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News: Rodgers’ Pornstache Making a Comeback, Latest Matt LaFleur Interview, Oren Burks Injury Not so Bad

New coach Matt LaFleur visited Barstool Sport’s podcast, Pardon My Take.

Right of the bat, they riffed him for managing to injure himself playing basketball earlier this year. They covered the tough week 1 game with the Bears, his relationship with Sean McVay, his time with Tennessee Titans as offensive coordinator, team discipline, living in Green Bay, the role of the tight end position in his offense, and of course, his relationship with Aaron Rodgers. It’s worth listening to if you’re curious about LaFleur’s mindset as far as utilizing Rodgers and Green Bay’s strengths next year. You can check out the podcast here: https://www.podcastone.com/pardon-my-take

Oren Burks May Not Be Out That Long

If surgery were necessary, his season would have been instantly over. Hopefully, we’ll see him recovered within the next month or so.

Aaron Rodgers Compliments MVS and TE Robert Tonyan:

MVS is expected to make us all proud going into his second season with the team. See Also: Did Gutekunst Get an Under-the-radar Find in Valdes-Scantling?


Rodgers also had something positive to say about CB Tony Brown

Tony is a really great part of the locker room. He’s just got a great personality and brings a great energy to our team. I give Tony a lot of credit. I think he’s continued to improve his entire time being here. What a lot of people don’t see, and I’m going to brag on Tony here for a little bit, is when I’m leaving here some nights, Tony’s still working out. He’s still doing something back in the weight room or he’s watching something. He’s always working. This guy is in here early and he leaves late – legitimately. Not like hyperbole of what it means to be a certain type of player in this league. I can vouch that Tony is usually the first one in here and one of the last to leave.

The undrafted cornerback from Alabama was added to the full roster in September of last year after a brief stint on the Los Angeles Rams practice squad and then the Packers practice squad. He has amazing speed and was also a track star in high school and when he was with Alabama. He did have some discipline issues with Bama including starting a fight that led to his suspension from the 2015 Cotton Bowl.

Rodgers Responds to Made Up Drama About Him and LaFleur:

It’s way too early to be making judgement calls about the Rodgers/LaFleur relationship but that does not stop some sites from speculating for that sweet Rodgers drama traffic boost.

The Stache is Back

Danica Patrick Likes Aaron Rodgers Mustache

Well, Danica likes it. They probably do Smokey and the Bandit roleplay all the time.

Rodgers is Likely to Play at Least a Quarter Thursday Against the Baltimore Ravens at the M&T Bank Stadium

Plenty of chatter around these parts about Rodgers’ distaste for preseason football and some speculation as to how much play time he will get with the new offense for the Big Bears Game™.

Packers waive CB Derrick Jones

Easy come, easy go. Jones just wasn’t up to the physical standards of the team. Jones played for Ole Miss and was a sixth-round pick for the Jets in 2017 and has only played in four NFL games.

Tommy Bohanon Signed

Packers picked up Bohanon to boost their roster in the Fullback position. There are many indications that this will be a very important position for coach LaFleur’s and OC Hackett’s offense this year. Coming from Wake Forrest, Bohanon was drafted in 2013 during the 7th round by the Jets.


Brian Gutekunst Press Conference

Here are some key takeaways from Gutekunst’s words with the media(Source – 2pt_perversion on Reddit):

  • Gutekunst Hoping it’s a “short-term thing” with Burks. He feels good about the ILB depth without Burks. Summers stepped up in a “big way” vs. Houston and Bolton “has done a nice job.”
  • Packers could keep two fullbacks, Gutekunst says. “We’ve used the fullback quite a bit.”
  • Brian Gutekunst on holding his breath whenever Aaron Rodgers plays in the preseason: “I worked for Ted for a long time. He always liked to say our best offseason was the lockout year.”
  • Gutekunst on Shepherd: “He’s been a really nice surprise for us. He’s earned more opportunities.”
  • On the last play of practice LaFleur said he’s giving the D a sack although he noted QB Manny Wilkins is slippery.
  • Matt LaFleur says the plan is to play Aaron Rodgers and the starters a quarter or so on Thursday against Baltimore. Offense and defense. *Except for Aaron Jones, who just returned to team drills today.
  • ILB Oren Burks said he originally thought he would need to have surgery to repair an injured pectoral muscle and would be out for the year, but after consulting with a specialist it was determined it would heal on its own. Said it’s day to day and no time frame has been given.
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  1. Stiggy August 14, 2019

    Forgot the part about kevin king playing catch. With all the balls hes throwing this training camp we could have a dark horse #2 qb contender.

  2. Ferris August 14, 2019

    Starters…not King because he just sits on the sidelines every game. I really don’t remember a single play he has made in his career. Just put us all out of our misery and cut him or put him on IR. It’s like waiting for the drunk girl to throw up…just do it already.

  3. Skinny August 14, 2019

    I don’t get the Burks hype at all. Hes done nothing even when he has been healthy. If Summers can play then he should be starting the other ILB spot.

  4. KILLER August 18, 2019

    The articles I’ve seen are not so much saying Rodgers and LaFleur have any major issues but that it could happen and is a concern. Which… yeah, it could happen and yeah, it is a concern. They did have that audible thing to work out. LaFleur clearly did not want Rodgers with total play change permission and Rodgers clearly wanted it. They pretty much said that and said they were trying to make it work. Keep in mind that Rodgers play-changing is the reason the run game was so underutilized and Rodgers ability to do that ultimately led to Gravycheeks firing. No wonder LaFleur wants to clip those Aaron wings!

    Then Rodgers did snipe at the whole mixed practice thing. That is so Aaron. Undercut, undercut, undercut, collapse and Aaron says “Oh, what, me? I’ve been just soooooo supportive. Not me.”

    So we have, at my count hardly even in the know, both agreeing they have a difference of opinion they are trying to work out on audibles and Aaron doing a classic Aaron undercut. Both reported on accurately. I mean, heck, they just printed the quotes from these guys! Then you have Aaron, classic, undercutting the media. He learned that from Trump or maybe the other way around. Accurate reporting it just a bunch of fake news. Anything not Aaron worship is fake news.

    Also, keep in mind that porn stache is a gay porn stache. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just accuracy counts.

    Also, the Beard misspelled “stache”. I also misspell but thought I should correct it anyway. Not a hypocrite, just helpful!

    PS I think LaFleur taking down the old pictures of hall of fame type players and replacing them with current players in order to change the culture is way lame and way stupid and way superficial. Picture it: You’re a player and you’ve decided you do not care about making millions in the NFL and will not try your best. But then Coach LaFleur changes up a few posters. Suddenly, you do want to be famous and make millions while playing a great game! Oh, that LaFleur magic!