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Randall Cobb is Listening to The Cure and Writing Break Up Poetry About the Packers

With opening day just a little more than two months away, Randall Cobb will be wearing a uniform other than the Green Bay Packers for the first time in his NFL career. Cobb, 28-year old veteran receiver, signed a one-year deal to play for the Dallas Cowboys back in March.

He played college football for the University of Kentucky and made SEC All-Freshman team as a quarterback. He transitioned to wide receiver as a sophomore and blossomed into a legitimate NFL prospect as a junior. In fact, he had over 1000 yards receiving and 424 on the ground before declaring eligible for the NFL Draft.

Drafted by the Packers in the 2nd round (64th overall), Cobb contributed 25 catches for 375 yards and a touchdown as a rookie. His production soared to 80 catches for 954 yards and eight touchdowns in 2012. On his way to a stellar 2013, Cobb suffered a broken fibula in week six. His 2014 season was the best of his NFL career, hauling in 91 catches for 1287 yards and 12 touchdowns. Cobb continued solid production the remainder of his time in Green Bay, although last season was limited to six starts and 38 catches due to a hamstring injury.

In a league when the average longevity is less than four seasons, Cobb has already doubled that and to have played eight seasons with one team is also a rarity in the NFL. After 470 receptions, 41 touchdowns and a Pro Bowl appearance, Cobb takes his talents to Dallas, where he will replace Cole Beasley, who signed a four-year deal with the Buffalo Bills in March.

Randall Cobb - Packers vs Vikings

Randall Cobb (18) can’t hold onto a pass against Minnesota Vikings cornerback Mackensie Alexander (20) in the second quarter at Lambeau Field. Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Cobb admits his time in Green Bay was at times disappointing — mainly due to the elusive Super Bowl title, despite being a part of several excellent teams during his tenure. There was also clear frustration at his inability at times to stay healthy and inconsistent production. The fact that the Packers never put an offer on the table to retain Cobb was disappointed and truth is that Cobb’s preference was to remain with the Packers. But the page has now turned to Dallas.

Although it felt strange, awkward and downright weird at first, Cobb feels his transition moving to Dallas is going well. He feels he has become acclimated to the area, developing relationships with his new teammates and working hard at learning a new offensive scheme in time for the regular season.

Of clear importance for Cobb is showing the coaching staff how he goes about his work in practice, presence in the locker room and trying to gain the respect of his new teammates. Reports are that Cobb is already forming chemistry with quarterback Dak Prescott. While that is important, it’s crucial the chemistry moves smoothly from the practice field to regular season action. Of utmost importance for Cobb is to remain healthy. If he does so, he will add another weapon to already solid offensive core group that includes Amari Cooper, Ezekiel Elliott, and Jason Witten.

Cobb notes that the move to Dallas is much the same as breaking up with an ex-girlfriend. Years down the road, you hope you’re in a better situation in your life and you can say that I did it better without you in my life. While he’ll have fond memories with the team that drafted him, he hopes to write even more successful chapters during the rest of his NFL career with the Cowboys and wherever else his NFL path takes him.

Ed Rooney

Just a guy with too much free time trying to help out.



  1. Steve June 30, 2019

    We had broken up for good, just an hour before ump, pah, umpa, pah, pah. They don’t write em like that anymore …

  2. Kato June 30, 2019

    So, let’s say that Cobb goes on to have a big year with the cowboys. Is his declining production the past few years in Green Bay due to Rodgers play declining, or the offense deteriorating?

    1. Kato June 30, 2019

      I would say a little bit of both. Rodgers hasn’t been as consistently good, but obviously McCarthy’s system had gone stale. The thing is Rodgers had almost absolute control of the offense, and it seemed he made a fair amount of the play calls

  3. PF4L July 1, 2019

    So, lets say…..we wait and find out how Cobb does as it’s not far off, before taking more shots on Rodgers. But then again, it’s easier to rip on Rodgers under speculation of the if,.come,,maybe game.

    1. KILLER July 1, 2019

      Such alien punctuation, Piffle!

      There is no reason to wait to rip on Rodgers. He is what he is and we know it and it is what it is. This alleged “stale offense” is, in fact, just Aaron Rodgers calling and doing his own plays. Why did McCarthy run the ball so little last year despite all the success and high YPC? Answer: he didn’t. It was Rodgers calling out of those run plays.

      All you guys bitching about McCarthys play calls and offensive system when you should have been bitching about Rodgers.

      Here is the real deal: If the Packers offense is successful this year it will be because Rodgers is NO LONGER calling the plays. If it unperformed it means he is STILL calling the plays.

      It is truly amazing that Rodgers was bragging — bragging, not humble-bragging — about making those calls. He doesn’t even feel guilty about it or about bragging! Maybe a little about bragging as he did try to convince Packer fans his brag was not a humble brag.

      Cobb’s lack of production I attribute to Rodgers unwillingness to throw elsewhere then the sidelines unless it is a short dump off or screen the last several years. Cobb plays the slot and so “in space”. Same thing for TE lack of production in GB throughout Rodgers’ career.

    2. PF4L July 1, 2019

      What…..nothing about his dog? His woman? His family? His commercials? His old team mates? How he’s a terrible human being?
      Pftt….and i thought you were an Assassin. You’re going soft Princess.
      But i did enjoy the story about bragging vs humble bragging. I always love a good story, could you tell it to us again?

    3. Ferris July 1, 2019

      Rodgers is what he is…a Super Bowl Champion.
      Here is the real deal, this year isn’t the Vikings year either. But Cuz will throw for 4500 yards on an 8-8 team so that is something.

  4. Steve July 1, 2019

    Cobb can not contribute much, if Cobb is not on the football field. Like Nelson, Cobb will be missed. Like Nelson, this could be Cobb’s last year. All football players have a shelf life, this is due in part, to what is called infirmites of aging. Donald Driver was playing back in the day, but them there infirmites of aging got him too, and so then the Packers had to go get players like Cobb, and Nelson to replace him. He is sadly missed also. The Packers are now restocking each year or so, to keep fresh, fast, & talented, young receivers on their roster. This gives the Packers the best odds of winning the big game. 😁 … 🏈
    …🚀 🧀🐀… Cheese is Good !
    Go Pack Go !

    1. Cheese July 1, 2019

      Cobb may be missed because of his locker room presence as a leader, but as far as his on field production goes the dude has been M.I.A. for the past four years while raking in stupid amounts of cash. I guarantee that wont be hard to replace, for a fraction of the cost.
      By the way, I’m more than good. I’m grate ;)

  5. PF4L July 1, 2019

    KILLER July 1, 2019
    Here is the real deal: The Vikings can’t, and won’t win any Championships. Iv’e come to this conclusion that they don’t have it in them. Reality has finally sunk in and i now realize all the people on totalpackers.com were right. I might start my own website about the Vikings and call it “totallosers.com.”.
    I don’t know, maybe i’ll get a life off of my computer someday. But until that actually happens, i guess i’ll just keep trolling a Packers website,
    What more could go wrong? First we sign Favre and he throws a pick (go figure). Then we piss away 3 first round picks looking for the elusive franchise QB. After we fail at that, then we get our asses handed to us by the Eagles. We signed a guy to a fully guaranteed big money contract and then we can’t even get into the playoffs. I’m a lost hurting soul and my heart weeps.
    Maybe the good people at totalpackers.com would adopt me and pretend they want me on their site. Maybe make me feel like i belong. That’s all i ask. I beg you guys, can i be welcomed to your site? I just wanna belong, i just wanna be loved…..somewhere, anywhere.

    1. PF4L July 1, 2019

      Well, i commend you….for finally stepping inside the realm of reality, and also not being too proud to ask for help.
      But……concerning you and this website, if i had to vote……it aint lookin good Sparky.

    2. Ferris July 1, 2019

      But WE…only losers say WE…WE have the miracle the the Chili Dome…man that was some play. Remember when WE won that game?

  6. Kato July 2, 2019

    Everyone speaks about the Packers organization being a dumpster fire.. they look like the Patriots organization when compared to the current contingent of Democratic hopefuls, holy crap. What a disaster. Apparently a new pressing matter is abortion rights for transgender women. They have officially gone off the deep end

    1. Cheese July 2, 2019

      Abortion rights for transgender women… Do they mean women pretending to be men? Or men pretending to be women? Being that these fruitcakes are particular about what you call them I assume that a “transgender woman” is a man pretending to be a woman, which means they can’t fucking get pregnant. And if it was a woman pretending to be a man you’d think she would be focused on trying to be a man rather than trying to get pregnant, which isn’t very manly. Downright ridiculous.

    2. Jason Parker July 2, 2019

      Thank you for that brilliant political commentary.

    3. PF4L July 3, 2019

      Now that’s what i’m talking about….genuine appreciation shown for readers contributing content.
      Well done.

      1. Jason Parker July 3, 2019

        I’m sure he is quite popular at the local klan meetings. Who am I to judge?

        Also, to be fair, Castro is an idiot:


        Everyone is mocking him about it: https://twitter.com/AnaMardoll/status/1144076301030084609

    4. KILLER July 7, 2019

      Kato and Cheese. When ignorance meets prejudice and they try to have an intelligent discussion. Hoowee! How embarrassing!

      You two always step up to confirm the things I think about Packer fans that sometimes I even feel guilty about thinking. Then, you type, and — I’m off the guilt hook!

  7. MMSUCKS July 3, 2019

    Kato, Your comment (and then subsequent comments) quantify many Americans’ TOTAL LACK of reading something and then sorting out what is fact from fiction. This is a good reason why the right wing continues to win despite the fact that they are usually the ones pushing fake news! Further reading to get truthful results would have resulted in you NEVER posting this fallacy. What IS TRUE, is that Julian Castro should have realized that at least half of America is as dense as a post, and therefore UNABLE to realistically and logically sort out fact from fiction . . . Here is a short article EXPLAINING what Castro was talking about. Please TRY to read it. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/women-arent-the-only-people-who-get-abortions_n_5cf55540e4b0e346ce8286d3

    1. Jason Parker July 3, 2019



    2. MMSUCKS July 3, 2019

      Again, that shows YOUR ignorance as well. It is an article WITH FACTS. Facts SHOULD NEVER be discounted because of YOUR inculcated bias from YOUR brainwashing about certain news sources. Remember, keep your eyes and your mind open. ALWAYS question authority.

    3. Mitch Anthony July 4, 2019

      Julian Castro will not make it (NFL wise). His numbers at Davenport University (2017 season, 10 games) were just not that stellar. 508/220 is kinda stout for a P/K, 24 kickoffs with an average of 52.3 yards and only two touchbacks. Not gonna cut it in the NFL. Punted six times against Saginaw State with a long of 45. In those ten games he also missed all three FG attempts and went 9/10 on PAT attempts. Yawn. I don’t even think the last couple years of GM Ted would glance at that.

      This is a football site, right? Julian Castro,…DU Panthers,…football..

  8. MMSUCKS July 3, 2019

    Furthermore, everyone has a responsibility to get as much info as they can to make a responsible choice. More info is always better when getting to the truth . . . according to Media Bias fact check, Huffington Post has a high level of truth. Also, to my disbelief, it was co-founded by Andrew Breitbart! Who (I am MOST certain most of you know) created Breitbart News. Which used to be truthful in the beginning, but is most always fake news now. I wonder if that had anything to do with his death? I will post a link to their truth breakdown as well. First Huffington Post; https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/huffington-post/

    Now Breitbart, which is NOT so stellar; https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/breitbart/

    1. Stiggy July 3, 2019

      Huffpost…..ranting about facts….lol. my favorite huffpost piece was the one about how otto warmbier deserved his fate cause of the myth of white priv.

      You go on sorting out your facts and form your educated views. It will culminate in you standing in a line to pick which one of your two predetermined “candidates” will win. Out of 400 million people… only two institutional parties… pretty easy to stack the deck. Enjoy your sticker champ because that’s all you’re gonna get out of it….that is unless you are a super delegate….but superdelegates dont read huffpost…they are part owners of it.

    2. MMSUCKS July 4, 2019

      Stiggy, Your ignorance shows with immeasurable aplomb. Good data is found everywhere . . . Not just where your narrow-minded inculcated mind has been subtly told it is. Please awaken from your dream before it is too late. When faced with political decisions that are now upon us, please realize that our choices are not always very desirable. With that in mind, I will choose herpes over cancer every time. You will obviously choose someone who wants to join the ranks of “despot”. Let us see how that works out for us. Thanks ahead of time for helping to fuck all of us . . . Open your eyes. Or (which in your case is most likely what you THINK you desire), embrace fascism.

  9. PF4L July 3, 2019

    Lol…WOWZER…that blew up quick. That door has officially been opened.
    One piece of advice to my friend MMSUCKS….Be careful calling JP ignorant, you may wake up one morning and discover your actually a Viking fan (just sayin).
    Tune in at a later time to discover inside information as i disclose my secrets about how i identify sexually and how a change maybe in order and my current concerns going ahead with those changes. I’m an open book people. Talking often helps…just ask Howard, awhile back i helped him kick alcoholism. Most likely saving his life.

    1. Howard July 3, 2019

      And thank you for all your help PF4L. :-)
      I’m glad I read all the comments on this article about Cobb. For a while I thought maybe it was breaking news that Cobb was going to be put on the PUP list by the Cowboys because Cobb was pregnant. From what I have been able to deduce from reliable information at other sites approved of by Media Bias fact check is Cobb is not pregnant.
      We can now all sleep better at night. Everyone have a safe and enjoyable 4th with family and friends.

    2. KILLER July 7, 2019

      While it is true that MMSUCKS has the education, intelligence, and wisdom, and goodness of a Vikings fan I do respect him as a Packer fan or whoever else he wants to be a fan of. It is just too bad there aren’t more Packer fans like him bringing respect to this sad franchise “led” by a bumbling half-GM / number cruncher / brown-nosing power-grubbing trifecta, a youngster coach who’s never done very well at anything, and a QB who has more issue than an entire wing in a mental hospital.

      MMSUCKS, look how Piffle reacted with urgent condemnation once the subject of ignorance comes up. The kryptonite of Packer fans and, especially, most on this site of which Piffle is a shining example. It’s like the dumb kids on the playground desperately making fun of kids that get good grades.

  10. PF4L July 3, 2019

    People!!….please.,,,can we get this place back to a certain amount of decorum? I don’t enjoy
    always having to be the voice of reason in here but……..holy shit.
    In actual NFL football news, a sad day to be sure. Super Bowl winning QB Jared Lorenzen dead at 38. Not sure what caused his death but rumors persist that he got into an altercation at a grocery store with another shopper over the last box of Hostess cupcakes, allegedly.
    Rumor also has it that Zygi Wilf has contacted Jared’s family, offering to buy his Super Bowl ring, allegedly
    R.I.P. Hefty Lefty.

  11. Kato July 3, 2019

    Lol. There is life here after all. Glad I could help facilitate. Sorry, but the Democratic party is on life support. That debate was an utter joke. The breakdown of speaking time was ridiculous. You can tell who the darlings were. Andrew Yang was literally silenced? Sorry, but he was actually the one person there I actually respected. I hate Trump, but hope he wins, I am so sick of these leftists crying daily.

    Very odd the Pillsbury throwboy died at such a young age. Too bad. I don’t think he was the healthiest guy in the world, but there had to be something else up, infections don’t typically kill someone that young just because they are overweight

    1. KILLER July 7, 2019

      Funny you think they are on life support when every one of them polls as beating Trump easily. If they are on “life support” then what is Trump? Dead? Dead in the water? Putin’s orange zombie?

    2. Kato July 7, 2019

      Yeah, polls had Hillary winning by a landslide, I think we saw how that turned out. The silent majority will always show up, and as long as the DNC keeps trouting out radical leftists with insanely expensive socialist programs, they will lose to the orange man. Their only hope is if they have a moderate, in other words Joe Biden.

    3. Kato July 7, 2019


  12. PF4L July 4, 2019

    Well,,,Citing the fact we’re way outside the lines anyway. I want to announce that i’m joining the fight for equality and the disgrace of so many minority’s in prison percentage wise as it relates to other races. I’m making sacrifices for the cause. Just today…on Lake Geneva, we threw down anchor near Big Foot beach. Everyone jumped in the water for some heat relief. Not i, no sir. I suffered in the deadly heat for my new cause, i cracked open another beer, stood up tall up in the bow, and raised my fist. I’m making changes people….deal with it!

  13. PF4L July 5, 2019

    “I don’t see myself as Aaron Rodgers’ backup for the final era of his career,” Kizer told Packersnews.com. “I see myself as a future Super Bowl MVP.”
    “I have all the confidence in the world that when I’m playing my best ball there’s no one who can stop me,” Kizer said.
    Hundley 2.0?

    1. Cheese July 6, 2019

      Lol, just like Hundley doesn’t expect to sit the bench behind the #1 pick of the draft. So delusional… Where the hell does GB’s front office find these guys? Why can’t they be more like Matt Flynn? Know your role and do your job at a mediocre level, along with a few flashes of heroicism. Hundley and Kizer were LITERALLY the two worst QB’s in the league a few years ago when they were both starters yet they talk like they’re the second coming of Dan Marino. Visualizing success is one thing but holy shit. Flynn just sat back, kept his mouth shut, drank beers, and collected millions and he still did a better job than both these ass clowns.

    2. KILLER July 7, 2019

      They got rid of Hundley and gave up on pro bowler Demarius Randall all so that they could get… Hundley again?

      This is why everyone calls him Gute the Bad!

  14. Kato July 6, 2019

    Sorry, I had to incite some discussion here. Never thought I would long for a Mordecai article, but at least we could mock him

    1. PF4L July 6, 2019

      Well…you had to go out of bounds to do it, but considering this place seems to be waiting for last rites, you did what you had to do. I’m down with that.

  15. PF4L July 6, 2019

    In other unrelated…..
    Even though Ben Askren is a local boy and is building a new house about 10 miles from me. Am i the only one praying that Masvidal buts a seriously bad beat down on that boy tonight?

    1. PF4L July 6, 2019


    2. PF4L July 6, 2019

      What happens when your mouth writes checks your body can’t cash?……One knee, 2 punches,
      UFC career over…..5 seconds. Fastest KO in UFC history. That boy dead.
      Ben Askren is survived by his lovely caring wife, Amy.

    3. Kato July 7, 2019

      Can’t say that I ever really got into UFC, not my thing. I take it Askren is the UFC equivalent of Mike Daniels?

    4. PF4L July 7, 2019

      Ben Askren is a world class wrestler. His problem is you need more skills than just wrestling in MMA. You need to be well rounded and versed in Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Karate, etc.

      You can be weak in an area and still be successful, but you need to know more than one discipline.

      Although Rhonda Rousey wise highly successful for awhile before being figured out. Her expertise is Jiu-Jitsu. Then at the height of her running her mouth, she got busted up by a woman (Holm) well versed in boxing and karate. And i mean…she got busted up bad. Came back and got busted up again by Amanda Nunez, then she retired. Safe to say, she stopped running her mouth after the Holly Holm beat down.

      People with big mouths always end up getting exposed sooner or later.. No offence Lonely Boy.

    5. Kato July 8, 2019

      I knew about Rhonda Rousey getting beat, that was a pretty big deal in the sports world. I actually just saw scrolling through my Google news feed, Nunez has some, um, rather racy pictures of herself wearing her title belts and nothing else

    6. PF4L July 8, 2019

      I didn’t see them as i don’t find her very attractive, physically and mentally. But i’m guessing it was photo’s from an ESPN body issue. Rousey did those and i have to say they weren’t bad, not bad at all.

  16. Kato July 8, 2019

    In other news, the trainwreck known as Randy Gregory is applying for reinstatement now following an indefinite suspension levied in February. Thankfully the Packers didn’t take this guy. Football shouldn’t be in this guys thoughts right now, getting personal help should. If he can’t put down the joint in order to make more money than 95% of this countrys population, that points to a pretty large problem. If the league hasn’t already, he should have to seek care at a facility.

    1. PF4L July 8, 2019

      The players know when they are getting tested (once a year), all they have to do is put down the joint for one month out of the year.
      I don’t care what his wonderlic score was, stupid is stupid.

  17. PF4L July 8, 2019

    So….since we have some down time….let me get back to revealing my sexual identity secrets.
    Yes, it’s true. I identify as a woman. Here are my three main concerns before i make the transition.
    1) I can’t do anything until they decide what to do with the bathroom issue.
    2) Will the tax payers pay for it? Why should i have to pay for it, it’s not my fault.
    3) Lets say….i make a full transformation,,,,What do they do with my junk? I mean,
    can they freeze it, and save it to transform back if i change my mind?
    There you have it people, my closet is now ghost free. Any help on these important matters are very welcome and appreciated.
    Thank you for taking my issues seriously

    1. PF4L July 8, 2019

      BTW….i’m sure some of you are wondering what i look like, what i’m about….my vibrant social personality. As with all transgenders, i’m perfectly normal, with the same peace of mind and mental stability as the next person. Here i am in video awhile back.

    2. Kato July 8, 2019

      LMFAO! I know I get into arguments with you at times, but I don’t care who you are, that made me chuckle. I get the feeling we would agree with a lot of things politically (or things made political).

    3. PF4L July 8, 2019

      Listen…as i have shown in that video, i will fight to my death supporting the LGBT Community…and normal people.

  18. Kato July 8, 2019

    Apparently it is said the Packers have heavy interest in Jalen Thompson in the supplemental draft. So now we are potentially going to invest yet another high draft pick (3rd in next year’s draft most likely) for yet another defensive back. These guys better be world beaters. Like, I better see 30 interceptions on the year, no 4th quarter game winning drives, passer rating allowed below 70, good sound tackling with an aggregate of 15 missed tackles by DBs the entire season.

    1. KILLER July 8, 2019

      You guys use half your draft picks on DBs. Truly incredible. Savage this year (1st), Quentin Rollins (2nd), Damarious Randall (1st), Kevin King (top of 2nd), Jaire Alexander (1st), Josh Jackson (2nd), Josh Jones (2nd), Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix (1st). Let me be clear: This is just DBs taken by the Packers in Rd 1 or 2 from 2014 to present – 6 drafts, 8 DBs in 1st or 2nd round. Un-B-Leave-A-Bull ! Plus, throw in a huge FA contract for safety Adrian Amos. All in order to get a well below average secondary!

      It’s funny, GM Rick Spielman of the Vikings gets picked on a bit for taking too many DBs. He’s taken Xavier Rhodes, Trae Waynes, McKensie Alexander, and Mike Hughes in RD 1 or 2 those same 6 years. Four. Let me say it again another way: 4. Sure, I guess you could go all the way back to 2012 when Spielman drafted Harrison Smith….

      So, the Packers took twice as many DBs in the first two rounds of the past 6 drafts and have a poor secondary. Vikings took half as many and have one of the best secondaries in the NFL. Clinton-Dix went to the pro bowl but never should have and was arguably the least deserving pro bowl selection in the entire NFL since Center Jeff Saturday made it for the Packers… after he was benched for poor play. Clinton-Dix. Randall, and Jones all have hard feelings for the Packer organization. Rollins was a wash-out disaster really, and King and Jones look similar. So does Jackson actually. Savage does look like a great pick but the trade up to get him was bizarre and not necessary (whoops! There go two 4th rounders for no good reason at all!) and Alexander could end up being an above average starter but I don’t see any pro bowls for him.

      Meanwhile Harrison Smith, if he retired today, would end up in the Hall of Fame. Rhodes was the top CB one year and All-Pro another year as well. He did have a down year last year with a series of injuries but should bounce back. He’s the kind of guy you can put on OBJ one on one and allow one reception, knock down three passes, and get an interception all on his own island no help. Yeah, that really happened. He also shut down or severely limited in single coverage all game the likes of Antonio Brown and Mike Evans. Mack Alexander is one of the best nickel corners in the NFL. Waynes is one of the best run-defending CBs in the league and plays better every year and is a critical element to our top pass D. Too soon to tell on Hughes who had a bad injury last year but did get in an INT for a TD return his first game. I would have drafted Hughes over Alexander if both were available but the Packers took the lesser player in RD 1 twelve picks in front of the Vikings and traded up for the privilege to do so (whoops! There goes a 3rd rounder for no good reason at all!).

      When the Packers are 3-4 seven games in this year and you wonder why, well, don’t wonder.

    2. PF4L July 9, 2019

      When the queens don’t win a Super Bowl this year, and you wonder why……well….you won’t wonder why because history has taught you better.