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Packers Still on Top of NFC North Following Week 4 Results

In case you missed it, the Chicago Bears beat the Vikings with a final score of 6 – 16. While the Packers defense is getting a lot of press, including on this site, the Chicago Bears defense continues to put up the numbers that actually matter. The Bears also showed how run defense is done by holding Vikings RB Dalvin Cook to a measly 35 yards with 14 carries. Vikings QB Kirk Cousins fumbled twice, one of which was recovered by Chicago. Minnesota’s offense didn’t bother showing up until the 4th quarter. Overall, it was an ugly game for the Vikings.

Kirk Cousins chased by Khalil Mack - Vikings vs Bears

Sep 29, 2019; Chicago, IL, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins (8) is forced out of the pocket in the fourth quarter by Chicago Bears outside linebacker Khalil Mack (52) at Soldier Field. Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

These need to be shown one more time:

Kirk Cousins and Vikings Suck

Kansas City Chiefs narrowly beat the Lions 34-30

I gotta say, I am a bit surprised by this one. The Lions are determined to earn respect and this game showed it — despite the loss.

As is now tradition in the NFL, there was a missed defensive pass interference call in the 3rd quarter. You can even see the official in the background staring right at it. The Lions only had one challenge remaining at the time so they had to let it go. To paraphrase Matt LaFleur: If that’s not pass interference, then I don’t even know what it is anymore.

Even as a fan of UGA football, I never expected Matt Stafford to last this long in the league. He performed well against Kansas City, but ultimately, the Chiefs’ high-power offense was too much for Detroit to handle.

Lions vs Chiefs

Sep 29, 2019; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions tight end T.J. Hockenson (88) is tackled by Kansas City Chiefs outside linebacker Damien Wilson (54) and is injured during the play during the third quarter at Ford Field. Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

With Week 4 behind us, there are no more teams in the NFC North that remain undefeated. With the Packer’s win over the Bears in Week 1, this keeps Green Bay at the top of the NFC North — as god intended.

Jason Parker

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  1. PF4L September 30, 2019

    I thought there was going to be a hard fought 3 team battle to occupy the cellar in the NFC North. Looks as if the queens have other plans.

  2. Kato September 30, 2019

    In my non NFC north thought of the weekend. If the NFL truly cares about player safety and head injuries, they would ban Burfict from playing again. That guy has had several chances. 10 games suspended, and $4.2 million in fines later, he clearly hasn’t gotten the message. Terminate him.

    1. Stiggy September 30, 2019

      He got the rest of the season today.

      In other news:

      Trubisky has a dislocated shoulder and labrum tear.

      Chicago sports radio summed cousins up perfectly today….”complete and utter trash”

      1. Howard September 30, 2019

        I also liked this partial quote about the Vikings output on offense as follows:
        “With Cook stymied, the rest of the Vikings’ offense slowly circled the drain for most of Sunday’s 16-6 loss.“

        1. PF4L September 30, 2019

          Just found this nugget.
          KILLER September 29, 2019
          How long do we Viking fans have to suffer? Forever?
          That’s actually a pretty good question the Lonely Boy rolls out.

      2. Ferris September 30, 2019

        It’s too bad he got hurt…but Chicago is a better team with Daniel. Not a ton better but better.

        1. PF4L October 1, 2019

          Small sample size, but you might be right.

          1. Jason Parker October 1, 2019

            If that pun was intended, I have no choice but to ban you for life

          2. PF4L October 1, 2019

            That’s just hurtful.

  3. Mitch Anthony September 30, 2019

    The Lions game was a good one. Sans the strange play with the fumble recovery returned from the one, it may have been a much different outcome. Detroit somehow looked a bit different in that game. Better different. Should be a good battle when the Packers meet them.

    TJ Hockenson can now do PSAs for ball carriers in the NFL. No more hurdling over defenders. It is ill advised, it is not coached, and it is not for everyone. A few very athletic players get away with it and make a highlight reel and they all think they can/should do it now. Well, how is that feeling now TJ? And he was looking good up until that play.

    The Saints with Teddy Bridgewater give some hope for next Sunday that the Cowboys can be kept in check. Validates what Rob has been preaching about a good back up QB.

    1. Stiggy September 30, 2019

      Bridgewater was fine…but I would attribute the victory to holding the cowboys to 10 points and Zeke to 35 yards…not the 12 points the bridgewater offense put on the board. Chase daniel also did a decent job for Chicago but once again the defense carried them.

  4. KILLER September 30, 2019

    I know you guys want my thoughts on my Vikings.

    First, to recap, I recently posted that the NFL constructed the schedule so as to have the Packers start fast and well and thus I fully anticipated the Packers being 3-1 at worst at this stage of the year. Basically, to be fully honest, I expected them to lose to the Bears in Chicago (probably) and beat the Eagles at HOME on a THURSDAY in SEPTEMBER (for sure). Those two results flip-flopped. Piffle took sore exception to my stating this plainly.

    Now, on to the Vikings. Before the season I anticipated that after 4 game the Vikings would be 2-2. The Packers almost always win at home in September and the Vikings always ALWAYS lay an egg in Chicago. 2-2 is actually, at this point with those games an actual best case scenario. So, all is going according to plan and as expected by myself and the NFL schedulers.

    Now, the Bear fans and the Packer fans are falling all over themselves to criticize the Vikings and condemn Kirk Cousins and all that. Just remember a few things. 1. 2-2 was our best case at this stage and, By God, we did it! 2. Last year after 4 games we were 1-2-1… so, we’re improving! 3. Two years ago after 4 games we were also 2-2 and went on to be 13-3! (We will not be 13-3 this year, I am not saying that. However, we will win the division. Wait and see, Piffle!) 4. After next week the Vikings and Packers will have the same 3-2 records. Except the Packers will have played a majority of games at home and the Vikings away and the Packers will have gotten major unbelievable help from the refs at least two of those games and the Vikings minus one. So… when you throw the crap at the Vikings, just remember, whatever bad things you think the Vikings are the Packers are worse. Think about it: If you hadn’t had the refs actively helping the Packers in every way possible the Packers would be 2-2 and the Vikings 3-1 and, after next week, the Packers would have been 2-3 and the Vikings 4-1.
    So, go ahead, criticize a team better than your own….
    In the last 31 regular season games dating back to week 6 of 2017 the Packers are 13-17-1.
    The Vikings in those same 31 games? 20-10-1 including 3-1-1 vs. the Packers (with 3 of those 5 games in Green Bay).
    Think. About. It.

    Piffle, I hope your recovery is going well.

    1. PF4L September 30, 2019

      For someone giving his thoughts on the vikings, you sure talk a lot about the Packers.
      Think. About. It.
      Thank you.

  5. PF4L September 30, 2019

    I know you guys want my thoughts on my Vikings.
    SMFH, can he be anymore delusional?

  6. PF4L September 30, 2019

    “Now, the Bear fans and the Packer fans are falling all over themselves to criticize the Vikings and condemn Kirk Cousins and all that”.
    Ummmm Lonely Boy….Don’t forget the National sports media.

  7. Kato September 30, 2019

    Never seen a fan complain about the refs as much as lonely boy. SAD!!!