            Lmao. Lonely boy thinks he knows my politics just because I made fun of liberals. Listen here burger flipper, I despise Trump, and I am not a Republican anymore. Now that my life story is out of the way, lonely boy all you do is make excuses for why the Vikings don’t win. None of those excuses are things that they can control like better play. Now get back to making me my filet o fish sammich. Please make sure the filet with melted cheese is centered on the bun and not offset completely to one side

          9. Kato November 20, 2019

            By the way, I don’t seriously think if Chubb played that the broncos would have won. It’s possible but there is zero way of proving that.

          10. KILLER November 20, 2019

            Fair enough but if you put him in the game then it would only be fair for me to put Thielen in the game or Linval Joseph or whoever. One to one. They would counter or more than counter. Keep in mind Cousins was under constant pressure and was sacked 5 times. It isn’t like if only Chubb was there then there would have been pressure. There already was so Chubb would not have changed the equation.