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Packers News Roundup: LB Antonio Morrison Waived, No Chance of Antonio Brown, Kuhn Shows Love to Aaron Rodgers

Antonio Morrison and Tramon Williams

Tramon Williams (38) and Antonio Morrison tackle Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs (14) in the second half at U.S. Bank Stadium. Dan Powers via USA TODAY NETWORK

ILB Antonio Morrison waived:

A pick up from late last season, Morrison was due a hefty raise so the Pack dropped him prior to free agency.


While it was wishful thinking for most, it’s official that Antonio Brown will not be stirring up shit in the Packers’ locker room next season.

Supposedly, the Packers were interested though:

Rapaport also reports that the Packers were never interested:

As I have said before, I think when it comes down to it bringing in someone like Brown while also experiencing an administrative transition is asking for trouble. At this point it also seems like the Bills trade has also fallen through. He should be prepared to make less money for the remainder of his career as his desirability is quite low. He is like a really hot single mom with 3 red headed kids. It’s going to be tough from now on.

He also makes Randy Moss look like a nice quiet young man.


Following his retirement announcement, former FB John Kuhn got mushy about his bro Aaron Rodgers:

You can also watch Kuhn’s retirement speech at Lambeau with this link:



Randall Cobb, now a free agent, was shown some interest last year from the Patriots:


Packers are supposedly interested in Kansas City Chiefs OLB Dee Ford. Watch the video of Ian Rapoport discussing this here. NFL.com points out some of the hurdles involved in such a trade:

Whether a trade for Ford can be executed remains to be seen. Trading franchise-tagged players goes against the spirit of the tag and could result in a player grievance over a team’s unwillingness to participate in a good-fath effort to negotiate a new deal if the traded player so chooses.

We are weak in the edge rusher department so we will see how it develops.

Jason Parker

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  1. ay hombre March 9, 2019

    Fuck this team. Morrison was slow as shit but hit like a sledgehammer. Pussy factor just went up some more in Green Bay.

    1. stiggy March 9, 2019

      I agree. He was a tone setter.

      On a side note… I love this place. Went to reddit today… and literally the worst football blog experience ever.

      1. Empacador March 10, 2019

        That’s because there are a lot of McCarthy apologists and homers on Reddit. Anything remotely disparaging of the Packers earns you down votes into oblivion.

  2. Big B March 9, 2019

    NFL calculus is to pay a couple impact players megabucks, then rely on good draft pick selections to complete the roster until a few of them assume the playmaker salary scale after 4-5 years. That’s why I cringe when there is talk of trading multiple high picks for an expensive premium player; those picks are what allow the team to sustain its roster while paying the upper echelon. Signing a premier FA is a little different: there’s the salary to take on but no loss of draft capital. I might have accepted the Khalil Mack scenario because he may be special enough, but a draft pick deal for Dee Ford? No way. The team can’t sacrifice picks and money. Just say No Gutey.

    1. PF4L March 9, 2019

      Big B is absolutely correct, in theory. Draft picks are what sustains a roster, allowing draft and develop principles. Then there is the Packers.

      Speaking of….has anyone done a welfare check on big Ted lately? The ghost….raking in the millions…..unquestioned. I can’t help but wonder, did Murphy secretly extend him another year or two also?

      This shit of pissing away millions annually doesn’t fly with owners, minority team owners. In Green Bay…. it’s no big thing, business as usual. The “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy firmly in place in Red China.


  3. Howard March 9, 2019

    I like Morrison also, but Morrison is a one or two down ILB. Morrison is an asset against run heavy teams or formations, and STs.

    The reason the Packers cut Morrison is because Morrison received a pay escalator from approximately 700K to a little over two million. That is an approximate 1.3 million raise, because over the course of the last three years Morrison played a combination of over 35% of plays on defense and Morrison was drafted in the 3rd to 7th round.

    Three other players on the Packers received similar raises all increasing their 2019 salary by approximately 1.3 million each. Those players are Fackrell, Martinez, and Lowery.

    The Proven Performance Escalator raise, as required by the CBA for Morrison is why the Packers cut Morrison. I would not be suprised if Morrison was resigned by the Packers for around a league minimum contract.

    Teams, players, and player agents are putting out all sorts of information/disinformation to reporters this time of year to increase and suppress value in free agency. Until it happens you have to ask who benefits the most from these reports.

  4. KILLER March 9, 2019

    Kuhn was not really that “mushy”. Just to recap, he reported that Aaron Rodgers knows how to play at least one card game and is also able to walk down a tunnel. I can also so I guess I am as good as Rodgers.

    Kuhn went on to state an actual lie. As follows: “I truly believe we’d win every game with you as our quarterback”. Now, Kuhn isn’t that stupid or unrealistic, right? I mean, he’s a fullback and he’s taken a lot of hits but surely he must remember Rodgers losing plenty of games. He also put it in the future tense. Is he talking about if Rodgers was QB for the Saints? Makes no sense because Drew Brees is a better QB and he also loses games. Barring a mental deficiency with Kuhn then this statement was a lie. Sometimes liars call their lie “hyperbole” which basically means “permissible lie, a lie I told with the expectation no one would be fool enough to actually believe it”. No one?

    Looks like the writer of this article believed it!

    Look, we all know Rodgers has some talent, some skills. No where in this Kuhn quote does it say Rodgers is nice or a good guy or fun or a great teammate, etc. Look for what is not there instead of the meaningless drivel and untrue hyperbole that is there.

    This concludes lesson #215 in Statement Interpretation, Seeing Though Lies, Deconstructing Grammar to Achieve Actual Meaning.

    Please, no apples.

  5. KILLER March 9, 2019

    Just to be thorough, Kuhn also said he will never forget “the feeling of playing in a game alongside you” as per Rodgers. Please note he does not say what that “feeling” was, good or bad, just that he will not forget it. Was it bad because he knew Rodgers was selfish and in it for himself? Was it neglected because he knew Rodgers (with McCarthy complicity) would call a 2 yard TD throw over a 2 yard TD run 4 out of 5 times in order to pad Rodgers’ QB efficiency rating?

    Yes, it could well have been quite a negative feeling Kuhn had. But, if you tie the next part of the statement to this one then you are of the opinion that feeling was that they would always win. Which, just to recap, that feeling turned out to be a lie. A dirty lying deceptive, sneaky untrue false no-good “feeling”. Kuhn should be angry at it!

    This statement, these words, are exactly what you expect to see when someone is expected to say something about another player but does not want to trash him and get off message on the retirement. Nothing solid, nothing meaningful, no verbal commitments.

    Surely, now that I have pointed it out, it is now painfully obvious to you?*

    *Please note I did not call you “Shirley”

    1. Cheese March 9, 2019

      What a bunch of pointless drivel. Looks like you have a lot of fun playing make believe and creating imaginary situations. I bet you and your invisible friends love to visit the Vikings trophy case. By the way, how’s that Kirk Cousins deal working out for you guys?

  6. PF4L March 9, 2019

    Hot mom with 3 red headed bratty kids….lol, perfect.

    1. Cheese March 9, 2019

      Lol, I thought the same and was going to mention it but you beat me to it. Good one, Jason.

  7. PF4L March 9, 2019

    Just because the Packers didn’t have contact (if true) with the Steelers, doesn’t mean they didn’t have contact with Browns agent.

    But it’s good that Gute didn’t sign Brown as it would have been akin to suicide. Sure the simple sheep would have started breathing heavy, but Gute would have been a dead man walking.

  8. Mitch Anthony March 10, 2019

    “He should be prepared to make less money for the remainder of his career as his desirability is quite low. He is like a really hot single mom with 3 red headed kids. It’s going to be tough from now on.

    He also makes Randy Moss look like a nice quiet young man.”

    Not saying you’re wrong on those points, but Chucky disagreed. I don’t get it either, rebuilding the Raiders around a 31 year old receiver and paying pretty stupid money to do it. Oh yeah, and Derek Carr is your QB.