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Few things are more cathartic than blasting your coworkers with paint balls to the spine. The Packers are aware of this age old tradition and had some fun on their last day of mini-camp. Luckily, no physical injuries were reported, but I’m sure a few egos took a hit. Unsurprisingly, Matt LaFleur was not much of a factor as he trotted around on his gimp-mobile. He’s probably unofficially banned from team physical activities until he proves himself a few seasons anyway — at least he should be.

The event took place at Commando Paintball Sports in Little Suamico, WI just north of Green Bay. The players were split into 15 teams with Team 1 winning the event consisting of:

WR Davante Adams
LB Oren Burks
K Sam Ficken
CB Kevin King
G Justin McCray
WR Darrius Shepherd
FB Danny Vitale
Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett
Assistant Defensive Backs Coach Ryan Downard

According to a tweet by Danny Vitale, they went 5-0 during the competition:

Packers.com quoted Packers director of player engagement Grey Ruegamer on the event:

“This is team-building. We’re at the end of minicamp, so we wanted to have an event where the guys could still be competitive and get after it, have a little fun. A lot of it is leadership, kind of, in action. You’re getting paintballs shot at you and you’ve got to figure out the course pretty quick. You’re in close quarters. You have a limited amount of time because there’s paintballs flying, smoke grenades. So it’s kind of fun to hear the guys and be in it with them.”

All photos belong to Packers.com

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  1. Kato June 17, 2019

    And there is already at least minor disagreement between Rodgers and LaFleur. Shocking