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Cole Madison Discusses His Return to the Packers Active Roster

Cole Madison is becoming a bit of a Packer hero and he has not even spent much time playing with the team. I think almost anyone with their own experience playing contact sports can empathize with him and his loss of a close friend to the sport he loves. A right tackle from Washington State, the 2018 5th round pick seemed like a great fit for the team with a lot of positivity around his selection.

The chances of him returning to the team were looking pretty grim until recently when he was added back to the roster. He was mostly silent during his hiatus and avoided media contact. I was surprised by his recent return to the team.

It remains to be seen how the hiatus will impact his health and playing ability. Gutekunst expressed in a recent interview that he feels Madison will fit in great with next year’s scheme. This will likely involve a lot of zone blocking under new coach Matt LaFleur and offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. Madison mentions in the interview that his weight is roughly the same as last year and that his level of stamina is still where it should be.


It feels real good to be back. I’ve taken a year, you know, to get my mind right and get my mental health [right].


As for the Packers’ patience and willingness to work with him through his mental and physical issues:


It just shows, you know, that the Packers are the greatest organization out there in football right now. […] They told me to take my time and get my head right and that’s what I did.


Cole Madison Drilling

Cole Madison (61) drills with tackle Kyle Meadows (72) during Green Bay Packers Organized Team Activities at Ray Nitschke Field. Jim Matthews/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin


We’ve seen how determined the team is to bolster its chances next year by how patient they have been with Cole Madison in addition to the off-season moves for the defense. We certainly need the depth so I know the team is relieved that their patience paid off and he will be returning to the team.

As for Madison’s struggles, we’ve seen how even a tough giant can struggle mentally. There is always help out there for those that seek it. Glad to see Madison back on the right path.

Jason Parker

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  1. Ferris May 5, 2019

    Reporter: “Cole will you please explain your return to Green Bay?”
    Cole:”I was in a bad emotional state…then I was running out of money…so I got over the emotions for the money.”

  2. Ric S Drake May 5, 2019

    He plays offense not defense. Empathize not emphasize. Who writes this stuff, 4 th graders, cause you might have to repeat 4 th grade…

    1. Jason Parker May 5, 2019

      Was too busy making paper airplanes

    2. Kato May 5, 2019

      Lol. I think it is fair to say everyone makes mistakes. It happens.

    3. Ferris May 5, 2019

      Someone doing my job for me.

  3. Mitch Anthony May 5, 2019

    He’s saying all the right things about the organization and he’s saying it with the most sincere appreciation. That, along with his honesty and humility will win him a whole bunch of fans with the Packers. Let’s hope he is in the right and proper condition and he makes the team. The o-line needs him.

    All the best of luck Cole Madison.

  4. SCPKRFAN May 7, 2019

    I have no qualms about a young man seeking the help he needed. His best friend committed suicide and I am sure Cole needed to get his shit right. Good for him, and good for the Packer organization for giving him the time. Hey they gave that felon a chance after prison a few years back.