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Clay Matthews Has a Rough Night with Another Bogus Penalty & Also Out For a Month with Broken Jaw

While seemingly off to a great start at his new job with the Los Angeles Rams, former Packers LB Clay Matthews had a rough night Thursday against the Seattle “We’ll take the ball and we’re going to lose” Seahawks. On Friday, Coach Sean McVay told ESPN’s Lindsey Thiry that Clay broke his jaw during the match-up and will now miss at least a month of play. Matthews took a foot to the jaw during a tackle of Seahawks RB Chris Carson — although it did not appear that it was intentional by Carson.

Many have attributed Matthews’ success so far with the Rams to the fact that he is local to the area and there wasn’t much hassle involved in transitioning. So far this season, Matthews has 6 sacks with the Rams — this is after obtaining only 3.5 last season as a Packer. He seemed to be doing very well under McVay until Thursday’s injury.

Earlier in the game, Matthews was also called for a roughing the passer penalty that was quite obviously nonsense but that’s how the NFL rolls.

Here is a slowed down video of the Matthews shoulder-to-shoulder hit that resulted in a roughing the passer penalty:

Matthews, who looks like an extra on History Channel’s Vikings(not to be confused with the laughably bad football team that’s popular with housewives and crackheads), just can’t get a break from NFL refs. You may recall, last year with the Packers, Matthews was also screwed on a roughing the passer penalty two weeks in a row.

Here is what Matthews had to say last year about the bogus penalty against the Vikings:

I have so many emotions running through as far as what a terrible call it was. At the same time, I don’t know what else to do. I don’t know. You let me know. You tell me. Did I put pressure on him? I thought I hit him within his waist to chest, I got my head across, put my hands down. To call it at that point in the game is unbelievable.

Seahawks QB Russell was probably very grateful for the bad call on Matthews as the Seahawks won the game by a single point with a final score of 30-29.

Clay Matthews with MVS

Jul 26, 2018; Ashwaubenon, WI, USA; Adam Wesley/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin via USA TODAY NETWORK

Jason Parker

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  1. PF4L October 5, 2019

    The good Lord knows i’m not the brightest bulb in the room and i’m probably way off base here. But that wouldn’t be Reggie Gilbert #93 would it?

    1. Jason Parker October 5, 2019

      Blame that one on USA Today Sports. Not sure if I’m allowed to edit those

  2. Ferris October 5, 2019

    He is the victim of 3 of the worst roughing the passer calls of all time. All 3 were game changing plays. In the Vikings case a no call there and the Packers win. Maybe I just don’t like Seattle a little too much…make the kick Zuerlein!!!!!

    Cowboys fans right think 12 will tear their hearts out again and I hope so…but PF4L if I were neutral and bet on football I’d lay the 3.5 and take the Boys. I threw up in my mouth a little writing that. If Kumerow plays though the power of the hair is worth 3.5.

    1. Ferris October 5, 2019

      might think…not right.

    2. PF4L October 5, 2019

      I rarely ever bet on football Ferris, if i do i have to feel real good about myself as i did a couple times last season. This game isn’t quite there for me, but it’s damn close and it’s damn tempting and my inaction on this game will probably impede my earning potential this week.
      Two facts that keep me from wagering on this game. (1) Rodgers has never lost at AT&T (2) Aaron Rodgers.
      The problem i’m having is i could easily list 15 reasons why i should take the boys and i’m probably a damn fool for not doing it.
      Maybe subconsciously it’s because there is the rare chance the Packers find their defense of the first 3 weeks and win the game on a couple scoring turnovers, combined with 2 or 3 td’s from the offense and go 4-1 on the season. As i wrote that i thought to myself…”have another drink you dumb bastard”….lol. In other words, i’m dreaming.
      I just think there are too many things going against the Pack, and i’ll probably regret the fact that i didn’t trust that and maker a serious wager.. But i’ve been through worse things in my life.

      1. PF4L October 5, 2019


        1. Ferris October 5, 2019

          I don’t bet either and if I did would not bet on this game…too many variables…like Jason Garrett incompetence. I am hoping for a Green Bay win here…but not expecting one. I will be playing poker this week though, if anyone wants to join let me know. Well not anyone…

  3. MJ October 5, 2019

    Just watched the replay of the LAR-SEA game. Matthews is still the late Matthews we had. He overpursued the QB while the RB comfortably ran past him. He missed a tackle on Carson quite badly (another defender also missed). Didn’t really see him make an effort against the run.
    He is still decent at creating pressure against the pass, but that makes him a pass rushing specialist rather than a good OLB. “Just get to the QB, nevermind if it’s a running play”.

    1. PF4L October 5, 2019

      The difference being is that he’s a bargain for the Rams, where he was a financial burden in Green Bay.
      He’s tied for 2nd in the league in sacks. He has the 3rd most solo tackles of the top 40 pass rushers. Add 2 FF on top of that and i’m guessing the Rams are pretty happy with the signing.

  4. Bob Rhodes October 6, 2019

    I love that Clay is a Ram because we don’t have to be concerned with losing to them in Seattle as long as he’s on their team because he has never won at Century Link & that will continue! He’s jinxed here and to prove my point broken jaw!!!

    1. PF4L October 6, 2019

      So….why would we be playing the Rams in Seattle?