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Packers Release WR Darrius Shepherd and TE Evan Baylis – CB Tremon Smith Moves to Primary Roster

While some were expecting the Packers to take advantage of a trade prior to the deadline today, this was not the case as the deadline has now come and gone.

On the other hand, WR Darrius Shepherd, who has greatly disappointed as a kick returner so far this season, has been released to make room for CB Tremon Smith who is to be moved from the practice squad to the 53-man roster. TE Evan Baylis was also released, but he has been a non-factor so far this season anyway so that should not come as a surprise. It is possible that this was to make room for TE Jace Sternberger from IR, but that move has not been confirmed.

While no tears will be shed over the loss of Shepherd, he has plenty of time to work on his game and hopefully improve over what he has done with Green Bay. There is still plenty of potential there to be realized.

Meanwhile, Tremon Smith is likely to fill the void as kick returner. He was waived by the Kansas City Chiefs in September and then picked up by Green Bay who later waived him in October to re-sign him to the practice squad.

Tremon Smith

Sep 26, 2019; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers cornerback Tremon Smith (27) during the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lambeau Field. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Parker

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  1. Mike Ditka's Dog October 29, 2019

    Queue fans complaining Packers did nothing to make a trade because blah blah blah.

    It’s cool, I’ll wait.

    1. PF4L October 30, 2019

      DUH bears!

  2. PF4L October 30, 2019

    I found a post that i feel like is worth sharing. The analogy between Brady and Starr is something i never thought of, but there may be some truth to it.
    LP2 days ago
    I’ve have believed that Elway was the best QB I ever saw play. Rodgers has replaced Elway as the best; and, if he plays fairly well for the next 4-5 years, that just cements the case. Now, for those of you who believe Brady is the best, I say Brady is the modern day Bart Starr. They both did everything right that needed to be done to win; and, they both played for the best (at that time) football coach to ever coach. For those who believe Brady is the best based on his 6 of 9 championship wins, Starr was 5 of 6. Does that make Starr the 2nd best QB ever? The answer is no. Both Starr and Brady are in the top ten or twelve, neither is the best of all time. In four more years that award will be Rodgers alone.

    1. MJ October 30, 2019

      It’s tough, but Superbowls talk. The average fan will say “but Brady wins when it counts”. And what can you say that doesn’t sound butthurt and trying to nitpick?
      However, the average fan forgets that the offensive system McDaniels has in NE schemes open WRs for ol’ Tommy, as well as a running options and all spiced up with some trick plays. They do not need him to make hero-moves to keep the ball rolling. Let’s not start talking about McCarthy’s offense, or Capers’ defense…

      On the other hand, Brady has shown a winner mentality like no other. They needed to score in two consecutive drives to catch up to SEA in 2014, and so they did. Brady was flawless on those series.

      1. Kato October 30, 2019

        I watched the Jets and Patriots game, one of the most boring offenses I have watched. The offense basically has Brady throw the ball in under 2 seconds 5 yards down the field basically every play and lull the defense to sleep before a random shot down field. Play press, get your pass rushers to get their hands up, and that will be key

      2. PF4L October 30, 2019

        I hear all that MJ. There are so many players involved to make a winning team, and i’m not just talking about just players in the true sense. It takes the players, ownership, coaching, personnel (GM). I think the Packers of yesteryear and 1996 and 2010 are perfect examples. Especially the 1996 team considering Wolf implemented a winning attitude while getting rid of all the losing attitudes, from top to bottom. That is why i don’t put much stock in who is the better QB when based on Championships. There is so much more involved. A QB has never won a Championship, and never will. Even much smaller teams like in the NBA, no one player can win a Championship on their own.
        I agree that Brady has a winning mentality. but that whole organization is built around a winning mentality. Did Brady originate that, or did it come from the team? Just sayin. If you don’t conform to the standards the Patriots set in winning Championships, you are shown the door. (See Michelle Bennett and many others)

        1. MJ October 30, 2019

          It’s almost uncanny how they manage to make the most of players that were mostly unknown, or had already busted. Shane Vereen, Rex Burkhead (?), Cordarrelle Patterson, Stevan Ridley are examples of that.

          If the Pats can’t get your head straight, chances are you are too much of an entitled prick to be of service. Antonio Brown, and the other weedhead WR from the Browns come to mind.

          1. PF4L October 30, 2019

            Exactly. One thing about the Patriots, is that if you can’t help them win, you are of no use to them and one way or the other, you will be shown the door. That’s one of the reasons, along with probably 30 other reasons, why they are so successful.
            Watch the tape after every game in the Patriot locker room. who is hanging out shaking players hands, congratulating them on playing well? It’s Robert Kraft….I’m guessing that shit goes a long way with players, and how hard they work and play for the team.
            I think when the Patriots let good players go, from what i can see it’s when the players put themselves before the team. I think that’s a one way ticket out of there.

        2. PF4L October 30, 2019

          Just a added note. I compare Bree’s a lot with Rodgers. Both have had the talent easily, to win more than
          one Super Bowl. Bree’s suffered much the same way as Rodgers (generally speaking) with defenses that weren’t strong enough to get there. Personally, i think Bree’s is one of the best QB’s ever, and i’d say that even if he hadn’t won a Super Bowl.

    2. KILLER October 31, 2019

      It’s an interesting debate. Some will weight Super Bowl wins higher, others, QBR, and others awards like pro bowl and MVP, while others will rate career stats higher. Each has blemishes in being relied on. With Super Bowl wins and, to a lesser extent, QBR it is greatly dependent on the coaches, the surrounding talent and even luck as well. Awards like pro bowl are less about accuracy than PR/reputation though obviously a bad QB won’t win and a good one will have higher chances.

      Meanwhile, career stats are about surrounding talent, coaches, and simple health/luck. If grandpa stays healthy enough long enough then he’d have all the records for TDs. You could have the best QB of all time have his career cut short due to injury after a couple years or whatever. Also, modern QBs throw a ton more and defenses are more restricted so the QB stats are automatically padded. In addition, careers last much longer now due to training, medical advances, and rule changes. So any sort of longevity or “most of” standards are just built to be broken routinely by lesser QBs.

      At any rate.

      Rodgers? Rodgers? Was that a joke? Well, it is a joke but I’m wondering whether that was intentional or not.

      Piffle made a case for why Brady and Starr are similar but he then makes no case for why Rodgers is better. He does not even argue for the point, just says this (via extension via LP2 — refresh my memory, which Star Wars movie did that droid LP2 have a part in?).

      If you want to do it by Super Bowl wins then Brady just gets it. That’s it. Starr does not even qualify. Before the Super Bowl those championships you’re talking about, what, 12 teams total and two compete for it? Geez, go ahead and count their HS championships too while you’re at it. It would (sadly) be Brady and then Montana. Then a slew of others all before Rodgers.

      If you want to do it by long term overall collected numbers — and that is a bad way of doing it as noted — then it does not look good for Rodgers either. He sat on the bench the first three years though that is partially made up by how young he was when drafted.

      You also need to note schemes and coaching and circumstances not just for Super Bowl wins but also for stats. This whole team and offense was catered to Rodgers. McCarthy did do things that were new for the NFL at the time and greatly assisted Rodgers. Rodgers himself then continuously changed run plays to passes to pad his stats. McCarthy and Rodgers together made the 2 and 1 yard TD throws that should have been runs into a sort of standard practice. Not necessarily a bad strategy but… that totally padded stats.

      Look, right this moment there are better QBs in the NFL than Rodgers. Right now. Russell Wilson. Patrick Mahomes. Deshaun Watson. Tom Brady. Kirk Cousins. Drew Brees. All better than Rodgers. Right now. (Qualify: Brady is a better QB as per career but not in comparison this year alone. Rodgers has a higher rating that Brees and Watson this year – a little — but Brees is more accurate with a better career and no personality dysfunction and Watson had much rougher circumstances behind that mess of an offensive line so if you take that into account his performance this year is superior to Rodgers. Cousins is the better QB this year but Rodgers has better career numbers.) Then if you open up the past QBs there are bunches more as well. Even if you just kept it to QBs on the same team then Starr and Favre are both better.

      Well, Favre is. Starr is only better if you take those HS championships seriously.

      Rodgers is coming along now that he has knuckled under and accepted the system but it is really just two great games so far. Meanwhile you can nearly hear the creaking scrape of his old bones when he begins shuffling around in the pocket. When he gets sacked it sounds like a Halloween bamboo skeleton chime.

      I’m not saying Rodgers is not a great QB. He is a great one entwined with a crappy person but he should not ever enter the conversation of greatest ever. I think it may be a fair debate as to whether he should just barely make it one day, if all goes perfectly from here, into the Top 20.

      Take comfort though. No one will ever exceed Aaron Rodgers’ records for # of beards utilized or for # of friends and family abandoned. He’ll always have those to brag about.

  3. Ferris October 30, 2019

    I cannot believe you are discussing this….Kirk Cousins is the best QB of all time. I don’t have any stats to back up my claim…but it is a known fact, just ask me.

    1. PF4L October 30, 2019

      Can’t argue. All he does is win.
      What say you Lonely Boy?

    2. MJ October 31, 2019

      Right up there with Colin and Hundley.

    3. KILLER October 31, 2019

      I’ve never argued that Kirk Cousins is the greatest QB of all time. However, it is unarguable that he has outplayed Aaron Rodgers so far this year. So far. For less $ too. Also in a new offense like Rodgers, behind a worse offensive line, and four years younger than Rodgers.

      1. MMSUCKS October 31, 2019

        You are forgetting ONE major thing. Rodgers had to deal with perhaps one of the worst GM’s in decades (the last 7-8 years that TT was GM). It was obvious that Thompson was out of sorts his last few years. Notwithstanding, having the very OCD coach that played favorites and refused to either play certain individuals, or scheme differently than he did week in and week out for years. When a QB1 is forced to play with a shit playbook, while at the same time dealing with “projects”, it is amazing that he actually accomplished anything at all these last 5-7 years.

        1. KILLER October 31, 2019

          I always respect what you have to say MMSUCKS. The McCarthy effect is interesting and you could say it goes hand in hand with TT. TT brought Rodgers to Green Bay, of course, and initially surrounded him with top talent — LB, DT, OL, WR, everywhere. McCarthy initially made a QB friendly pass heavy offense highly advantageous to Rodgers. So, at first they were both big big pluses that boosted Rodgers and his numbers. Then, the wheels fell off. I’m not going to go too far down the TT road as I don’t consider it honorable but obviously the results of drafts changed dramatically which sucked away Rodgers base of surrounding talent. (Remember, though, that TT did provide Rodgers with excellent receivers at all times at an amazing rate and also the alleged best LT in football which are the main elements in helping a QB be highly successful.) McCarthy, granted, did not progress with the times. The Ds adjusted to him and then he never adjusted to their adjustments. On the other hand that situation led to Aaron calling whatever plays he wanted so did it hold him back or enable him?

          I’d say that TT and McCarthy were big boosts early to Rodgers, as well the situation of bench sitting for several years. Then they were negatives to some extent. Overall it looks like it either balanced out or Rodgers is a bit on the plus. Take, for instance, Rodgers’ TDs thrown and INTs thrown. Put his whole career in an average organization. Like the Ravens maybe or the Chargers maybe or the Texans maybe. Would Rodgers have more or less TDs, more or less INTs had he been with them? I believe he would have had far fewer TDs and more INTs, therefore the TT and McCarthy “excuse” overall for his career does not really work. It works great for the last 2-3 years though!

      2. Adam October 31, 2019

        Unarguable? By what metric?

        Rodgers has three more touchdowns, one fewer interceptions, 327 more passing yards, averages 41 more yards per game, has 18 more passes for first down conversions, has more completions over 20 yards, has more completions over 40 yards, has more rushing yards, and 5 fewer fumbles in the same eight games each has played.

        Kirk has a higher completion percentage, and has been sacked 2 fewer times.

        So, which metrics are we talking about again? Or is this where you spin to “intangible” metrics like scheme and situational play-calling?

        Here’s also where I tell you that Kirk’s cap, dead cap, and cash overhead is higher that Rodgers’ for 2019

        1. KILLER October 31, 2019

          Yardage and TDs are a result of volume. Using them is like saying whoever completes the most passes — or attempts the most passes — is the best QB. It is silly to do it that way. You see game after game of Rodgers throwing 2 yard TD “passes”. Let’s just look at his last 2 games, why don’t we? His only two good games this year and much because of TDs boosting his rating.

          Against the Raiders he had a 2 yard TD to Jamal Williams on 2nd and goal. Seriously.
          Against the Raiders he had a 3 yard TD run on a 2nd and goal at the Oakland 3. It was meant to be another simple short easy stat padding TD throw. Seriously.
          Against the Raiders he had a 3 yard TD pass to Jimmy Graham on 1st and goal from the 3 yard line. Seriously.
          One game and three TDs moved from the run game bucket to the pad Aaron’s stats bucket.

          Against the Chiefs he had a 4 yard TD pass to Aaron Jones on 2nd and 3 from the 4 yard line. Seriously.
          Against the Chiefs on a 3rd and 1 yard to go from the 3 he had a 3 yard TD “pass” to Jamal Williams.

          You see?
          Of the other TDs 3 of them were short passes in which the receiver then ran a long way for the TD. Nearly all of the TD was receiver YAC.

          1. KILLER October 31, 2019

            Accidentally submitted it before I was done. Still with me? Focus, Adam! (Me too since I’m accidentally submitting….)

            INTs are a fair measure in some ways. I will say short passes rarely get intercepted and Rodgers is quite the short passer despite his reputation. Also, he should have had two passes intercepted against the Chiefs which were dropped by defenders.

            The true best QB measures — and these have warts as well — is completion percentage and yards per pass. It shows accuracy, intelligence/wisdom in which throws are attempted, and difficulty of those throws — deeper = more difficult. Sure, Rodgers has padded his completion percentage (like his TDs) with lots of short throws. Sure, Rodgers gets a big boost to his yards per pass from tons of YAC from his receivers.

            Yes, true. But, even with that?

            Rodgers= 65.5 completion % and 8.2 yards per attempt. There is no doubt these are excellent numbers in the two most important QB skill quantifiers.

            Cousins= 72.1 completion % and 9.3 yards per attempt. There is no doubt these are superstar numbers that greatly exceed those of Rodgers.

            Then, of course, there is also the overall QB rating itself. Yes, you’re right, Rodgers does pad it with unnecessary thrown TDs from short distances. Still, let’s go ahead and take a look since this is the agreed upon system….. The agreed upon objective metric as you say….

            Rodgers= 106.7

            Cousins= 115.2

            Also keep in mind that according to almost everyone Rodgers has a much better offensive line and a vastly better LT and much more time to throw.

            As far as contract I look at average per year over the length of the contract. Did you know that when Rodgers is 38 (!) the Packers must pay him 37 million that year. Unless they cut him. Then they only pay him 25.5 million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha! Haha! Ha!

          2. PF4L November 1, 2019

            Rodgers= 106.7
            Cousins= 115.2
            Well that settles it then. Kirk Cousins is this years MVP!!
            Tom Brady = 95.0
            Ryan Tannehill = 108.3
            These agreed upon metric conclusions brought to you by The Lonely Boy.

  4. PF4L October 31, 2019

    PF4L October 25, 2019
    ” (which Cousins thus far is clearly winning)” – The Lonely Boy

    Since you brought up Cousins, and winning. Please enlighten us Lonely Boy, what exactly has Cousins ever won?
    Think hard about it, do all the research you need to do, take your time, I’m looking forward to reading your Novel, explaining Cousins accomplishments in the NFL.

    1. PF4L October 31, 2019

      Lonely Boy….i said take your time. I didn’t say take a week.
      Do you need help? If so, just ask.

      1. Ferris October 31, 2019

        Seriously…it took me 30 seconds to scroll past whatever he wrote…he does need help. Even if it is just meds.

        1. PF4L November 1, 2019

          LOL….Lonely Boy comes in hear acting like he’s somebody’s Daddy and wants him to get his homework done, just pathetic.
          KILLER October 31, 2019
          Accidentally submitted it before I was done. Still with me? Focus, Adam!