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News: LB Oren Burks Has Torn Pectoral – WR Jawill Davis Released

Mike Pettine’s year two defense just took a major blow with Rob Demovsky reporting that Oren Burks is going to be out with a torn pectoral muscle. Typical healing time for this injury is usually 4 to 8 weeks depending on the severity, but it could be months if major surgery is required.

Burks was picked up by the Packers in the third round of the 2018 Draft; in the process, the fourth and fifth round picks were traded to the Carolina Panthers to obtain their third pick. He is under a four-year agreement worth around $3.4m. He also missed the first two games last year with a shoulder injury sustained during a preseason game with the Oakland Raiders. He was expected to be a starter this season for an inside linebacker position. Injuries are a plague to any team, but the Packers have experienced a lot of recent changes that injuries can make a lot more complicated. The season will kick off with a Thursday night game against the Bears at Soldier Field and the stakes couldn’t be higher for Matt LaFleur(who managed to injure himself, if you recall).

Matt LaFleur was quoted by ESPN, although he did not have much to offer:

Honestly, I don’t really know anything right now. It’s kind of wait and see, but I hope not.

Demovsky offered some solace on the situation:

That inside linebacker spot, however, could be considered a part-time player because defensive coordinator Mike Pettine at times uses a safety in that position during his sub packages. On Saturday, safety Raven Greene was the first one in that spot in the dime defense, while fellow safety Josh Jones also has lined up there this summer.

WR Oren Burks

Aug 16, 2018; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers linebacker Oren Burks (42) celebrates after a tackle during the first quarter against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Lambeau Field. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports


As expected, the Packers are beginning to trim down their crowded wide receiver reserves by releasing WR Jawill Davis. Davis’ time with the team has been brief as he was grabbed from the waiver wire via the New York Giants this past May. He had a 24-yard return during the preseason opener with the Texans, but was overall a non-factor.

Other recent roster moves by the team include releasing Corey Grant last week(who was on the team for a whopping two weeks) and also signing Safety Ibraheim Campbell. OLB Kendall Donnerson was also waived by the team. No word yet on why J’Mon Moore is still around. Maybe he blackmailed someone.

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  1. Mitch Anthony August 11, 2019

    I know there was hope that this year would be a breakout year for Oren Burks. A season that would justify the trade up in the draft and essentially using two mid-round picks to get him at R3-88.

    Right now I’d like to see him break out from under this cursed cloud of injury that follows him around. Get well and heal up Oren Burks.

  2. Kato August 11, 2019

    J’Mon Moore is around because he is a 4th round pick and they don’t want to admit he was a mistake

    1. PF4L August 11, 2019

      In the Packers defense (rare,i know). There was a time when a lot of readers in here, and some writers (you all know who you are) were clamoring that the Packers get rid of Davante Adams. Now i’m not saying that J’Moore is going to turn into an All-Pro, but as much as we question Packer coaches (see Jeff Janis) they probably know something about a player that we don’t. I will say this, when you read the scouting reports on Moore, this isn’t exactly shocking. Apparently he wasn’t great on route patterns, had some problems catching, and his desire and focus have been in question. He will get one more year at minimum.
      Personally, i think they grabbed 3 receivers 6’3″ and over, hoping they’d snag a future superstar, or possibly a 2 and a 3
      As far as Gute getting rid of mistakes. He got rid of a couple of Teds mistakes, time will tell if he can do that with his own.

    2. Mitch Anthony August 12, 2019

      I think they will admit they made a mistake this time around. There is just too much usable and available at the WR position that keeping Moore around doesn’t make sense. Beyond Adams they are not great great (Allison) at the spot, but a few are okay-good with upward potential (MVS, Kumerow, and they say Davis is having a good camp). Of those who are projects and developmental, those guys are showing more upside than Moore. Guys like Lazard and Shepherd come to mind.

      PF4L you brought up Janis and I’ll admit, I wanted more Janis back in the day. I reluctantly accepted what you describe. The coaches who see these guys everyday know much more than us. But Janis was better than Moore in that his contributions on ST as one of the better gunners in the league made him worth keeping around. Janis didn’t bobble his Hail Marys before hauling them in, he caught a few balls on his few chances. J’move on.

  3. KILLER August 14, 2019

    Unfortunate news about Oren Burks. I wish him the best recovery.

    I admit I liked Moore coming out of college though perhaps as a 5th rounder, not a 4th. The drops are reminiscent of Drop-vante Adams. You guys were screaming for his blood a few years ago. Absolutely savage. Guys were on here posting they literally wanted him to die. Well, probably figuratively, but still not cool.

    Xavier Rhodes now says Davante Adams is one of the three best WRs he has faced. Xavier has shut down the likes of Odell Beckham. Mike Evans, and Antonio Brown so his praise should mean a lot.

    1. Stiggy August 14, 2019

      I agree many in packer land acted like idiots about drop vante… just like they acted like idiots when the packers transitioned to 12.

      Thankfully I was never one of them.

    2. PF4L August 14, 2019

      Here…i don’t even have to go look back to remember it. Some Janis fans were pissed off that Adams was getting so many opportunities when he kept dropping passes. That’s when all the childish bs was written in here about Rodgers hating Janis, and that McCarthy was trying to ruin his career.
      I had no viewpoint on it other than to say what i just said 3 days ago. They must have saw something in him that they stuck with him.
      Whether you like or hate a QB, or a coach, or your next door neighbor, it doesn’t matter, they are fair game. If they F up, you can call them on it if you like, if they turned out to be right, you man up and give them credit,
      Ted Thompson, Brett Favre, McCarthy are certainly not my favorite Packers, but when they deserved credit,they got credit for what they did from me, always have. When and if Murphy ever does something to be deserving, i’ll acknowledge that also.