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Game Day Week 10: Carolina Panthers vs Green Bay Packers

Not only is it game day, it is Lambeau Field game day as Old Man Winter is just around the corner with temperatures dropping in Green Bay. As I mentioned yesterday, snow is not likely except for some flurries later in the game. Either way, the Carolina Panthers are in for a treat as the temperature is expected to be well below 35 degrees before the end of the game. The next game at Lambeau will be almost a month away from now because of next week’s bye-week and a couple of away games for the rest of November so savor the flavor for now.

Following last week’s embarrassing loss to the Chargers, I hope to see QB Aaron Rodgers continuing to target WR Davante Adams but also incorporating his backs Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams as well as the younger receivers like Allen Lazard who had stepped up in the absence of Adams. While there were obviously a lot of other factors at play, the return last week of Adams seemed to thwart the offensive momentum we were seeing before that game that had Rodgers targeting many different players leaving defenses guessing.

In case you were not aware, Cam Newton and his fashion prowess will not be with us this evening as he has been injured for a while and was also recently placed on the IR on November 5th:

It’s also looking pretty doubtful that he’ll be getting a lucrative extension from the Panthers.

In his place we’ll see 23 year old Kyle Allen who, despite a terrible performance against the 49ers on October 27th, has held his own and performed decently in place of Newton since September. Allen has a QB rating of 87.8 this season but this was marred a bit by his weak performance against San Francisco in which he threw 3 interceptions.

Rob Born recently wrote an interesting piece comparing Packers RB Aaron Jones and Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey — be sure to check it out if you have not read it yet.

Panthers vs Packers – Game Information:

Kickoff: 3:25 p.m. CT (It originally scheduled as an early game but this was changed recently)
Location: Green Bay, WI
Stadium: Lambeau Field
Television: FOX
Stream Online: fuboTV (Affiliate Link)
Radio: WTMJ – Live Stream

Za'Darius Smith

Oct 6, 2019; Arlington, TX, USA; Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Za’Darius Smith (55) and defensive tackle Montravius Adams (90) and middle linebacker B.J. Goodson (93) react to a missed field goal in the second quarter by the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. :Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Parker

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  1. Kato November 10, 2019

    Can the defense hold McCaffrey to under 150 total yards? Force Kyle Allen to beat you

  2. Howard November 10, 2019

    It would not surprise me for Pettine to bring DBs and ILBs up to the line in an attempt to confuse Allen and the Panthers O-line. Pettine may not bring more than four very often, but Pettine may try to overload areas of the offensive line and try to confuse Allen by dropping players into coverage zones that the Packers have not shown much this year. Pettine did this often last year. Even though the Packers D has been good in the RZ they need to quit giving up the long drives and keeping the ball out of QB#1’s hands.
    MVS has been inconsistent this year with a game where he has a couple of explosive plays followed by a couple of very quiet games. If there is to be a game that MVS can have some explosive plays this may be it. That is provided the entire Packers O- line can play much, much, much, better than last week.

  3. Kato November 10, 2019

    Someone might want to tell Kevin King this is how you want to tackle on a regular basis. Good job getting off the field on that first drive

    1. Kato November 10, 2019

      Jimmy Graham follows up a rare effective block with a false start.

      1. PF4L November 10, 2019

        King doesn’t have any problem tackling, as long as it’s up at the line of scrimmage, and the receiver is either stationary, or isn’t moving fast yet. Not trying to be funny, it’s just the way i see it.

  4. Kato November 10, 2019

    I wonder if lonely boy and his terrible eyesight noticed that horrible OPI call. Not looking good so far with his prediction of the zebras taking over the game for the Packers

  5. PF4L November 10, 2019

    Inside the red zone, 8 plays, zero points. Am i in the Twilight Zone?
    That was nice of Elgton Jenkins to let McCoy come in free to blast Williams at the end of the half. Such a gentleman.
    As far as McCoys roughing the passer, As a team the Packers have been screwed on that call probably the most of any team in the league, too bad too sad, deal with it, we did. If the Lonely Boy doesn’t like it, he can take his food card and go buy some ice cream to make himself feel better.
    Is it me, or does Bakhtiari have more hurries and sacks given up in the last season and a 1/2, than he’s had in his career before that?

    1. Kato November 10, 2019

      Idk, I feel like he has played well for the most part this year. He also was insanely good the past couple years. This is a bit of a down year compared to the last couple for sure but he is still better than 90% of LTs in the game

      1. PF4L November 10, 2019

        I think he was insanely good 3 and 4 years ago. I don’t subscribe to PFF, but my money says that PFF would back me up.
        Interestingly, i looked at a PFF article ranking the top ten lineman at each position after game 5 this season awhile back, it was eye opening not to see any Packers players mentioned, at all.

        1. PF4L November 10, 2019

          That’s not to say he isn’t a good LT, it’s merely thinking he’s not as dominating…it happens

          1. PF4L November 10, 2019

            Maybe someone can help out, Howard might subscribe to PFF. It would be nice to have, but i’m not paying for it.
            Plus it just wouldn’t be fair if i was more knowledgeable than i already am.

          2. PF4L November 11, 2019

            It’s call humor, people.

          3. PF4L November 11, 2019

            *called….i’ll wake up soon.

          4. Howard November 11, 2019

            I don’t subscribe to PFF, but I do agree that Bakhtiari has had more problems than usual in the last year. Back problems? I think it started against Miami last year. Not only is Bakhtiari allowing more pressures, sacks and hits, Bakhtiari a week or two ago was the most penalized offensive players in the NFL.
            PFF use to list grades for each player on a team without paying. I don’t see that they are doing that this year. PFF issued mid season grades a week or two ago, in the CB category Alexander was rated the #7 CB in the league. Guess who was rated #9, T. Williams. I know you know this but sometimes you have to question PFF grades.

          5. PF4L November 11, 2019

            #9 this season? I think your talking about with Arizona (funny sometimes how some teams don’t want “good” players back, ) They can rank T Willy #1 for the last 7 years and put him in Canton, i know what i see, he’s a body with above average intelligence. But it isn’t 2010,11 anymore. He did a nice job extending his career, he did an even better job of getting GB to give him the contract they did. I’m not so sure who defines success as a corner in getting 1 pick and 6 passed defended in 26 games outside of Ball and Gute.

            Yea, i question their grades also, but not often, but until i see something else i can reference, they’ll have to do. Curious, what did King rank?

          6. Howard November 11, 2019

            Yes. #9 this year after week 8. Please see attached link. King wasn’t ranked as far as their list went.

          7. PF4L November 11, 2019

            WOW, thanks for the link….T. Willy 9th…Stephon Gilmore 16th.
            The great Willie Brown (RIP) must be turning over in his grave.

          8. Kato November 12, 2019

            I think a couple things can be true at once here. First, Tramon Williams does catch a lot of shit here and is probably playing better than he gets credit for. Two, PFF isn’t perfect in grading players. A couple things to keep in mind is Tramon Williams is covering #3 receivers most of the time while Stephon Gilmore is covering number ones. He is bound to receive more negative grades play in and play out. Plus I don’t know how good he is in the run game and may have a negative overall grade there. However I think everyone recognizes Gilmore is the top corner and Williams isn’t in the same class as he is.

  6. PF4L November 10, 2019

    1st play of the 2nd half, Turner blocks Vernon Davis, leaves him, thinking Linsely has him, Rodgers sacked. Followed by the 2nd play of Bahktiari’s illegal hands penalty to the face. J C!!
    Thank God Rodgers/Adams convert on 2nd and 21

    1. PF4L November 10, 2019


  7. PF4L November 10, 2019

    Tramon Williams made a play!!!!

    1. PF4L November 10, 2019

      Now when the reporters talk to him they can actually talk about a play he made instead of just what’s going on with the rest of the team.
      Yea…i get excited when people who are paid millions to make plays, actually make one. Deal with it

  8. Ferris November 10, 2019

    Game summary:

    Kevin King sucks a big one!
    Bench him, he will lose a game for them, probably in the playoffs.
    A win is a win but this one was not pretty. Call time out think for 5 minutes at the end of the 1st half….go for it, and that is the play you run. Did McCarthy steal a headset communication device to call that play?

    1. PF4L November 10, 2019

      The nice thing about Kevin King, is that he’s always in the vicinity once the receiver catches the ball. Like when the Panthers started at the 11 yard line with 2:19 left in the game, King pushed the
      samuel out of bounds after he caught the ball, stopping the clock for the Panthers. So…he’s also a very nice guy.
      No it wasn’t pretty, but it’s 8-2 and i can’t bitch too much about that, but i probably will. :)
      Positives…..We got back to creating turnovers. Matter of fact, even Campbell had a nice strip fumble, but i think the Panthers fell on it, but it was nice to see anyway. The defense kept them to 16 points, a good reversal from the last 6 games. The defense was also able to keep McCaffrey in check….under 150 combined yards as Kato mentioned previously. Although mistakes were made, the O line played pretty well at times. the Panthers didn’t blitz as much as i thought they would. We also got back to winning how they were without Adams, by using Williams and Jones. Although they didn’t play into the passing game as they previously had. it was steps in the right direction. Nice 48 yard pass for Jimmy G…keep earning that lettuce….my man. Jones and his 3 TD’s. Jace Sternbergers hustle running full speed down the field to help block for Aaron Jones.
      The negatives…this offense….still is miscommunicating, causing the play clock to run out, getting a penalty, and having to use two time outs. It’s obvious this offense is still a work in process. It’s still frustrating that we don’t have a clear #2 receiver.
      That’s enough of my analysis and football thoughts. This is way too serious for me, seeing as i’m not compensated..
      There are only two reasons why i’m even allowed to stick around here, To be the eye candy of this website and to be mildly entertaining for all you fine people…that’s it.

      1. KzooPackFan November 10, 2019

        I think you may be a bit in the sauce as well ;) Not that I’m not. Stressful win, but a win. Was good to get.

        1. PF4L November 10, 2019

          I know i don’t have a drinking problem. Whenever i drink, i don’t feel like i have any problems at all.

  9. Mitch Anthony November 10, 2019

    Bend, bend, bend, and don’t break up to literally inches of an opportunity to tie and send it into OT. Sheesh. Games like this make Mr. Allen look real good, even in a loss.

    That play before the half, as mentioned, was a real WTF moment. I watched at the favorite watering hole with a bunch of others. Me and a guy named Donnie said, “Take the points you know you’ll get.” Meaning – kick it for 3. Jeez guys, you’ll be receiving after the half and you can add to it. A bunch of homers thought going for it was smart. Not so smart with that play.

    As far as kicking is concerned, do I have to start a petition? Can we try JK Scott at kick offs please?

    I know, I know, at the end of the year the record will be wins and losses, not – a win’s a win and losses.

  10. PF4L November 10, 2019

    Looks like the NFL and the refs are hell bent on making sure the vikings win tonight.

  11. KzooPackFan November 10, 2019

    Here is something I was confused by at the end of the game. The final play by McCaffrey was ruled down on the field, no touchdown. Then they went to review. What were they reviewing? I thought only scoring plays / turnovers / catch – no catch was reviewable in the last two minutes. Ruled down by contact on the field. Therefore, should there have been a review at all? Or are all plays completely reviewable at that point???

    1. PF4L November 10, 2019

      I have to claim incompetence and stupidity on my part. I record the game so i can watch it on delay and i didn’t record the show after. so i saw the whole game except for the last minute and a 1/2 or so.
      This way i don’t have to watch 2 hours of commercials and half time. Plus i can re-watch plays to my hearts content which i do constantly. It’s a strange way to watch the game i guess but we don’t like watching commercials in the PF4L household.

    2. Kato November 11, 2019

      Under two minutes all plays are automatically reviewed

      1. PF4L November 11, 2019

        I don’t know about all of them.