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4 Downs With Kuhn Featuring Aaron Rodgers

Former long-time Packer fullback John Kuhn, who is now a sports analyst for the organization’s digital, broadcast, and game presentation department, spent time with Aaron Rodgers on Kuhn’s “4 Downs With John Kuhn” segment earlier this week.

While the Packers offense clearly took heat for their performance in the 10-3 win over the Bears in week one, there is something about understanding the flow of the game, managing it and coming out with a win. Rodgers noted first that the win is most important and the team is open to criticism, knowing that the 10 point output doesn’t match their high standard. However, he made it clear that the Bears have a great defense, a tough environment for a road team and rival game. But in the end, there were still points left out on the field.

Kuhn mentioned that people say the biggest jump is from week one to week two as a team. The road doesn’t get any easier facing a tough Minnesota defense. To make the jump Rodgers indicated that the offensive tempo getting in and out of the huddle better needs to improve and to eliminate pre-snap penalties. No matter the opponent and the defensive talents they possess, as an offense it all comes down to execution which should be a bit easier at home. A big key is to stay in third and manageable distance.

Lambeau Field unveils its new game day atmosphere this week and Rodgers is excited and looking forward to what is in store. Being a veteran of many years with the team, he’s encountered so many changes, whether it’s in the locker room, weight room or both end zones. The changes promote a fun environment for both the players and the fans with the more noise generated, the better.

On the 18th anniversary of 9/11, Rodgers was asked if he remembers where he was at the time. Driving his Toyota Camry heading into high school, he had US History class first period. Being on the west coast it was first thing in the morning, Rodgers heard it on the radio and didn’t know what was happening. Watching all day on television, Rodgers was in absolute disbelief.

Rodgers has thoughts about the men and women in the fire and police departments laying down their lives trying to protect and evacuate people, while noting their strength and team mentality. Such a tragedy for this country but shows the selflessness and strength of our men and women in uniform. Great deal of respect for what they went through that day.

QB Aaron Rodgers with FB John Kuhn

Jan 16, 2016; Glendale, AZ, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) and fullback John Kuhn (30) take the field for warm ups before a NFC Divisional round playoff game against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

You can watch the video of the full interview here at Packers.com

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  1. MMSUCKS September 15, 2019

    I am seeing what looks to be a big rift growing between A. Rodgers and LaFleur. It was totally obvious after that last clusterfuck before halftime. Some really bad play calling and execution by the Green Bay Offense. Rodgers appears totally angry with LaFleur. There was a comment by one of the commentators regarding Rodgers attitude about being coached by LaFleur and running his plays. I do not recall exactly what they quoted Rodgers with, but it was NOT GOOD! Rodgers basically said (paraphrasing of course) that he was going to do what he wanted . . . period.

    1. Packtat87 September 15, 2019

      The quote wasn’t from Rodgers, it was from their talk with Mike Zimmer. The quote was from Mike Zimmer. You may have completely missed the entire context of that conversation because it was in reference to Zimmer not caring what the offense was or who called the plays, Rodgers could make things happen.

      1. MMSUCKS September 15, 2019

        Thanks Packtat87. I must have missed something on the conversation. Lot’s of people talking at the house when they were talking about it on the TV.

    2. PF4L September 15, 2019


  2. Ferris September 15, 2019

    Not able to watch, heard 21-0 now 21-16 and MN has the ball…WTF? Who was calling plays when the scored 21?

  3. Kato September 15, 2019

    Good win today. Again, not a pretty game, the defense took a step back, but did come up with stops when they needed to and only gave up 16 points. Too many big plays, sloppy tackling. I was concerned about the run defense going into the game, and they didn’t do anything to calm those concerns at all. The offense is not great. I truly believe a lot of that is on Rodgers, he just simply is the QB he once was. I see these other yahoo QBs having bigger games week in and week out. Kyler Murray as a rookie? Thankfully it appears the team around him is better so he doesn’t have to do things by himself.

  4. PF4L September 15, 2019

    We are back again, revisiting history, where we all would say…”A win is a win”
    Wtf happened after those first 3 series?

    1. Stiggy September 15, 2019

      Imo what happened after those first 3 series is the packers couldnt convert 3rd and less tha. 4s. They had several drives stall this manner. The good was they were consistently in position to have reasonable 3rd down opportunities.

      I also feel they are hurting for playmakers on the outside and it was highly evident. Davante was the only non running back to significantly contribute.

      Where was Graham? He was a major negative for them today. No impact in the passing game except for getting crushed by that linemen for an easy sack… and several missed blocks on run plays. I wonder how many weeks reprieve his bears tv buys him from the reddit tier packer fan.

      1. PF4L September 15, 2019

        Give Graham credit when due, he did get open on a pass completion from Rodgers, unfortunately he pushed off on top of his route for a OPI flag. It would have worked perfectly, but unfortunately one of the refs was watching.

      2. Kato September 15, 2019

        Yeah I am still confused by this team’s commitment to Jimmy Graham. He had a nice week 1, but the way they are paying this guy, he should be catching at least a few balls every week. Are defensive coordinators even doing much to gameplan for him? It is beginning to look like receiver may be toward the top of the wish list for the draft next year. Along with offensive line and pass rusher (you can never have enough pass rushers).

  5. PF4L September 15, 2019

    I would defer this question to Howard, but did LaFleur and Pettine get out coached by not having an answer to Zimmers adjustments from the 2nd quarter on?

    1. Howard September 15, 2019

      I have been at a family funeral and have been with family most of this weekend. I did get to see the game with several interruptions. I have a lot to say on certain plays in the game. To make it quick for now, I thought Pettine did not get out coached. The defense gave up 16 points, held the Vikings to 0 points in the last 23 minutes of the game, took the ball away from Cousins 3 times, held the Vikings to 0-2 in red zone TD conversion, and held the Vikings to 33% on 3rd down conversion. Alexander was also in position to make two Int’s and a pass defensed but missed judged on all three attempts. Except for the long TD run by Cook the Packers D was in position to make plays on all the other Viking big plays. The players need to make those plays.
      I thought D. Adams was taken out of the game after the first few drives. Not sure what Zimmer did but Adams dropped out of sight with no adjustment. I thought Jones ran well. Jones can’t be in the game every series, but I think when Williams comes in, without Jones, defenses can concentrate on other skill players. I did think the Packers players stalled 2 or 3 potential scoring drives with the Linsley bad snap, Allison fumble, and the 4th down play that Rodgers thought was a 1st down. Those are on the players. Not a coaching thing, but I think the Packers need another big back for third and short runs.
      I know you have seen enough NFL games to know how hard it is for a coach to keep players and coaches focused when they get up big early in a game. The only team that appears to not loose focus in those type of games is the Patriots.
      I think LaFleur with make this game a good learning experience for the team. 2-0 in the division with a lot of room for improvement, and a willing team of players is not a bad situation as long as improvement continues.

      1. PF4L September 15, 2019

        You are correct, the defense held them in scoring, albeit with Cousins help. What was disappointing Howard was the reverting back to watching so many missed tackles, players taking bad angles, just generally sloppy play. You are also correct about Alexander, he’s always right there, right now, but just off by a tick sometimes. The more i watch him, the more of a believer i am in him. Conversely, the more i watch Kevin King, the more i can’t stomach him. This year is Kings judgement year. On his interception…i think more than half of us figured that pass was going to be picked while it was in the air. He caught it, that’s great, he can pretend he’s a hero in the locker room in front of the media. I know better. One catch doesn’t erase the rest of his shitty game. Matter of fact, he should be taking Cousins out for dinner to thank him for throwing up the dumbest pass of the weekend..
        This season is not about the win/loss record for me(lets be real…this team isn’t in danger of winning a Championship yet), it’s about seeing improvement. So far the offense showed 4 great series in 2 games. Then sans some decent runs, they’ve disappeared. But, they had 3 great series today, so at least it’s an improvement, so i’ll shelve the angst…to a degree.
        Sorry to hear about you losing a family member, it’s never easy. Godspeed my friend.

        1. Howard September 15, 2019

          Thanks PF4L.

  6. Ferris September 15, 2019

    Cousins 14-32 for 230 with a TD and 2 INTs, plus a lost fumble. One of the INTs was in the endzone and HORRIBLE. $84M man. Mr. high completion percentage…that is 43.75% for those of us keeping score. HOF numbers.

  7. Kato September 15, 2019

    Lonely boy is burning his Cousins jersey as we speak. SKOL!

    1. Ferris September 15, 2019

      I wonder how long his manifesto would have been with a Viking W? Crickets now.

      1. Howard September 16, 2019

        I don’t know what Killer would have said, but I had to watch the game surrounded by about 14 Viking fans. Their main comments as follows:
        (1). Stunned silence first Q. Heavy drinking.
        (2). What is wrong with Xavier Rhodes.
        (3).They really like Cook.
        (4). They have concern with Cousins accuracy. A couple of them discussed if Cousins is injured. They mentioned Cousins 3 for 13 game against the Cardinals in preseason.
        (5). They thought Diggs had a bad game. Dropped passes. Helmet removal.
        (6). Packers defensive linemen and OLBs do not get sucked in on play action and rollouts like they have in previous years.
        (7). Packer DBs are a lot better/closer in coverage than previous years.
        (8). What happened to Thielen?
        (9). The refs screwed them. Did hear one admit the refs got even with a couple of makeup calls against the Packers.
        (10). The loss is O.K because they have been 5-1-1 against the Packers the last seven games.
        (11). As the game ended I asked who they played next week. None of them knew. We will get back at the Packers when they come to the dome.
        (12). Bring us more alcohol.

  8. Kato September 15, 2019

    Totally meaningless statistic of the day: the 19 points given up through two games are the fewest the Packers have given up since 2001.

    This team should beat Denver next week. Very unimpressed watching them this afternoon. Should be another defensive struggle.

  9. Kato September 15, 2019

    Also, wtf was Savage doing on that long TD run by Cook? He was completely flat footed, and Cook made him look like an idiot on the tackle attempt

    1. Mitch Anthony September 15, 2019

      He bit. He went all in on a tackle attempt instead of taking an angle that would have still gave up a big gain, but probably not a 75 yarder. Wisdom and experience is what he will gather from these things. Respecting the speed and shiftiness of Cook should have made him try to angle him off to the sidelines, but he went all in.

      I’ll chalk this one up to – Hey Rookie, you may be damn fast, but so is he. Him and a whole bunch more like him. That’ll learn ya.

      1. PF4L September 16, 2019

        lol…yes sir….i once read that someone wrote, it’s very rare for rookies to come in and not go through a year or two of growing pains to adjust to the speed of the NFL, that it takes time.

  10. Jason Parker September 16, 2019

    Starting next week, I’ll have a post go up right before game time it’s easier for everyone to comment in the same place.

    1. PF4L September 16, 2019

      Just a thought JP, and i’m not volunteering. Upon my suggestion some years back, For a short time, Shawn would write a post game article and grade each segment of the team’s performance. I don’t want to write it, but i think it’s a great article to have after each game and would illicit a ton of comments…imo.

      1. PF4L September 16, 2019

        I’m not saying Howard would be available for that at the cost of a cheap hooker, but i’m not saying he wouldn’t be either.

        1. Jason Parker September 16, 2019

          Cheap hooker in Thailand or Wisconsin? Big difference

          1. Andrew Brock September 19, 2019

            Thailand is cheap, but you can meet some C- level talent outside the Gutter for 30 bucks