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Per Bleacher Report, Aaron Rodgers is a Very Intelligent and Talented Diva

Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers 2017

Nov 17, 2017; Charlotte, NC, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) and head coach Mike McCarthy talk during a time out against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium. Jim Matthews-USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

Unless you have been under a rock, there is more McCarthy and Rodgers drama going around after Bleacher Report published a piece called What Happened in Green Bay

The full interview is absolutely full of choice quotes but this one from Greg Jennings stood out to me:

It was 2012, and the Packers were hosting the 49ers when, mid-timeout, cornerback Carlos Rogers playfully asked Jennings why he was running so many short routes.

“You know how it is,” Jennings told him. “Contract year.”

That’s when Rodgers stepped in to say, per Jennings, “You guys should get him at the end of the year.”

Come again?

Jennings walked back to the huddle speechless.

“I don’t think he realizes what he said and the impact that it had,” Jennings says. “Had the shoe been on the other foot and I said, ‘Hey, man, I should come and play with your quarterback,’ he would’ve been so offended by that. But when it comes out of his mouth—and we all know there’s truth behind jokes—for him to say that and just act as though everything was the same? It just wasn’t.”

Following the release of the report, Greg Jennings went on The Herd with Colin Cowherd to clarify his own positions on the matter:

So it shouldn’t be a surprise to most to say that Jennings may have a chip on his shoulder in regard to Rodgers. Even so, his behind the scenes reports on Rodgers/McCarthy drama has been corroborated by other players. Be sure to watch the video above because I feel that Greg Jennings was VERY respectful and considerate towards Rodgers – in fact, it seems quite obvious that he is holding a lot back.

I get it. The guy is good and Packers fans love Rodgers. As a QB, I have nothing but respect for him. As a person, I am not really so sure. Never met the guy but he doesn’t do a great job at making himself seem likeable.

Some may also say ‘Who cares about this drama??’. The problem with that is that this person fails to realize how important the past is to better understand your future. How well do you see LaFleur/Rodgers working next year after these new revelations?

As a Packers fan, it really annoys me how much shit Favre got from the fanbase way back when and now Rodgers mostly gets a free pass(no pun) for being a Grade-A douchebag. With that said, I’d argue Rodgers is the superior QB but skill alone does not equal success in the NFL. It also takes a maturity and humility that Rodgers simply does not possess.

Rodgers shares just as much of the blame as McCarthy for the lull of the last year or two. Shame on both of them and shame on Packers front office for sitting around with their thumbs up their ass while it went down. I think Bleacher Report has set the record straight since sites like this one has laid into McCarthy while blowing Rodgers all the time. Rodgers is an employee. Not a fucking hero. He is an employee of the Green Bay Packers and needs to do what he is told. Period.

Was Green Bay in disarray under McCarthy even though many on the team still respected Rodgers? Absolutely. Does this give Rodgers a free pass to rebel and undermine his authority? No. No, it doesn’t. It also makes it really obvious he is a career athlete and has never worked a real job in his adult life. His spoiled brat naivete really showed through with the McCarthy drama.

Perhaps McCarthy saw this and that is why he wasn’t so impressed with him initially:

Nobody holds a grudge in any sport like Rodgers. When it comes to Rodgers, grudges do not merrily float away. They stick. They grow. They refuel.

No, Rodgers would not forget that McCarthy had helped perpetuate his four-and-a-half-hour wait in the NFL draft green room the year prior. His nationally televised embarrassment. McCarthy, then the 49ers offensive coordinator, chose Alex Smith No. 1 overall. Not Rodgers.

No, Rodgers would not take it as a funny accident.

“Aaron’s always had a chip on his shoulder with Mike,” says Ryan Grant, the Packers’ starting running back from 2007 to 2012. “The guy who ended up becoming your coach passed on you when he had a chance. Aaron was upset that Mike passed on him—that Mike actually verbally said that Alex Smith was a better quarterback.”

Another longtime teammate agrees: “That was a large cancer in the locker room. It wasn’t a secret.”

All this drama can be broken down to just two things: Ego and Poor Communication. I sincerely hope LaFleur has a proper game plan for this next year.

UPDATE: John Kuhn mentioned the situation in an interview and claims that it is mostly blown out of proportion:

Kuhn implies that Jennings is being too sensitive on the issue but does not mention Jennings by name.

The author of the BR article, Tyler Dunne, has done an interview with Bill Michaels:


Jason Parker

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  1. Cheese April 6, 2019

    Free pass… Lol

    “Rodgers shares just as much of the blame as McCarthy for the lull of the last year or two.”
    This past year, yes. The year before, Rodgers missed well over half the season. He only played in 6 full games and was only in the Min game very briefly. Take Rodgers out of the equation and the Packers still sucked, so it’s not like following McCarthy’s rules made a huge difference. Not to take blame away from either of them.

    The year before that, the Packers sucked again and started out 4-6. Then after Rodgers “run the table” comment, they snuck into the playoffs only to have another major embarrassing collapse. Was there a playcalling/ego chess game going on that season too? Based on the comments about Rodgers drawing up a play in the sand right before that sideline pass to Jared Cook you could say it’s possible. Or you could say that it was simply an audible that QB’s are given the option to do.

    1. Jason Parker April 6, 2019

      Gotta remember he didn’t disappear all season in 2017. He was still the de facto team leader and a part of the team.

      This is little hard evidence but a lot of rumor and speculation about Rodgers undermining McCarthy behind his back often.

      1. Cheese April 6, 2019

        It’s possible, but if Rodgers wasn’t the one making decisions on the field as the QB you’d think it would be hard for him to undermine the playcalling without audibles and telling WR’s to ignore their assignments. Hundley isn’t going to make those adjustments. He can’t hit guys on the routes that they’re already running.

        1. Jason Parker April 6, 2019

          Have you tried commenting while logged out and just putting in your name and email? Try an email other than the one in your user account.

          1. Cheese April 6, 2019

            I’ve never logged into any account. I’ve always just used my email and username. I tried to use another email and username but I still got blocked for moderation. It was never an issue until just recent. Am I the only one who hasn’t been using an account all this time? Lol.

  2. Howard April 6, 2019

    Carlos is joking about Jennings running short routes. Jennings is joking back that it is a contract year. Rodgers comes in and playfully says to both maybe the 49ers should pick up Jennings after the year. Rodgers is the only one not joking? Who’s sensitive?

    O.K, or maybe, as it was the first game of the year and Rodgers has heard enough about Jennings not getting a new contract in the preseason, and wants Jennings to focus on the game(s). Maybe Rodgers (teammates?) was/were tired of hearing about it being a contract year, from Jennings and decided to put a stop to it rather than listen to it for another 15+ weeks.

    My biggest comment beside the two about EQ, and MVS was:

    “Right before the Packers announced LaFleur as their new head coach, the source close to the team says Murphy called Rodgers to tell him who they were going with. He didn’t ask for permission—he told him who the choice was. There was a brief pause on the other end of the phone before Rodgers eventually spoke. Murphy made it clear that Rodgers would need to accept coaching. “Don’t be the problem,” he told him. “Don’t be the problem.”

    Whoever’s to blame, Murphy does not want drama engulfing his team again.

    The source close to the team says the president is “tired of the diva stuff.”

    If that is a true quote, then someone in the room with Murphy, or Murphy, made that quote. I guess Rodgers could have made the quote, but I don’t think Rodgers would be involved with the hit piece. Maybe Gute? I doubt that also. How about Ball? Maybe. How about Murphy? Murphy must feel the heat from all he has let go over the years. Now is the time to show everyone Murphy is finally taking control and is in charge. Who in the Packers current organization and was sitting in the room would make that quote, if true, public? If that quote came from someone in the current power structure then that person should have already been dismissed.

    Let the former players, coaches, and scouts say what they want. I can think of several ways an old conversation or situation can be taken out of context, or misremembered. There can also be old wounds that need to be salted. But, for the current team you keep private conversations in the locker room/office private.

    1. Jason Parker April 6, 2019

      Jennings mentioned on Herd that they contact him two months ago about the article so I think it was in the works for a bit.

  3. Big B April 6, 2019

    Maybe McCarthy Massages during meetings were actually in the Packers’ best interest.

  4. PF4L April 6, 2019

    “But raw rookies cannot bust free one-on-one like, say, Jennings or Nelson or Jones.”

    Gee…at least we have some acknowledgement there, from someone besides myself.

    And lets keep it real…slow as fuck Graham, injured and ineffective (3 years running) Cobb couldn’t be counted on as veterans.

    Not to mention, the injured “veteran” Allison. Who has caught a total of 55 passes and 4 TD’s in his career.

    Not exactly the talent field of 2011,2014.

    So are we shocked Rodgers gets frustrated? Gee…what an asshole.

    If the front office did a competant job over the years, this isn’t a story and Tyler Dunne is still a nobody.

    1. Jason Parker April 6, 2019

      No one is upset with Rodgers for being frustrated. It is how he handled that frustration in such a selfish way.

      1. PF4L April 6, 2019

        I’m addressing that in a bit, let me finish reading the article…lol.

        This is the first time i’m reading it, although i’ve been listening to local sports radio the last days discussing it all day.

  5. KILLER April 6, 2019

    The conversation by phone between Murphy and Rodgers leaked to the press. How? Just two ways I can see. One, Murphy went around telling people about it — how he has tried to set Rodgers straight (no pun intended). Or, two, it was Murphy himself in order to make himself look more alert, on top of things now, and maybe even to put it out there in public — any issues are on Aaron from here.

    If Aaron is what he seems to be — insecure, egotistical, petty, a head case — then Murphy doing this is actually pretty damn smart. It is likely the only way to get Rodgers to even try to think outside himself. He will look bad if he does not toe the line and so, therefore, he will toe the line to serve himself.

    Pretty smart move, Mark Murphy! We’ll see how well your Aaron manipulation works the next couple years. If it works then, congrats, you are smarter than Aaron Rodgers and Aaron never thought anyone could be!

    So, kudos to Jason and this article. I have to admit, two days into the report and there wasn’t a thing on this site and I began to believe the site actually had been bought by the Packer org and this “Jason” was a pseudonym for “Packer org media lackey”.

    However, I will say your title is inaccurate. Bleacher Report never said Rodgers is very intelligent, only that he thinks he is and does not respect anyone he thinks he is smarter than. A major problem because he thinks he is smarter than EVERYONE. So he respects NO ONE.

    Also, Bleacher Report made it pretty clear Rodgers being a “diva” was not the central issue. Most teams have at least several of those. That title really minimizes the truth. They made it clear Rodgers is a jerk and a psycho. A nut who can’t take any criticism and holds a grudge for the very least offenses FOREVER.

    The story about McCarthy and the massages could well be true. However, it sounded like at least one player said the only way they knew about that was from what Rodgers said. It could be a total insidious lie by Rodgers in order to undermine McCarthy. It would be in keeping with his personality. Of course, McCarthy getting a massage in private from a female staffer on Packers time would likely also be in keeping with McCarthy’s personality.

    It also pointed out how cruel Rodgers was to rookie receivers. For instance, forcing other receivers to pick on Jeff Janis. And also how the lack of run game to a good extent is due to Rodgers changing those plays to pass plays in order to pad his own stats. Anyone who complained about McCarthy not using the run game enough or correctly needs to reassign that blame to Rodgers.

    So, your title was wrong and did gloss over matters and you did skip a lot of the worst. But, you did not attack Bleacher Report or the credibility of the article and all the dozens who contributed or made statements. You did not try to totally whitewash it. You’re not a Rodgers cleat licker. (Say cleat licker a few times and it sounds profoundly dirty….) So, kudos to you.

    Not sure how you guys can cheer for a guy like Rodgers after this. Wait, let me guess, just attack me and pretend the truth about Rodgers is just lies. Yeah, I’m sure that will be the ticket for many of you. Go ahead, attack away. Your idol will be so proud!

    Is this why so many Packer fans are the way they are? Has Rodgers’ influence reached out and impacted their souls, diminishing said souls, shrinking them?

    I see you over there in the corner, Piffle!

    1. PF4L April 6, 2019

      Lonely Boy….

      Deciphering the truth is not easy. It’s a complicated process using common sense and objective thinking. It’s the deep end of the thinking pool, stay in the shallow end and stop drowning yourself.

      It isn’t done by using immature imagination to fit a comic book narrative. Nobody respects that, which is why you are largely ignored and unwanted here.

      Your time may be better spent studying up for your GED exams and concentrating on not forgetting the extra ketchup and napkins in the bag. Nobody here wants to see you lose your job.

  6. PF4L April 6, 2019

    That’s where Jennings and Finley see a stark difference in Rodgers. He is not accountable. “He’s not a natural-born leader,” Finley says.

    Dunne states he’s talked to a bunch of coaches, team mates, scouts, etc. But the truth of the matter is Jennings and Finley are the two most prominent sources in this article.

    One who caused problems when he was on the team, and after. One who was pissed off Rodgers didn’t fight for him to be re-signed and was fiercly bitter about it post Packers. So you had 2 biased sources with an axe to grind. Example ….Rodgers got all this money, and “i was broke as fuck” said Finley…Waa Waa Waa….

  7. Stiggy April 6, 2019

    Rodgers may be everything the article says… I don’t care. He is the best qb in the nfl. All the greats are assholes….shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    None of this matters when they are winning . Murphy letting his gm continue to operate with alzheimers nullifies any good I’ve personally tried to look at.

    To steal another posters mantra….

    B R O K E N

    1. Jason Parker April 6, 2019

      He is by far the most talented in the league

    2. Howard April 6, 2019

      Right after Packers football, my next favorite sport to watch is NFL football. After that is NHL hockey. I always liked a goal tender named Patrick Roy. He really appeared to be an asshole, but he was an important part of Montreal winning a couple of Stanley cups. Their last being in the1993 season. Two years after, in 1995 some dumb fuck coach decided he was going to try embarrassing Roy by leaving Roy in a game that Roy was struggling, only to try to embarrass Roy. Roy left the game and immediately told the team president he would never play another game for Montreal. Maybe that was selfish and being a asshole, but Roy was correct and was traded to Colorado. Roy won 2 more Stanley Cups with the Avs. The Canadians have not won since.

      If Murphy made the statement attributed to him public, to try and give Rodgers an attitude adjustment I would not hold it against Rodgers to want to be traded. Murphy may want to watch out though, because Rodgers is a lot more important to the Packers than Murphy.

      I have not seen anything from the Packers addressing the comment attributed to Murphy. I wonder why they have not tried to address it already. Are you a dumb fuck Murphy (I already know) or are you going to correct the article?

      1. PF4L April 6, 2019

        The Packers don’t address things. That’s the Packers way.

        If Murphy did say that, and i’m not saying i believe he did. I think it’s fairly ironic as the bottom line was, Murphy was the root of the problems.

        Rodgers should have said that to Murphy about 4-5 years ago.

  8. PF4L April 6, 2019

    Ok….here’s part of the problem…

    “Of course, it comes to a head, and what does he want to do?” says a source who was once close to Rodgers. “He wants to cut him out of his life, just like he cut his family out.”

    Cut his family out? Who says that? I’ll tell you who….Someone who has personal angst and hostility over someone. Maybe that’s not someone you want anchoring your article if your trying to write an objective story.

    1. Howard April 6, 2019

      Dunne wasn’t trying to write an objective article. Dunne was just trying to make it look objective, otherwise Dunne would have quoted/ contacted players such as James Jones, Charles Woodson, etc., or at least said they did not want to comment.

      1. PF4L April 6, 2019

        My thoughts exactly, that i didn’t put in print. Everyone should listen to James Jones comments on the situation.

        It is what it is, Dunne got himself noticed, Jennings is doing the talk show tour again, everyone’s happy…lol

          1. Cheese April 7, 2019

            One could listen to Jordy as well.


            The day I take anything Jermichael Finley says seriously is the day that… well sorry, it’s not gonna happen. Finely was talking about Rodgers and said-“It’s crazy to say, but I played with the guy for 6, 7 years, and I had to gain my trust by running the right routes and knowing the plays. It’s crazy.”

            CRAZY… How dare Rodgers expect his players to know the plays and run the right routes. Who the fuck does this guy think he is? Why can’t everyone run wherever they want like during 6th grade recess? Oh wait, isn’t that kind of how it went last year?

          2. Kato April 8, 2019

            Yeah, James Jones is highly objective. It is because of Rodgers he has a job with NFL network. He is Rodgers mouthpiece. If you are going to question how objective Finley and Jennings are, it is fair to question JJ.

            If you want to cite Woodson, also remember he is quoted as “loving McCarthy.” Just saying.

          3. PF4L April 8, 2019

            However, Driver added that “no one knows exactly what happened between those two. I didn’t see anything during the season; I didn’t see anything after the season.

  9. PF4L April 6, 2019

    I also think it should be noted that Jennings hasn’t been in the Packers locker room since 2012. Finley since 2013. Read into that however you want, preferably intelligently.

    Nearing conclusion…..How about someone write about the dysfunction in upper management over the years.

    Uppermanagement? What do they have to do with it PF4L? Every fucking thing.

    ” Murphy is now wielding his power as de facto owner.”

    “Right now, Murphy’s in charge, and he cares deeply about the product on the field.”

    Interesting…seems to me that Murphy was in charge when the wheels stated falling off since the Seattle game, but what did he do…….nothing, Nothing as usual the following years as the team regressed. Until he HAD to be told to fire Ted in 2017

    Now, all of a sudden….Murphy cares deeply of the product on the field? GTFO with that stupid shit. He cares because the team needs a leader, and he has been MIA. And now that he decided to be a leader, after one year under his full power, the team regressed yet again.

    The heat isn’t on Rodgers or LaFleur people. The heat is directly on Murphy and Gute.

    Who is the one person ultimately responsible for the success or failure of a NFL team? Is it the QB? The Head Coach? The beer vendor? The 3rd shift custodian? The Owner/President?

    1. Cheese April 6, 2019

      “How about someone write about the dysfunction in upper management over the years.”


      I’ve thought about doing it myself and titling it “What the Bleacher Report Forgot to Mention”

  10. PF4L April 6, 2019

    In conclusion……

    Yes Jason, Rodgers was/is part of the problem as i’ve been acknowledging, He is not immune from guilt.

    Now…lets bring up the word dysfunction and where it may have started.

    Dysfunction on this team was rooted from unaccountability from the very top. which slowly and surely worked it’s way down to players and coaches. Nobody had to answer to anyone.

    It’s just that simple. If you can’t hold people accountable, you will win nothing, you will regress to the point you will have to find someone to “blame”. Or as i call it, the ugly way of pretending your holding someone accountable using the “fall guy” method. That system rarely works as the fall guy is rarely the root of the problem. You can find a fall guy for a few years, but then it catches up to you, and before you know it, the team ends up 6-9-1 and the light shines on the last guy standing.

    Enjoy your time under the spotlight Mr. Murphy. The circus isn’t any fun anymore is it?


    1. Stiggy April 6, 2019

      Did you at least appreciate the part of the article that stated “Rodgers called Mccarthy a Buffoon”. It made me think rodgers has been lurking around here a bit haha.

  11. PF4L April 6, 2019

    Not really. If he did call him that i think it’s unprofessional, plus i just refuse to believe everything printed in a article like this to be the truth on it’s face. To that extent, i even question the massage story.

    Sometimes things brought up years later can easily be taken out of context. Maybe McCarthy was late and someone joked that he was getting a massage, Then one or two people hear it…then it’s spoken as fact he was getting a massage. That’s why these articles to me are bullshit. Plus, given the main sources are people with an axe to grind, even after all these years.

  12. Empacador April 6, 2019

    Couple things. Favre was and is a colossal douchebag diva. Never forget that even while he hides behind his old and gray good ol’ boy facade today. 6 INTs in a playoff game? Aw shucks, just trying to do whatever to win. Decide to show up for training camp after retiring for the 6th time and not getting his way? Let’s go scorched earth and publicly root for Packer opponents (see this for a refresher http://www.chicagonow.com/bearssth/2010/12/brett-favre-rooting-for-the-bears-to-beat-the-packers/) or give intel to them (Lions before a game https://totalpackers.com/2008/10/brett-favre-who-me/). Need a definition of what a true Packer fan is? No problem he got you covered in that department too (here is a reminder https://totalpackers.com/2009/09/what-brett-favre-told-packers-fans/). Whose petty and vindictive? The original Packer diva should not get a pass as he was trying to not only fuck over the Packers but by extension the fan base as well.

    There are still a lot of homers out there who are more than willing to look the other way for Favre singlehandedly pissing away a metric shit ton of games all in the name of being like a kid out there and having fun. Who can forget his last play as a Packer, forcing the ball to the only guy on the field that was covered in OT against the Giants in the NFC championship game because the old man was cold?

    Rodgers is a diva. No question. Anyone who questions Rodgers and his intelligence needs to have their intelligence questioned. Rodgers is defeating astronauts on “Jeopardy!” while Lord Favre didn’t even know what the nickel defense was. Rodgers has a massive boulder on his shoulder no doubt. And he has changed though the years. Who remembers Rodgers when he became the starter and would routinely hit 9, 10, 11 different receivers in a game? Somewhere along the line we started hearing about Rodgers not throwing to receivers who hadn’t earned his trust. His antics on tv (nice fucking call!) don’t always have the best optics. His death stares at his linemen or receivers get kind of old like the receivers always looking for flags gets old as well. Especially in light of Rodgers changing plays and putting rookie receivers in a position to pick sides between Rodgers or McCarthy. The NFL is hard enough without needing that kind of drama to start your career.

    But I’ll take the guy that wasn’t a drunk and drug abusing, known womanizer around Green Bay 100 times out of 100. I’ll take the guy that put his team in a position to win time and time again even though the defense or special teams collapsed, and didn’t cost his teams playoff game after playoff game by throwing ill timed interceptions and through careless, sloppy play. I’ll take the guy that didn’t hold the fan base hostage for like 6 years with his will-he-or-won’t-he yearly retirement antics. Did Rodgers demand his own locker room wing yet?

    1. stiggy April 7, 2019

      My sentiments exactly. Only thing i would add is… people shouldnt be “shocked” the greats are hypercompetitive… over sensitive jerks.

      Michael Jordan…literally talked shit to his HIGH SCHOOL coach during his HOF induction for the NBA because he didnt start him on varsity as a sophmore.

      Brady has berated coaches on the sidelines his fair share of times.

      Big Ben has called other players out time and time again.

      What upsets me the most about this article (besides the shit upper management anecdotes) is the packers fans cognitive dissonance to rodgers being “the second coming of jesus”.

      heres my limitus test…. swap mccarthy for lovie smith in this article… rodgers for cutler…and thompson for the i forget his name asshat gm of the bears before pace… and your average packer fan would be guzzling this story down by the gallon.. memeing it across the internet for all to see, and continuing to perpetuate the “cutler is a whiny pussy” non sense.

      Fact is Jay cutler was beloved by his teammates…played after being absolutely beaten and battered more than any qb in the league… and kept getting up for more. He had moments of bad body language..and a bit of petulance on the field… but all in all the guy was a professional. He literally acted no different than Aaron rodgers on the field.

      Its very strange how throwing footballs really well can blur peoples perception of your behavior. Ill take 12 as our qb any day… even if every word in this article is true. But i will not pretend he is anyone I would want to be friends with… and he wouldnt want to be friends with me either.

  13. Deepsky April 6, 2019

    No one is ever going to get Rodgers to play within a scheme, especially LaFluers scheme. I give it about 6 games of attempting to run play action with games filled with three and outs and a losing record before Rodgers shows his disdain for the play calling.

    McCarthy was a worse coach than I thought. However, by giving Rodgers freedom, it at least got the Packers a Super Bowl and playoff wins. McCarthy’s scheme worked pretty well when the Pack had 4 starting receivers.

    Rodgers is no where near his prime anymore. Murphy isn’t a football guy and now he’s over controlling.

    I predict by 2020 Rodgers will be talking trade and Murphy may be forced to fire sale him.

  14. Woodbury April 6, 2019

    Murphy has been so busy worrying about land acquisitions and building an amusement park that he forgot he had a football team to run. Someone needs to tell Mark Murphy not to be the problem. Ted Thompson, Don Capers and Mike McCarthy stuck around way to long, and all of the blame for that rests on his shoulders directly. I could give two shits that Rodgers is an asshole. I do, however, care that he has not had the proper talent around him for years.

    1. PF4L April 7, 2019

      Wait just a G D second here….

      Are you trying to tell me the President of a NFL team is in anyway responsible for the operations and well being and the health of football operations?

      You might want to e-mail Bill Micheals ( former Packer employee) and share those thoughts, because according to him, Murphy’s job is only the business end, and he is doing a fabulous job.

      But then again, Micheals has defended Ted the last 4 years to no end, and would blast (i mean blasted) anyone who thought he should be removed. Then…..after he was removed, of course he now is of the camp that it was the right move.

      To that end, Micheals would also defend McCarthy to no end, even more vigorously, and would blast the shit out of anyone who spoke ill of McCarthy. Explaining that he’s drank beers with McCarthy and that he was a really nice guy. The base line for grading job performance according to Bill apparently.

      But 15 minutes rarely passes where he isn’t blaming Rodgers for all that is wrong with the Packers.

      What’s Rodgers biggest sin? Let me tell you….

      Rodgers biggest sin, is that he could no longer carry a largely talentless and dysfunctional team on his back and into the playoffs to save everyone’s job like he’s done for years.

      During this process Ted got exposed, McCarthy got exposed, and currently Ted is being exposed.

      When i said 5 years ago that those boys should thank Rodgers for job security, i meant it.

      Here’s how phony Micheal’s is….he’s been going off on Rodgers for the last 2 days because of the Dunne article.
      But all he’s done in the past is blindly support upper management.

      Then…i hear him say this on the radio Friday…..”We’ve been talking about the dysfunction with the Packers the last two years.” …seriously Bill?

      Why do i listen? It’s the only Sports talk show in town and i don’t need to hear Stairway to Heaven for the millionth time.

      1. Stiggy April 8, 2019

        I agree with everything besides “Ted was exposed”. I genuinely believe Ted’s health issues undid him.

        You dont go from drafting the likes of nick collins… finley…lang/sitton… etc… and just “forget what good players look like”.

        There were anecdotes in this article pointing out Ted was sleeping mid meeting by the end of his tenure. People with serious health issues often times dont recognize how poor of a performance it is causing..its part stubbornness and part denial they are deteriorating.

        I witnessed my grandfather..a life long attorneys office go to absolute shit when his health started to fade as his age caught up to him.

        Unfortunately he didnt have someone to tell him to quit..or force him to quit.

        The more I think about that the more derelict Murphy appears.

        1. PF4L April 8, 2019

          I believe that also Stig, But the reason, doesn’t change the fact.

          That’s a hard thing to watch Stiggy, from someone who know’s, but that’s when they need you the most.

          I was saying literally years ago, that Ted was losing it and Murphy is sitting back doing nothing. I believe that Murphy’s heart and loyalty were in the right place. But this is a business, with hundreds of thousands of fans. You can’t keep someone at their job as they weaken the team….just because…. you like him. So as this team fails and regresses, all he has to do is look in the mirror for the source

          That’s why i always say Murphy was guilty of dereliction of duty. But then he also says, whatever he does, he does it in the best interest of the Packers. So to me, that also makes him a liar. He was clearly M I A.

  15. PF4L April 6, 2019

    In General…..I love how a lot of the talk is about…Can Rodgers work with LaFleur? Will Rodgers work with LaFleur or go his own way?

    Before LaFleur was hired, remember all the talk?…Can Rodgers work with this guy, that guy?,,,etc.

    Like Rodgers is a coach killer?….lol

    The guy worked with one head coach/playcaller his whole career, and he’s 35. People act like he’s gone through 4 or 5. He’s with a guy for 13 years and they should never show any disagreement, never look at each other funny, Never ever throw any shade. Well i’ll say this, welcome to the real world.

    Lets not act like McCarthy and Rodgers never got along, or that Rodgers was never coachable. It’s funny how a team would give a guy 300 million dollars of contract money, that can’t work with people.

    Did Rodgers get tired of the stale offense and the refusal to be innovative? He sure as hell did. who is blaming him? Knowledgable fans have been bitching about same thing for a long time. Couple that with shit poor player acquistion, piss poor upper management. Personally, everything considered, i think Rodgers held it together pretty good.

    The coach and the QB are in a marriage, that’s just the way it is. Sometimes one gets tired of the other. Sometimes they fight. sometimes they get a divorce.

    Maybe some NFL expert talking heads, and some Packer fans think those two should never fight, never display anything but love, and never get divorced.

    Well….here’s a box of tissue’s….welcome to the real fucking world.

  16. Mitch Anthony April 7, 2019

    The Tyler Dunne piece confirmed a whole lot of things we all (on TP) kinda knew. The added details maybe make it all seem much worse. The bulk of this hot steaming mess is in the lap of management and the BOD. The next big chunk was the responsibility of the HC and he’s gone. If this piece was going to come out, I’m glad it came out now instead of, around Labor Day maybe.

    The Rodgers revelations are what many of us expected, maybe a little more. I mean, if Alex Smith is living between your ears rent-free for over 13 years, it might be time for a Dr Phil moment. Find a new chip for your shoulder at least. But as Empacador pointed out in his post above, I’d still take Rodgers the QB any given day too. He is the best chance for this team to win on game day. I also think, the black-balling of players (like Janis) and the putting young receivers in difficult situations with coaches was a bit unforgivable. Your job as a teammate is to help these people succeed. If they don’t perform up to standards or are surplus to the team, that’s on them.

    Rodgers is a de facto leader because of his tenure, position within the team, and his accomplishments. He maybe didn’t completely embrace leadership entirely as it came to him because he really doesn’t seem to want to be a leader in every sense. That’s his personality, it is how he is hard-wired. He focuses intensely on himself, he works very hard, and he doesn’t always accept that everyone else doesn’t do the same. His example is enough. He wants others, like coaches, to get in the faces of the youngsters and tell them to put down their cell phones and video game controllers and focus on football. He just doesn’t view that as his job but he gets pissed at them and he is passive aggressive when dealing with them. You see it in the looks, the body language, and the edgy little digs. That’s his way and his coaches and the HC should know and understand that because it is their job to manage all these personalities. The guys who he liked never seen him as the dick that others did because they were mostly high level performers like him. That doesn’t mean the other stuff wasn’t true, it was just the observations of others.

    I remember watching a presser where Rodgers was speaking glowingly of Adams and calling him “Tae” and referring to Cobb as “Randall” and then just flippantly saying something like, “83 caught a couple balls too, and so did 19.” I thought, what a prick. Maybe he views that as a way to motivate those guys but most people who can teach you about leadership would also be rightfully critical of the tactic. But, he’s 35 and this life is all he has known. Not like he’s a had to attend HR meetings, inservices or leadership seminars throughout the years. I doubt that he gets sat down for his annual employee eval where the point would be discussed with him. Hey Aaron, some of your co-workers think you’re hard-on with teeth, a real dick. No, his eval now just happens to be a piece written by one Tyler Dunne.

    A little humility would go a long way with a personality like this. Usually that means just accepting some blame for a mistake here and there and not always pointing the finger at the others. Those (like him) who often overdose on vitamin “I” need to sometimes be reminded – you may just be the smartest person in the room, but you’re not smarter than the room. That usually means when the room puts their collective heads together they can come up with ideas and solutions just as well, or better, than you do. That’s what a good coach, staff, and team can do together. Matt LaFleur’s job is not impossible and if he really is that right, people person, he might have a good chance at figuring this out.

    1. PF4L April 7, 2019

      Rodgers could use a bit of humility in his personality, i’ll give you that. But who among us doesn’t have faults? WHO?

      If Rodgers has a bad game, he gets blasted. If he doesn’t save this team, he gets blasted. If he forgets, or doesn’t give credit to somebody….he gets blasted. His body language gets blasted. Look at the photo above….Look at McCarthy bullying Rodgers. That shit don’t fly in today’s world does it? Isn’t Rodgers now a victim? “. Too many victims these days.

      Player X: “Rodgers yelled at me for not being in the correct spot..waa waa waa waa.” Proof Rodgers can’t get along with people, i think i’ll write an article.

      Has it ever dawned on people, that they expect him to be perfect on and off the field? And if he isn’t, people want their pound of flesh. What’s next…..we nitpick and disrespect the shit out of his women? OOPS….too late.

      After 13 years of working with McCarthy, i think it’s safe to assume McCarthy passing him over is old news.

      Finley or Jennings, said that Rodgers isn’t “as smart as he thinks he is”. That’s funny, because we hear from countless people how smart he is, even described as the smartest guy in the room. I’ve listened to that cat for a long time, he is mad smart.

      Don’t blindly believe everything you read Mitch

      Some of you spoiled fucks don’t even know what you have, because you’ve had it for so long, maybe before some of you were even born. You don’t know any better.

      Tyler Dunne smelled blood in the water, so he found two sharks as sources. He’s currently enjoying his 15 minutes of Jerry Springer fame and he has about 2 minutes left.

      Just because Goodell is pussifying the game. Doesn’t mean some of you have to put on skirts and whine like little bitches.

      Little harsh?…You’ll live.

      Listen…i gotta bounce..i have to go practice being a perfect human being.

      1. Mitch Anthony April 7, 2019

        The faults, or the strengths and weaknesses, are what people on that team should be smart enough to see and deal with. But they weren’t. I said in the second paragraph that I’d still take Rodgers the QB any given day.

        I don’t expect him, or anyone to be perfect. I’m not a poster who ever went down the road of the girlfriend BS, or the gayness BS, or the family BS. When Jason took this project over I was one who complimented him for not going down the road of the TMZ type BS. This is team related stuff.

        My point was that it just isn’t in his personality to be that all encompassing leader that so many expect. Accept it but it is something a good organization would plan around and deal with. Find other leaders and the coaches need to do their jobs. I can accept aloof and the prickly, and that is something I can see for myself. Not like I said sociopath or anything that severe but just acknowledge the quirks and deal with it was my point. This is not the QB version of Richie Incognito.

        I was born in the early 60’s. My first cognitive football memories were at the end of the Lombardi era. Oh, I know what the team has and that is why the Dunne piece pissed me off so much. So much wasted since 2010. Such a talent wasted. Such opportunity gone and maybe never to return in our lifetimes. That part, that’s harsh. You ain’t harsh.

        1. PF4L April 7, 2019

          My apologies Mitch…The only part of that post directed at you was the short first paragraph. which was all i was going to write.

          But then my green and gold passion takes over and the thought’s in my brain detour around it’s filter and head straight to my fingertips.

          Apparently, Rodgers is going to be getting some therapy so it’s all good.

  17. Kato April 7, 2019

    Lmao at all these people with their heads in the sand. Rodgers is a sociopath. Yeah, this team is a dumpster fire and it starts at the top. Murphy is inept.

    Rodgers is a large part of the problem. He has issues. I don’t give a shit how talented he is. This guy has had strife with so many people around him. His family, past teammates, coaches. You can’t win with a cancerous personality like this in your locker room. Name another elite QB in the league that has had these sorts of problems with coaches and players. Brady? Sure he has been seen arguing with Josh McDaniels, it never amounted to much. Any former teammates badmouth Brady? Nope. Brees? Nada. Peyton Manning? No. Phillip Rivers? Nope. No one badmouthed Joe Montana. Ditto for Dan Fouts, Jim Kelly. Point is, where there is smoke, there is fire. Say what you want about Finley and Jennings. Jennings just made up that comment Rodgers made? Sorry, but I side with Jennings in that situation. Team leaders/QBs should not make comments like that. But yeah, cling to Rodgers. Let me know how that works out for you

    1. Kato April 7, 2019

      I also happen to remember Driver not having a favorable opinion of Rodgers

      1. PF4L April 7, 2019

        Show us

          1. Kato April 7, 2019


          2. PF4L April 7, 2019

            Lol…that’s it? That old news. A little snippet of him trying to explain what
            Jennings meant 6 years ago?

            What?….Rodgers didn’t take responsibilty for the receivers running the wrong routes so as Driver put it “They don’t look bad”? That?

            That’s Driver not having a favorable opinion about Rodgers Kato? Gee, lets read further……..

            However, Driver added that “no one knows exactly what happened between those two. I didn’t see anything during the season; I didn’t see anything after the season.

            Jennings is still pissed that Rodgers didn’t go to bat for him to keep him on the team. Most….Packer fans already know that though.

            Jennings didn’t run many (if any) wrong routes, nor did Driver.

            Good job Kato….oops, i meant Jason.

          3. Cheese April 7, 2019

            I respect Driver but that whole thing is stupid. Jennings messes up a route and Rodgers is supposed to go around lying about it, saying that he told Jennings to change routes so Jennings can feel good about himself? And if he doesn’t he’s not a leader? Insecure much, Greg? What a load of crap. Is this the part of the Packer Way where the guy who shows up prepared every week and has to know ALL of the routes in a play is supposed to take the blame of the WR who couldn’t remember his one route?

            So if Rodgers “tells” Jennings to run a different route and then he throws to the original route, then Rodgers has to go around looking like an idiot who forgot his own “so called plan?” If it was a one time thing to protect some self conscious rookie that’s learning the system, sure, whatever. “Leadership.” But the way Driver makes it sound is that this was a continual thing. So Rodgers is supposed make shit up every time someone makes a mistake so he can protect their feelings? Fuck accountability, Rodgers needs to be a leader!

            Yes, Rodgers has flaws like every other human and he’s not opposed to admitting that. I’ve heard him in press conferences plenty of times saying that he missed throws, etc. Yet, now he’s supposed to take the blame for every guy on the field that can’t remember their assignment? Just because Rodgers is smart doesn’t give other guys a pass to be unaccountable.

            So let’s get this straight, Jennings was mad at Rodgers for not lying and saying that he told 85 to switch routes in order to protect Jennings feelings. With this recent bleacher report article everyone is up in arms over Rodgers because he actually did tell one of the rookies to switch to a go route. Just because you have someone switch routes before a play doesn’t mean you’re trying to sabotage the coaching staff. It happens all the time. It’s part of football. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

            For as much as everyone gripes over Rodgers for not being a “team guy,” those same people expect him to play at MVP levels week in and week out, carrying this team on his back for years all while receivers can’t even admit to running the wrong route? Better kick this loser to the curb and get Deshone Kizer under center. It’s our only hope.

    2. Kato April 7, 2019

      Rodgers is the most talented QB I have ever seen play. That doesn’t make him the best. So much more goes into being the best and Rodgers doesn’t get it. He can make all the throws. He can make everyone else around him look better. He is an incredible athlete. None of that means anything if you can’t get your team to rally around you, to fight for you, respect you as a person. Not just as a player. I respect him as a player, but as a person, that I can’t give him that based on what a lot of people have said. Actions speak louder than words. Everything from fractured relationships, to his demeanor suggest sociopathy

      1. Empacador April 7, 2019

        If Rodgers hadn’t been making up for the sins of others around him not performing their jobs for the 8 year playoff run, how much of the blame would you place on him based on everything else that has been reported on Rodgers Kato? It wasn’t that long ago you were still defending McCarthy and claiming McCarthy was responsible for the player Rodgers became. Rodgers is still in Green Bay. McCarthy will be fortunate to coach again, but I doubt he has anywhere near the “success” he had in Green Bay.

        My comment above earlier was because Jason mentioned it seemed like Favre was being shit on while Rodgers got a free pass. I merely recapped why Favre was and will always be a piece of shit who deserved what he got. How does Favre compare to Rodgers since actions speak louder than words in your book? And I mean all of it, from a human being to a football playing diva. What’s your take?

        1. PF4L April 7, 2019

          Empac….I’m not so sure that McCarthy will ever be a head coach again. He’s damaged goods.

          As a matter of fact if we wait for a few more comments, we’ll be reading that it’s Rodgers fault.

      2. PF4L April 7, 2019

        Can you believe that guy? Rodgers can’t even get along with his family!! I don’t know about you but i’m going to judge him on that even though i have know clue about his family relationship. What a scumbag!!

        So in fairness, should we then hold his family in contempt and issue judgement on them in turn because it takes two? Or should we just be happy belittling Rodgers and laying judgement on him?

        Kato….where did you get your degree in analyzing and diagnosing mental disorders? Google University?

        1. Kato April 7, 2019

          I am college educated, which you obviously aren’t. I took a few courses in psychology because it was an interesting subject to me. A few of my best friends have PhDs in psychology and are professionals and we discuss the subject all the time. I don’t need to prove myself to somebody on an internet message board though.

          You can believe whatever you want, I honestly don’t give a shit. I am just saying the guy has burned quite a few bridges with teammates, family, and friends apparently. He effectively divided the locker room against the coach. Name another QB that has done that. I will not hold my breath

          1. PF4L April 7, 2019

            Then maybe it’s time to start thinking objectively.

          2. PF4L April 7, 2019

            Well Kato….Maybe you should try to help Aaron out.

            I think you should write a letter to the Packers and suggest Rodger’s gets some therapy based on the fact you and your friends have discussed Rodgers mental health and have diagnosed him as a sociopath. Make sure…..you explain to them that a few of your friends have PhD’s because otherwise….they may not take you seriously, but i’m sure they will, as we do.

            Maybe your friends can offer to treat him for free for the betterment of the team. Let us know how that works out.

          3. KILLER April 8, 2019

            Kato, Vikings fan here, so, of course, feel free to tune me out as needed,

            I commend you on your willingness to face reality and to be honest. Some on this site share that great attribute (Howard, MM2 or whatever he is now) and others do not (Piffle, Tugboat, Fairy-Is, etc.).

            Never try to convince Piffle of anything. Just won’t work. What you said up there “You can believe what you want” is so very true of Piffle. He always believes exactly what he wants and not the truth.

            All this talk of sour grapes or jealousy leading to these quotes and stories about Rodgers is a big fake. One, why do all of them agree and work together in a way that is so consistent? Two, if this was typical pull down the QB why is this the only one and you don’t see it anywhere else? The Green Bay water? Three, just watch Rodgers and look at how he behaves and his expressions. They also tell the exact same story.

          4. PF4L April 8, 2019

            I’m beginning to think you forget my extra ketchup and my napkins…..on purpose.

            Why do you hate me?

          5. PF4L April 8, 2019

            Wait…Howard aligns with Kato and The Lonely Boy that Rodgers is a sociopath?

            Man….i gotta start paying more attention in here.

            Lonely Boy, has Howard also faced the reality of Rodgers being gay?

            Please tell us more Lonely Boy, i find it entertaining when you designate yourself Howard’s mouthpiece.

          6. Kato April 8, 2019

            PF4L I am the one thinking objectively. You are the one choosing to think that there is nothing wrong with his personality. Again, name another successful winning QB that has alienated people like he has? Objectively, I don’t necessarily put a lot of weight into Finley’s comments by themselves. However, I do put stock into Jennings. Jennings and Rodgers were friendly with each other by all indications. Then something happened right before he left Green Bay. The story about those shitty comments Rodgers made in the 49ers game certainly jives. How would you feel if your QB made those comments? I can see why that incensed Jennings. Brady has never made that kind of a comment about a teammate.

            But yeah, you are right. Rodgers personality has no effect on the locker room. Let’s just promote Rodgers to player/coach. His greatness will propel the packers to 7 straight titles. Such a swell, likeable guy. Everyone that has a beef with him has no good reason to have one! They are just jealous of how cool he is

          7. Howard April 8, 2019

            PF4L, I do not align with Kato or Killer regarding Rodgers being a sociopath.

            I don’t even believe Jennings and Finley would go there.

            I keep seeing some using Jennings and Finley as a reason to reach that diagnosis, along with the differences between Rodgers and his family. Others including Jones, Crabtree, Kuhn, etc. have had positive things to say about Rodgers. Driver had some criticism of Rodgers, but also said some positive things including that Rodgers was a good person. Jordy had Rodgers go to his family home. Cobb had Rodgers as his best man. I don’t think those guys would do or say the things they have if Rodgers was a sociopath.

            I wonder what Rodgers QB coaches thought of him? By all accounts Clements and Van Pelt were very close to Rodgers. In addition I believe the same went for McAdoo. In addition it appears that Getsy was eager to come back as a QB coach for Rodgers. Remember Getsy helped Van Pelt as a QB coach when Getsy was an offensive quality control coach. I don’t think Rodgers could hide a disorder from his QB coaches.

            In fact didn’t LaFleur recently say that Van Pelt was with Rodgers at some event a couple of years ago and LaFleur called Van Pelt because they knew each other. Van Pelt, Rodgers, LaFeur meetup after the call and had some drinks. I think Van Pelt would have said something to LaFleur if he thought Rodgers had a disorder.

            Please stop the sociopath talk, it sounds crazy.

          8. PF4L April 8, 2019

            (April 8), 2019 at 10:28 am

            PF4L I am the one thinking objectively. You are the one choosing to think that there is nothing wrong with his personality.

            (April 7), 2019 at 6:00 pm

            Rodgers could use a bit of humility in his personality, i’ll give you that.

            Kato….i can’t dumb down enough to speak with you, nor do i have tolerance for your lies. Please don’t address me in the future.

            Thank you for understanding.

          9. PF4L April 8, 2019

            Yea….i’m fairly certain i wasn’t advocating that Rodgers was a sociopath Howard. You surely don’t need to convince me.

            But apparently it was diagnosed by a college educated man and a few of his PhD holding friends..

          10. Howard April 8, 2019

            PF4L, I can see why you thought I was speaking to you in that last sentence. Sorry that last sentence (Please stop the sociopath talk, it sounds crazy) was meant solely for Kato and Killer. After my first sentence to you, everything else was meant for Kato or anyone else who cared.

            Not sure why this thread does not allow reply to specific comments. Was just trying to Address several comments in one reply.

          11. PF4L April 8, 2019

            No problem my friend….i just don’t want to be lumped in with people seemingly incapable of logical thought

  18. Howard April 7, 2019

    Next Tyler Dunne hit piece. Aaron Rodgers and The Dalai Lama have not spoken in a year.

    Dunne says unnamed sources close to The Lama indicate Rodgers is unhappy The Lama does not come back for the ball and is a body catcher. Pictures have been around for a year showing how upset Rodgers was with The Lama’s football handling techniques. Plus Rodgers doesn’t like the way The Lama wears his Packer ball cap. Rodgers has been heard to say from unnamed sources he cannot stand those qualities in The Lama. Rodgers will provide no additional footballs or Packer swag to The Lama in the future.

    It is being reported Mark Murphy has contacted Rodgers regarding the new Dunne hit piece. Murphy from sources in the room told Rodgers to not be a problem. After a brief pause Rodgers was heard to say to Murphy “Gunga Galunga Mother F-cker.”

    1. Cheese April 8, 2019


      Why is it that all of the players that knew how to put their heads down, avoid drama, and get to work (Jordy Nelson, James Jones, John Kuhn, etc) have no problem with Rodgers leadership? Hmmm…

      1. PF4L April 8, 2019

        “Rodgers got all this money, while i’m broke as fuck” – J. Finley

        Who is the one with issues?

  19. PF4L April 7, 2019

    In other News…because lets move on…..

    Rumor has it that the Packers want to induct Ted into the Packers HOF sooner rather than later. The problem is, they don’t know if he can attend. Apparently he doesn’t travel well.

    I have two thoughts about this. I strongly suspect that some at Packer Headquarters know, and knew exactly what was wrong with him and knowingly kept him in his position regardless of the team consequences, out of loyalty.

    Also…i have a feeling we will find out what ails him, maybe sooner rather than later. When that time comes, there will be a serious humanitarian issue going on there.

    I still won’t give Murphy a pass, but i will pause, because when that time comes sometimes you just have to show respect because life can be hard.

  20. PF4L April 8, 2019

    We have to move on…i’m losing too many brain cells…..Holy shit

  21. Kato April 8, 2019

    Not surprisingly, Rodgers says it is a smear job. Shocking.

    “A conversation with Carlos Rodgers on the field, making a joke, about his situation? That’s what you’re going to hold on to?”

    Pretty rich coming from Mr Sensitive himself, who in that situation would have held a grudge against that person for life.

    It is interesting because a lot of that report seems to jive with what we saw transpire last season. There is even a GIF of the play where EQSB ran a post route and Rodgers threw the flag route. And Scantling not seeing the ball much down the stretch? That is coincidence? But yeah, in Rodgers we trust. Lying through his teeth. The whole bit about giving McCarthy respect? I can smell the BS from here.

  22. Honest Abe April 9, 2019

    Used to like the Pack, but your whiny crybaby jackass quarterback change that. Forget what is said in the story or any of the past stories, he is just a jackass plain and simple

    1. PF4L April 9, 2019

      ^^You were never a Packer fan^^. Packer fans don’t leave their team because they don’t like a player.

      So at the beginning, or the end of the day……no one GAF what you think.

      Move along little man.