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How will LaFleur get the most out of Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has spent 14 seasons in the National Football League and only has one Super Bowl ring to show for it. For a man who has the best passer rating in NFL history, that is simply not enough, and it would be a huge shame for his talent to go to waste.
At 35 though, there can’t be many good years left in him, but his contract extension shows that he is committed to playing until at least his late 30s. That still allows plenty of time for him to add to add to his ring collection, but things undoubtedly have to change.
One of those big changes has happened already, with Mike McCarthy leaving and Matt LaFleur coming in, and he could be the perfect man for Rodgers to work with. Admittedly, Rodgers didn’t have the best season in 2018 but it was still a very good one when compared to other quarterbacks.

There was an inconsistency there though and that is something that LaFleur will be looking to fix. That would be helped by giving Rodgers some more weapons in offense, with the tight end position being one that needs addressing the most. More receivers might be needed too, especially if Randall Cobb is picked up by another team.

Hot debate: Will LaFleur make the desired impact?

In order for LaFleur to get the most out of Rodgers, he needs to be kept on the field. He doesn’t have the most resilient of bodies and it needs to be protected. A failure to do this will result in an injury that not only puts fresh doubt on the squad but also sees the Packers’ future NFL betting odds lengthen drastically; the 49 sacks that he took in 2018 was an incredibly high tally. It’s hard for any quarterback to deliver under that much pressure, and so the offensive line clearly needs improvement.
A new offensive line coach – along with improvements with the guards and the right tackle – should see to that. Failure to address those issues will see the Packers suffer in 2019, as will LeFleur’s (for now hypothetical) failure to find a way to give Rodgers more time in the pocket.

Aaron Rodgers: 2018 Season Highlights

Another area where McCarthy failed last season was in the running game, as the team ranked 21st in terms of rushing yards. Again, this is not good enough for a franchise of the Packers’ stature, especially with talented running backs in the form of Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams. This will also be helped by an improvement in the offensive line, thereby giving the opposing defense more to think about when they are trying to get at Rodgers.
Ultimately, with LaFleur calling the shots, the Packers should be able to have a more dynamic running game which will be able to take more of the pressure off Rodgers, and allow him to be more comfortable with the ball in hand. Undeniably, Rodgers’ numbers weren’t as good as they could have been last season, but that could be as much down to the offensive line, and the coaches that he had, rather than any drop-off.
If LaFleur can fix last season’s problems, then we could see a reinvigorated and healthy Rodgers who will be able to add to his solitary ring.

Ed Rooney

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  1. Empacador February 7, 2019

    Marino and Fouts have none. So there’s solace in Rodgers having 1. Remember when Rodgers was 27 and just won the Superbowl? Everyone thinking how many more Superbowls he was gonna oversee as the Packers QB. It was like dreaming about what you would be doing with all that money from winning the lottery. Good times.

    The huge shame is that the Packers largely pissed away not only Rodgers career, but that management completely shit the bed by doing the least possible to make the Packers, not just Rodgers, as successful as they could be. That and how instead of the Packers being the dynasty of the decade, the Patriots actually accomplished it.

    I want them to be successful and do well. I honestly don’t feel they will overcome the level of ineptitude being displayed and seriously have doubts about them returning to the Superbowl again in my lifetime. With the Peter principle alive and well in Green Bay, forget about the players for a minute. It will be very difficult to retain the type of scouting/executive talent they will require to be successful as an organization. As long as those people can see through Murphy/Ball, they will decide to leave for greener pastures. And as far as players go, they won’t want to come to “Siberia” again. The days of other teams threatening to trade their misbehaving players to Green Bay aren’t that far off my friends. But hey, that sled hill looks like fun for a run or two, amirite? It was fun while it lasted. I hope I am wrong.

  2. Howard February 7, 2019

    I think the real question is can Gutekunst, LaFleur, and Rogers get the most out of each other, while at the same time keeping Murphy and Ball at arms length. Or better yet stiff arming both to the turf just like a receiver punking HaHa Dix.

    You have to like what Lafleur’s offense did against the Patriots one week after the Packers played the Patriots. The titans scoring 34 against the Patriots doubled the Packers output. The only team that scored more than the Titans against the Patriots was the Chiefs at 40 points in a losing effort.

  3. Ferris February 8, 2019

    So many people think Green Bay is a few pieces away from going to a Super Bowl. My opinion is that the Browns are closer than Green Bay is. However with a really good draft and FA period they can make a huge leap. Just like New Orleans did. Sean Payton has cost them a Super Bowl appearance and an NFC Championship appearance in the past 2 years but the talent is there. Why don’t people talk about Drew Brees being wasted more? I guess because the Saints were so bad for so long one Super Bowl there is enough for a lifetime or 2.

    1. Deepsky February 10, 2019

      The Browns are closer if Rodgers continues his slide to mediocrity.

      You can’t pay a guy $30 million a year and have him take sack, throw the ball away or miss wide open receivers to kill most drives.

  4. PF4L February 8, 2019

    ^ ” My opinion is that the Browns are closer than Green Bay is.” ^

  5. MJ February 8, 2019

    LaFleur can start by having Rodgers get rid of the ball in 3sec, and giving him the schemed plays to do so. That relieves the pressure on the OL and tire their rushers with a higher volume of 6-8 yd plays instead of gaining 30 on a single long pass and going 3-and-out right after that. That also keeps our defense rested, a luxury they rarely had this season and which compounds with their questionable talent level.

    1. Stiggy February 8, 2019

      Defensive rest has been a huge issue the last several years.

      The minnesota game last year is a great example… played a great first half then gassed out once the offense started shitting the bed.

  6. PF4L February 8, 2019

    I think the better question is….


    If you don’t have talent, i don’t care who the coach is.

    What has been the problem in recent history? Player acquisition.

    I’m not going down the line naming off drafts and player disappointments..fuck that. We’re passed that point.

    Give Rodgers a little time, some receivers with a few years under their belt who know what’s going on, and it’s Aaron Rodgers once again.

    I don’t want to hear how Rodgers can’t be coached, that he’s a coach killer, this that and the other thing.

    He was with the same coach for 13 years, where has all this talk been before the team was voided of talent?

    Rodgers had what he had this season and still threw for 4,400 yards or something. Imagine if he had some seasoned weapons.

    It’s about Gute and hitting it in free agency and the draft in his 2nd go-around. (wouldn’t that be a nice change of pace?)


    1. Kato February 8, 2019

      Past* sorry I am being an asshole.

      But yes. Belichek could be coach and it wouldn’t matter. You are 100% correct

  7. Skinny February 8, 2019

    Draft TJ Hockenson with their first pick.