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News: Gutekunst Discusses Draft Strategy and Cole Madison

Brian Gutekunst addressed reporters on Monday and answered a few questions. As expected, the primary focus was on the upcoming draft including addressing rumors. One particular rumor making rounds as click-bait fodder is that the Packers are very interested in a QB with one of their first-round picks. A move that would be very bold, if not outright careless, given the current situation with Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the team’s efforts to transition into the new Matt LaFleur era.

I think the whole succession plan is a little bit over-hyped. We value that position extremely highly. Every year we spend a lot of time on the quarterbacks and trying to figure out what kind of players those guys are going to be in the NFL. It’s really, really important to us, because if you don’t have one, it’s really tough to win in this league.

For us, each and every year, [we are] trying to decide which are the guys that could potentially be starters in this league and be difference-maker-type players. If you have the opportunities to take them sometime in the draft, and that’s the best thing for your team, I don’t think you can hesitate with that.

Cole Madison Drilling

Cole Madison (61) drills with tackle Kyle Meadows (72) during Green Bay Packers Organized Team Activities at Ray Nitschke Field. Jim Matthews/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

We mentioned a while back about why Cole Madison was missing-in-action last year which you can read here. Gutekunst addressed Madison’s recent reinstatement on the team’s roster:


You can watch the complete Q&A video here:


As for picking up Kenny Clark’s option:

I would certainly expect that would happen here. We haven’t done it yet, but he’s obviously a dominant player for us in the defensive front. I think the best is yet to come.

He also kissed Rodgers’ ass a bit but you’ll have to watch the video for that.

Jason Parker

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  1. Stiggy April 23, 2019

    Cole Madison all pro 2019. You heard it here first…right p4l?

    1. PF4L April 23, 2019

      LOL, i marked it on the calender Stig, gotchya my man….Lets see if he makes the team first Stig. At least play in a NFL game? I’m almost certain he will be the darling of training camp though.

      If Cole Madison isn’t permanently sitting next to Jason Spriggs on the bench, i’d consider that a big win.

      But that’s just me and my next to worthless opinion my friend.

      I recall a couple certain local media experts saying how great he looked in the volunteer and mini camp last season. The interesting thing about that statement is that they are both no contact.

  2. PF4L April 23, 2019

    Cole Madison: I’m broke

  3. PF4L April 23, 2019

    Gutekunst asked about a succession plan at quarterback. He describes it as “overhyped, or whatever.” He says the #Packers spend a lot of time every year evaluating the quarterbacks, even when they don’t draft one.

    Well Gute, maybe spend more time on other things that can help this team (better scouting and draft picks perhaps?)….i’ve seen the results the last 8 years, maybe the Packers doing what they do every year, just isn’t cutting it anymore.
    Which begs the question, do you have evaluation reports on Hundley, V. Young, S. Wallace, and Kizer.

  4. Ferris April 23, 2019

    Anyone but Spriggs as a back up. Plus as soon as the Billy Turner experiment fails someone will need to step in there as well. Trade up to draft Spriggs oops. At least Spriggs was not the worst pick of that draft, Packers took Kenny Clark with the next pick. Vikings took Laquon Treadwell at pick 23 that year…nice job Rick. I don’t remember hearing about very many players drafted that did not report and came back the next year.

  5. Big B April 23, 2019

    I’m not on my deathbed, but I have draft eternal consciousness coming to me, which is nice. Ideally, the Packers land a playmaker at 12, but ……there are a paucity of those in this draft. Unless one of those 5-6 guys drops to us, then Gutey has to revamp his thinking. The strength of this draft is DL/OL so it wouldn’t surprise my to see them go Christian Wilkins first. Good player, good citizen. I think our OL is stronger than DL right now, and with lots of D-linemen in contract years this pick makes lots of sense. 30 is OL or safety, depending on player rankings. I like Darnell Savage here. Second round go with BPA @ position not taken at 30, Third round calls for a TE, say Sternberger. After that need RB, LB, or S as the board falls. Even though we have relatively high picks each round, the expectation should be for some quality starters and added depth. I don’t foresee that playmaker fans had hoped for. Lama knows Packers have lots of needs.

  6. PF4L April 24, 2019

    Censorship now rules the day i see.
    Remember when we had the best site around?
    It was the day before Mr. Parker got here when we had the freedom of speech Monty provided.

  7. Kato April 24, 2019

    Has anyone heard from Aaron Rodgers? Is he going to turn over a new leaf and be a decent teammate? Or is he going to continue to feud with coaches/teammates?

  8. Stiggy April 25, 2019

    Put your first round predictions/wish list here.

    Prediction- Jeffrey Simmons at 12 or trade down to 15

    What I want- the best of the real top 10 players (simmons is included) after 2-4 QBs come off the board as reaches.

    What i don’t want- anyone from Florida or Florida state or dk david boston 2.0 Metcalf. Please God no.

    Pick 30-

    Prediction- reach or trade down

    What i want- get a bad motherfucker whether it’s a guard or a tone setting linebacker or safety. I could live with a gadget player like Paris Campbell too. But my mind is stuck on guards in the 20s..they always seen to wreck.