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Packers OL Cole Madison Can Not Catch a Break

We mentioned back in February of this year that Cole Madison was dealing with some personal issues that resulted in his absence last season. He was close friends with former Washington State quarterback, Tyler Hilinski, who took his own life in early 2018. There was a lot of speculation that this resulted from injuries he sustained from playing football.

It has now come to light that Madison has suffered a torn ACL during practice this week.

Packers News posted a video of Head Coach Matt LaFleur discussing the injury:

OL Cole Madison

Aug 22, 2019; Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN; Green Bay Packers offensive guard Cole Madison (61) watches from the sidelines against the Oakland Raiders Investors Group Field. The Raiders defeated the Packers 22-21. Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

To be clear, Madison does not yet play a pivotal on the team so this is not exactly a big setback for the Packers. While he is on the active roster, he has not lined up for any offensive snaps so far this season. However, it is another chapter in the drama that has been Madison’s short career with the team. He will obviously need surgery and is not likely to be on the field anytime the rest of this season.

No one wants to see someone with an injury like this but, given Cole’s recent personal history, and the fact that he is one of those likable guys with a great attitude, it hurts to see this happen to someone like him. “My heart breaks for him,” coach LaFleur said to the press following Friday’s practice.

In addition to Madison, FB Danny Vitale[knee] and TE Robert Tonyan[hip] are also listed as questionable for the 49ers game Sunday night.

Jason Parker

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  1. PF4L November 23, 2019

    Damn….another non contributing draft pick going on IR. Well…we still have Jason Spriggs

    1. Ferris November 24, 2019

      Jason Spriggs was a 2nd rd pick though. He’s so good he’s not on any team now. If they traded up one more spot in that draft they could have had Michael Thomas.

      1. Howard November 24, 2019

        Ferris, PF4L is correct the Packers still have Spriggs. Spriggs currently is on the Packer’s IR. The team and Spriggs must not have been able to reach an injury settlement. Spriggs is currently being paid by the Packers. I’m not sure if Spriggs is being paid a split portion of his 2019 contract value, or the full amount, but Spriggs is still a Packer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

        1. PF4L November 24, 2019

          True…Howard is on it as usual. If it was up to the Packers, Spriggs would no longer be associated with the Packers
          Spriggs was waived, with an injury designation. When no one claimed him (surprise). The Packers had to put him on I R. The reason they had to do that, was that Spriggs wouldn’t come to an injury settlement with the team. He didn’t want to lose any pay, so he opted to make the Packers put him on I R to collect his full salary. Spriggs is another player who couldn’t cut it. You won’t catch me ever saying he couldn’t catch a break. At the end of this season he will have made over 5 million dollars being a bust, bench warmer, and a turnstile liability on the field. If i said it once, i’ve said it 40 times. 5 million dollars? Only in America!
          I suppose i could write a piece on every fuck story draft pick that was useless the last 9 years, but i have two problems with that. I wouldn’t waste that much time, and i’m not sure my laptop has enough memory.
          I’ve endured years of this as a die hard fan watching this franchise regress because of this. I make no apologies if i sound cold. If a draft pick can’t contribute, i give no fuck the reason anymore.

          1. PF4L November 24, 2019

            Here’s two other non contributors being paid this season….

            Ted Thompson…yes…..still.

            Mike McCarthy….Secret off season extension.

            The dysfunction doesn’t start in the draft room. It starts with Mark Murphy.

            What next?…^^should we discuss why Packer profits decreased^^?

        2. Ferris November 24, 2019

          Thanks for keeping me straight. I guess I was wishing he was gone. Talk about flushing some cash….geez

  2. Mitch Anthony November 23, 2019

    I wanted this guy to rebound from 2018 and make steps to improve/succeed in 2019. From things I read, he was making progress and could have provided necessary depth. Certainly, he had not seen a game snap so success could only be judged on practice reports. At this point he is still a low dollar investment, salary speaking, so there is a good chance to be ready to go for next year’s camp and try it again. Many others in the past have gone through similar set backs and still went on to productive NFL careers.

    Best of luck going forward Cole Madison. Heal up well.

  3. PF4L November 23, 2019

    Thankfully the law of averages gave of some draft picks in the last 8 years who could play. not many, but….

  4. Howard November 23, 2019

    With a torn ACL the best case scenario for Madison is most likely a trip to the PUP list for next offseason, training camp, and the first half of the 2020 season.

  5. PF4L November 23, 2019

    Seems to me, taking home $324,000.00 and going home instead of working for it and the Packers excusing it , might be considered catching a break. Then making over $490,000.00 for 10 weeks in the league and not taking a snap, might be catching a break. .Sure, tearing an ACL is a bummer (it’s the NFL). But the truth is, we don’t know if he was even close to being on the field, or being kept around next season. But looking at his big picture, even if he was waived and left the NFL. I’m not feeling sorry for a guy who made over 800 grand for being on a active roster for 10 games at the age of 24.I don’t know about anyone else, but i consider a college education and 800 grand at 24 years old, a pretty damn good start in life

    1. MJ November 24, 2019

      Well, yeah, that considered, it’s hard to feel sad about him. He’s way better off than most college grads who normally carry student-loan debt right out of the gate.

      1. PF4L November 24, 2019

        Not too mention, buy his 1st house outright if he wanted.