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News and Rumors: Aaron Rodgers Pushes For London Game, Packers No.18 in NFL.com Power Rankings, Dom Capers Turns Down Bengals Job

Diva QB Aaron Rodgers Really Wants to Hit Up the London Night Life After a Game:

“We’re not going to give up a home game because we’re sold out for the next 30 years, and nobody wants to give up a home game when we come to town. Hopefully at some point the league will intervene and make us go there because we all want to go there […] I think the consensus is to be over there for a whole week. The [other NFL players] who said they went over there Thursday or Friday said it’s tough with the time change,” he said. “They were a little tired, and plus you don’t get to do anything. Our week is not that bad schedule-wise other than Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, so to get over there on like a Monday, you’ll be able to go around the city. Maybe there’s a game going on, a Premier League game we could watch, just to be able to enjoy the environment. There’s so many great fans over there.”

He makes a great point though that Lambeau Field home games are going to sell out until the end of time and no one wants to give that up for a London game. Like he said, it will probably be the league that ends up pushing the idea as opposed to Packers front office. Lots of players in the NFL dread the overseas games but Rodgers seems pretty enthusiastic about it. Dude probably just wants to spend some time with a London super model while getting overtime pay. I dig that. Not judging.


Elliot Harrison with NFL.com released his list of NFL Power Rankings with the Packers at #18

Like the Titans in the AFC, the Packers are tough to place, albeit for different reasons. Green Bay’s roster is middle-of-the-pack, but as long as Aaron Rodgers is healthy and under center, the Packers have a puncher’s chance to at least make the playoffs. Despite the magnificent touchdown-to-interception ratio he sported last year (25:2), Rodgers started hearing criticism. Put another way: 2018 wasn’t his best season. He could use more support, starting with the offense. With longtime coach Mike McCarthy out, new coach Matt LaFleur takes the conn with the strongest first officer in the fleet. Whether or not he can draw more from Rodgers is key. Trying to squeeze extra juice out of a play is precisely what landed Rodgers in sack trouble last year, and, frankly, has been his biggest issue throughout his Hall of Fame career. LaFleur’s passing attack never amounted to much in Tennessee during his year as the offensive coordinator there, although personnel and team identity had much to do with that development. As for the draft … I’m thinking pass rush and wide receiver. Seen a smattering of TE talk on the interwebs. The Packers say they are bringing Jimmy Graham back, though.

No surprises here. Although being toward the bottom of so many rankings lists is probably not something most Packers fans are used to recently. We can only improve from here, folks.


Congratulations to the Cincinnati Bengals for dodging this bullet:

Our man Dom will continue on the job search. He was with the Packers from 2009 to 2017 but, as you likely are aware, his performance the last few seasons was arguably sub-par. Most players with the Packers have nice things to say about him but he lost something along the way and the defense was in severe disarray(arguably still is) at the end of his tenure.

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  1. Kato February 11, 2019

    Didn’t even realize Capers was looking for work. Kind of figured at his age he was looking to ride off into the sunset. He has to be fairly set financially, I think he already accomplished about all that was possible at this point.