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Packers’ Sole TD Versus the Bears Was a Fluke

As commenter PF4L alluded to, TV viewers didn’t get the full story on the touchdown that gave the Packers the margin of victory over the Bears. I too was mystified at the time by the play.

The scoring drive was set up by the highlight-reel Rodgers heave of 47 yards to Marquez Valdes-Scantling at the beginning of the second quarter. Suddenly the Packers had life. Going up-tempo, they moved smoothly down to the Chicago 8-yard line, where they had a 1st and ten. While the network had superimposed a graphic about Davante Adams on the screen, you could see the Pack way in the distance routinely break the huddle as a Bears player came onto the field. Only after he reached the formation did another Chicago player start racing right-to-left toward the sideline. He didn’t quite make it before Rodgers got the snap.

Though it wasn’t caused by a hurry-up no-huddle play, once it was obvious to Rodgers that the Bears had 12 players on the field he knew he had a free play. When the QB didn’t spot anyone open, he smartly decided to put the ball into play somewhere. With the pocket collapsing, and facing another direction and on his back foot, he flipped a floater toward a stationary Jimmy Graham, who had safety Deon Bush standing right next to him.

Probably because Rodgers wasn’t in the proper passing position, Bush was caught flat-footed, allowing Jimmy to make a nearly uncontested catch. The TV announcers apparently never noticed the infraction, which we now know drew a flag which was of course quickly declined.

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. The Bears contributed greatly to their demise on Thursday night – including a slew of penalties that left them with a third down and 40 to go as they tried to come back in the fourth quarter. But we’ll take it.


Sep 5, 2019; Chicago, IL, USA; Green Bay Packers wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling (83) reacts after making a catch in front of Chicago Bears cornerback Prince Amukamara (20) during the second quarter at Soldier Field. Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. PF4L September 7, 2019

    Things are getting ugly down in FIB land. Like viking fans last season, the bears season ticket holders are asking for a refund on their season tickets.

  2. PF4L September 7, 2019

    Rob is correct, Rodgers most likely doesn’t even make that throw if it isn’t a free play, initially i thought it was going to be picked. But here’s the thing, sometimes you create your own luck. The Packers being able to drive down the field on multiple pass plays, created that opportunity to even be in that situation on the bears 8 yard line. LeFleur can’t lose sight of how successful the Packers can be in quick play drives like that. That drive took a total of 1 minute 35 seconds. which happened to be, the best looking drive of the game, from either side.
    Another key drive was in the 4th quarter. All game long the Packers were on the losing end of time of possession. So in a close game in the 4th quarter, the Packers started a drive from their own 5 yard line, and drove it down to the bears 21 yard line. Eating up almost 7 minutes of game clock, but equally important, kicking a field goal to make it a 7 point game.
    As always….The voice of reason.

    1. stiggy September 7, 2019

      HHCD was very active on the game clinching drive as well. He made a bunch of tackles….. 11-18 yards down field.

    2. Howard September 7, 2019

      The will to run even if it is going bad can and will open up the passing game. On the quick TD drive the Packers sold running plays to the right outside zone twice and the Bears went for it both times. Rodgers had a clean pocket for the first time in the game. Long pass to MVS and pass to Lewis. The other pass play on that drive to Adams looked like a run pass option. It appeared the lineman were run blocking on that play.

  3. S.A.P. September 7, 2019

    The Pack may have to be more resourceful next week on offense. That is if the Pettine led defense allows the Vikings a chance to score. It would be nice to hear from Mike Pettine, also, after these games, to keep us abreast on how he saved the team from a first week drowning. Give credit, where it’s due. LaFleur can get back to the office and plan some offense for next week !

  4. Howard September 7, 2019

    Howard September 6, 2019
    Did anyone notice that on the Graham TD pass, Rodgers had the Bears with 12 men on the field. The pass from Rodgers looked like he was throwing a 50 50 pass as the announcer said, but Rodgers knew he had a free play. Not sure why the broadcasters didn’t point the penalty out, or maybe they did and I didn’t hear it.

  5. Deepsky September 7, 2019

    I rewatched some of the game. Bears fans and media have a pretty good point. While the Packers defense is clearly better than it was last year, Trubisky did in fact play terribly. It wasn’t all just the Packers. Rodgers could have played a lot better too.

    1. PF4L September 7, 2019

      Yea he could have. But you have a new offense, you’re playing a bears defense pushing back your O line, your run game is deemed impotent against the bears, etc. I’m far more concerned with how many snaps the #12 pick in the draft is playing, before i start worrying about Rodgers. I’m not sure how many QB’s had a higher than 90 passer rating against the bears defense last season, but i’m thinking, not many. Not many besides Rodgers 130.7 passer rating last season against the Bears,
      Rodgers will be fine.

  6. PF4L September 7, 2019

    In other News:
    Antonio Brown is now a free agent after being cut by the Raiders. Drew Rosenhaus starts the bidding at a pack of kools, and a buy one get one free coupon for a Whopper from Burger King.

    1. Kato September 7, 2019

      And, predictably, the Patriots swoop in. Wonder how this will go?

      1. Mitch Anthony September 7, 2019

        Used to be if you were too unusable for the Raiders that was it, but now, the Patriots are the new leper colony. I routinely check at least four different Packer forums and blogs daily and it surprised me how many “fans” in the recent past were thinking Green Bay should have taken a run at AB. Really? Seriously? There were actually people who thought -this- would have fit well, and played well, in Green Bay (Wisconsin). Another poster child for low impulse control. How stupid.

  7. Ron Vissers September 8, 2019

    Imagine curts cousin is crapping the bed right about now. We finally have a real defense!

  8. Steve September 13, 2019

    How is being smart called a fluke LOL the thing is when Rogers does take chances he is successful I think at times he’s too careful with the ball which results in sacks and three-and-outs