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Packers’ Offense Shows Up for Win Over Oakland Raiders at Lambeau 24-42

The Packers entered play Sunday with a 5-1 record and excellent chance to continue momentum at home against the 3-2 Oakland Raiders. Oakland got on the board first with a 45 yard Daniel Carson field goal following a seven-play, 56 yard drive to open the game. On the next possession the Packers answered with a 75-yard drive that ended with a 21-yard touchdown run by Aaron Jones, his ninth of the season. The Packers led after the first quarter, 7-3.

Oakland marched down the field, going 86 yards on 14 plays, eating up more than eight minutes on the clock. The drive ended with a 10-yard touchdown pass from Derek Carr to Foster Moreau. Down by a 10-7 score, the Packers were not to be deterred, putting together an equally impressive drive. An Aaron Rodgers touchdown pass to Jamaal Williams from 2-yards out was the culmination of an 82-yard drive to put the Packers back on top, 14-10. After a quick stop on defense, the Packers went 80 yards in the blink of an eye, scoring on another Rodgers pass, this time to Jake Kumerow from 37-yards out. The Packers lead at the half, 21-10.

Taking the second half kickoff, the Packers again stormed down the field, covering 78 yards on five plays, the last 3 on a Rodgers run to boost the lead to 28-10. Showing a bit of life on the next possession, the Raiders cut the lead to 28-17 on a 7-yard strike from Carr to Darren Waller.

Aaron Rodgers celebrates win over Raiders

Oct 20, 2019; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) celebrates following the game against the Oakland Raiders at Lambeau Field. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Two more touchdown passes from Rodgers, one to Jimmy Graham and another of the 74-yard catch and run variety to Marquez Valdes-Scantling put the game out of reach. A garbage time touchdown by Waller from 17-yards out made the final score, 42-24.
Rodgers had a nearly perfect day passing, completing 25-of-31 for 429 and five touchdowns and added a rushing touchdown. Aaron Jones led the Packers ground game with 50 yards on 12 carries. Eight different players caught at least one pass with Jimmy Graham, Aaron Jones, Geronimo Allison and Jamaal Williams each hauling in four.

The Packers take their 6-1 record on the road for four of the next five games, starting with the 5-2 Chiefs next week at Arrowhead Stadium who will be without their QB, Patrick Mahomes.

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  1. stiggy October 20, 2019

    Good game all around. Id like to see the D tighten up on big plays…but ultimately the job of the D is to prevent the other team from scoring points and the packers have a tough d once opponents get to the 30. sure giving up yards sucks but….points are what matters.

    Great performance by the O.

    Biggest black mark on the game is trevor davis….I didnt like them trading him..and he looks like he could have been pretty useful for us this year..esp on stuff like jet sweeps and short routes our wideouts arent very good at.

    1. PF4L October 21, 2019

      I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about Trevor Davis. We want some of our players to step up and be PTP and he wasn’t it.

      1. PF4L October 21, 2019

        Stig your correct, the defense’s job is prevent the other team from scoring points. The only problem with that is, it is trending upwards since week 3, in a big way. Defense’s can’t make a living giving up 563 one game, almost 500 yards another game, sooner or later that will bite you in the ass. If it wasn’t for Oakland’s sloppy play twice in the red zone, they would have scored 30-38 on us without question. I’ll be speaking a little more on this later.

        1. Stiggy October 21, 2019

          Oh I hear you and agree…the big plays are the issue…seems every game they are giving up a couple 50 yard runs or passes..ehich certainly affects the yardage figures. I still feel they are pretty adept at forcing redzone turnovers and field goals at a pretty nice clip. They are also a second half defense so it appears they are able to adjust to their opponent (other than Dallas game)

          Also like they are able to win in other ways…no turnovers vs lions but good pass rush and solid second half…no pass rush yesterday but forcing timely turnovers and taking advantage of opportunities.

  2. SCPKRFAN October 21, 2019

    Jimmy Graham earned his 10 Million…..oh wait. A-Rod once again put a passing clinic on and had a near perfect game. Unfortunately the Viqueens keep winning, the division will come down to that game in December at the Chili dome.

    1. PF4L October 21, 2019

      We have to give credit and acknowledge Jimmy’s performance, he stepped up. With that said…..This is the type of performance he was paid to give, but more consistently. Nice game, but a game here or there doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain.

      1. KzooPackFan October 21, 2019

        Graham actually made some athletic plays yesterday. Maybe it sparks a resurgence that lasts a few games.

        1. SCPKRFAN October 22, 2019

          I hope so, and I hope Tae gets back in the rotation.

          1. PF4L October 22, 2019

            If Graham has a resurgence. My question then is…where the f have you been? Halfway through your contract you want to put forth more “effort”….starting now?

  3. Yeah, I’m not sure about that Trevor Davis trade. He has been useful for the Raiders and would have helped during this receiver-pocalypse Darius Shepherd is useless MNF was too big for him and now he is timid Next.

    1. Larry October 21, 2019

      Sometimes ya gotta watch everything before coming to an opinion. The difference in the Raiders ST blocking and Green Bay’s is night and day.

  4. In case anyone forgot, Rodgers is a baaaad man But he should change his name to Smith

  5. PF4L October 21, 2019

    It was damn refreshing to see receivers getting open. I don’t know if that was scheme, coaching. I could be wrong, but it seems to me these last two games, we out coached, instead of getting out coached. Kudos. Also, the line played well overall, good to see.

  6. Deepsky October 21, 2019

    Before we get all giddy about this Packer offense, remember that the Raiders have the 31st ranked passing defense. Joe Flacco had by far his best game of the season against them, Patrick Mahomes also passed for 450 yards and 4 TDs,

    The defense was terrible, that’s a couple games now, that’s the bigger story.

    1. Stiggy October 21, 2019

      I get your point and agree…however…citing a game where Rodgers outperformed pat mahomes isnt the best way to temper expectations :)

    2. Smittty Smith October 21, 2019

      Yes but . . . Raiders beat the Bears waaaay back when people still thought the Bears might be good (Suckahhhs )
      And, we are 6 – 1. You can only play who you play.
      But, yeah, really strange defense. We get gashed on both the pass and run but find ways to throttle teams at goal line
      Go Pack Go

      1. PF4L October 21, 2019

        Excuse me???? Fuck that…..not only was i giddy watching that offense yesterday, i’m still giddy. Those were some great scoring plays and i don’t gaf what team it was against. What?…it’s only a great performance if it’s against a top ten defense? GTFO.
        I waited so long for a breakout performance like that, that i’ll stay giddy for the next fookin month….just out of spite…lol. Don’t tell me how to feel …I’m a Packer fan!!
        My apologies…i do have a filter, but it’s very thin :)

  7. Kato October 21, 2019

    You can’t call yourself a top defense and get gutted for 500 yards on a few occasions. Are they coming up with enough plays to limit points? Yeah but you can’t make a living doing that. A defense is allowed to have a bad game or two, the vaunted bears defense has had back to back bad games, but I think that is partially due to having a terrible offense that can’t stay on the field and the defense just getting tired. But this defense is starting to remind me of the 2011 defense that gave up a ton of yards, but limited damage with turnovers. Not a great way to live as a defense

    1. SCPKRFAN October 22, 2019

      That was a nice stop on 4 th and goal, however stupid play calling by the Raidas. I heard a commentator say, yards allowed by the D only count if they score otherwise you could have 600 yds and lose. I just watched the 2007 Divisional game highlights against the Seahawks, what a game in the snow, Farve, T-Willie, Bruce Jennings, Driver etc….and Ryan Grant went beast mode.

      1. PF4L October 22, 2019

        There is some meaning to yards allowed. There is a reason why the Patriots and 49er’s don’t give up 400 yards per game. There is correlation to yards given up and points given up.
        Show me a defense that gives up a lot of yards, and i’ll show you people who claim…”bend but don’t break”. Funny how nobody was saying “bend but don’t break the first three games. But….people are saying it now.
        Ever hear the term “bend but don’t break defenses win Championships?” Me either

        1. Deepsky October 22, 2019

          If the Packers faced quarterbacks Ryan Fitzpatrick, Luke Falk, Josh Allen, Colt McCoy, Daniel Jones, and Sam Darnold, they would be in the top 5 in yards given up.

  8. PF4L October 21, 2019

    Now’s a good time i guess.
    Remember how we were all losin our shit on how good the defense was the first 3 games? Myself included, and that’s saying something considering my mindset to start this season. So lets break down the defense those first 3 games, against the last 4 games and see exactly what we’ve been watching.
    The first 3 games the defense gave up on average 314 YPG, They gave up on average 11.6 PPG
    The next 4 games the defense has given up on average 421 YPG. they gave up on average 26 PPG.
    Night and day people. I’m not ripping on the defense, i’m making an observation based on fact. I think maybe the last 4 teams have adjusted somewhat to our defense (pass rush) from the first 3 games (that’s what NFL teams do). Now it’s up to Pettine to bring it back around. So we’ll see how this plays out.
    I think it’s important to show those numbers because there is an unbelievable gap in both yards and points. It was a lot of fun watching our defense early, let’s hope we see it again.

    1. Stiggy October 21, 2019

      Interesting to note that the 3 game swing..has been without savage. By no means am I comparing him to nick collins… but look what happened to the packers super d when Collins career was cut short. Savage would assuredly have used his dynamic speed to stop a couple of those wide open passes.

      I think the real issue with the d is Blake Martinez strange play style. On some snaps he is highly aggressive and essential to a successful down..on others he is the cause of all things that go wrong either via blown coverage..tackles…or getting himself swallowed up by blockers.

      Savages absence combined with Martinez in consistent play are my guess for the defense being so inconsistent.

      Speaking of inconsistent..it felt like normal to see haha ditching tackles and playing like crap yesterday. Unlike the pathetic packer homer media the score was ripping him up today.

      1. PF4L October 21, 2019

        I like Martinez because he’s a football player (hope that makes sense) and he goes all out, all the time. But….he’s horrible in coverage, along with some others in the middle.The middle of our defense has been a problem for awhile.

        1. Kato October 21, 2019

          Of his 16 tackles, 10 were 4 or more yards downfield. That isn’t good. That seems to suggest he is late getting to his gap and/or shedding blocks. He plays hard, and can be an effective blitzer, but I am not sure that he is worthy of top ILB money. I think this team will (read should) be looking to upgrade that position in the draft.

          1. PF4L October 21, 2019

            I noted the same thing about his tackles downfield a couple years ago. But here’s the thing. He’s making those tackles sideline to sideline, in other players gaps. If he doesn’t make those tackles, who is?
            I agree, he shouldn’t make top tier money. But i don’t trust this team to pay on value, so who knows what they’ll give him. If it’s up to Murphy and Ball, he might be the leagues highest paid inside linebacker soon.

      2. MMSUCKS October 21, 2019

        Good points about Savage. I feel the same way. I also believe that Martinez may be a good football player, but this defense needs a great football player. I have always appreciated his hustle, however, he is a slightly faster version of AJ Hawk. If Green Bay does not get at least one stud ILB they will NEVER reach the SB with this defense. He is like the shortstop on a baseball team, he must get to the ball quickly and put it away. He has the heart, just not the elite talent. He is one level higher than AJ Hawk PERIOD. We need to go after a stud ILB ASAP. In fact, two would be better.

  9. Ferris October 21, 2019

    Of course the goal is Super Bowl wins, but before that a goal was get rid of Fat Mike. Watching the offense now it is very unpredictable. Play action because they have a running threat…Jones who for some reason Fat Mike didn’t play as a primary back. That play where Vitale faked a block and ran out wide open….Fat Mike would have called a FB dive on 2nd and 10 thinking nobody would expect it. So glad he is gone no matter what happens this year.

    1. PF4L October 21, 2019

      I had some thoughts recently as to what McCarthys mindset is if he’s watching these Packer games every week.
      Coaches are usually different than you and i. They aren’t true and tried Packer fans. It was a job for them. I’m fairly certain McHefty is a Steelers fan. I don’t know a lot about what McCarthy is doing these days. All i know is that he’s making approximately $562,000.00 every time the Packers play. Same with Ted . Only in America.

  10. Ferris October 21, 2019

    Change of subject…here is a laugh from 2017. Not sure how I came across this but funny. I thought the Vikings fans were going to burn Kirk at the stake. Bears fans are just drunk enough to make this guy disappear into that big lake.


  11. Kato October 21, 2019

    I totally forgot, one of my favorite plays from the game was the MVS TD. Not because Rodgers giving him a signal (although that was cool). I loved that play because Aaron Jones downfield block. Very unselfish play, and that shit matters. Hell, that can be the difference between winning and losing a football game. Great block, best downfield block I have seen from the Packers in forever. Jordy was actually pretty decent at it.

    1. Cheese October 22, 2019

      The WR’s used to do that a lot when Edgar Bennett was the WR coach.

  12. PF4L October 21, 2019

    This seasons Packers have already matched my win total of last season.” – Mike McCarthy

    1. Kato October 21, 2019

      I didn’t even realize that. Wow

  13. Kato October 21, 2019

    Watching the patriots and Jets game, had no clue Marshall Newhouse was still in the NFL. Patriots are using him well, had a key block on the first TD run

    1. PF4L October 21, 2019

      Yea, had to do a double take on that myself some weeks back…that’s a head scratcher, i’ll give Newhouse some credit, the dude is a survivor.