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Packers News: Jake Ryan Leaving for the Jaguars, Geronimo Allison Signs One-Year Contract, Adrian Amos to be 31

Jake Ryan Packers vs Ravens 2017

Jake Ryan (47) misses a tackle on Baltimore Ravens running back Alex Collins (34) during the 3rd quarter at Lambeau Field. Mike De Sisti /Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via USA TODAY Sports

The last of the 2015 draft class(See Also: Boy, Does Packers’ 2015 Draft Look Like Crap) will have departed Green Bay now that LB Jake Ryan is reportedly leaving for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Ryan’s 2018 season ended before it started with a torn ACL in training camp. Prior to this injury, he was a very capable linebacker for the team. Pro Football Focus ranked him 19th amond linebackers of the 2017 season.

His presence will surely be missed on the injured reserve list. Reportedly, the Packers were interested in his return but the Jaguars made the better offer.



Geronimo Allison - Packers Lambeau Field

Geronimo Allison (81) catches a pass for a touchdown against Chicago Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller (23) in the third quarter at Lambeau Field. Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports


Packers may occasionally have some trouble attracting top players, but they seem to have no issue at all with them wanting to stay with the team once they are on board. Without the tender, keeping WR Geronimo Allison is a low risk and potentially high reward move for the team.

Rob Born recently wrote about why Geronimo Allison would be smart to take a low offer from the Packers and stick around. He also mentions the importance of keeping Jake Kumerow around which the Packers decided to do when they recently tendered the WR.

Allison spent much of last season on the IR. In fact, all three players mentioned on this page (Kumerow, Allison, and Ryan) spent much of last season on IR. Throw in Muhammad Wilkerson(whose future fate with the Packers is still unknown, to the best of my knowledge) and there are a combined 48 games on the IR between the four players. It’s very difficult to judge the current value of these players without being personally involved with their attending medical staff. All we have to go by is their past performance with the team.


New Packers safety Adrian Amos indicated on his Twitter account that his number with the team with be #31.

Amos comes to the Packers after four seasons with the Chicago Bears. He was a 5th round draft pick out of Penn State(142nd overall pick).

Amos discussed his role in the secondary around the time he was drafted:

I cover the slot, cover tight ends, cover outside receivers. I feel like as a DB, you have to be able to cover. That should be the No. 1 thing that you have in your repertoire, to be able to cover. I feel like I would help a lot in that regard.

I still to this day try to figure out where that comes from because a couple years ago my knock was that I wasn’t good in coverage but I will hit you. That’s what I would do, and I would come up and hit you and I was good tackling. Then, out of nowhere, it was speculation that I couldn’t tackle just this past year.

Jason Parker

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  1. PF4L March 17, 2019

    Here’s a look at five Packers who will receive roster bonuses

    TE Jimmy Graham: $5 million

    WR Davante Adams: $1 million

    DB Tramon Williams: $1 million

    C Corey Linsley: $1 million

    OG Lane Taylor: $750,000

  2. PF4L March 17, 2019

    “My numbers suck,” Graham said. “That’s not what it’s about, you know? I just want to win games and bank some cash. If I have one catch for 2 yards and we win, I don’t care, i’m rich. Obviously, it’s not great when you’re not helping us win, and that’s what I see.”

    Graham added..” The best thing is i still make my millions, it’s how i make my living and it funds my real passion in life, my helicopter. So at the end of the day as long as i get paid, i’m good to go. I just got my 5 million dollar bonus and no one in the media is covering it, which is very cool. When you’re the highest paid tight end, and i don’t really earn the money they give to me, the less publicity the better i say.”

  3. PF4L March 17, 2019


    If you think Jimmy Graham is more valuable to the Packers roster than Jordy Nelson…you should probably consider checking yourself into the nearest psychiatric facility

    3:10 PM – Mar 15, 2019

  4. PF4L March 17, 2019

    Brian L Jones
    I’m not implying anything when I say this, but Jordy Nelson caught 63 passes for 739 yards and three touchdowns last year for the #Raiders.

    He would have statistically been the #Packers second best receiver in 2018.

    7:52 PM – Mar 14, 2019

    PF4L: “I’ll add those numbers were with Derek Carr, and an unfamiliar system. I think it’s fair to say those numbers improve substantially staying with Rodgers and the Packers. But Gute and Murphy know best.”

  5. Cheese March 17, 2019

    Well, Jordy is now a FA. Ball is in your court Gute, and I’m not talking about Russ. You can sign a guy who will have instant chemistry and production with your QB. Or, do you want to “wait and see” what you have in Geronimo Allison, Jake Kumerow, and the rest of the greenhorns on the roster? If the Packers are always in “Win Now Mode” like you say, then Rodgers doesn’t have time to wait and see if all of these late round question marks at WR will eventually pan out.

  6. PF4L March 17, 2019

    Based on the results of last two years being under a “win now mode”. They may want to rethink that strategy.

    The problem isn’t should we bring Nelson back, that bridge has been probably burnt, the real problem was why was he let go to begin with. I guess because Gute thought he had Graham and Adams, and 3 rookies. Well…he thought fucking wrong.

    March 26, 2018 at 6:21 pm
    I didn’t see it coming, but maybe i’m just a lil slow.

    I never thought…hey, lets dump the guy who is a td scoring machine with Rodgers, lets dump the guy who led the league in td’s in 16. Lets dump the guy who scored 20 tds in his last 21 games with Rodgers.

    March 14, 2018 at 2:54 am
    How much of a pay cut did Ted take after getting his new made up job title?

    So Nelson out performs his contract basically his whole career, in steps Hundley so Nelson should take a huge pay cut?

    There were two players on this team actually earning their money and being a difference maker.
    Now we’re down to one.

  7. Big B March 18, 2019

    Ryan, in the storied tradition of GBP inside linebackers, was just a guy. He was slow before the ACL, and unless they used a roadrunner tendon graft he’ll be slower after.
    A recent draft preview magazine features grades on all 32 teams’ drafts for the last five years; Pack came through with a D-, the lowest of all 32……that’s why Packers are playoff-free for the last two years. Stakes are even higher now with FA spending: Gutey’s gotta get it right.