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Coach Matt LaFleur

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These aren’t your run-of-the-mill compliments. They are uniformly effusive praises, both of the man himself, and how he goes about his work.

Robert Griffin III, Ravens quarterback, former Redskins quarterback (2012-15):

The Packers got a great one. Matt’s a great coach and a better guy. . .And he never abandoned me while he was in Washington or after he left. I loved playing for Matt. He is all the things that NFL owners and executives are looking for right now – young, innovative, ambitious. . .I’m excited to see what he does now that he’s leading the ship and can truly do it how he sees fit. . .Most importantly, he knows how to win – and ultimately, that’s something Aaron and everybody in between can jump on board with.

Matt Ryan, Falcons quarterback (2008 – present):

I think (LaFleur and Rodgers) will work well. From my experience with Matt, he was great to work with. He was really good at striking the balance between being supportive and having your back and coaching you hard and getting the best out of you.

Jared Goff, Rams quarterback (2016 – present):

Matt was really good for me. I think he’s built for long-term success. He has a system he believes in. He’s going to be a really good fit for what Aaron does. They can move him around. The zone run scheme is really good. The protection scheme keeps it simple. I think he’ll do a good job in Green Bay.

Robert Woods, Rams receiver (2017 – present):

Great coach, great mind, great energy guy. Knows the offensive side just like McVay, but really just a great coach. He’s got a great quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, to work with. . .so I know he’s going to have big production for their offense.

(He’s) definitely that guy. Totally honest guy. He’ll let you know how he feels about a route, a play — anything. He’s definitely verbal, communicates well with the guys. He’ll definitely speak his mind and let you know if something’s not clicking, if that’s not how the offense is (supposed to be) run.

Todd Gurley, Rams running back (2015 – present):

He’s going to have great success. Obviously, he has one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He’s a great guy, great coach.

Sean McVay, Rams head coach (2017 – present):

He is one of my closest friends, so to see that for him, you couldn’t be more excited. He’s a great football coach. Got a great understanding from offensive football. He’s just such a great guy. He cares about people.”

You look at a coach like Matt LaFleur. He has done such a great job. . .He is a great football coach. I thought he did an outstanding job with Tennessee. . .He is someone I have really grown close with, just going back to when we first started working together in Washington.

Jamaal Williams, Packers running back (2017 – present)

I’m just waiting to see what this running game is going to do. . .(the Rams have been top 10 in running the ball, so your boys are getting happy about that. Me and Aaron (Jones), we’re ready to go. We’re ready to get loose.

Kirk Cousins, Vikings quarterback (2018), Redskins quarterback (2012-17):

LaFleur’s promotion to head coach reminds me how lucky I was to work with Coach Shanahan’s staff when I first entered the NFL. There are now 3 head coaches, not including Mike Shanahan, that played a role in my development. Can’t wait to see LaFleur out there 2x next year.

Joe Thomas, Wisconsin Badgers (2003-6) and Browns offensive tackle (2007-17)

I remember being in Cleveland and having Kyle (Shanahan) talk about how smart LaFleur was when they were together…in Washington, and how basically LaFleur was learning everything he knew under Kyle Shanahan.

He understood the details of the wide zone scheme. He understands how to get the most out of all of his players, and how it fits well with a quarterback that can move, that can threaten the edges, that can threaten the bootlegs. So I think the skillset Aaron (Rodgers) has would fit perfectly with the offense that Matt LaFleur runs. I think Matt LaFleur can get the run game going in Green Bay like we haven’t seen in recent memory, “because of how he teaches the wide zone and because of the things he learned from Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay, who in my opinion are two of the guys everyone in the NFL respects from an offensive mind standpoint.

Shaun O’hara, color analyst, center with Browns and Giants for 11 years

I think this guy is the next quarterback “whisperer.”

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. PF4L February 18, 2019

    This all bodes well with getting a new guy in Rodgers ear. Hitting the refresh button that i speculate Rodgers has been looking for awhile. This tells me he’s a nice guy. These are all positives attributes.This also tells me he’s a players coach.

    What it doesn’t tell me, is how he will be as a head coach, no one knows yet. It doesn’t tell me if he’s a hard line discipline guy. It doesn’t tell me if he will hold players and coaches accountable. It doesn’t tell me if he’s going to be a good head coach, or just a QB’s coach or offensive coordinator. Most importantly (for me), it doesn’t tell me if he will have his fingerprint on the whole team A-Z. Right or wrong, i never truly viewed McCarthy as a head coach, we need a head coach. Not someone who’s only interest is the offense and largely has a hands off approach to the rest of the team. That to me, isn’t a head coach.

    I truly do wish LeFleur well. But he, like Murphy and Gute, are on the clock.


  2. Kato February 18, 2019

    Where can I find this koolaid?

  3. Packtat87 February 18, 2019

    I wish him the best but I take all these accounts with a grain of salt. I mean 8/10 of these quotes come from people currently active in the league and I wouldn’t expect anything negative even if they were talking about Ted Thompson. Let’s be real a lot of these people are faces for their franchise. That being said I’ll wait to see his schemes in action before I get my hopes to high.

    1. Thomas E Lind February 24, 2019

      I like to be hopeful, but you’re right, lets wait and see.