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Packers Catch a Break with Patrick Mahomes out for at Least Three Weeks

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is one of the most talented young quarterbacks in the league right now. With the Packers facing the Chiefs in an away match-up in Week 8, this Sunday night game was likely to be the toughest so far of the season for Green Bay. While an injury of any player is nothing to celebrate, it does seem that the Packers are getting all the breaks so far this year.

A dislocated kneecap will put Mahomes on the sidelines for at least three weeks — although that is a bit optimistic. The injury occurred during an away game for the Chiefs against the Denver Broncos. He went down in the 2nd quarter, but there was some optimism when he was able to walk on his own. The play was a 4th down QB sneak and, according to quotes from Chiefs players, it seemed quite obvious right away from physical appearance that the injury was not minor.

Following an MRI analysis, the injury will certainly keep him off the field for a least the near future. Of course, an injury like that could have been much worse.

QB2 Matt Moore will be filling in for the MVP-tier quarterback. The Chiefs are currently 5-2 and lead the AFC West. The Minnesota Vikings will also face them on November 3rd.

Patrick Mahomes injury against Denver Broncos

Oct 17, 2019; Denver, CO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) is helped off the field after a play in the second quarter against the Denver Broncos at Empower Field at Mile High. Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Parker

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  1. PF4L October 18, 2019

    I thought (guessed) they were going to target this game as a hopeful return date for Adams. With MaHomie being out, i doubt there is the same urgency. But even with their QB out, that team isn’t a gimme but it’s winnable if Rodgers can find someone to play catch with.

    1. Jason Parker October 18, 2019

      There’s a mutiny on our FB page over my headline. Can’t please ’em all

      1. PF4L October 18, 2019

        I always knew you were trouble.

    2. rebelgb October 18, 2019

      Im sorry did I miss somethin? PF4L didnt GB just win 2 games in a row? Both teams pretty decent and with starting QB’s in place? Did Rodgers find someone to “play catch with” in those 2 games or were they won by an act of God?

      1. Kato October 18, 2019

        Act of officials lol. Oakland is no joke, they just beat the Bears, and outplayed them in the trenches. Oakland’s running game took it to them like I didn’t think was possible. Do not overlook Oakland going into KC

      2. PF4L October 18, 2019

        Seriously rebel? Please have someone explain to you the term “play catch with” in the context used regarding the current receiver situation.If you want to find something to whine about, at least make it something real.

  2. Disposable H3ro October 18, 2019

    I would rather see the Packers play the Chefs with Mahomeslice to see if they can actually keep up with the 2018 MVP.

    1. PF4L October 18, 2019

      I agree

  3. Monte Preabt October 19, 2019

    gee…big story is Packers get a break….what about Minnesnoota Yikings after that?