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Brett Favre and Peyton Manning Were Bros This Weekend

Filming for Peyton Mannning’s ESPN show, Peyton’s Places, Manning and Favre were seen near Lombardi’s former residence and also in Bart Starr’s Corvette[Read more about Starr’s 1967 Corvette Sting Ray here: https://www.wbay.com/content/news/Bart-Starrs-MVP-Corvette-on-display-at-Automobile-Gallery-485579431.html]

You can learn more about the show from this clip:

As part of an effort to commemorate the NFL’s 100th season, the new documentary series will be about touring historic locations and exploring commemorative items that pertain to the NFL. Including Lombardi and Starr in the mix is a no-brainer. Of course, there will be a lot of other cameos during the show’s planned 30-episode run. Also, you can’t have a show with cars in it without Jay Leno(douchebag) sticking his chin in the mix so look forward to that.

Manning recently did an interview about the show with the Associated Press which mentioned that he had some fun with Packer fans in the process:

Also neat, no doubt, was having Manning service motorist’s cars at the Vince Lombardi Travel Plaza on the New Jersey Turnpike. Manning dressed up as an attendant and “would give them a lecture or seminar on Vince Lombardi” while they were gassing up. The customers were given $10 off their bill if they could correctly answer questions about Lombardi.

The show actually looks pretty decent and we know that Manning has a good sense of humor from when he has hosted Saturday Night Live.

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  1. Ferris May 6, 2019

    Speaking of Bert…The NFL Network replayed the 2009 NFC Championship game this weekend. I saw the last few minutes of the broadcast. He still threw that INT on the replay as well. One thing I didn’t know is how badly the Vikes got hosed on a couple calls late in that game…plus on the game winning drive for NO in OT some no name LB dropped a tipped ball easy INT. It was like it was being thrown to him underhand. Good memories.