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Ted Thompson Inducted Into Packers Hall of Fame

Ted Thompson Former Packers GM

July 24, 2017; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers president & chief executive officer Mark Murphy (right) and general manager Ted Thompson (left) lead the board onto the field during the annual Green Bay Packers shareholder’s meeting at Lambeau Field. Adam Wesley/Green Bay Press Gazette via USA TODAY Sports

While a controversial figure among some Packer fans in recent years, former Packers GM (2005 – 2017) Ted Thompson still garners a lot of much deserved respect around the league. This was on display Saturday night when Thompson was formally inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame. Thompson’s physical and mental health appears to be in sharp decline the past few years and it is difficult not to notice. He was allowed to stick around a bit longer than he should have but it is hard to deny his overall net positive contribution to the team’s legacy.

While Brian Gutekunst took over the role of General Manager from Thompson, there is still some debate as to the amount of input and influence he still has with the team. The Packers is a team with a strong legacy and history, but they do not hesitate to drop an aging player from the roster that is no longer producing(maybe with the recent exception of Jimmy Graham for some inane reason). On the other hand, when it comes to management and coaching staff, the Pack can sometimes hold on a bit too long(I’m also looking at you, Coach Tons’o’Fun McCarthy).

Here is a link to the full photo gallery from Packers.com: https://www.packers.com/photos/photos-ted-thompson-is-inducted-into-packers-hall-of-fame

You can view an archive of this site’s posts on Ted Thompson here(Fair Warning: Not much ass kissing going on around these parts): https://totalpackers.com/?s=ted+thompson


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  1. Kato May 5, 2019

    Well deserved. I am not going to hold Mark Murphy’s inability to do his job against him. On the Field Yates tweet, I was take AJ Hawk off of that and pencil in Josh Sitting and TJ Lang. Not to mention signing Sam Shields, Charles Woodson, Ryan Pickett, and Julius Peppers in FA

    1. Ash Paladium May 8, 2019

      Yeah and they let Peppers go when they had nobody to replace him and then he thanks the Packers by racking up over ten sacks that year with the Panthers. Smart move Ted. Murphy and Russ Ball are the virus that bring this organization down. I look at John Lynch over in San Fran and think, now there’s a smart GM. Would never draft a player with a bum shoulder and who gives half ass effort. Why is Kevin King still on this team? He will never be the player he was on college. Its been three years.

  2. Ash Paladium May 8, 2019

    Garbage GM. Drafted one good defensive player, ever. That was Matthews. Mike Daniels is garbage and how many sacks has old Mike contributed? Ted Thompson being inducted into the Hall of Fame but never once built a decent defense. Their defense had been crap since 2010. Thompson wouldn’t budge on free agency and look where it got the team. One title with arguably the best QB in the league. They haven’t taken care of Rodgers either. Haven’t drafted him a first round receiver or tight end and stupidly let his QB coach and Jordy Nelson go. This team has a few great players but hands down, the dumbest front office in the NFL.

  3. PF4L May 8, 2019

    I’ll agree that Ted wasn’t a very good GM overall from 2011 on. But as much as i ripped Ted during that time, to continue doing so would be dancing on his grave, that’s not how i roll.

    As many mistakes as Ted made, he wasn’t going to fire himself (See Mark Murphy).

    So looking back, i can’t keep holding angst toward Ted, that time has now past.

    Ted made some great moves drafting and free agency before 2010. He also one move that took some real balls to make, knowing he was flipping half the Packer fan base on their heads. It took a man to make that move and it ended up paying off big.

    We could show anger toward’s Ted, but i’m going to show respect for the good he did in his first 5 years. My angst is on Murphy, Ted’s boss.

  4. MMSUCKS May 8, 2019

    Good points Ash! Exactly! The brain trust for this team was consistent at one thing, and that was shitting the bed with player procurement. whether that was via draft, free agency or trades. They NEVER surrounded Rodgers with the requisite personnel that was needed (whether it was players or coaching staff) throughout TT’s tenure. Many people SHOULD be held accountable for this. Not just TT “the Frugal GM”, but more importantly, Mark Murphy and his staff that were supposed to help guide the Packers into better talent and accountability than was ever witnessed during the Ted Thompson era. Some people really dropped the ball . . .