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Without doubt, one of the best men amongst the ranks for the Green Bay Packers is Aaron Rodgers. His stats speak for themselves, he has thrown over 4400 yards and his TD/INT ratio is a breathtaking 25/2. What is more? Rodgers was a regular through the season and was included in the starting line – up for all 16 regular season games.

A quick recap of the 2018/19 Green Bay Packers Season

Despite having someone like Rodgers, it was bitterly disappointing that the Green Bay Packers could only manage six wins and came nowhere close to qualifying for the playoffs.

A day that Green Bay Packers fans will want wiped clear from their memories is when the weakened Cardinals came to town and were able to get the better of the Packers without even much of a fight. Going into the game, The Packers were strong favorites, but they managed to botch it spectacularly.

Matt LaFleur - Packers

What can we expect from the Packers in the upcoming season?

There are some positives going into the new season as far the Green Bay Packers are concerned. They have strengthened their squad and in particular, their defense is looking really good, at least on paper at this point. New additions include Preston Smith and Za’Darius Smith who are speedy edge rushers, and Adrian Amos a safety from Chicago.

In the draft, the packers were able to procure Rashan Gary. The new additions should give Green Bay a much better chance. Who knows? Some fans even think the Packers’ squad is good enough to qualify for the road to Super Bowl LIV.

So far, the packers have depended heavily on Aaron Rodgers, and for good reason – Rodgers can make throws which a lot of other professional quarterbacks can only dream of, he is also a great leader that is able to handle pressure with nerves of steel. However, a football team is not just about one player; it is not a one man army. Hopefully, Green Bay Packers’ new additions can contribute and work with Rodgers to really take the team to new heights this upcoming season.

What will be the biggest challenge for the Packers?

We saw it far too often last season, the Green Bay Packers’ offensive line left their star quarterback exposed with virtually zero protection. Despite being one of the most dynamic and agile quarterbacks in the league, Rodgers was the 5th most sacked in the league last season, he was sacked 49 times.

With Billy Turner coming in from Denver and Elgton Jenkins being drafted into the squad, the Green Bay Packers have halfheartedly dealt with this issue, but will that be enough?

Some betting odds for the 2019/20 season

The upcoming season brings with it a plethora of NFL betting opportunities and here some of the current odds that might interest punters.

With the pre-season drawing to an end and the regular season just days away, it is time to find some betting value. The New England Patriots of course are strong favorites to win the Super Bowl with odds of 6-1. Other top contenders include Kansas City Chiefs, also at 6-1 and Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints, both at 10-1. Green Bay Packers odds are 14-1 to win Super Bowl LIV.



  1. MJ August 19, 2019

    Hey, man, the Smiths are not speedy edge “runners” and Amos is a safety, not a cornerback.

  2. Ferris August 19, 2019

    Betting odds only interest punters? I need to see if David Beverly wants to make a bet. Ohh wait….you must be British or Australian.
    In British and Australian sports betting slang, particularly when it comes to horse race betting, the term “punter” is simply a synonym of the word “bettor” or “gambler,” and is used to refer to a person who bets on the outcome of a sporting event.

  3. Kato August 19, 2019

    Aaron Rodgers is a great leader? Idk about that. Edge rushers, not runners. The offensive line is partially to blame for the sacks, but Rodgers has had a hand in some of those sacks, and receivers not getting consistently open

  4. PF4L August 19, 2019

    I’d also say the team’s upper management is partially(or entirely) to blame for the teams regression. I don’t care who the QB is, if the rest of the team isn’t getting better, or is actually regressing, you’ve got losing in your future. No offence queen fans.
    Besides any nitpicking over word choice or what have you, Mr. Rockman’s first article gave me a positive first impression.

    1. Stiggy August 20, 2019

      I swear you are a beat writer of some kind. Check out the packs blurb.


    2. PF4L August 20, 2019

      I wish i was a beat writer Stig, i wouldn’t miss any work then. My motorcycle decided to get acquainted with a deer over the crest of a hill last Friday night. 3 fractured ribs, 2 fractures in my pelvic bone (same side), the top of my head and the back of my left ankle require plastic surgery, then to top it off a whole lotta road rash. Luckily i’m paid salary, not hourly. But they can only keep my position open for so long until my employer is forced to make a move
      So my life right now revolves around trying to sleep when i can, my laptop, tv and the NFL season and trying to get the right dosage of pain medication. Apparently the pharmacy doesn’t agree with the Doctor on the dosage. They won’t issue me the dosage that the Dr. prescribed me while in the hospital. But, like i’m reminded everyday, i’m lucky to be alive. so i can’t argue with that.
      If i can survive being a fervent Packer fan for the last 5 years, i can deal with this.

      1. Jason Parker August 20, 2019

        Sorry to hear that, PF4L. This Bud’s for you

    3. MMSUCKS August 20, 2019

      Feel Better soon PF4L.

    4. Deepsky August 20, 2019

      Oh man, PF4L, that’s awful about your accident. You’re lucky you weren’t killed, see Cedric Benson. I know too many folks who nearly died on their motorcycle. Take care of yourself.

    5. Howard August 20, 2019

      Sorry to hear that news PF4L. Get well soon!

    6. PF4L August 20, 2019

      Yea…thank you guys, appreciate it.

  5. Jason Parker August 20, 2019

    Sorry about that, guys. I’ve read a million 2019 season previews the last month so I just skimmed this real quick when he sent it over and that was lazy on my part. I am spoiled by Rob’s immaculate grammar that I can just copy and paste. Out of respect to our readers, and our beloved Monty(bless his name), this will not happen again.

  6. Stiggy August 20, 2019

    Shit p4l. Sorry to hear that happened and hope you heal up soon. Put the bike away for good though…those things are bad news.

    1. PF4L August 20, 2019

      Thanks Stig…if the Ins. settlement is strong enough i maybe saying goodbye to her. I’ve been riding my whole life, moto-cross, road bikes. 1st major accident since my first one when i was 16 on a RM 125.

      So i’m probably done. At least, until next May rolls around :)

  7. PF4L August 20, 2019

    I usually don’t dump on a guy before he gets his chance, and i won’t start now, but……..i found this article interesting, and the comment section even more interesting.

    1. Mitch Anthony August 20, 2019

      PF4L – Sorry about the crash and many wishes to get well soon. This hits close to home as two years ago my bro and sis-in- law were taking a nice Harley ride home from supper when a deer jumped out on them. Nearly killed my brother-in-law and had him ICU for quite a few days. Messed her up with a bad leg injury. She stayed with our family for six weeks and he received care from his extended family as neither could care for each other at the time. This was a low speed crash too.

      I’ve seen way too many things through the years, too many riders doing everything correct, only to be done in a by drunks, distracted drivers, and deer. Strongly consider moving on from the bike.

  8. MJ August 20, 2019

    Hey, PF, really sorry to hear about the accident. I hope you have a complete and swift recovery.

  9. PF4L August 21, 2019

    Thanks Mitch and MJ….the ironic thing is that lately i’ve been telling myself and others how
    lucky i’ve been through the decades with the amount of miles i put on. Although i like to think i’m the consummate defensive driver, there are exceptions to where it isn’t up to you. Saw the deer over the crest of the hill, absolutely zero time to react, he was right there. My last memory of the incident. The only thing i know about the accident is that it was violent. I also ride stone sober, the exception maybe one ice cold beer here and there.
    The thing i cling to daily, is that although recovery will be long, each week that goes by should be better than the week before. Right now my goal is to get off the pain pills, but it’s still fairly new, so time needs to be allowed.
    Again….thank you

  10. Deepsky August 21, 2019

    The season will come down to whether Rodgers stays healthy or at least plays in enough games to get the Packers to the playoffs.

    Coaches and schemes don’t matter that much. Players are what make a difference. A healthy Rodgers can beat any team in the league. If Rodgers stays healthy and plays, the Packers will win enough games to make it to the playoffs.

  11. Rebelgb August 21, 2019

    PF4L get better man. Glad you came out the other side on the right side of the turf.

  12. TyKo Steamboat August 21, 2019

    Glad you’re ok PF4L, I ride a Packers paint jobbed moped in summer & i’m paranoid of being sandwiched between cars all of the time

  13. SCPKRFAN August 22, 2019

    Damn PF4L, sorry to hear about your accident, here in Myrtle Beach we have lost 5 this summer due to accidents starting with Harley week. Always love reading your insight on the Packers. Sometimes it is brutal, but brutally honest. Go Pack Go!

  14. PF4L August 26, 2019

    Sorry….Didn’t see these until now….thanks guys, appreciate it.