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Is Davante Adams Playing Against the Chiefs? Yes, No, and Maybe.

This is currently the million dollar question among Packer fans as the team has been without WR Davante Adams for the last three games. Of course, that didn’t stop them from winning. This time though, the Packers are facing the Kansas City Chiefs on the road in what is certain to be a tough game.

So will Davante Adams play? No one knows and no one is likely to know up until game time. A promising sign for fans showed when Adams was present at practice on Wednesday, but those hopes died down a bit when it was realized he was only taking part in the pre-practice stretching.

Adams was quoted by Packers News on Thursday about the injury:

I’m a little limited right now, but for the most part I can do a lot of different footwork stuff. It’s just the full-speed routes right now that are a little tougher for me. So I’m trying to fight through that, but I’m in a really good spot right now.

Just got to keep letting it heal, because it’s not fully healed yet. Keep letting it heal and just be smart about it.

Packers News also quoted Rodgers on the situation:

I want him to come back when he feels healthy,. He’s going to push himself, and he has an extremely high pain tolerance. I wouldn’t ever rule him out because if you start it might piss him off even more to want to get out there.

Excited to get him back, but I want him to be healthy first and foremost, and that’s a tough injury to deal with. You’ve seen other top receivers who’ve had similar injuries and it nags them for most of the season. I’d love for him to be as healthy as possible before he comes back.

Honestly, the way Aaron Rodgers has been playing, I do not expect coach LaFleur and crew to push their luck even against an opponent like Kansas City. While a win on the road against a 5-2 opponent would certainly be nice, it just isn’t a must-win type of game for the team currently.

If we see Adams on the field at all, expect it to be in a small capacity. I also highly advise against starting him on your fantasy team, but you probably already knew that. Instead of artificial turf, Arrowhead Stadium has natural grass(Bermuda Grass) as god intended so that is another small promising sign of his return – if only in a diminished capacity.

Davante Adams - Packers vs Lions 2018

Davante Adams (17) scores a touchdown during the game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

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  1. PF4L October 25, 2019

    If you read what Adams says, he’s not playing, period. The Packers would be foolish to bring him back too soon just because it’s the Chiefs for 2 reasons. Even if we lost, we’re 6-2. If we do lose, i think the trend is that it would be because of the defense, also possibly special teams. This i would bet money on. My game picks this season….not so much.

  2. PF4L October 25, 2019

    As i’m thinking about the Packers scoring defense, giving up 19.9 PPG, it dawned on me, how often does that happen? I wonder this because i don’t think that stat is earth shattering or NFL dominating by any means, I do think it’s respectful, but also…rare for the Packers with Rodgers. Also, it might be considered one stat for a defense to quantify worthiness in getting to a Super Bowl.
    So i got inquisitive. Not including this season (for obvious reasons) But in the 11 seasons that Rodgers has started, he enjoyed 1 season where the defense gave up less than 20 PPG. We know that to be the 2010 season.
    Conversely….In the 16 seasons that Favre had started, he enjoyed 11 seasons where his defense gave up less than 20 PPG.

    1. Adam October 25, 2019

      Good finds. I’d be interested to see how the average PPG league-wide trended in those years between Favre and Rodgers (I could find this myself, but I’m admittedly lazy). Offenses are obviously scoring more now than in decades past due to a myriad of factors and rule changes, but if it’s as stark of a difference as I think it might be, the comparison between Favre’s years and Aaron’s could be Apples-and-Oranges in respect to Defensive Points per Game. Offenses as a whole are likely putting up points at a significantly higher rate over the last few years.

      1. PF4L October 25, 2019

        Adam, at one time about a year or so ago, i researched all the Super Bowls concerning the defenses of teams that made it and teams that won it, including yards yielded as well as points, I’m 95% sure i threw it away…lol. I spent hours on it taking notes as i was going to post the results in here.
        Suffice it to say, all except for a handful or so, most had strong defenses, with the majority of the winners giving up less than 20 PPG during the season.
        So my standard to win a Super Bowl is having a defense that gives up less than 20 PPG. Right or wrong, that’s how i look at it

        1. PF4L October 25, 2019

          If Rob ever shows up again i’ll ask him if he can check those scoring numbers. He could probably do it in 1/5th of the time it would take me. If he doesn’t have it already. My guess is it’s increased, but not as much as you might think.

  3. Stiggy October 25, 2019

    Adams and patty mahomes are going to play the same amount of snaps this week..none and frankly so long as the packers are in good position they shouldnt push Adams to return at all. Unfortunately this injury may not heal too much this season but let’s hope it does.

    The chiefs are not a 5-2 team this week…they are a 2-5 team without the reigning NFL MVP behind center. Which makes the likliehood of Adam’s pushing through to play even less.

  4. Howard October 25, 2019

    My guess is Adams earliest game to comeback (limited snaps) is week 10 against the Panthers. The most likely game for Adams full comeback is week 12 against the 49ers, one week after the Packer’s bye week.

    1. Stiggy October 25, 2019

      Very reasonable take I agree

  5. Kato October 25, 2019

    According to ESPN
    According to ESPN’s pass block win rate (with the help of NFL Next Gen Stats), Rodgers has benefited from the best pass protection in the NFL this season. Heading into Sunday’s game at Kansas City (8:20 p.m. ET, NBC), Rodgers has been sacked on just 4.4% of his dropbacks, which would be the lowest rate of his career. The Chiefs, however, are coming off an eight-sack game of Denver’s Joe Flacco last Sunday. That accounts for nearly half of their season total of 20 sacks.

    The Packers have sustained their blocks through 2.5 seconds at a league-best 68% of the time. Against the Raiders, Rodgers went 15-of-18 with three touchdowns when given at least 2.5 seconds to throw.

    Three of the Packers’ five starting linemen lead their positions in win rate — Bakhtiari among left tackles, Jenkins among left guards and Linsley among centers.

    1. PF4L October 25, 2019

      I always get leary when i see “Next Gen Stats”, or any stat tables with “adjusted” in the name. I once saw a couple guys interviewed that developed one of those, and they clearly came off as two math geeks trying to make some cash.

      1. Kato October 25, 2019

        Sure, but I think it is fair to say the pass blocking has been pretty good so far this year. Probably top 5. But, as it has been said here a few times they are kind of thin in depth, and if they have a couple injuries that could be big trouble. Of course that can probably be said about 75% of NFL teams, offensive line talent hasn’t been easy to find in recent years, especially with more and more throwing the ball in the NFL.

        1. PF4L October 27, 2019

          Can i call you Mr. Domovsky from now on?
          JK :)

  6. Ferris October 25, 2019

    Here is a thought about this game…don’t let Kelce run free like the Raiders TE did. He will have 300 yards no matter who is under center.

    1. MMSUCKS October 26, 2019