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Game Day: Week 3 – The 0-2 Denver Broncos vs 2-0 Packers at Lambeau Field

Few things to know:

Lane Taylor is on injured reserve at LG and rookie Elgton Jenkins will be taking his place

Jimmy Graham(groin injury) is expected to play in a limited capacity (same as always, I suppose)

Aaron Rodgers is 1-1 against the Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos have yet to force a fumble or obtain a sack so far this season(as the president would say: #SAD)

The Packers will be wearing throwback uniforms for the game (navy blue & gold from 1937-1948)

DL Kingsley Keke and WR Darrius Shepherd will make their debut today

Denver has never won at Lambeau (0-5-1)

The weather is going to suck

How to Watch or Listen to the Packers vs Broncos:

Television: Fox Sports

Packers vs Broncos on TV

Source: 506Sports

Radio: Listen live on WTMJ

You can also stream online at *cough* reddit NFL Streams *cough*

Green Bay Packers Inactives:

16 WR Jake Kumerow
22 RB Dexter Williams
29 CB Ka’dar Hollman
42 LB Oren Burks
61 G Cole Madison
67 G/T Adam Pankey
90 DL Montravius Adams

2019 Green Bay Packers Defense

Image Source: Packers.com

Jason Parker

I'm Just Here So I Won't Get Fined



  1. Kato September 22, 2019

    I hate those throwback uniforms. I think the broncos will break that sackless streak today, it’s actually kind of shocking that neither Von Miller or Bradley Chubb have gotten to the QB. Pack wins this game 17-10

    1. Jason Parker September 22, 2019

      I’m not a fan of the throwback uniforms at all and I’m afraid you’re correct about the sack

      1. PF4L September 22, 2019

        Mike Daniels isn’t a huge fan of them either.

    2. Stiggy September 22, 2019

      I woulda loved to see the old orange Broncos jerseys from the 80s today. Should only do throw backs if both teams do them.

      1. PF4L September 22, 2019

        That’s a good point Stig, i agree.

  2. Jason Parker September 22, 2019

    (Never give Rodgers a free play)

  3. Kato September 22, 2019

    I wonder if the wet ball is affecting Rodgers throws at times. Two very ugly overthrows that should have been easy completions. If I am the Broncos, I keep running the football. GB can’t stop the run until they prove otherwise

    1. Jason Parker September 22, 2019

      On that deep overthrow to Baylis it looked like Baylis hesitated on the route a second before opening up again but it was too late.

      1. Kato September 22, 2019

        I meant the in route that went over Allison’s hands and then the throw to the sideline a few plays earlier. The Allison one hurt because it would have been a first down to keep the drive alive.

        Pretty disappointed in the decision to not try and get a field goal in before half. Run defense has been kind of bad, that is a problem. At least they forced the turnover to give the offense a TD. Hard to give them a top 10 defense at this time though.

  4. Kato September 22, 2019

    Good win. I am concerned though with LaFleur’s playcalling. Someone brought it up here, but you have to wonder about his playcalling after the opening script of plays. Worth monitoring. It seems the key to this team having success will be getting off to fast starts on offense and putting the other offense into catch-up mode. If a team gets up early on them and starts to run the ball, this squad could be in for trouble. Still a good effort by the defense, made the big plays when they needed to. The off-season additions on defense are looking incredible right now. Even Rashan Gary got in on the action. Jaire Alexander is turning into a hell of a football player.

    1. PF4L September 22, 2019

      Alexander….hell yea he is.

  5. PF4L September 22, 2019

    I’ll say it for the 2nd week running…A win is a win.
    But before i get into the mood to get into this game maybe, later. I’m going to give someone his credit because i don’t think i’ve said anything positive about him after he was drafted #12. Yea…i’m talking R. Gary. Credit to him for his sack and 1 solo tackle.He made a play in this game, and it was a highlight reel play…nice job. Later on, i wanted to take some time and give credit for Tramon’s effort today. Unfortunately there wasn’t much effort, so i’ll have to postpone that for another week.
    Plenty of other credit to be handed out, and some critique

    1. Howard September 22, 2019

      Don’t forget the fumble recovery.

      1. PF4L September 22, 2019

        If i was on the field, right there, and someone kicked out my walking sticks (as i call them) i could have fell on it.

        1. Howard September 22, 2019

          Sure you would have fallen on the fumble. The question is would have you fallen on the fumble before or after The Broncos offensive line missed falling on it, or P. Smith missed falling on it, or Z. Smith missed falling on it? Sounds easy

          1. PF4L September 22, 2019

            LOL…i’m a bad man Howard!
            Look, i’m goofing, relax. I gave the man his due, that’s what i’m willing to do and it seems i may have been the first in here to do it. He has played in 3 games, he has 1 solo tackle and one sack. I’m not voting him in the Pro Bowl quite yet.
            When the man shows more, he will be credited, that’s how i roll.

          2. Howard September 22, 2019

            I’m sure Gary and some other Packers are anxiously awaiting your stamp of approval.

          3. PF4L September 22, 2019

            JC….i gave the man some credit. You bent out of shape because i didn’t mention his god damn fumble recovery?

            Lighten up Francis.

          4. Howard September 23, 2019

            No, I was actually just messing with you, just like you claimed you were doing with me. I guess you are the only person that can do such?
            Well I guess if you want to escalate it fine have at it. I still respect your opinion on Packer football and football in general. Not sure why you want to resort to calling me names. I’m sorry you are so bent out of shape over the subject.
            I will not respond to any of your comments in the future. Feel free to call me anything you would like.

          5. PF4L September 23, 2019

            uh huh

  6. Jason Parker September 22, 2019

    Seeing the Eagles struggle with the Falcons and the Lions makes me feel good about next week.

    1. Ferris September 22, 2019

      The Eagles and the Lions were in a race to see who could give that game away. I hope the Eagles play poorly again….but they will be a wounded animal and Pederson will want that game bad.

    2. MMSUCKS September 22, 2019

      Don’t sell D. Pederson short. He is a good coach. Wentz, if given time is a MOFO! He can take a game over. If the Packers can stop Wentz they will win. It is early in the season, the Eagles have NOT played anywhere close to their abilities. Serious game Thursday! More so than today’s game against Denver.

    3. PF4L September 22, 2019

      It seems like teams tend go downhill after bad losses, like the queens against the eagles (NFCCG). Like Seattle’s debacle against the Patriots. it seems to me the Eagles haven’t been the same since their 13-3 season, following their SB loss. They just seem to be struggling. Their offense seems to be ok, but their defense is uncharacteristically struggling giving up 26 PPG.
      So we face the Eagles which should be a tougher test for the defense. Lets be real, Denver, Chicago, and the queens aren’t exactly offensive juggernauts.
      With that said, wins are wins in the NFL regardless and they are earned. Yes, i am almost in shock the Packers are 3-0. If someone came up to me before the season and said the Packers will be 3-0 to start the season, at 10-1 for $500, i would have taken that bet. and today i’d be $5,000 lighter and not a happy camper. Looking forward to this short turn around and possibly being the first 4-0 team this season although i doubt it will be easy, This offense better find a way to get their shit together and that’s Rodgers included. The defense overall is playing with purpose and an identity. When’s the last time we could say that? Looking forward to seeing what this unit can do with more games under their belt. but right now, even as early as it is, the defense is leaving it all on the field and i think Pettine is doing a pretty damn good job…Good to see him on the sideline this season.

  7. MMSUCKS September 22, 2019

    A win is a win . . . I’ll take it! 3-0 is about as far from where I thought that they would be at this time . That defense is keeping them alive. Rodgers seems to be getting better (slowly). Still not sold on G. Allison. Great to see that M. LaFleur is giving more snaps to the other TE’s! But man does that run defense suck! While at the same time our run offense sucks. It is patently obvious that our offense is NOT making good adjustments after the first set of scripted plays. Through the first three weeks I would give our HC/OC an (F-) for adjustments after scripted plays called. It is telling that Green Bay struggled badly on third down conversions all friggin’ day. It appeared (once again) that the D line of the opposing team was well aware (and quite ready) for our running plays each and every time that we ran them. Granted, there were a few good runs, but we were mostly unable to convert any third downs (save one) via the running game (J. Williams). This, I believe is what is stopping the Packers passing game from growing faster. It appears that our O line is being beaten to the LOS every play. Rodgers IS being smart with his throw-aways’ this year. Jimmy Graham appears to be playing on a different team . . . MVS will become a good WR2. Savage is a MOFO, and the Smith brothers rock! Add in J K Scott’s punting and Crosby’s field goals it spelled win today. Kudos to Martinez for the hustle as well.

    1. PF4L September 22, 2019

      I agree…..i think it’s time we have to stop pretending we have a running game. Like MMSUCKS noted, we have our moments, a 10 yard run there, a 12 yard run there, but nothing dynamic whatsoever. I kept reading where Jones is a threat every time he touches the ball, i’m still waiting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not just the runners, and i like both of them, it’s everything put together, the line, the plays, etc. We just don’t have a run grading O line, it’s just reality, and what yards per carry Jones gets, it’s usually because of his skill. I’m hoping (dreaming) we see more pass plays to our backs out of the backfield with some empty space (Alvin Kamara style).
      I want to speak on the free agents play and Gute, and give credit. and i will if earned, but it’s 3 games, so far so good, i’m impressed, on the defensive side anyway.
      We have to start seeing some progress and participation from the receivers, i’m not really laying blame, i’m just saying, whatever is the problem, it needs to be addressed, Who is the #2. I know, but i mean consistently. I feel like MVS has it in him, the offensive needs to be able to showcase this dude to a degree, he has skills.

  8. Packtat87 September 22, 2019

    Kevin King is going to cost us many more big plays this year. I think he’s by far the weakest link on the defense.

  9. Stiggy September 22, 2019

    I went postal after the rashan Gary pick but he is starting to look like he could be a nice role player for the pack. Thst would be a solid contribution from a rookie pass rusher.

    Jimmy graham… once again….jack fucking shit.

    1. Kato September 22, 2019

      I am still trying to figure out what Jimmy Graham’s role is on this team. Gutekunst had an amazing off-season by the looks of things, except for the fact he didn’t move on from Graham. Had a fairly costly holding penalty today, and zero catches. Like, what upside is there? To the best of my knowledge, he isn’t drawing double teams. I don’t see him opening things up for other receivers. He hasn’t even been a big red zone contributor. I don’t get it.

  10. Stiggy September 22, 2019

    Also as much as I despise reddit… heres N interesting stat. The Smith’s 6 sacks combined against the Broncos are a half sack more than Perry and Matthew’s combined for last SEASON

    1. Cheese September 22, 2019

      Matthews and Perry last year… Lol. What a joke. Perry went from playing for roughly $11mil a year, to being unemployed with no offers on the table. That says a lot about all parties involved.
      How nice it is to have defensive players that actually produce on the field. That has been on my mind all day. Refreshing for sure.

  11. Cheese September 22, 2019

    It has been strange watching the defense carry this team for the past three weeks but I’ll take it. As I said above, it is refreshing. Aside from a few scarce flashes during the early scripted plays the offense has looked lackluster. 10 points in week one, shut out in the second half in week two. The only TD pass today was on a broken play, just like the only TD pass in week one. Whatever, a win is a win. Can’t rely on that all season though.
    The WR position after Adams and MVS is a big question mark to me. As Stig and Kato said, what is the purpose of Jimmy Graham? If he keeps this up he’s gonna be considered the new Jeff Saturday of FA acquisitions.
    The defense is rolling. Sure there are always things to improve on but it has been fun to watch. Good to see Gary and Savage get in on the action today. The Smith’s have definitely brought leadership, production, and character to this defense. It’s about time.

  12. MJ September 23, 2019

    Our OLBs do a fine job pressuring the QB as well as containing outside runs. It is on the inside that we get steamrolled.
    We were not successful at running it between the tackles. Our power ranking is, to no surprise, among the last of the league (see Football Outsiders). We also have a higher-than-average number of stuffed runs.
    On other occasions I objected that Rodgers held on to the ball for too long, or bolted a perfectly safe pocket. Today he faced pressure coming through the middle rather often. He bailed the team on at least two plays, throwing darts after rolling out of the pocket. Can’t complain about today’s throw-aways, as he had rushers in his face slipping past the line. Gonna side with PF4L on this issue today.