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Marcedes Lewis on Board Next Season For Same $2.1m as Last Season

After a surge of free agent activity from the Packers recently that many did not fully see coming, the team is now making a few more predictable moves including re-signing TE Marcedes Lewis to a one-year deal.


Lewis made headlines in January when he gave details about a troubled relationship between Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy.

Though he did play in all 16 games last season, Lewis himself did not make much of an impression. He joined the Packers following 12 seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars and has a reputation for reliability. Next year’s offense is likely to include more opportunities for tight ends to be involved so his role may improve.

Jason Parker

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  1. PF4L March 15, 2019

    So…if i’m understanding you, and i think i am…your saying his 3 catches and 39 yard production may improve?

    Sounds good to me.

    Let’s get to winning!

    1. Cheese March 15, 2019

      $2.1 million for 3 catches and 39 yards. I don’t know which is the better deal, Mercedes Lewis or Jimmy Graham?

  2. PF4L March 15, 2019

    Rob Demovsky

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    New Packers OL Billy Turner said his agent told him there were a couple teams bidding for services but felt like Green Bay and what it offered was the perfect fit for him. (Translation: it was the most money).

    Funny…nobody was bidding for his services when he was always being waived or just let go. Hmm.

    Someone better tell him he’s got a giant tarantula on top of his head

  3. KILLER March 15, 2019

    2.1 million.
    Place in toilet.

  4. Savage57 March 16, 2019

    Funny, Vikings fan talkin’ shit about pissing away FA money.


    Also, allow me to be the ninth person to tell you to fuck off today.

  5. Stiggy March 16, 2019

    Well… he never really had a chance. Mccarthy went with his good old reliable (reliably below average) lance kendricks most of the time. Lewis is a run blocking tight end who might have a few 3rd and 2 type plays called for him when the opposition expects run.

    Let’s see what happens if they actually give the guy a shot to run block as opposed to sitting the bench while lance kendricks is out there dropping 3rd down conversions that cost your team the game.

  6. Ferris March 16, 2019

    Savage…$28M…stack ….light. Thank you for a nice laugh today. Better to flush $2.1 than to burn $28M every year for 3 years. After the $84 is spent on no championships we can to the dollars per win spent for 3 years.
    And PF4L I can’t imagine you are not impressed with 13 yards per catch….I do not remember Lewis catching any pass during the season so in a bet I would have had under 39 yards total.

  7. Kato March 17, 2019

    Why? I don’t understand bringing this guy back

    1. Jason Parker March 17, 2019

      Can still drop him after training camp and only lose the $500k bonus. Any third string TE doesn’t stand a chance statistically in McCarthy’s offense last year.