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Packers Will Face a Tough Opponent in Vikings on Sunday

At least going by their week 1 performance against the Falcons this past weekend, the Minnesota Vikings are going to be another early season challenge for new coach Matt LaFleur. Also, the Packers victory over the Bears looked a bit sloppier than what Minnesota was putting up. They dominated Atlanta in almost every way in their 28-12 victory. In fact, the game started out with Falcons QB Matt Ryan getting sacked the first play in a drive that ended with Minnesota blocking their punt. The Vikings then scored a TD their first possession. Once Atlanta took possession again, Ryan threw an interception. It was ugly.

The Vikings defense forced 3 turnovers including two interceptions by Vikings safety Anthony Harris. While they did give up some passing yardage to the Falcons late in the game, this was well past the point that Minnesota had a safe lead.

Offensively, Minnesota was very productive with their running game as Dalvin Cook had 21 carries for 111 yards and 2 TDs; this was Cook’s third 100-yard rushing game of his career. I recall a time when former Vikings RB Adrian Peterson incited feelings of terror in a Packers defense when I watch Cook at work. He is starting to hit his stride and that showed yesterday as he had 2 TDs — just as many rushing TDs as he had all last season in the 11 games he played. As far as comparing Cook to Peterson, he still needs to show that he can stay healthy and remain productive a full season before the rest of the division gets too worried.

Cousins only made 10 pass attempts which is a lot less than we will likely see when they go against the Packers. Let’s hope The Smiths will pass rush Cousins until, much like Trubisky, his will is broken. With guys like S Darnell Savage and CB Tony Brown, the Packers will need to leverage the speed of their defense like they recently did against the Bears. Obviously, the game being at Lambeau is going to help the Pack with some much needed additional leverage. Following the Bears victory, and playing another division rival at home the following week, I expect the crowd at Lambeau to be heard from many miles away.

Julio Jones and Eric Kendricks

Sep 8, 2019; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings middle linebacker Eric Kendricks (54) breaks up a pass intended for Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones (11) during the third quarter at U.S. Bank Stadium. Ben Ludeman-USA TODAY Sports

I know some will say the Falcons were a terrible opponent anyway, but the Vikings really did exhibit an ability to capitalize on each of the Falcons’ mistakes and that’s something to be concerned with as mistakes are likely with so many recent changes at Green Bay. The Packers offensive line is the most worrying weak spot headed into the game. Can’t expect too much out of Rodgers when he is constantly getting dinged.

Jason Parker

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  1. PF4L September 9, 2019

    Minnesota Marshmellows: Bring it

  2. Deepsky September 9, 2019

    The Vikings won a game against a team that was once good, so you know their fans are asking for when they can put money down on their Super Bowl tickets.

    Falcons have a terrible defense and uncharacteristically turned the ball over 4 times. Kirk Cousins 97 yards passing against said terrible defense doesn’t scare anyone.

    1. KILLER September 10, 2019

      A few counterpoints here:

      Although I agree the Falcons defense it very poor I don’t agree the Falcons are “once good”. They had something like the #5 offense in the NFL last season and came into the game with healthy players returned, a couple free agent acquisitions, and two extra #1 picks on the line than what they had last year. Another way of looking at them is that their offense ranked nearly as high as the Chiefs and their defense ranked higher than the Chiefs. Are the Chiefs a “once good” team?

      Next point, uncharacteristic or not, those turnover were not accidents or given to the Vikings. Each one was hard-earned and not weird unlucky bounces of the ball. The way you put it seeks to place blame on fickle fate and take credit from the Vikings defense and special teams. We all know if the Packers got 4 turnovers on a team that does not normally turn over the ball you would be celebrating it as a tremendous success all due to your defense. Hidden Hypocrisy alert!

      Third, the thing with the 97 yards. You utilize that as a criticism of Cousins. It was a game circumstance and also a credit to the run game. Cousins threw 10 times. He completed 8. 80% completion percentage. 9.7 yards per attempt. 1 TD and 0 INT. A rating over 130. He also ran in a TD. When Cousins was called on he performed great. You don’t need to be scared of him or whatever, just don’t use the 97 yards as some kind of discredit.

  3. Stiggy September 9, 2019

    I feel like minnesota got spotted a Td to start the game on a blocked punt (Atlanta let a guy run untouched up the middle)..their defense played well as usual and their offense was able to play ball control against an abysmal Atlanta run defense.

    Minnesota looked good…but I wouldn’t count on any nfl team consistently putting up 28 points with 98 yards passing.

    All the credit to the vikings for taking advantage of the opportunities they were given…but Atlanta was pretty awful too.

    1. Killer September 10, 2019

      So, here is what I’m talking about in Packer fan Hypocrisy. Classic example here. The punt block was planned out and practiced by the Vikings ST during the week. It was no accident. Our new coach really has it going on. A real thinker. That punt block was earned absolutely as much as any punt block possibly can be earned. Eric Wilson executed the plan to perfection convincingly acting like he was dropping back into return blocking and then sped forward, avoided blockers, timed it perfect, blocked it AND recovered it. Absolutely beautiful from planning to impeccable execution.

      Where the hypocrisy comes in here is that you would doubtless commend the Packers had the Packers done the same. In fact, last year during the Vikings-Packers tie at Lambeau the Packers blocked a Vikings punt and got a score out of that. Were you posting that was due to the Vikings just letting the Packers in to block it? No. You weren’t, didn’t, wouldn’t and would be offended if anyone else suggested it. See? Hypocrisy. I talked with Miriam-Webster’s today and they are debating whether or not to change “hypocrisy” to “hypocheesy”.

  4. Ferris September 9, 2019

    Don’t let Dalvin Cook run wild like the child beater did. Everyone knows MN has talent, pressure Cousins and he will throw GB the ball. Kevin King needs to catch it though.

  5. Trumpnomics (@trumpnomics) September 9, 2019

    Kirk Cousins sucks! The Packers own him and will win this weekend (28-10)! Look for Cousins’ typical excuse – it’s a team sport and we didn’t execute as a team, blah, blah, blah…! Just watch! :)

    1. Killer September 10, 2019

      Hmm. The Packers “own” Cousins?

      Let’s see….

      Last year at Lambeau Cousins was 35 of 48, 72.92%, 425 yards, 4 TDs, 1 Int.

      Last year in Minn. (greatest state) Cousins was 29 of 38, 76.32%, 342 yards, 3 TDs, 0 Int.

      So… now we know your definition of “own”. Now that I know that I am comfortable hoping this “own” thing keeps on a rolling !

      Your Trump name and photo really were quite indicative of the veracity of your content.

  6. Howard September 9, 2019

    One thing to consider is many of the home crowds on opening week are loud and the home team players are amped up. The home crowd noise can cause problems with the visiting teams offense including the offensive line and QB communications. The noise can also disrupt players getting off the ball in unison or on time at the snap.
    Add in very little game (preseason) time and you can have some offensive struggles as a visiting team (falcons, Packers) in the first game. The home team offense should not have the same struggles. The Bears offense struggled at home, and in some ways so did the Vikings offense in the pass protection game. Cousins took some big hits when passing against the Falcons. Vikings at first glance look like they have good run blocking, but poor pass protection.

    1. Kato September 9, 2019

      The poor pass blocking has been an issue for them for a while. I think it will be a long day for their passing game, and the only way they have a shot at being successful and coming out with a win is if they can pound the rock.

      1. PF4L September 9, 2019

        I think the pass blocking may have something to do with why they are turning an 84 million farce, into a game manager. They are following the bears recipe. Strong takeaway scoring defense, Don’t lose the game Mr. Franchise QB.

        1. Killer September 10, 2019

          Cousins is a bargain compared to Rodgers.

          1. Better QB. Trust in the QB rating system!

          2. Cousins, despite being better, is cheaper as Rodgers costs 5.5 million more per year.

          3. Cousins is a great team mate whereas Rodgers is a drama queen psycho all about himself.

          4. Cousins is younger and healthier, far less likely to miss time than Rodgers and with his arrow pointing up whole Rodgers’ is pointing down.

          We ran the ball because it worked. That was always Zimmer’s recipe, log before Nagy and was the reason Defillipo was let go.

          1. PF4L September 11, 2019


        2. PF4L September 11, 2019

          I digress. maybe i underestimated Mr. Cousins. Sometimes i forget to give credit when it’s due. After all, i think he might have 1 playoff win in his career, so he’s got that winning reputation.
          But i just don’t understand how such a great top of the league defense (according to our resident Lonely Boy), coupled with the “better than Rodgers franchise QB named Cousins (according to our resident Lonely Boy)…still, can’t reach the playoffs.
          It’s a mystery.

  7. Tim September 9, 2019

    Packers are going to Lose those week 2 match up! Sorry but the Vikings showed in week 1 that they might just have the best running game in the nfl this season after adding 1st Rnd pick Stud O-linemen Garrett Bradbury, bruising 3rd Rnd pick RB Alexander Maddison and with star RB Dalvin Cook healthy, returning from being injured his first 2 years in the league this Run game is much improved And We already know how dangerous the Vikings passing attack can be with both WRs have over 1,000 yards last year and the QB Kirk Cousins who everyone says sucks, still threw for 30 TDS being a behind a questionable O-line to Aaron Rodgers 25 TDS. And as I mentioned above the addition of Center Garrett Bradbury and 2 new Guards in pat Elflein and Josh Kline, and promising 2nd Rnd pick Brian O’Neil taking over the starting RT spot mid season last year and having rave reviews this offseason the O-line has been overhauled and much improved.

    1. Stiggy September 10, 2019

      Did killer just doxx himself as a man named ttim?

      1. Killer September 10, 2019

        No, but I agree with him. We had a lot of unusual adversity last year. I will say I do not guarantee a victory over the Packers in Sunday. Football is just too wild and unpredictable, the Packers are at home, the Packers offense is still an unpredictable unknown which is a huge advantage in the NFL. By no means did it reveal itself vs. the Bears. Belichick (evil bastard!) always says the hardest team to game plan against is whatever team he faces week one. This coming up is basically week one of the Packers offense.

        The Packers are favored to win and Pete Prisco, Packer media whore, is absolutely sure of it.

  8. Larry September 9, 2019

    I was nervous about the Bears but not sweating the queens.

    1. Killer September 10, 2019

      As a true fan I sweat the possible results of every Vikings game.

      1. PF4L September 11, 2019

        Nobody blames you for that, everyone saw the ass kicking the Eagles gave you. That, and lets face it, winning isn’t exactly in your DNA, or the teams.

  9. Kato September 11, 2019

    If the Vikings can’t run the ball, they are so screwed