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Where’s my heartburn medicine? While we got the W, one thing is for certain: Kansas City played their asses off. What looked like a gimme win at the end of the first quarter turned into a close match between two well-coached teams.

Once again, RB Aaron Jones has earned his keep with the Packers. Our man Rob mentioned earlier this year that this was going to be a hot season for Jones and he was correct. Jones was looking like Ahman Green and then some tonight. While I expected more rushing than reception yards from Jones, that is the 2019 Packers Offense for you.

Aaron Rodgers is likely to feel a lot of pain the next few days as he was the recipient of 5 sacks by a Chiefs defense that was even missing several key players. KC head coach Andy Reid was relentless in putting pressure on Rodgers the entire night. Although one cover-0 blitz late in the game did allow Rodgers to zig-zag his way to a first down.

WR Allen Lazard’s stock continues to rise as he and WR Jake Kumerow seemed to be the only wide receivers worth anything for the night. Aaron Jones led in reception yards again as Rodgers targeted 8 players for passes. Jimmy Graham even managed to catch a few including a short pass for a very important 1st down.

Aaron Jones catch against Chiefs

Oct 27, 2019; Kansas City, MO, USA; Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones (33) catches a pass against the Kansas City Chiefs during the first half at Arrowhead Stadium. Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

While Jamaal Williams played decent, he trailed behind Rodgers in rushing yards as the QB was desperately running away from defenders most of the night.

As for the defense, there is plenty to be disappointed with — notably the fact that screen passes seem to be our kryptonite — but one thing is still certain and has been all season: they get the job done when it matters the most. On that note, I’d like to give a big middle finger to CB Tramon Williams for an illegal use of hands penalty that turned a red zone 4th and goal into a 1st and goal for the Chiefs resulting in a TD for them. That’s the sort of mistake that much younger guys make — he knows better.

Darnell Savage’s return was felt tonight as he led the team with 6 tackles and also 1 assist. Za’Darius Smith, with 2 sacks for the night, now has 6 total sacks this season.

The Packers are 7-1 with a new coach and a tough early schedule this season. No matter what happens in the end, this has already gone down as a historical season for the team and has been a pleasure to follow along.

Jason Parker

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  1. Kato October 28, 2019

    Already exceeded last year’s win total. Anyone wonder how McCarthy’s offense would be fairing without Davante Adams in it?

  2. KzooPackFan October 28, 2019

    Big win. That fumble by Shady McCoy was huge. 2nd half adjustments on both sides of the ball were nice to see.

  3. Deepsky October 28, 2019

    I don’t understand why the Packers couldn’t run all day on the Chiefs. They have one of the worst run defenses in the NFL. The Chiefs were missing key defensive players. Luckily Aaron Jones is a big play RECEIVER.

    Lazard shows once again he has some moves and power that MVS and GMO don’t have.

    Clearly the defense was set up to stop the long pass with a soft zone, As happens every week, Pettine is willing to give up something to stop the opponents best players. He probably was thinking that Moore was going to eventually make a mistake if forced to pass a lot, but he didn’t, which made this game close.

    1. KzooPackFan October 28, 2019

      Not sure about the running offense. Worked well in the last 5 minutes. And we overall moved the ball well except for 2nd quarter. Agree on the defensive concept, and that it was reasonable to assume Moore would not play as well as he did. The mistake instead came from McCoy with the costly fumble that led to the difference in the final score.

      1. Stiggy October 28, 2019

        It wasnt a fumble it was a strip. It looked like he just lost the ball but Lancaster ripped it out. Great play by Lancaster.

        1. KzooPackFan October 28, 2019

          I saw that on highlights replay this afternoon. Great play. Shady was holding it out there and Lancaster knocked it loose and then got the bonus when he was able to recover. Big play.

  4. Zwoeger October 28, 2019

    So now King is healthy everyone can se he can’t cover and tackle. This is going to cost us somewhere in the season. . That third TD was realy unbelievable.

    1. Ferris October 28, 2019

      He’s terrible. Thanks Ted. He’s the Ted leftover in the secondary. Get Jackson in there. Is Jackson still on the team?

      1. Bear The Bob October 28, 2019

        Thanks Ted? Thompson drafted Aaron Jones you moron.

        1. Ferris October 30, 2019

          That’s why I said holdover in the secondary. Aaron Jones doesn’t play corner.

      2. Kato October 28, 2019

        Didn’t Ted draft Aaron Jones?

  5. PF4L October 28, 2019

    Regardless of who won the game….
    To me that was a highly entertaining game. I think Chris Collinsworth is one of the best game announcers, if not the best.
    Being a National prime time game, i doubt anyone watching wasn’t fully entertained from beginning to end. Even if the Packers lost, it was a great game to watch top to bottom. Winning just made it that much better.
    As far as winning the game, Howard said it best…..The Packers had the ball at the 2 yard line (thanks Sheppard). with about 4 minutes left if memory serves. As was pointed out, the Packers closed out the game. How many of us were thinking 3 n out?
    They moved the chains, made KC exhaust their time outs and ended the game, under their terms. Something we didn’t see much under McCarthy.
    I haven’t been this proud of our team in a long, long, long time.

    1. rebelgb October 29, 2019

      Same here. Even if we were losing this team has a special feel to it and I love the way Lefluer coached blow for blow with one of the best in the game across the field.

  6. KzooPackFan October 28, 2019

    It was even better – the offense burned over 5 minutes on that final possession. Very gratifying.

    1. PF4L October 28, 2019

      Kinda covered that…but hell yea!

  7. Disposable H3ro October 28, 2019

    King with at least 3 missed tackles and 10+ yard cushion in coverage…I get it that Hill is the fastest guy in the league but damn. Savage had 10 tackles but missed a couple as well. This reminded me of a DC defense.

  8. PF4L October 28, 2019

    I believe that Z Smith has 8 sacks (JJ Watt (4), which puts him on pace for 16 this season. He also has 3 FF (JJ Watt (1), and 8 run stuffs (JJ Watt (3). More importantly he’s demonstrated he can change a game. guys on defense like that haven’t been seen for awhile in Green Bay. Is he worth 22 million? I doubt it. But is he one big reason we’re 7-1?

  9. Cheese October 28, 2019

    Aaron Jones tearing it up with 11 touchdowns so far this year. I wonder what Gravyhead thinks, knowing he sat this guy on the bench more often than not. The fact that he did was just silly and everyone else not named McCarthy knew it.
    Rodgers has been having some special moments too. That TD pass to Jones, the perfect passer rating the other week with 5 TD’s, etc. I watched a few of the post game locker room videos and this team is finally excited and has a personality. Something it hasn’t had much of since prior to 2014. It’s fun to watch.

  10. Bob Dikta's Dog October 28, 2019

    Nice to see Total TMZ Packers fans are still the dumbest on the Internet. Congrats for being stupid.

  11. KILLER October 28, 2019

    I take umbrage to the phrase “tough early schedule” for the Packers. In spirit, yes. Everyone thinks of every game as a potential for a loss and an opponent deserving respect due to “any given Sunday”. If you look at the specifics, however, what do we see among these first 8 games?

    * 3 opponents who were playoff teams last year. 12 of 32 teams make the playoffs so 3 of 8 opponents being playoff teams works out to average, not tough.

    * 5 games at home, 3 away. This is easier than average as 4-4 would be average. Certainly not “tough”.

    * 3 divisional games, average, but 2 of those 3 at home, easier than average.

    * Some schedule advantages were even built in to favor the Packers. (Even besides yet again not having to play in London, the only team who hasn’t.) You got a free “mini-bye” before the home game vs. Vikings of 3 extra days of healing and preparation compared to the opponent. You got to host the Eagles on a Thursday night, a huge advantage as well. Think 4 days of prep. vs. 2 due to travel of the visiting team. Which then provided yet another “mini-bye” before the Cowboys game. Thus, in 3 of the games, literally, Packers were given extra time to rest and prepare vs. the opponent. Giant advantage.

    The Chiefs game was close enough that I think we all know that with Mahomes at QB and/or not missing their top 3 defenders and two offensive linemen, the Chiefs would have won that game.

    Look, a victory is a victory and all that but… the Packers are the worst 7-1 team in history.And their first half schedule, in relation to normal or other teams, was highly advantageous. Even not counting how the games were weighted to be at home in September when the Packers trend to play best and even not counting the three games the refs did all they could to help the Packers win. One of those they failed and the other two they more or less handed the win to the Packers.

    Worst 7-1 team ever.

    Last night’s game was a good one. A close one. With one team missing 6 starters, 5 of them among their very best players (Fuller, Clark, Jones, Fisher, Mahomes)

    PS If Bahktiari is the best LT in football why does he allow one or more sacks and get one or two penalties in every game?

    1. rebelgb October 29, 2019

      HAHA so dillusional. Its going to be so much fun when we knock your team out of playoff contention. Bet we dont hear from you again for another 9 months after that…..

      1. KILLER October 29, 2019

        Delusional? Facts are delusional? Sounds like you must be a Trump supporter.

        The Packers opponents in the first 8 games, their record this year, have a .508 win percentage. That is the definition of average and not “tough”. Then add in 3 games with huge help from the referees, a majority of home games, and 3 games with schedule help with extra days to rest and prepare, and you have right there was is known as an easy schedule thus far.

        These observations are true and independent of what happens in the next 8 games or with the Vikings. If you win all 8 and the Vikings lose all 8 is does not go back in time and change the truth. The Packers have, so far, had an easy schedule with huge advantages in their favor. Fact.

        1. Kato October 29, 2019

          Lol you are so delusional. GTFO

          1. PF4L October 29, 2019

            Society takes umbrage towards your mother, for having you, and…whoever the father is.

        2. Ferris October 30, 2019

          At least I know you are not a Trump supporter. Maybe there is a shred of hope for you.

          1. KILLER October 31, 2019

            As I now know the same for you, Ferris, and, as a result, I will retain hope for you as well. Hey, look, I’m even using your moniker the way it is supposed to be used!


          2. PF4L October 31, 2019

            Where’s the backround music when you need it.

          3. PF4L November 1, 2019

            I might need a tissue.

  12. Jwig October 28, 2019

    Anyone else see Rodgers pointing to the hole where J. Williams ran it in??? Looking right at him as he points?