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Aaron Rodgers Addresses the Haters and the Non-Participators


Aaron Rodgers spoke with Jason Wilde and Mark Tauscher at ESPN Milwaukee in response to the Bleacher Report piece going around about his relation with McCarthy on and off the field during the end of McCarthy’s tenure with the Packers:

This was a smear attack by a writer looking to advance his career talking with mostly irrelevant, bitter players who all have an agenda, whether they’re advancing their own careers or just trying to stir old stuff up. What happens is the same tired media folks picking it up and talking about it. This just emphasized their opinion about me already. So it’s … the crazy thing is there’s super-slanted opinions in that piece stated as facts, and then there’s quote-unquote facts which are just outright lies.

See? It’s just a conspiracy. That’s all.

Rodgers also insisted that he would not have resigned if McCarthy and him were dealing with those problems – going out of his way to insist the money would not be enough. The QB doth protest too much, methinks.

Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings and Charles Woodson

Rodgers / Jennings / Woodson

Let it be known, Rodgers is not a fan of Jermichael Finley or Greg Jennings’ willingness to speak about the team’s inner-workings and claims they are using him to boost their own personal brands. While Jennings seemed to hold back a bit in a recent interview with Cowherd, Rodgers was much more reluctant to . This does not surprise me at all. For better or worse, that is Aaron Rodgers’ personality. He’ll need to decide if that his a good or a bad thing.

As far as it being the “same two guys every time”, these are the two guys willing to share on record what they experienced and other media outlets want to interview them and followup with it. That’s like Bill Clinton saying it’s the same woman in the news claiming to have rubbed him off in the Oval Office. Shit, Bill, how many more are there?

As for McCarthy, ESPN isolated this quote from the radio interview in their coverage of it:

“We had a hell of a run,” Rodgers said. “We had 13 years, four NFC championships, one Super Bowl, eight straight playoffs, 19 straight wins. So, instead of trashing this guy on the way out, let’s remember the amazing times that we had together. Packer fans, remember this, especially those of you who live in Green Bay: Mike lives here. Mike has young kids here. So Mike has to be here. Think about how difficult it is for him. My favor that I would ask of you, strongly, is if you see Mike, shake his hand. Tell him thanks for the memories. Tell him thanks for the coaching job that he did. Tell him how much you appreciate him being a part of what we built here.

“Things change from ’06 to ’18. We came off of a bad season in ’05, and we built something special and had sustained success, so instead of trashing this guy on the way out — last year was tough, no doubt about it — but let’s honor him and his legacy as the second-winningest coach in Packers history. If you see him, please, just show him the respect that he deserves. Not only does he have to live in Green Bay, he wants to. He loves it here. He’s going to be here. So, if you see him, do him that favor and show him the respect that he deserves.”

This is a great quote from Rodgers on McCarthy and hopefully this is where their relationship ends: with praise and respect for each other.

Don’t Be the Problem

Both parties(per a source with Pro Football Talk) have denied that the statement “don’t be a problem” was ever said on the phone to Rodgers from Murphy. In fact, the source indicated the call had a much more positive tone.

Per Rob Demovsky, Rodgers did exhibit a rare display of humility and admitted that he was out of line with his comments following last year’s game with the Buffalo Bills

I wish I hadn’t said anything after the Bills game last year. I wish I had just gotten with him in person. I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful to him but I know how it came off. That’s what I told him when I met with him face to face.

One thing is for absolute certain, I think this recent news cycle is going to improve Rodgers’ attitude next year and make him a lot more self-aware of his own actions and behavior. That is a great thing and exactly the kind of personal development that makes a talented quarterback become the well-rounded leader that every team needs. I really wish he’d shave that cop-stach though. Every time I see that, I feel like I should be reaching for my glove box for my license and registration.

Jason Parker

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  1. KILLER April 9, 2019

    That clears it up. “Nothing to see here, move along.” (fireworks factory exploding in the background, people running around engulfed in flames, a live lesbian orgy porn shoot is going on, parade throwing free king-size candy bars passing by, UFO trying to land) Says again, “Nothing to see here, move along.”

    Oh, I see, nothing there. Twas just a dream. Wake up!

  2. KILLER April 9, 2019

    I am floored. I thought Aaron Rodgers, being such a stand up guy, would of course come out and honestly admit the truth. Just… shocking that he would deny it.

  3. KILLER April 9, 2019

    That first quote from Demovsky is highly telling. Guilty accused trying to avoid accountability do exactly what Aaron Rodgers did right there. Attack the source of the truth. Try to go on the offensive. Distract and confuse, Muddy the waters as well as you can. Try to hurt them so no one else will have the temerity to dare to speak truth.

    Let’s look at it in telling detail. I’m actually an expert at analyzing verbal and written statements to find the underlying truths. Can’t tell you where, what, or how or why. Choose to believe or not as you wish. Anyway, let’s look at what Rodgers did there=

    He does not actually say everything told in the article is not true. He does deny parts of it at various times in ways that are often uncertain and not thorough — with little mental outs. But in this first Demovsky statement above near the top he tries to undermine the source of truth — just classic — by, of all things, claiming first that the writer it just trying to advance his career. Wow. Imagine that. How outrageous. A writer… whose career it is to write… actually writing… which advances his career… because he is doing his job instead of productively not doing his job. Well, clearly any writer who actually writes, well, you can’t trust them. Ulterior purpose what with them wanting to do their JOB and all.

    Then, incredibly, Rodgers expands on that same theme/accusation, and suddenly the ex-players who spoke on the record and, I guess, the ones off the record also, were ALSO “advancing their own careers”! Ha ha ha ha! I hope you laughing because it really is pretty damn funny. They waited to be called and told the truth. How ambitious of them! The writer called all sorts of people from all walks and had a multitude of thorough sources. He conveyed to the readers opinions conveyed to him. Sourced them when allowed. Confirmed them as well as possible. Look, you can’t get video/audio from the Packers org from all the meeting rooms and locker rooms from 6 years ago. This is how you do reporting. Or never report anything (the option Rodgers would eagerly choose).

    There you go: The reporter reporting is just trying to advance his career. The players for answering questions are just trying to advance their careers. Rodgers by lying is just trying to advance his career selling over-priced State Farm insurance to the unsuspecting and his career selling all sorts of other stuff now and after his football career. So, pretty funny, the people he accuses are innocent of the accusation — because he is trying to insinuate they purposely told lies for their own selfish career gain — and he, Rodgers, is actually guilty of the exact false accusation he is making on them.


    He accuses them of a “smear attack” for the writer reporting what he was told and for the players speaking their mind — keep in “mind” their minds agreed and painted the same picture across many separate conversations with many people. He may disagree with them but that does not make a “smear attack”. A smear attack involves false accusations. It is not telling the truth as you know it to be. So, again, what we see here is a false accusation by Rodgers on others that he, himself, is actually guilty of.


    He calls the players “mostly irrelevant, bitter”. Again, attack campaign meant to cause discomfort to them. It does nothing to address the truth. It shows the nastiness in Rodgers and also the arrogance. See how he thinks? No longer a football player? Irrelevant. Which means he thinks all of us are irrelevant also if we are not current football players. So arrogant.

    And why are they bitter, Aaron? Because of crap you pulled dude. Also, they don’t seem that bitter. Many bent over backwards to say nice things while also speaking some truth. Truth may be bitter to you Aaron, but it does not mean the truth speaker is bitter. See how that works?

    Then he also says they are trying to “stir up old stuff”. Yes, Aaron, things from the past are old stuff. But the past is the best indicator of the future as we all know. Once an arrogant psycho jerk usually still an arrogant psycho jerk. As per “stir up old stuff” this is practically a confession from Rodgers. Accidental, yes, but he is acknowledging at least some of this stuff happened.

    He addresses a few things with semi-direct denials but most he leaves unaddressed.

    The nice things about McCarthy? Simply suits his purposes. He’s had a couple days to prepare a denial campaign which is actually also the true smear campaign. His agent has coached him up of course. It’s not spontaneous at all and it is conveyed via carefully chosen media mouthpieces with softball expected questions and no tough follow up questions.

    He presents as his ONE AND ONLY proof of his side that “he has heard from over 100 current and former players and coaches since Bleacher Report’s story last week.” Funny. Look at it. Doesn’t say who they are. Oooooo, unnamed sources! Just like that filthy nasty terrible awful reporter who dared to do his job! Aaaaaaaand…. he does not even say what those 100 people supposedly said or texted! Aaaaaaand… it wouldn’t matter as they were not present for these reported statements and actions by Rodgers. It is just a total false proof. That’s it. That’s all he has!

    1. packerworm April 9, 2019

      current and former players supporting Rodgers?? Don’t you know how to use Twitter?? You’ll find many many current and former players showing support…using real names not unnamed…

    2. KILLER April 9, 2019

      packerworm, read my final 2 and a half sentences. Also, I don’t do twitter. Also, Rodgers did not sat via Twitter. Again, these are not eyewitnesses. It’s like me saying I visited Gettysburg and saw no battle, heard no cannon fire, ergo there was no battle of Gettysburg.

    3. PF4L April 9, 2019

      Ain’t nobody reading that novel Lonely Boy…lmao.

      Can you be anymore of a loser? Go hang out with queen fans.

      Holy shit

    4. Ferris April 9, 2019

      It is impossible for him to be more of a loser. The scale does not go any higher. You really need something…counseling, therapy, someone to talk with.

    5. thomaslind949yahoocom April 9, 2019

      ” instead of trashing the guy on the way out, let’s remember the amazing times we had together”. That is exactly what Rodgers did for the last few years. He trashed him in front of his own players in the huddle, during games none the less. He trashed him on national TV as well. Remember when ‘Rodgers mouthed the words “Nice fucking call” to MM from the field, for the whole world to see, or hear about? MM might never get another NFL job,at least partly due to Rodgers”trashing the guy on his way out”.When you treat your coach like a buffoon, and tell people he has the lowest football IQ of anyone you know, its “trashing the guy on the way out”

    6. PF4L April 9, 2019

      Some guy said something that he said Rogers said!!…So McCarthy might not get another job and it’s Rodgers fault!!

      Anyone got a tissue?

      Someone call a lawyer, we done found another victim.

  4. Cheese April 9, 2019

    “You talk about me being sensitive and petty, at what point do you move on or stop telling the same stories?”


    “While Jennings seemed to hold back a bit in a recent interview with Cowherd, Rodgers was much more reluctant to.”

    Jennings may have held back, this time… but the guy has been making media rounds spouting off about Rodgers ever since he left for the Vikings. Give it up, man. I don’t go around rehashing shit about my ex-girlfriend from 2012 seven years later.You know what that makes you look like when you do that? Petty.

  5. Skinny April 9, 2019

    lol. Who does Rodgers talk like? God damn its right on the tip of my tongue. No, no not Favre although the occasional southern drawl mixed in with the Caalliforrrinaa drawl in his words is strange. But an actor. Maybe a little Steven Seagal when hes not in his usual whispering tone? But ive never heard him that animated as he is in that first clip.

  6. PF4L April 9, 2019

    Rodgers after @jasonjwilde specifically mentions Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley: “If it’s not an article about me, do you ever hear their names anywhere else? … You talk about me being sensitive and petty, at what point do you move on or stop telling the same stories?”

    (mic drop)

  7. PF4L April 9, 2019

    Now….about playing on that fractured leg……….

    1. Cheese April 9, 2019

      Are you sure he didn’t fracture it himself to try and get McCarthy fired? Knowing how Rodgers is I wouldn’t put anything past him. I bet we can get some comments from Jennings and Finley that would validate this theory.

    2. PF4L April 9, 2019


      Maybe Tyler Dunne can find and interview some old grade school teammates that are still mad because Rodgers would pick them last for his team. They can then vent and give us a new story. WAIT A MINUTE, THAT WOULDN’T WORK. That was too long ago.

      We better stick to this story that just happened……6 years ago.

  8. Jason Parker April 9, 2019

    Any thoughts on the design change? Thought we’d wear away colors for a while. The old theme looked OK but it was dog shit “under the hood” and I couldn’t work with it anymore.

    1. Zwoeger April 9, 2019

      Change is okay with me. Would like the font size bit up though.

    2. Howard April 10, 2019

      I do not like change, but I do like what your doing with the site.

      One suggestion with this new layout. It makes it hard to reply to a certain comment in a long thread. For example If someone once to reply directly to Zwoeger after my comment how do they do so?

      Thank you for your hard work.

    3. PF4L April 10, 2019

      Yea…i’m not digging the white either. My first thought was ..vanilla.

      Also, it would be nice to have one page where all the articles are in dated order with a comment count.

  9. Cheese April 10, 2019

    I can’t reply to comments at the moment for some reason. The design change is nice along with the ‘recent comments’ section on the right side. The site looks a lot more updated.

    Strangely, the other day I was on Packers.com and I thought about how they bleached their whole website white. Then I clicked over to here and the same thing had happened. Personally, I think it’s uneasy on the eyes. Too much white, bland, not enough contrast. ‘No flavor’ so to speak. It’s almost kind of straining but maybe I just need to turn down my brightness. Things have come a long way though. Now if only the message board didn’t hate me, lol.

    1. Jason Parker April 10, 2019

      What happens when you click Reply below a comment? Most modern browsers offer a “night mode” or “dark mode” that will inverse the colors on sites like this with a white background.

  10. Stiggy April 10, 2019

    As i’ve said in the past… i could care less if Rodgers hurt Jeff Janis’ feelings etc. Also love having 12 as the pack qb…. with that being said….his pr/interviews on “controversies” come off as beyond phony.. and his PR is so methodical/calculated I dont know how anyone can listen with a straight face.

    Point 1- Story about he and his “roommate” having a falling out.

    Rodgers of course responds in public with his forced “I really really like women” comment. I can understand the need for a pro athlete or anyone for that matter wanting to keep their business out of the public. But that came off very disingenuous… like a nerd pretending to be cool… or in this case a man who may not enjoy the company of women trying to manufacture something a “man who really really likes women” would say.

    Point 2- After receiving critique of his leadership last year.. Rodgers decides to play hurt for the packers last win

    In his press conference points out he played because “he wouldnt be any kind of leader if he didnt play when the going got tough” it was essentially a crafted response to the critique… once again forced/disingenuous out of character. He (rightfully) proceeded to sit out the next week for his knee. Dude should have just looked at the media and said “i broke my leg… been playing all year..we play for super bowls and risking career ending injury would be a foolish move” then sat out. His teammates certainly would have respected him… afterall… he played all year on a broken leg. No need to even respond to this horseshit. This relates to point 3.

    Point 3- His statement on the article

    Lonely boy didnt totally miss the mark on the post for once… although went way too autistic in the analysis. If we look at point 2… rodgers made sure to clear up the “leadership” narrative within a week… after all… it was about him. Yet in his article statement he sings mccarthys praises and calls for respect (which I agree mccarthy should be treated with respect)… yet fails to take a single iota of responsibility that he could personally have ended a lot of the grief mccarthy took over the season. After the Buffalo game, where he undermined Mccarthy in public, he placed the buffoons head in the guillotine. Yesterday we learn of his “private” apology to his very public statement against his coach. Did the apology even happen? no idea…. and even if it did… Did Aaron’s ego prevent him from apologizing in public thus saving mccarthy regularly being asked about his job security? or maybe… just maybe some of his undermining in the article is very true.

    I rooted for a pill popping, womanizing, man who cheated on his cancer stricken wife with 2 daughters at home for many years. Rodgers certainly doesnt fit those measures… it takes a certain arrogance/asshole nature to succeed like he has… it would shock me if he WASNT a prick.

    side note: people can point out finley and jennings axe to grind… but it doesnt invalidate their claims. Typically people have an axe to grind.. FOR A REASON.

    1. KILLER April 10, 2019

      All good points. Well, maybe not the one about my having autism. That wasn’t nice or fair of you towards the autistic! (laugh at self)

      Check it out, you rendered Piffle speechless. Or write-less. Good work! That’s like finding the Holy Grail in a living Dodo bird’s nest lined with winning lottery tickets!

    2. PF4L April 10, 2019

      Stig…it also does not validate their claims. An intelligent person would question their motivation 6 years after leaving the team rehashing the same old negative themes, don’t you think?

      It’s funny how how Rodgers is questioned, judged, and ridiculed about all this. Yet the two main sources aren’t questioned or judged at all.

      In retrospect…i can’t help but wonder if Rodgers wished he wouldn’t have signed his deal, and asked to be traded. I wouldn’t blame him in the least. Why does he need this shit from “Packer fans?”


      Lonely Boy, you are correct Stig did make good points. Like that you didn’t miss the mark “for once”. Glad you agree.

      Looks like your batting about .003.

      Keep up the good work..

  11. PF4L April 10, 2019


  12. PF4L April 10, 2019

    Typically people have an axe to grind.. FOR A REASON. – Stig

    NO SHIT…..They are still bitter, because of shit from 6 years ago and counting. Maybe we can still talk about this same shit, idk… 10 years from now. Sound like a good idea? What say you?

    1. Stiggy April 11, 2019

      I do agree that Rodgers is the only thing keeping them relevant. And I agree they need to stfu.

      I just feel like Rodgers really does a bad job lying in his pr.

      I heard him on a local sports show talking about his offseason trip with Danica and bak. It was a fun interview..he was outgoing and genuine and I liked what the guy had to say.

    2. PF4L April 11, 2019

      The funny thing is Stig, i keep bringing it up, and you always avoid it.

      “An intelligent person would question their MOTIVATION 6 years after leaving the team rehashing the same old negative themes, don’t you think?”

      Most of this stuff these two bitter people say, is years old rehashed subjects, any thoughts?

      Do you find yourself wondering why these two are so obsessive and passionate about dissing Rodgers year after year?

      Lastly…do you think it has anything to do with personal issues from years ago?



      Gee Greg…you didn’t get too greedy in your salary demands did you? Look in the mirror fuck face, and stop playing the victim card.

      In other words, these two,,,,need to grow the fuck up