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A Few Thoughts on Packers vs Raiders Win

Sunday’s game against the Raiders was one for the history books as Aaron Rodgers achieved a first-in-career perfect QB rating of 158.3 — he also became the fastest QB to hit the 350 TD stat. Late career Rodgers had the game of his career. Of course, the Raiders’ pass defense is a sad joke(31st in the league now with 289.8 yards per game), but he did it without his #1 WR(Davante Adams) and also managed to spread the ball around to keep the Raiders guessing. Rodgers is now ranked 5th in the league for passing yards so far this season.

Jimmy Graham Didn’t Suck

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: He still has a long way to go before he is worthy of his current lucrative salary. One good performance does not a superstar make(Droppin that Aristotle on y’all).

Graham had 4 receptions for 65 yards and has seemingly learned the importance of using two hands to catch a football. I’m still wondering if his one-handed efforts were him hiding an injury but who knows. He’s still a nice guy off the field, but nice personalities alone do not move the ball up the field.

TE Jimmy Graham

Oct 20, 2019; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers tight end Jimmy Graham (80) stiff arms Oakland Raiders linebacker Nicholas Morrow (50) after catching a pass during the third quarter at Lambeau Field. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Offense Was Productive All Four Quarters

This one speaks for itself. We’re seeing Rodgers et al become more and more comfortable with head coach Matt LaFleur’s new offense and it shows. This time it was a win that wasn’t as ugly as some of the rest of this season. Inconsistent offenses might make their way to the playoffs, but they certainly do not get far beyond that.

Packers’ Red-Zone Defense Ain’t Nothin to Fuck With

Commenter “Howard” mentioned it prior to the game that this particular stat is where Green Bay shines and the Raiders simply do not. That reflected well on the game this past Sunday as the Raiders were continually stuffed in the red-zone — Raiders QB Derek Carr even had an end-zone fumble in a desperate attempt to score against the stingy Packers red-zone defense.

At 381 yards per game(26th in the league), the Packers defense hype has quieted down a bit but they still rank 9th in the league with an average of 19.9 points per game allowed. Let that sink in. Teams are marching up the field against the Packers but are either turning the ball over or settling for field goals. That and Rodgers’ fast-thinking is mostly why we’re 6-1. Also, unlike the Patriots, the Packers have faced a lot of talented teams so far this season.

ILB Blake Martinez is #1 in the league for total tackles in 2019

My man Blake had 8 tackles and 8 assists against the Raiders putting him at the top of the league with a combined 76 tackles so far this season. Martinez seems well on his way to topping his current season best of 144 total tackles(2017 and 2018).

Jason Parker

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  1. William Rautio October 22, 2019

    why say “unlike the Patriots”…im a huge Packer fan but they are not at the Patriot level yet, no matter who played who….and now Kraft went out and got Sanu from Atlanta to help with the passing game…

    1. Stiggy October 22, 2019

      In the nfl corporate offices dream world where the packers meet the patriots in the super bowl I feel like the packers should bring back the old offense for that game.

      Mccgravys offense seemed to do quite well against them regardless of who was running it..and tbeh played the Patriots very tough.

    2. Kato October 22, 2019

      Another patriots related point

      Belichick playing chess and the rest of the league playing checkers.

      1. PF4L October 22, 2019

        Stig…the dream world where the Packers meet the Patriots in the SB, was Super Bowl 49. 5 minutes to the S B with a 12 point lead in the NFCCG. Enter….a nightmare of ineptness. I won’t, can’t and will never forget that. Personally i think i’m handling it pretty damn well. But my therapist thinks i will be lowered into my grave still pissed off about it.

    3. Deepsky October 23, 2019

      It’s hard to tell how good the Patriots are when this year they’ve faced quarterbacks like Ryan Fitzpatrick, Luke Falk, Josh Allen, Colt McCoy, Daniel Jones, and Sam Darnold, Each year they are basically spotted 6 victories. This is what they’ve done every year for the last 20 years and Belichik is annotated a defensive genius as he steals teams signals, etc. Year after year, they play terrible QBs, end up losing only a handful of games, then drag the Manning or Luck lead Colts or the Roethilsberger lead Steelers to New England to play in the conference championship.

  2. Larry October 22, 2019

    It’s a shame 99% of the Martinez tackles are 7 or 8 yds from the LOS. Worst coverage LB in the NFL. He is a reactionary player when MLB requires an instinctive player.

    1. Kato October 22, 2019

      I sincerely doubt he is the worst coverage linebacker in the NFL

    2. PF4L October 22, 2019

      Larry, i don’t know why you have to bring Major League Baseball into this.This is the NFL.

  3. PF4L October 22, 2019

    Aristotle? And all this time i thought that was my saying. I gotta check into this.

  4. Kato October 22, 2019

    I watched basically the entire game last night between the pats and Jets and has a few takeaways: the jets offense is awful. I can’t believe Adam Gase was considered a top offensive mine at one time. He can’t even get his hapless QB to so something as simple as sliding protection, or at least adjust to the Patriots A gap blitzes that caused like four of the jets turnovers. In a hypothetical matchup, I would expect the Pats to employ a similar strategy to pressure Rodgers, as the middle of the offensive line is the Packers weakest link (Particularly Turner) unless there is an injury at tackle. The Patriots tied or broke the record of interceptions through the first 7 games of a season, can’t remember which. That record was held by the 96 Packers. I always felt the 96 Packers have been one of the most underrated teams in the modern era when people talk about the greatest single season teams of all time. Obviously Favre was at his peak and won the MVP that year, but that defense was incredible that year.
    Sam Darnold is not a good NFL quarterback at this point, and may never be. He threw off his backfoot with pressure up the middle so many times, and those often ended with turnovers. I can’t help but believe that while the Patriots defense is pretty good, that they haven’t played anyone worth a crap yet. They don’t make their schedule and can’t apologize for who they are scheduled to play, but things get a lot more difficult for them after next week. Ravens, eagles, cowboys, Texans, and chiefs. There will be a better gauge for just how good they are after that stretch.

  5. KILLER October 22, 2019

    All wins in the NFL are good wins and all are hard to get. Rodgers played at an MVP level but it was the only time this year he’s looked good. He’s ranked #6 in the NFL in QB rating right now but was ranked (I believe) #23 before the game. This game, obviously, he was perfect and had a perfect rating which would make him the #1 QB in the NFL if it was just done by results of last week.


    1. Rodgers at home vs. West Coast team with 31st ranked pass D is the #1 QB in NFL when compared to other QBs facing other teams, better teams.

    2. When facing less terrible teams in less advantageous circumstances then Rodgers is the #23 QB in the NFL.

    Rodgers, in 7 games, has had one really good game.

    You may disagree and there is a little room for that. His second best game, the only other game where his QB rating has been above 100, was Game 2 against my precious precious MN Vikings. I’m tempted to say yes it was great play by Rodgers. Because the Vikings do have a great defense and in taking that into account. However, he really only did well one quarter of that game and sucked the other three. I hear 1 out of 4 is actually not good. He only completed a pedestrian 64$ of his passes and only averaged a really sucky 6.1 yards per attempt in that game as well.

    Even if you did say Rodgers had a really good game vs. the Vikings — a stretch only allowed due to the greatness of the Vikings defense — then that is still only 2 out of 7 games where Rodgers had played at a high level.

    It’s sort of hilarious watching all these supposed experts fawn over Rodgers. I was sort of embarrassed for them. One, I kid you not, claimed that Rodgers performance showed this is Rodgers’ world and we just happen to live in it!
    What!?!? What the!?!?!?!

    Just to update you on the QB you love to hate (I guess because he’s such a nice guy? Minnesota nice? As opposed to the Wisconsin motto — state of serial killers):
    *Kirk Cousins is the top ranked QB in the NFL. Yes. That is correct.
    *As you retreat to your next line of defense, that somehow Cousins faced poor competition, keep in mind almost all of Rodgers stats are based on the one game vs. the 31st ranked pass defense. Cousins just nailed a 141 QB rating vs. Detroit in Detroit whereas Rodgers facing that same team the week before in the comfort of his home stadium achieved a 90 QB rating. So, yeah, this line of defense won’t work well for you.
    *Cousins has three consecutive games over 300 yards and with a QB rating of over 135. No other QB in NFL history has ever accomplished that. Ev-ev-ev-ev-evaaaaaaaaaah……!

    Just wanted to give you guys a those two reality checks. Rodgers: not all that and not as good as many think. Cousins: All that and much better than people give him credit.

    No need to thank me I will take it for granted. You are welcome.

    1. Stiggy October 22, 2019

      Everything your write is true statistically but you are missing a key point….cousins is throwing to thielen and diggs…. let’s see cousins approach those numbers with 5 treadwells as Rodgers had done the last couple weeks. You see…in addition to considering who the qb is throwing against…you also need to consider who they are throwing to.

      Rodgers has had numerous drives killed and touchdowns lost due to his sub par receiving core dropping perfect passes.

      1. KILLER October 25, 2019

        I’ve done it! I found intelligent life in Packer land! Said life form’s name being Stiggy.

        Your response is smart and considered. Your points are legitimate.

        I’ll make a few counter points however. It is true that Thielen and Diggs are as good or better than Davante Adams and that there are two of them. However, balancing that is that the Vikings have a very poor pass-protecting line. Last year was second worst in the NFL and this year was rough most weeks though it has been coming on last several weeks. The Vikings have a better receiving core but Rodgers gets much better protection and much more time to throw. The second is actually more important. Most would argue that Graham is a better pass threat than Rudolph (3.5 yards and a cloud of turf) at TE as well. Also, Thielen missed all of last night’s game and most of the the Lions game, leaving only Diggs and putting Treadwell active on the field (gasp of horror) and Cousins performance did not falter one bit. So, last two games, sort of like Rodgers with Adams but with worse pass pro. The results? 112 and 142 QB ratings. Last night Cousins set a Vikings record by completing 88.5% of his passes. 23 of 26. Redskins have a pretty good D. Not dinks and dunk passes either as he averaged 10.9 yards a throw. (Including passes of 32, 34, 39, 20, 16, 18, 15, 31) In fact, of the 3 incompletions, 2 were throwaways due to intense pass pressure and 1 was a perfect pass dropped. I don’t forsee Rodgers outdoing Cousins’ completion % or yards per when the Packers host the Redskins though I’m sure Rodgers will pad his stat line with TD throws (TD throws should not even be a part of the QB rating system — a 90 yard TD drive with a 2 yard TD run by a RB should be worth more, not less, than 27 yard drive and 1 yard TD throw.)

        The point about the opponents is a fair one. A better comparison may be between common opponents. Rodgers and Cousins have faced 4 of the exact same teams: Raiders, Eagles, Lions, and Bears. By all accounts, and passer ratings back it up more or less, the Bears game was one of Cousins’ worst and the Raiders game was obviously Rodgers best game. This is not quite a fair compare as Rodgers got the Eagles on a short week and faced the Lions at home while the Vikings had to face the Lions in Detroit. What are the stats of these comparable but favorable to Rodgers 4 games?

        Rodgers: 91.39, 93.44, 90.01, 158.33. Also known as one great game and 3 poor games.

        Cousins: 112, 91.55, 138.36, 141.42. Also known as two great games, one very good game, and one poor game.

        Apples to apples.

        1. PF4L October 25, 2019

          Didn’t read it bitch…eat some more dick

    2. Kato October 22, 2019

      Alrighty Poindexter. What statman doesn’t tell you is over the first seven games, Rodgers has faced 4 defenses ranked in the top 10. The Vikings conversely, only faced one, and 5 defenses ranked in the bottom 9 in the NFL

      1. KILLER October 25, 2019

        See my response to Stiggy. Some of that content was actually meant for you as well.

        Did you call Stiggy “Poindexter”? Not nice!

        However, thank you for calling me “statman”. I love statistics!

  6. PF4L October 23, 2019

    The Lonely Boy attempts to analyze the performance of Aaron Rodgers so far this season, The reason the Lonely Boy has no credibility, and why i don’t read 95% of his post, is because when judging Rodgers, he never mentions his #1 receiver being out. He never mentions the lack of proven talent behind the #1. He never mentions a new head coach and offense.
    Stay tuned for The Lonely Boys next post containing his hatred for Rodgers, telling us all about his personalty flaws, repeating himself for the 40th time.

    1. Stiggy October 23, 2019


    2. Ferris October 23, 2019

      I wonder how many times he re-reads his post before he posts them. Then congratulates himself for a great post. I don’t read any of it because we all know what it says. Just stop already!!!!

    3. KILLER October 25, 2019

      Long deep chuckle….

      Piffle, we all know you read every one of my posts. You’re obsessed and the interventions have failed to take with you. Rodgers actually performed worse with Adams in the line up. He focuses on that guy like he had tunnel vision. You guys fail to note Rodgers has great pass pro and Cousins deals (successfully) with some of the worst pass pro in the NFL.

      The new coach is supposed to be a good thing, right? That was why Rodgers undermined McCarthy. Now he has what he wants. Don’t use that as an excuse. Both Rodgers and Cousins are dealing with a new offensive system, same same. Again, don’t use that as an excuse. Piffle: “Rodgers and Cousins both have new offenses and Rodgers has much better pass protection and the best LT in the league. It’s not fair to Rodgers!”

      1. PF4L October 25, 2019

        PF4L October 25, 2019
        ” (which Cousins thus far is clearly winning)” – The Lonely Boy

        Since you brought up Cousins, and winning. Please enlighten us Lonely Boy, what exactly has Cousins ever won?
        Think hard about it, do all the research you need to do, take your time, I’m looking forward to reading your Novel, explaining Cousins accomplishments in the NFL.

        1. PF4L October 25, 2019

          PF4L October 25, 2019
          How many TD passes did Cousins throw against the piss poor defense of the Redskins?
          Hint: Count how many friends you have, same number.

  7. Howard October 23, 2019

    Thanks for the mention Jason. Speaking of stats and defensive rankings, It is probably fair to mention the Raiders pass defense was 22nd when they walked on the field last Sunday for the opening kickoff. The Raiders walked off the field after facing Rodgers and the Packers offense as the #31 pass defense.

  8. Jason Parker October 23, 2019

    Someone didn’t approve of my language:

    Obscene language
    Michael Rhode
    Wed, Oct 23, 2019 at 9:56 am
    [email protected]
    Why do you feel the need to use obscene language? The F word in your posts and make fun of people who mention it as rude. It’s unnecessary, disrespectful and sickening

    You’re pathetic

    Sent from my iPad


    Well, fuck me sideways.

    Here is every time the word fuck appeared on this site:



      1. Kato October 23, 2019

        Lol. I am guilty. People are such snowflakes.

      2. PF4L October 23, 2019

        Lets try to clean it up Sparky.

        In unrelated news….I’m wondering if Rob is going give us his take on the Patriots giving up a #2 for Sanu, and his thoughts on if Gute should have made that move. We as Packer fans seem to live week by week. We just had great receiving #’s even without Adams. I’m not so sure anyone saw that coming. It’s my guess if we didn’t have that passing success last Sunday, this week would be filled with..”we should have got Sanu instead of the Patriots.” If it’s me…i would have welcomed that move and thought it was proactive, and filling a need.

        1. KzooPackFan October 23, 2019

          I’m interested in that take. A #2 for Sanu seems like a pretty steep price on first impression. But I only know his value from a fantasy football perspective. He is a proven #2 receiver. What is that worth? Maybe a #3? He’s got a few years on him already…

          1. PF4L October 24, 2019

            Based on our draft history, give me Sanu over Spriggs, Josh Jackson and Josh Jones…..anyday. We spent all last season, half of this season searching for our #2 receiver and were still searching. A 2nd round for Sanu is a no brainer imo.

    1. Yawa October 23, 2019

      Haha fuck the hater’s JP! Great to read some of Monty’s old articles again, nobody writes quite like that guy.

  9. MMSUCKS October 23, 2019

    It was good to go back into the archives! Fuck is a very useful and expressive word PERIOD. Anyone by now that is hung up on the word “fuck” has issues. BTW, I wonder whatever happened to that prick Phatgzus?

    1. Kato October 23, 2019

      You a George Carlin guy? I love his skit talking about “fuck.” I wonder if the SJWs would try and shut him down today.

      1. PF4L October 23, 2019

        MM….He was a dick. I can also admit to sometimes being a dick back then also. That was before i become the nice guy i am today, who everyone seems to admire and look up to.

        1. MMSUCKS October 24, 2019

          Thanks for quantifying the Phatgzus sentiment. He seemed well read (erudite) but was a Packer Homer no-it-all, which IMO would be an oxymoron. I believe he left in shame because he saw the writing on the wall regarding his defense of MM, TT, and DC. Too bad, he brought some fun into our debate with his dick head, arrogant prose.

          1. PF4L October 24, 2019

            Yes Sir, i agree…..the clash of personality’s is sometimes what makes this place fun to hang out in. Back then it was actually colorful and spirited with the likes of him, E Wolf, and some others that fell off their throne. We need more of that imo. Even The Lonely Boy being in here serves a purpose, Plus if it wasn’t for him, we’d have to find someone else to make fun of. Monty and i, and now J.P. might spar once in awhile, but at the end of the day, it’s all in good fun. At least for me.

          2. MMSUCKS October 24, 2019

            Exactly! Sometimes a little more irreverence is enjoyable within the realm of Total Packers. . .

          3. KILLER October 25, 2019

            I remember Fatguts. That was my name for him. I destroyed him in a few debates and the new nickname I gave him took. Then… he quit. I don’t know, maybe he changed his moniker to PF4L?

            Na. Fatguts was more intelligent and more polite as well!

          4. PF4L October 25, 2019

            Holy shit you crazy, lonely, pathetic bastard….you’ve been in here that long? Let me tell you something Lonely Boy, most people are more intelligent than me, and far, far, far more polite. Kudos for giving someone a nickname that you think …took. I wish i had that skill. One of these years i may even destroy someone in a debate like yourself, i mean….a guy can dream, amirite?

            P.S. Would it be ok if i called you…”Destroyer”, or…”The Destroyer”?

          5. PF4L October 25, 2019


          6. PF4L October 26, 2019


        2. Kato October 24, 2019

          PF4L I am bit concerned for you, you have more hope in this team than you have in years. Hell, you have more confidence than I do

          1. PF4L October 25, 2019

            Kato…I have some neurological issues from the accident Kato. It’s hard to explain, but if i turn my eyes sharp and look backwards or over my shoulder too quick, or i bend over and get up too fast, i lose my bearings mentally. This is no shit, as a matter of fact i have a fricken dent in my skull. That’s not bragging, that’s me acknowledging how stupid i was not to be wearing a helmet. Plus when 40-50 people (inside and outside the medical field) tell you your lucky to be alive, you start to believe it yourself.
            So, in essence, my outlook and appreciation for life and what’s important has changed a bit i guess, in positive way. Mentally i may get back to normal, idk yet. Physically, i’ll never be the same, but i’m good with where i’m at.

      2. MMSUCKS October 24, 2019

        George Carlin was one of the best! No, the SJW’s usually go after people that are just being assholes. He was a cynic, not an ass in that way. SJW’s aren’t all bad, mostly just misunderstood and overtly sensitive.Their intent is good, just misplaced sometimes. But yeah! they border on “hall Monitor” sometimes.