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Top Reasons for Supporting & Betting on the Packers in Canada

There are plenty of Green Bay Packers fans in Canada and it is always intriguing to hear how those fans ended up following the team in green and gold. For some, the team just stood out, whether that was because of the way they played or the colors they wore. For others, family connections caused them to cheer for the team from Wisconsin.


The Packers have a rich history stretching back a century and for new fans looking for a team to follow, heritage can play a big part. As does a record-breaking 13 league championships including four Super Bowls, the last a win over the Steelers in 2011.

Community ownership

Another reason that some non-USA fans may be attracted to the Packers is because of their fan ownership model. They remain the only community-owned franchise in major American sport with more than 350,000 stockholders registered. No individual can own more than 200,000 shares (around 4% of the total) and the organization is run on a non-profit structure. This counter-balance to the millionaire owners and rampant capitalism that is now commonplace in the four major sports in the USA is a big draw for fans around the world.

Jamaal Williams touchdown celebration

Oct 27, 2019; Kansas City, MO, USA; Green Bay Packers running back Jamaal Williams (30) celebrates after scoring during the second half against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Favorite players

Other fans picked the Packers due to certain players. For example, Brett Favre was a huge favorite with neutrals and was probably responsible for many fans in Canada for cheering on the Pack. Few players seemed to have as much fun on the field as the Mississippi-born quarterback.

Kindred spirits

Fans of the Edmonton Eskimos could be forgiven for cheering on the Packers as both teams take to the field in green and gold and both are community-owned. The Packers switched to a green-and-gold kit in 1950, just a year after the Eskimos were officially founded in 1949.

Betting on the Packers

Packers fans in Canada can wager on their team online, and sites such as https://www.sportsbettingcanada.org/ can point them in the direction of the best sites for Canadian players. So whether fans want to bet on individual games or for the Packers to claim another Super Bowl, there are plenty of betting options out there. As things stand, the Packers are fourth favorites to lift the ultimate prize and second in the list to win the NFC.
As you can see, there are many reasons for fans in Canada to support the Green Bay Packers and plenty of ways to back them in the betting markets. The team is located just 280 miles from the Canadian border and provide a high-caliber alternative to other well-known names in the area such as the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit Lions. Few teams can boast the history and heritage of the Packers and players such as Brett Favre, LeRoy Butler and Reggie White have also helped to bring new fans on board. Of course, it was Butler who brought us the now-famous Lambeau Leap.

The Packer’s family spreads all across the USA and beyond, so it is no surprise that many Canadian NFL fans what to be part of that community.



  1. Stiggy October 30, 2019

    You forgot de kindred up nort accent dere ay dem packers really godda good team out dere dontchaknow?

    Durin my first pack game I was doina little buck huntin over dere in dem woods by de roooad and den da pack godda touchdown.

  2. Debra Saftner October 30, 2019

    I am from Yellowknife Northwest Territories the true frozen tundra. And no football is played on our frozen Tundra at 40 to 50 below. I have been a Packer fan for over 45 years. And we up here know how hard it is to play in the cold. Go Pack Go

    1. Ron Wolowich October 30, 2019

      I have Posted this on my wifes account

      1. Ron Wolowich October 30, 2019

        AS far as our Edmonton Eskimos Green and gold colors are the only similarities between the two football Teams the Packers would run the Eskimos right out of town.

    2. KzooPackFan October 30, 2019

      Go Pack go, eh?!

  3. PF4L October 30, 2019

    In other News, Micheal Bennett is signing with the Cowboys with the condition he has to stand during the Anthem….
    ““I just want to see people have the equality they deserve,” Bennett continued. “I want to be able to use this platform to continuously push the message, but now i wants to still gets paid, so now i gots to stand cuz Jerry says so, you feel me” – Micheal Bennett

  4. S.A.Perrenoud October 30, 2019

    Those that don’t desire to stand, likely don’t desire to fight either. Men that gave their lives for our freedom, deserve much better than that. The N in NFL stands for Nation or National don’t it? People who kneel disrespect us, that’s U.S.

  5. PF4L October 31, 2019

    This is for Packer fans. The rest of you can go play with your Kirk Cousins bobble head.