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McCarthy Spending His Free Time Yelling at High School Basketball Referees

Mike McCarthy press conference 2017

McCarthy speaks to media after the game against the Atlanta Falcons in the 2017 NFC Championship Game at the Georgia Dome. Atlanta defeated Green Bay 44-21. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we all know that communication is not one of Mike McCarthy’s strong points. In the latest of a string of strange post-season NFL news, Mike McCarthy was reportedly involved in a yelling altercation with referees at his stepson’s high school basketball game.

“Some things were said, some language was used that we don’t want in our gym, unsportsmanlike language,” said Batten.

FOX 11 talked with one of the referees who did not want to talk on camera for this story, but confirmed an “unfortunate situation” happened with McCarthy that the official described as a “verbal tirade.”

“Have you ever seen a parent walk after an official like that?” FOX 11 asked Batten.

“Not here and not in my time as an athletic director,” said Batten, who has been the district’s athletic director for five years.

The WIAA confirms to FOX 11 the officials who worked the game have filed a formal complaint about the incident. The WIAA says those complaints are confidential.

You can see part of the incident in the video below from Fox 11 here: https://fox11online.com/news/local/green-bay/wiaa-complaint-filed-after-high-school-basketball-incident-involving-mike-mccarthy

Not the example one should want to set as a reputable coach in a league like the NFL. McCarthy had the opportunity to coach the greatest football team there is and now he is resorting to harassing high school refs. I can certainly understand his frustration, but the guy is held to a much higher standard than most and should know better.

Jason Parker

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  1. Kato February 28, 2019

    Yet you barely saw this when he was coach of the packers

    1. PF4L February 28, 2019

      People often try to conceal their true identity when on the job. Frankly, i didn’t think he was very personable, or a “nice guy” when he was here and i know some others felt the same.

      Sometimes credit needs to be given. If i remember correctly, Cheese made a fantastic point in one of his post that has stuck with me since, and now should be shared because of his next level vision. It was about the pitfalls of naming streets after people before they leave.

      Good call my man.

    2. Jason Parker February 28, 2019

      This was a good example:

  2. PF4L February 28, 2019

    In related News…..

    Catch McCarthy’s new book…How To Collect Millions While Making Friends.

  3. Ferris February 28, 2019

    It’s hard to yell with mashed potatoes in your mouth. I guess they weren’t serving food at the game. What an embarrassment. I coach youth basketball, parents are horrible. Refs are bad sometimes but parents are 50 times worse. True character shows… Guess what Mike…You’re nobody now.

  4. Stiggy February 28, 2019

    Honestly if I were old gravy head… I would be living the dream right now… looking at what to do with my fortune… and hire a personal trainer and chef to cut the weight.

  5. Cheese March 1, 2019

    Looks like Mr.HighlySuccessful needs to dial back the ego a bit. How come he never got up in Shawn Slocum and Dom Capers’ faces like that? We’ll see how many teams are knocking down this guys door next year to be their head coach. According to the media, that’s every team in the league. According to the league, it’s…. no one.

    @PF4L- I’ve mentioned the street naming situation before. Part of it was superstition, the other part just common sense. Lombardi and Holmgren never won another title after getting a street named after them, and now neither has McCarthy. Then, it only makes sense to wait until a coach is done with their entire body of work before you dedicate a street or anything else to them. There’s the possibility that they will feel like they’ve already “made it.” Whether that played into McCarthy’s ego who knows.

    Let’s hope that superstition is all for nothing because I was talking with an old time Packer fan who’s dad was part of the chain gang during the Lombardi years (he showed me a pic of his dad next to Vince on the sideline). I said that they had to move the statues of Lambeau and Lombardi during the recent renovations on the Atrium and he told me that it sounds like some bad juju, lol.

    Also, McCarthy may be collecting millions but it doesn’t look like he’s making any friends.

    @Stiggy- Maybe McCarthy should ask Eddie Lacey if he still has Tony Horton’s phone number so he can start some P90x. Either that or let bygones be bygones and take Eddie out for some gravy covered China food so they can catch up.

    1. Jason Parker March 1, 2019

      Yours and PF4L’s comments were getting caught in the comment spam filter for some reason. I added you both to the whitelist. Hopefully it should stop doing that.

      1. PF4L March 1, 2019

        Hell Yes!…We’re on the Whitelist Cheese.

        Finally….some recognition :)

        1. PF4L March 1, 2019

          Am i the only one who wants to see a recent photo of Eddie Lacy topless.

          Yea…u heard me….i said topless. Is it wrong for a man to want to see another man topless?

        2. Cheese March 2, 2019

          Lol, Highfive!

  6. KILLER March 1, 2019

    It’s not that he’s held to a higher standard. It’s that he is held to the same standard as anyone else. Whether he was still coach of the Packers or whatever no one should do that. Multiple reasons.
    First, it does his step-son no favors at all. Second, it is failed before it begins. The game result was not going tom change. Third,

  7. KILLER March 1, 2019

    Whoops, got cut off! Don’t worry (I know you were worried) I shall continue!

    Third, profanity is not persuasive at all to anyone. It is anti-communication, not communication.

    Knowing his judgment, likely the calls were all perfect and correct. But, if you assume the ref did make a mistake, then these actions do nothing and could do nothing to fix it. It is just a display of ego — he knows better than anyone — and poor judgment and poor character.

    The Packers have gotten all sorts of preferential ref treatment over the years from the ongoing failure to call holds on the o-line, to allowing the secondary to be free with pass interference while calling every minor bump on the other team, to those awful roughing the passer calls that are nearly phantasms — remember Detroit a few years ago? Refs gave that game to the Packers on a silver platter because a finger brushed a helmet. McCarthy is used to getting all these calls his way but he needs to realize it does not extend to basketball and his step-son especially when he is no longer HC.

    We don’t see any other parents acting that way on the video do we? Just think. None of them feel as entitled as McCarthy and all of them have more self-control than him. All of them have much greater sportsmanship.

    This behavior surprises my not at all about McCarthy. He was like this as HC of the Packers as well. Total jerk, The grand scape-goater.

  8. Deepsky March 1, 2019

    Did you guys look at the video? It didn’t look like he did very much.

    1. KILLER March 1, 2019

      Well he kicked that one guy in the shin and then – thipt — that Chinese throwing star right between the eyes of the ref. Seemed pretty bad to me.

  9. Packtat87 March 1, 2019

    Listen, I dislike Mike as much as the next guy but people think this is news worthy and out of hand? Please. Don’t act like any of you haven’t seen worse at little league games. This is as normal as it’s ever been in children’s sports.