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Roster Moves: Packers Release DT Mike Daniels & Sign DE Dean Lowry to 3-Year Extension

NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo recently dropped this bombshell on Twitter:

A veteran with the team, Daniels has been around since 2012 when he was a fourth-round pick. Originally from New Jersey, Daniels played for the Iowa Hawkeyes. He started all 13 games in his senior year and was praised for his quick speed by analysts going into the draft.


He has been a starter for the defense the past 5 seasons, but according to NFL.com, he only lined up for around 40% of snaps in year one of Mike Pettine’s defense.


His most recent performance:


His 2018 season ended with a foot injury. The move frees up around $8.5 million for the team.



Dean Lowry #94

Dec 9, 2018; Green Bay, WI, USA; Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley (18) tries to run past Green Bay Packers defensive end Dean Lowry (94) inthe fourth quarter at Lambeau Field. Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

At $6.775 million per year, the narrative that the Packers have to flash extra cash than most teams to keep players interested in living in Green Bay gets a bit stronger. Of course, Lowry is a younger and healthier counterpart to Mike Daniels for a slightly lower price. His is still producing at his best level and has missed a single game in three seasons. Last year, he claimed 44 tackles and 3 sacks. He will need to keep working on his Lambeau Leap.


Up next? Perhaps Kenny Clark?

Jason Parker

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  1. MMSUCKS July 24, 2019

    Personally, I never thought that Daniels was that good. He was just a big talker. I did not feel that he actually performed above average very much at all. A few games a year does not equate to a great NFL player.

    1. PF4L July 24, 2019

      Yea…..I don’t have much dislike for the man other than shooting off his mouth and false bravado. Apparently (from media reports) his teammates didn’t care for it much.
      IMO…which is just a guess and doesn’t mean shit, although i believe Daniels was a strong boy, he had to pack a lot of meat on a 6 foot frame, he needed to keep weight on otherwise he’d get ragged dolled in the NFL. It’s my guess that he’s a good player, at full strength. But i’m thinking he’d wear down and basically just be another body out there after he gassed himself out. I was all done with him after he shot off his mouth, got into the playoffs and did absolutely nothing. Not unlike the rest of the defense at the time.
      Final thought…concerning Mike Renner’s statement…”But hard to skirt around the fact that they’re a worse team today than they were yesterday.” That may be the dumbest thing i read this week. There are few NFL players in the league you can say something like that about and the Packers have 3 of them, Rodgers, Bakhtiari and Adams. Would we have been a worse team last season without Cobb, Graham? Would we have been a worse team last season without Jordy? Hmmmm

  2. Deepsky July 24, 2019

    It’s been nearly 2 hours since he got cut and the Vikings haven’t picked him up yet? What’s going one?

    1. PF4L July 24, 2019

      We’ve fallen that far perhaps?

  3. PF4L July 24, 2019

    I would love to hear Packer fans expectations of wins/losses this season. But i won’t hold my breath.

    1. Ferris July 24, 2019

      Win some lose some. Just like Vincent Gambini.

    2. Savage57 July 24, 2019

      New coaches are supposed to be good for 2 additional wins over their predecessor according to the data I’ve seen on the subject, so I’m going 8-7-1, with the required tie against the Asshats.

    3. Big B July 25, 2019

      Schedule looks very formidable at this point….. worst case scenario is 5-11, while the absolute best case I could conjure is 9-7, so astute mathematician that I am it looks like the average of 7-9 is reasonable, and likely. With a nod to Savage, that ever ambivalent tie could drop the Pack to 6-9-1. Sound familiar? I think the roster is improved but so has the competition.

    4. PF4L July 25, 2019

      And there it is….i wondered how long it would take. Other teams also have the ability to get better each off season. But as the Packers have proven, it’s not automatic. Some teams will get better, stay the same, even get worse. You never know, until somewhere during the season. The Packers may, or may not be better this season. Recent history may not reflect yearly improvement, but frankly i see nowhere to go but up. A 6-9-1 season with Aaron Rodgers seems to be rock bottom in my eyes.
      The question that needs to be answered is, what is the standard for success around Lombardi Ave. for this coming season? We never had to talk about that as it always was assumed getting to the Super Bowl was the goal. Recently…Murphy told Gary Ellerson of The Fan..”..getting into playoffs isn’t easy.” Take that how you please, but to my ears…are you fucking kidding me? Murphy used to say winning Super Bowls isn’t easy. Which to that i would say, you first have to get to a Super Bowl to win one. Now were at, getting into the playoffs isn’t easy. WTF?

    5. Deepsky July 26, 2019

      I don’t like to make predictions before the preseason, but I don’t think the Packers success will depend on the new coach or the new free agents or anything like that.

      It will come down to Rodgers staying healthy.

      In 2017, it was the collar bone. The first five games Rodgers was on pace for 41 TDs.

      In 2018, it was the knee in the first game, a broken tibial plateau. Basically he broke the bone upon which the knee sits. He never really was the same guy we saw in previous seasons, throwing about 10 TDs fewer than his average.

      If Rodgers stays healthy they make it to the playoffs. But he’s not getting any younger.

    6. PF4L July 26, 2019

      Yea….i usually don’t like predictions either, it’s right up there with Mock drafts and people on football blogs that think they know more than anyone. How annoying is that amirite? These guys talk like they are an authority on football. it pisses me off, and it’s seriously disrespectful for those of us who do know more than anyone.
      I asked because i thought it would be interesting to know what the new modern expectations of the Packers are from Packer fans. New, meaning…..Under our 3rd season under Murphy’s watchful eye and guidance. Personally, i think 9-7 and no one gets fired because it’s an improvement, any higher record than that would be a bonus and the first night Murphy got a good nights sleep in awhile. 8-8 and worse, and somebody…anybody, needs to show Murphy the door. Or…Maybe he’ll just get a new job title and continue to be paid for a couple years, even if he moves out of state.

    7. PF4L July 26, 2019

      Well..wtf? I provide great comedic humor ^^up above^^, sprinkled in with some fabulous insight of the runnings of this franchise, then add a bit of sharp humor again…….and nothing. I don’t know man, it’s like….i don’t even know you people anymore.
      Fuck….i know i’m gonna walk away empty handed at the next totalpackers awards banquet. I can just feel it.

  4. Skinny July 24, 2019

    My favorite memories of big Mike were him breaking through the line of scrimmage and tackling the RB for a loss when we were getting our asses handed to us, then celebrating like hes feeling it! and hes gonna keep bringing it like that the rest of this meaningless game baby! Or his yearly off season predictions about how great this defense was going to be, LOL.

    1. Ferris July 24, 2019

      Or when he talked about how bad ass the Defense would be once they signed Letroy Dipshit. All talk once he got paid….repeat

  5. KILLER July 24, 2019


    The Daniels waiving and the Lowry signing for that very much (Holy Gouge My Eyes Out, Batman!) are both great news. For the Vikings, Bears, and Lions!

    Keeping your unknown additions out of it — the Smiths and Amos and Gary and Savage — Daniels was your third best defensive player after Kenny Clark and Jaire Alexander. An argument could be made he should be slotted ahead of Alexander.

    It’s funny, I expected to see Packer fans right away trashing him and, boop, there it is. A special Packer tradition. You guys always verbally tar and feather any player that leaves for any reason other than actual retirement and, often even then. Even when the team cuts them! Shameful.

    Well, one thing for sure, wherever Daniels ends up he’ll be with a better organization and with a team with a better shot at the Super Bowl.

    1. TyKo Steamboat July 24, 2019

      Killer, I actually agree with you 100% even though I think you’re a f**

      All points are about destroying a player out the door as a Packer tradition & the Packers not being better without Mike Daniels are valid. He still has quite a bit in the tank & he was a good player/ leader for our team

      But is all Packers fans need to say is that he isn’t worth the 8.5/10 million dollar cap hit. Thee end

      (Planning ahead for some cap space for Kenny Clark & trading for Melvin Gordon)

    2. KILLER July 26, 2019

      Tyko, fair enough except for the “f**” part. If I was like Piffle I’d tell you to ask your Mom/sister/daughter about that. But I’m not him and not into MILFs either.

      I just think Daniels had a lot of fire and heart and some other players lacking that don’t respect it. I also think his play is far better than his stats due to the 3-4 responsibility and double-teams, two gapping it, etc. I’ve been up front for years on this site as to how I really respect the hell out of Daniels. He would have made a fine Viking. Now, he will be a Lion. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do in a 4-3 one gapping it and facing a single blocker. You know, against the Packers, not the Vikings….

      Daniels vs. Elflein one on one? Jesus sobbed.

    3. PF4L July 26, 2019

      Lonely Boy….Please let me take a moment to apologize for this juvenile name calling. This poster does not represent this website as a whole and it should be acknowledged he clearly crossed the line and his actions have no place here. We welcome everyone here on an equal level.
      I also know what it’s like to be belittled and bullied, I was once told i had Forrest Gump type smarts, in not so many words and it hurt. So yes, i know what it feels like to be victimized and bullied. Thankfully i was able to move on and be myself after 7 weeks of therapy.
      Rest assured, a petition is already being drafted.

    4. PF4L July 26, 2019

      “Well, one thing for sure, wherever Daniels ends up he’ll be with a better organization and with a team with a better shot at the Super Bowl.” – Killer

      Yep, Detroit….You nailed it again!!
      Super Bowl? …Bwhahahahahaha
      Trivia…..If you added up the Super Bowl wins of two of the teams from the NFC North, that number would be zero, What two teams are they?

    5. Howard July 27, 2019

      Killer, I agree Daniels would be a better fit in a 4-3. The problem is the lions base defense with Patricia is a 3-4. Sure, occasionally they will run a 4-3, but seldom. In fact the lions are apt to only use two down lineman than 3. This may actually keep Daniels fresher.
      The problem I see for Daniels is the foot. There are 3 injuries in the NFL that tend to severely reduce athletic ability and shorten careers quicker than others. A neck injury, Patellar tendon rupture, and foot injuries for big men.
      I don’t know how bad or exactly what Daniels foot injury involved, but it did require surgery so it probably involved bones. I’m actually suprised Daniels selected a team that will play on artificial turf most of it’s games. You can be sure one of the reasons Daniels chose a divisional team is showing the Packers they made a mistake.

    6. PF4L July 27, 2019

      I don’t know…I’m thinking other teams were no where near giving him almost 8 million guaranteed. It looked like the Browns didn’t have much interest in him, but then again, they are trying to win.
      The Lions don’t have a lot of confidence in Daniels, as this clearly is a one year prove it deal. The difference is, it seems the Lions were probably willing to pay about double what he would have gotten elsewhere. Which is great for the Daniels family, I blame no player grabbing the cash the Lions gave him, get what you can. Mike and Heaven still have to eat.
      I’m just happy that Green Bay is starting to get rid of it’s dead weight, sans Jimmy G, T Willy.

  6. SCPKRFAN July 25, 2019

    Stats really don’t lie, I like the move give the newer kid a shot. Just my humble opinion of course. And Da Bears still Suck.

  7. Kato July 25, 2019

    My favorite memory of Mike Daniels was when he pissed his pants

    1. Mitch Anthony July 25, 2019

      Beat me to it. Yeah, those tan pants with the retro uniforms.

      Now I liked Mike Daniels just fine. I thought he did his best he could for the Packers and was a great community member. Although folks think he is getting kicked to the curb (meh) the team might actually be doing him a favor at age 30 versus age 31 with more wear and tear on the body. Like others, I too believe this dude still has some gas in the tank and can help the right team – for the right price and in the right situation. His price became too high here, too high for trading and the situation here has changed.

      This move gives him a better chance to find that team that can extend his career a little bit. I hope he lands with a good one and maybe goes deep into the playoffs. He will contribute for someone. Much respect to Mr. Daniels and best wishes going forward. Thanks for being a damn good Packer.

  8. Kato July 26, 2019

    Yeah I mean he was fine. He was a very good player. I think it’s safe to say he put in the work week in and week out. That being said, I struggle to come up with an instance where he came up with a big play in a big spot. He wasn’t the problem in a problematic defense, but I don’t think he did a ton to help influence the defense to be better either. I am not sure that he lived up to the contract handed to him, but then again, a lot of guys that get contracts like that fail to live up to them. In the end, I have mostly favorable memories of Mike Daniels and wish nothing but the best for him.

  9. Jason Parker July 27, 2019

    Ixnay on the agfay please

    1. PF4L July 27, 2019

      I agree, that kind of tomfoolery cannot be tolerated.